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1. Tell Some Practical Applications of Bernoullis Principle?

2. What are various types of defects in metals?
3. Name some casting defects and its methods of detection?
4. What is INCOTERMS (Question for people from Logistics Background/People who are interested
in Logistics)?
5. How will you evaluate a Supplier?
6. What is Mohrs Circle?
7. What is 1st angle projection and 3rd Angle Projection?
8. What is Rack Angle?
9. What is Hess law?
10. How to control temperature (Electronics method)?
11. What is a Newtonian fluid?
12. What is the significance of Torque (in N-m) given in the engine specification?
13. How to make operations by pressing a single push button (at least for 2 operations)?
14. What are the materials used for sliding wear pad?
15. Explain the second law of thermodynamics.
16. What is the difference between a gas turbine and a steam turbine?
17. What is knurling?
18. What is OEE?
19. Define Reynolds number.
20. What is the difference between a blower and a fan?
21. What is extruded Aluminum?
22. How many joules are there in one BTU?
23. How many laws of Thermodynamics are there?
24. What is the consequence of not maintaining hydrogen (or air) pressure in generator casing at a
value above atmospheric when seal oil system is in service?
25. Explain the effect on the basis of which the cricket ball swings.
26. What is the method for testing Light Emitting Diode?
27. What is the function of EGR value?

28. In a heat exchanger, if I have given pressure on tube side, can I perform hydro test of shell side
simultaneously? Why?
29. Which is the hardest compound known?
30. What is gear ratio?
31. Define torque.
32. What is PS?
33. What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?
34. Various types Inserts during Machining?
35. Which of this material is hard to drill Nickel Alloy or Aluminium Alloy? Reason?
36. What is flash point and fire point?
37. Various types of beams
38. Various types of Welding
39. How is Hardness of a material measured? Its unit and what the unit signifies?
40. How would you find the amount of natural gas required to produce 1 KWhr of energy?
41. What is annealing?
42. How do you measure temperature in a web bulb thermometer?
43. What is the purpose of governor in automobile?
44. What is Value Stream Mapping?
45. How will you measure Centre of Gravity? (Take the table in front of the panelist)
46. What do you understand by the term effect of damping?
47. Various types of gears and ways to manufacture them
48. Various types of Heat Transfer
49. What is Zeroth law, 1st law and 2nd law of Thermodynamics?
50. Practical applications of various Thermodynamic cycles (Example: Carnot cycle, Rankine,
51. What is the difference between Tube and a pipe?
52. Various types of Turbines and its applications
53. Various types of Heat treatment processes and alloy specific heat treatment may be asked
54. Difference between Brazing and soldering and where are they used
55. In foundry, what are the materials used for making a pattern?
56. Various types of manufacturing processes
57. What is Multi-point cutting tool?

58. How will you design Jig-Fixtures?

59. What is Gyroscope and where is it used?
60. Various Forecasting models
61. Explain bending moment?
62. Differentiate between a shaper machine and a planner machine
63. Explain the importance of Thermodynamics in the field of Mechanical Engineering?
64. Give the full form of SCADA, DCS and HMI.
65. How does the failing of Knuckle pin occur?
66. What is the heat rate of a power plant?
67. Which of these have a higher efficiency: Diesel engines or Petrol engines?
68. What are the points in the stress/strain curve for steel?
69. What is ductile-brittle transition temperature?
70. Differentiate between Relay and Conductor?
71. Differentiate between shaper and planner?
72. What is the immediate superclass of Menu?
73. State the laws of conservation of energy.
74. What is a gear box and what are its applications?
75. What is Carnot engine?
76. Which formula forms a link between thermodynamics and electrochemistry?
77. How will you calculate the tonnage of Mechanical Press?
78. What is maximum continuous rating?
79. What is the difference between Critical speed and Whirling speed?
80. What is plant load factor?
81. What is hard material cast iron or mild steel?
82. What is bearing stress?
83. What is the difference between SCADA and BMS?
84. Explain Otto cycle.
85. What is the efficiency of v-type four stroke diesel engines?
86. Is the boiler a closed system?