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9 Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha is related to Nau Kuli Naag (Nine Cobra). The person who wears this Rudraksha after
proper Sidhhi (method of purification & charging with Mantra) get all the fronts open for him in the
passage of success. This Rudraksha belongs to nine powers and also nine Naag (snake, Cobra) resides
in it. It cures snake bite, for this cure the 9 Mukhi Rudraksha is dipped in the water filled in the
copper vessel. The water than is to given to the such patient is surely saved from death.

This Rudraksha removes the Kaal Sarp Yoga effect. It is said by Lord Datta Treya Maharaj. The person
who face too many obstacles or feel unlucky should wear 9 Mukhi Rudraksha. It opens the Luck factor.
This Rudraksha removes every sin and create new Devi Powers in the body of the wearer of this
Rudraksha. No evil can never have any effect on the wearer of this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha is
considered to be very auspicious for every work. 9 Mukhi Rudraksha controls the nine senses of the
body. This Rudraksha removes all sins and provides all comforts and happiness.

Mantra :

"Nau Mukhi Nau Kuli Naag Ko Barne"

Note : Above details are taken from ancient handwritten text and Guru Mukha. The description is
seen in the deep meditation of Lord Shiva by Lord Datta Treya. The mantra are hidden so not
mentioned here.
Rules for the Rudraksha : The Wearer of the Rudraksha should chant related Rudraksha Mantra along
with Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra (Mantra for the Rudraksha Origin) daily at least 9 times while wearing
and removing in the night before going to sleep. More Rules...

Rudraksha Mantra

Rudraksha Utpatti Mantra :

| |
| | |
| | |
| |
| |
| |
| | |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
, ,
, |
, |

Rudraksha Shabar Mantra :

| | |
| |
, , , ,
, , , |
| |
, , , , ,
, , |

| |
| | |
| |
| |
| |
() |
| ( ) |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Om Hreem Durgayai Nam : ll


The unique mantra at the time of wearing this mantra is --

Hreem Vam Yam Lam Ram ll


The Beej Mantra for various Mukhi Rudrakshas are as follows. You
may yourself recite the mantra of the Rudraksha bead that you have
purchased for 11 times every day or at least on every Monday
One Mukhi

"Om Namaha Shivaya"

"Om Hreem Namaha "

Two Mukhi

"Om Namah "

Three Mukhi

"Om Kleem Namah"

Four Mukhi

"Om Hreem Namah "

Five Mukhi

"Om Hreem Namah "

Six Mukhi

"Om Hreem Hum Namah "

Seven Mukhi

"Om Hum Namah "

Eight Mukhi

"Om Ganeshaya Namah "

Nine Mukhi

"Om Hreem Hum Namaha"

Ten Mukhi

"Om Hreem Namah "

Eleven Mukhi

"Om Shree Rudray Namah"

Twelve Mukhi

"Shree Suryay Namah "

Thirteen Mukhi

"Om Hreem Namah "

Fourteen Mukhi

"Om Shivaya Namaha "

7 & 9 mukhi rudraksha should be worn with 10 mukhi, 11 mukhi, 14 mukhi,

16 mukhi. It should be capped with gold or silver and worn round the neck
or be placed at worshiping place.
Rudraksha can be worn by anybody irrespective of age, sex, caste and culture .According to the scripture like
Srimad Devabhagawaam , Shiva puran ,Padma Puran and many more scripture ,there is no strict rules and
restriction of wearing rudrakshas. Based on the extract of the scripture and our experiences with rudrakshas
, following tips will help to maintain sanctity and longitivity of the rudrakshas beads :-

1. Rudraksha should be worn after energizing . Most important thing while wearing rudrakshas for the first
time , it should be worn on Monday and before wearing at least chant the mantra " Om namaha shivaya " 9
times or 108 times whichever is feasible to the customers and think of the desire and problems to remove
and wear it. ( All the rudrakshas sold from Rudraksha Nepal are energised with full vedic
procedure in customer's name before dispatched ) .
2. Do not wear Rudraksha while going to funerals and brothels. This is the most important task to remember.
3. Rudrakshas should not be shared / exchanged / transferred /from one person to another person after it has
been worn.
4. Always wear Rudraksha around the neck so that the beads touches the Heart area. This is most important
because it will help to pass the energy of rudraksha via soul to entire human body.
5. There is no harm in wearing rudraksha during intercourse between couples and it has been proven by
positive experiences by many couples. Those who would want to have children, according to their wish either
husband/wife can wear Rudraksha to enhance the function.
6. Rudraksha is best if worn in the black, yellow or white colored thread or it can be worn in silver, gold,
copper and mixed metal. Wearing rudraksha in metal wire or thread the effects are same.
7. Never show your Rudrakshas once you have started wearing. Exposing or showing rudraksha gives
benefits to others as well who touched or view it. Since you are wearing rudraksha for yourself so its best to
keep it hidden.
8. Once you start wearing rudraksha, wear it continuously throughout your life. Those who wear rudraksha
for few days and remove it for few days and wearing it again. This method of wearing will not give maximum
9. Make Rudraksha a part of your body. Wear it daily like a cloths and don't think and give too much
attention to it , you will find more effects.
10. Any type of dietary habits like Non veg, Veg, alcohol and smoking doesn't decreases or give harm while
wearing rudrakshas. But after wearing rudraksha if person have excessive habit , due to increment of
intuitive power and will power , rudraksha helps to maintain the habit to normal level so that health of the
wearer remains perfect all the time.
11. Keep the beads as close to your skin as possible and not let others to touch. Rudraksha can also be kept
in Puja room and prayed for benefit of whole family.
12. If the thread is broken while wearing, you can change the new thread and wear rudrakshas, There is no
harm if the thread is broken while wearing rudraksha.
( Most Important thing Don't Misuse the power of Rudrakshas )

Maintenance :-Once you wear rudraksha , maintenance of it is very important , Following tips will help
:1. Every 15-20 days oil your rudrakshas beads either with mustard oil , sandalwood oil or olive oil.
2. Wash your rudraksha beads every month with boiling hot water. First of all take the the boiling hot water
in a bowl. Dip your rudraksha for few minutes and brush each rudraksha with new toothbrush and wash the
beads again with water . Let is dry for few hours and oil the rudrakshas again and wear it.
3. If you are sleeping in one positing at night then you can wear rudrakshas beads but those people who
are changing position in sleeping number of times it is best to take it our and either put in altar are or keep
towards the head region or below the pillow. Because body pressure will damage the thorny part of the
4. Rudraksha should not be worn during shower/bath. That is to prevent the rudraksha from becoming wet.














5. If anyone wet their beads in water then let it dry in sun for about 5 to 6 hours .This will help to keep
beads Healthy.

A Genuine Rudraksha Bead of good quality has a very long life and it can be
passed on from generation to generations, if maintained properly. This is a Natural
Bead and therefore if proper care & maintenance is not done then it can get
damaged / broken being subjected to natural wear & tear at a faster pace.
Similarly, a Rudraksha bead can also physically damaged if a person is not taking
normal precautions while wearing it. Here are a few suggestions from our end so
that your Rudraksha Beads lasts for a long time and continue to give you its
Blessings :
1. The Rudraksha Beads / Mala / Bracelet received by you are already Energized as per
Ancient Hindu Rituals ( A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our learned Guruji ) before
being sent to you, and therefore you do not have to perform any kind of ritual from your
end. You may keep the Rudraksha beads at any pious place after you have received them
from us and then start wearing them from any Monday morning after taking bath while
reciting the Beej Mantra " Om Namaha Shivaya " for 11 times or the specific Beej Mantra of
Rudraksha Bead. Thereafter you may continue wearing the Rudraksha on a regular basis.
2. We suggest you not to show your Rudraksha Beads to anyone after you have started
wearing them since it reduces the positive effects / benefits of the bead as there are
chances that the other person may have a Negative Aura / Negative Feelings towards
Rudraksha beads or his hands may not be clean while touching the Rudraksha Bead.
3. It is advisable to remove the Rudraksha beads before going to sleep at night and wear
them once again in the next morning after taking bath.
4. Although it is not strictly prohibited, yet it is advisable not to wear Rudrakshas during sex
although there are different conflicting views given in the Ancient Texts regarding this.
5. Rudrakshas should not be worn while going to funerals or cremation grounds. However, if
you forget to remove them while attending a funeral then you should clean the Rudraksha
bead with mild soap and water and thereafter wear it once again while chanting " Om
Namaha Shivaya ".
6. The Rudraksha beads may be cleaned periodically after a period of 1-2 months or when
you feel that they need to be cleaned. For this, the beads should be dipped in Luke warm
water and very mild soap for around an hour after which they can be gently cleaned with a
very soft fiber brush under a stream of clean water. One should never use strong detergents
or very hot / boiling water. Thereafter, the bead should be kept on a soft absorbent cloth or
tissue paper for drying. Once the beads have dried up then you may apply small quantities
of Almond oil / Olive oil to the bead preferably with the help of a soft brush.
7. Rudraksha should not be worn during shower / bath since the beads may get damaged if
exposed to water and soap on a daily basis.
8. Females should avoid using Rudraksha for 3-4 days when nature is at its work.
9. Any types of dietary habits like Non-veg, Alcohol or Smoking does not decreases or gives
harm while wearing the Rudrakshas.
10. Rudrakshas should not be shared / exchanged from one person to another person after
it has been worn. But it can be willed and passed on to the next generation.
11. If the thread gets broken while wearing, you can change a new thread and start
wearing the Rudraksha once again.
12. Anyone can wear Rudraksha Beads without any discrimination of Sex, Caste or Creed.
13. A person can wear any number of same mukhi / different mukhi Rudraksha Beads in
one single Mala.
14. Rudrakshas can be kept in house, office, factory, work place or Puja Room for getting
positive energy. However, care should be taken to keep them properly in a clean place.

15. Rudraksha is best if worn in the Red, Yellow or White colored thread or it can be worn in
Silver, Gold, Copper or Mixed metal.
16. The Rudrakshas are best worn around Neck so that they are touching the heart area.
However, they can also be worn around the arm or wrist.
17. Once you start wearing the Rudraksha, wear it continuously throughout your life with
full confidence and faith. One should never loose faith in Rudraksha since it is bound to give
its positive effects. However, if Rudrakshas are worn on & off then a person may not be able
to get their proper results. Although, the exact timings and level of effects can be
substantially variable with person to person.
Never touch rudraksha with dirty hands and with pointer finger.