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English Grammar Exercise (Advance Grammar)

Each of the following sentences may contain an error in grammar, idiom or usage.
1. Rina was upset last night because she had to do too many homeworks.
2. After Rana had returned to his house, he was reading a book.

3. Kamal is thinking to go to the seminar on child-care next month.

4. It has been a long time since we have talked to Rashed, isnt it?
5. The only students who were required to attend the workshop on mass
communication were Rana, Rina, Laila, and me.
6. Theres a new supermarket in Elephant Road, isnt it?
7. The teacher tired to make the classes more enjoyable to the students so they
would take a greater interest in the subject.
8. Two of the students from the school has been chosen to participate in the
national chess competition.
9. The examination will test your ability to understand spoken English, to read
non technical language and writing correctly.
10. If cancer is suspected, the diagnosis need to be confirmed by blood tests.
11. It has been known for the last two centuries that lightning was a form of
12. Proper lighting is a necessary for good eyesight even though human night
vision can be temporarily impared by extreme flashes of light.
13. Intense clearing of jungles over decades in Chittagong Hill Tracts has
destroyed the elephants habitat and threatened their survival.

14. Enormous energy is required for the exchange of heat and moist between
the atmosphere and the earths surface.
15. Clouds hold water that evaporates from the land or the sea; later the water
in clouds return to the land as rain.
16. Medical experts are now suggesting that every healthy adult should receive
counselling about exercise, diet and drug using.
17. When the distance to any object is known, so the configuration of that object
can be determined.
18. Because fireworks are danger, many countries have introduced laws to
prevent their sale.
19. Throughout history, the mosquito is not only a nuisance but a killer carrying
some of the most dangerous diseases known.
20. Never before has so many people in Bangladesh been interested in cricket.
21. Neither of the two candidates who had applied for the job to the factory were
22. This chair has the same design, but it is different shaped from that one.
23. Because of the approaching cyclone, the wind began to blow hard and the
sky became dark as evening.
24. The flag is risen in the morning and taken down at night by the guards.
25. To the men who worked so hard on the construction of the bridge, the news
was profound disappointing.
26. If the oxygen supply in the atmosphere was not replaced by plants, it would
soon be exhausted.

27. In ancient times, many people believed that the earth is motionless.
28. It is essential that cancer is diagnosed and treated as early as possible in
order to assure a successful cure.
29. Kamal used to living in England, but his company had transferred him to a
better position in France.
30. Mr. Manik usually arrives at the office at ten oclock, but because the traffic
jam, he was one hour late.
31. We thought that our shirts were the same, but his is different than the one I
32. Although the danger that he might be injured, Kamal bravely entered the
burning house in order to save the oldman.
33. The doctor told Mr. Karim that because of his severe injury he should lay in
bed for a few days.
34. Some of the people were standing in the street watched the parade, while
others were talking to each other.
35. Having finished his assignment before the deadline, is was delivered to the
teacher before the class.
36. After he had dressed and ate breakfast, Kamal rushed off to his office for a
meeting with his clients.
37. After learning all the details about the project, the contractor told us them at
the planning meeting.
38. Nepal has been well known about its natural beauty, famous saints and
tradings for over four hundred years.

39. Rashed being chosen as the most outstanding student on the campus made
his parents very happy.
40. Rina said that she would borrow me her new dress if I wanted to use it in the
41. The doctor, accompanied by his wife and children, are staying in the hospital
until after the seminar.
42. Kamal was very late getting home last night, and unfortunately for him the
dog barking woke everyone up.
43. After walking for two miles, he suddenly realized that he has been walking in
the wrong direction.
44. The girl whom my brother married was used to be an actress in the group
45. The Royal Bengal Tiger has long been a symbol of strength, power and it is
very cruel.
46. Because the workers had worked so deligent to construct the bridge, the
contractor arranged a party.
47. Hardly he had entered the classroom, when he realized that he had forgotten
his homework.
48. I do not understand where could he have gone so early in the morning.
49. Lack of sanitation in households are a major cause of diarrhoea in different
parts of our country.
50. Kamal is looking forward to go to the USA after he finishes his studies at the

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