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by christopher burt

christopher burt

this time its all about summer,

nothing more nothing less, it screams
with an abundance of all things
allotment, this book hopes to achieve
what momo-no-ki, tampopo &
sultanas couldnt.


by christopher burt

christopher burt

with spring merging in to summer an abundance of
fresh, delicious & light vegetables and fruits begin to
emerge, making for extraordinary dishes & some
entertaining cooking.

miso wild
chilli shrimp oil chargrilled tuna loin - beetroot sweet potato sablee - rainbow chard - foraged
local herbs & flowers - miso & yuzu dressing

not spaghetti
wheat asparagus - confit heritage tomato & acorn butternesca - black truffle - parmesan

nippy in the big apple

parsnip & apple nage - apple textures - croutons

stinging in the rain

wild nettle & moydens wrekin blue pearl barley risotto - crispy spring greens & foraged wild
garlic - wheat asparagus - toasted pumpkin seeds - chargrilled grelot onion

louis can
classic french dessert - pistachio crumb - salted caramel chocolate lolly - edible gold leaf

piggy party
crispy confit belly pork - iberico chorizo - local black pudding - pea hollandaise - new
season radish - and whatever we can forage

shaggy burn
confit of shaggy burn salmon - purple potatoes - pea puree & hollandaise - wild asparagus red mustard pesto - radishes

the codfather
chilli shrimp grilled & wrapped cod loin - grelot onion - piso - beetroot & morel - great ness
rapeseed vinaigrette

liam & toms smoked goose - half shio & half shoyu dashi - beet tops - radish - ramen crispy chilli - my 62 duck egg

sarahs saanen aka goat to have it

brock hall farm capra nouveau - shrewsbury bakehouse sourdough - pear carpaccio & fig cimme de rappa - sour cherry onion jam - crispy foraged wild garlic

beet dis
beetroot, apple & brock hall farm pablo cabrito pannacotta - shrewsbury bakehouse
sourdough soldiers - baby turnips

Koji aka plot to pot

a garden for any season

Kojiright there.

no morels
chilli shrimp seared scallops - compressed sweet potato & heritage beets - piso - wild garlic
oil - confit morel - smoked hollandaise

youve goat to be kiddin me

tomato crusted & grilled goats cheese - confit heritage tomato & beetroot butternesca crispy gnocchi - wild garlic - baby vegetables

a knights tale
liz knights potager rubbed & roasted wild salmon - wheat asparagus - radish & beets foraged wild herb pesto - spring savoury jelly

the birds & the bees

tomato crusted chicken - heritage tomatoes - foraged wild sweet cicily & bee pollen salad

figgy pudding
matts local black pudding, fig & pistachio terrine in black treacle ham - sticky red onion & fig
jam - shrewsbury bakehouse sourdough

tie me kangaroo down sport

seared kangaroo - liz knights hawthorn ketchup & birch sap jelly - heritage radish & carrots baby beets - white asparagus - wheat asparagus - fennel pollen

great berwick shindig aka SY4 3HS

great berwick organics longhorn shin - seared fillet - parsley grass -baby carrots - maderia

confit scarborough sea trout - foraged wild herbs & flower salad - heritage radishes - baby
artichokes - yuzu & miso dressing

squid INC.
pan seared scallop - squid ink risotto - local bacon crumb

around the wrekin

moydens wrekin blue & fig pannacotta - heritage radish - sourdough toast

the tickled trout

confit new season scarborough sea trout - neeps & beets - purple potatoes - fennel puree wild garlic hollandaise - sweet cicily

egyptian dukkha sweet rose spiced hummus - liz knights rose syrup - pistachios - pumpkin
seeds - cucumber flowers - blue nasturtium leaves - hawaj spiced pitta

sarah through the looking glass

bruleed pablo cabrito - spring savoury jelly - sourdough crunch - foraged herbs & flowers fennel spray

are you going to scarborough fayre

local pancetta wrapped & roasted scarborough seatrout - fennel & iberico chorizo cassoulet
- chargrilled baby artichokes

what a cheek!
great berwick organics longhorn beef cheek boulettes - parsley mash - horseradish jus

fresh prince
fresh brock hall farm goat curd - iberico berlotta ham - chantanais melon - wheat asparagus
- bee pollen

get my goat
carrot crusted & grilled goats cheese - wheat asparagus - confit tomato, beetroot & acorn
butternesca - baby beets

theres not mush-room

ramen noodles - shiitake & maple dashi - kimchi - bulgogi braised tofu - beansprouts scallion - preserved tofu - toasted sesame

into the wild

wild garlic, courgette & red onion soup - beetroot powder - parsley crumb - radish

the fish, the pig & the pond

confit middle farm pork belly - local black pudding - purple potatoes - pea dasih puree hollandaise - seared scallops - beets & radishes - hadnall foraged herbs

grays anatomy
sam grays middle farm british lop sausages - fennel & iberico chorizo cassoulet - spring
greens - local foraged herbs

menage et tios aka brains freeze

darrens trio of dessrts - job done

black forest - posset - cheesecake..

selling your seoul

southern fried togarashi cod - homemade kimchi & rice noodle salad - lots of bulgogi & chilli
shrimp oil

fruit & nut

matts local black pudding, pistachio, apple & fig terrine - liz knights birch sap jelly - rob
swifts honey & lavender sourdough

sitting duck
maple glazed duck - beetroot textures - dashi poached edamame - compressed & cured
cucumber - beetroot miso - preserved kombu - kochajan vinaigrette

smoke & mirrors

smokey malidzano - marinated feta - rapeseed - rob swifts honey & lavender sourdough

game boy
pigeon, guini fowl & venison mosaic - heathers quikes spiced carrot chutney - rob swifts

off the cuff

sauteed girolles -62 duck egg - wheat asparagus - brassicas - onion ash vinaigrette - new
season radishes

neeps & tatties

chick weed sauteed potatoes - mushroom carpaccio - confit middle farm egg yolk - baby
turnips - liz knights horseradish & rosehip vinaigrette - wilted sea buckthorn

chadil badol
korean bbq great berwick longhorn beef - aubergine pickle - kimchi rice noodle & peanut
salad - gem hearts

queen of sheba
yemeni spiced lamb & freekah salad - heather quikes smoked harissa dressing - honey &

not mush - room for manouvre

whirlpool middle farm eggs - sauteed girolle mushrooms - nasturtium chiffonade - moydens
caer caradoc - rapeseed dressing

mables middle
sam grays roasted middle farm pork belly & british lop sausages - summer apple textures seasonal greens & reds

SY6 6NP aka son of sam

sam grays middle farm british lop confit belly pork - ramen noodles - tonkotsu shio dashi blonde miso butter - spring onions - naruto fishcake - chilli shrimp oil

madame de pompadour
brock hall farm dutch mistress goats cheese - heritage tomatoes - quince cheese - foraged
herbs from hadnall - spice of angels - fennel & pine vinaigrette

pablos blanc canvas aka guernica

bruleed brock hall farm pablo blanco - carpaccio of peaches & beets - liz knights rosehip &
horseradish dressing - rosebay willow - chervil

la isla bonito
togarashi tempura tuna - mazeman ramen - kimchi kewpie mayo

now lets sell some books

Momo-No-Ki arrives..