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304th MI Battalion OSINT News Summary

Bi-Weekly Supplement
August 28, 2008
For Official Use Only
U.S. Army Intelligence
304th Military Intelligence
Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613
LTC Monnard,

The 304th MI Bn OSINT Weekly report is an unclassified product of the 304th Army MI Bn OSINT
Team. This report is derived from news articles, OPEDS, Blogs and book reviews from national
and international sources available on the World Wide Web. The articles may be read in their
entirety by inserting the URL listed below the item into a browser. These summaries do not
represent 304th MIs position or point of view and are selected upon the criteria of whether the
content addresses GEOINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, OSINT or news on new weapons
technology. The news summary is based on open source information and is not processed open
source intelligence.

Cryptome Posts Eyeball Series on Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (Djibouti)
Analyst Comment on Aug. 21 Cryptome posted an Eyeball Series Titled Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of
Africa. The series includes a brief assessment of a U.S. military presence in Djibouti. It includes three satellite
photos and 18 handheld photos (including several aircraft.)

Satellite Image Caption The Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa is "a unit based at Camp Lemonier in
Djibouti--a sweltering 88-acre outpost by the Gulf of Aden once inhabited by the French Foreign Legion. Sitting at the
end of a garbage-strewn dirt road leading out of the capital, the camp is where 1,800 U.S. troops, including hundreds
of special operations forces, have since May [2003] based their missions covering seven countries in Africa and on
the Arabian Peninsula. And according to the plans being drawn up in unadorned cubicles back at the Pentagon, it is
the U.S. military mission in the Horn of Africaeven more than the wars of Afghanistan and Iraqthat is a window
into the next decade in the war on terrorism."

NGA Unveils a New Web Site

Features of the site include: a video highlighting the agencys mission; a monthly feature article highlighting issues
important to NGA and NGA partners; a link to GEOINT Online, our online community; a link to the Pathfinder, NGAs
flagship publication. (NGA, Aug. 22)

Nations Respond to Google Earth Threat

From banning Google Earth to simply ignoring the mapping service, countries are working to deal with potential
security violations arising from the images Google makes available(Information Week, Aug. 26)

Google Earth Increasingly Compliant With Censorship Requests: U.S. Intelligence Report
Google has becoming increasingly compliant to government requests to block purportedly sensitive information -including images of Tibet, military installationsaccording to a new report prepared by the OSC(The Raw Story,
Aug. 26)
Analyst Comment: The article provides a hotlink for the OSC FOUO Doc.
China Takes Steps against Imagery Reconnaissance
Chinese mil. authorities are paying increased attention to foreign satellite reconnaissance of Chinese forces and
operations, and are pursuing countermeasures such as camouflage and deceptionaccording to a newly-disclosed
analysis performed in 2007 by the DNI OSC. (FAS Secrecy Blog, Aug. 25) Analyst Comment:
The article provides a hotlink for the OSC FOUO Doc.

Satellite Image Sharpener

Images from spy satellites are often blurred by swirls of atmospheric turbulence. Finding better ways to correct for
that could help anyone from CIA spooks to people checking out the neighbors swimming pool on Google Earth.
The most promising method so far involves determining how the turbulence has distorted a simple point source of
light in the image and reversing the effect. (ABC News New Scientist Tech Innovation, Aug. 28)

A New Command Won Hearts and Minds at Abu Ghraib And Beyond
The populations were segregated so that irreconcilables who were committed to violence against Americans and
others were housed separately. Juveniles as young as age nine, women (very few), political moderates and others
recovering from medical conditions or injuries each had separate units(Timber Jay Newspaper, Aug. 27)

Abu Ghraib Release Party Bombed

The son (of Ayyid Salim al-Zubai, a local sheikh in the mainly Sunni area) had quarreled with al-Qaida members while
in detention and may have been the target of the attack(English Al Jazeera, Aug. 25)

Iraqi Mom Ridicules Cops over Suicide Bombings

Her interrogator confronts her about a letter the Iraqi police say they uncovered on the raid on her home. The letter is
addressed to "Umm Omar" from the local al Qaida emir Abu Dawood. "Good news for you my sister, Umm Omar," it
says(CNN, Aug. 25)
U.S. Builds New Detention Center in Afghanistan
In an effort to lay to rest some of the controversy surrounding its Afghanistan detention program, the U.S. is building a
new detention facility there designed to be on par with one in Iraq that came to be seen by many as a model program.
(Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 26)
Pm Tusk: Efficient Intelligence Needed In Afghanistan (Poland)
(PM) Tusk believes also that the Polish mission in Afghanistan needs an efficient intelligence and CI. (Polskie Radio,
Aug. 23)
Military Sending Foreign Fighters to Home Nations
Saudi and Egyptian intelligence officers have been permitted to interrogate militants at the camps, although U.S. mil.
officials say that the foreign interrogators who operate in the American camps are monitored by American
soldiers(NYT, Aug. 28)

Moroccan Terrorism Suspect's Murky Trail

Abdelkader Belliraj, held in Morocco, is said to personify the confluence of terrorism and crime -- spurred by both
ideology and money. But he was also a paid informant for Belgium. (LA Times, Aug. 24),0,3394258.story

Recently Published Hearings on National Security

Numerous congressional records on national security policy have been published in the last couple of weeks,
including those listedDepartment of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration
Interrogation Rules (Part I).(FAS Secrecy News Blog, Aug. 27) Analyst Comment: The
DOCS are on the FAS website.
S. Korea Warns Against N. Korea Spies after Woman Held
S. Korea's defense chief warned the mil. Thur. (Aug. 27) to be on guard against N. Korean spies, following the arrest
of a woman defector(AFP, Aug. 28)
S Korea Accuses Refugee of Spying
She has been accused of collecting photographs and obtaining information about the location of key military
installations, to hand over to North Korean agents...(BBC, Aug. 27)
Air Force Back To Using HUMINT Unit
Aerospace engineers are needed to talk with aircraft designers. Pilots would speak with aviators. Computer
engineers would interview computer systems managers about cyberspace capabilities. (AF Times, Aug. 26)

Polygraphs and Little Lies

The test does do one thing quite well. It turns out that people faced with regular testing, are more careful with the way
they handle classified information. (Strategy Page Blog, Aug. 26)

Pentagon's Intelligence Arm Steps up Lie Detecting

The stepped-up effort by the DIA is part of a growing emphasis on CI, detecting and thwarting would-be spies(AP,
Aug. 25)
Yuri I. Nosenko, 81; KGB Agent Who Defected to the U.S.
Last month several senior CIA officials visited him and presented him with a ceremonial flag and a letter from CIA
Director Michael Hayden honoring his service to the United States(Washington Post, Aug. 27)

Pakistan Aims For Nuclear Acceptance
The recent turmoil in Pakistan has only heightened western anxiety over the country's nuclear weapons program.
Yet, thanks to security measures put in place(UK Financial Times, Aug. 28)

Pakistani Research on Laser Isotope Separation

Scientific research in Pakistan on laser isotope separation is the subject of a new open source bibliography (pdf)
compiled by independent researcher Mark Gorwitz. (FAS Secrecy News Blog, Aug. 25)

The Open Source Innovation Challenge

We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity in conjunction with the DNI Open Source Conference 2008: 'The
Open Source Innovation Challenge.' This is a unique occasion for representatives from academia; think tanks;
industry; the media; federal, state, local, and tribal government; and other diverse sectors to use open source
information to address real intelligence challenges. (Aug. 28, Cryptome)
Wikileaks.Org Media Auction (Website Advertizes the Sale of Confidential E-mail Information from Venezuela)
Wikileaks has prepared for publication over 8,000 internal and external emails to and from a senior Venezuelan
diplomat and former speech writer for Hugo Chavez. The emails are dated 2005 to July 2008, and include several
thousand attachments Organizations wishing to bid for exclusivity (proceeds to our source defense fund) and
embargoed access contact for additional information. (Wikileak Discussion Blog, Aug. 27)

Interview on Hamas: Deputy Political Chief (of HAMAS) Answers Islam Online Readers' Questions
During a three-hour interview, he answered the questions that we delivered from's readers across the
globe. Excerpt from interview Second, rockets are domestically made because Gaza is under a siege, and no one
exports advanced weapons, especially Western weapons, to us(Islam Online, Transcript Posted Aug. 25)

Taliban Win over Locals at the Gates of Kabul

While clashes in remote Helmand dominate the headlines, another battle is being waged by the insurgents on Kabul's
doorstep. There, the Taliban are winning support by building a parallel administration(UK Guardian, Aug. 24)

Pakistan Bans Taliban after Suicide Bombings

Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik announced the decision 24 hours after rejecting a Taliban cease-fire offer in
Bajur(AP, Aug. 25)
After Bajaur, Pak Taliban Declare Truce in South Waziristan Agency Too
The 40-member Jirga comprising tribal elders of the area including Malik Baa Khan Wazir, Malik Sarwar Khan, Malik
Ajmal Wazir, Malik Sharif and Malik Rasul Khan represented the Ahmadzai Wazirs tribal elders in the Jirga. (Karachi
News, Aug. 26)
Taliban Ban Foreign Media in N Waziristan
Journalists warned of punishment if found working for intelligence agencies. (Pakistan Daily Times, Aug. 27)\08\27\story_27-8-2008_pg7_8

Afghanistan: A Down Year for Opium Production, But Is the Trafficking Threat Receding?
Afghanistan experienced a 19 % decrease in the land under opium poppy cultivation in 2008 in comparison with the
previous year, according to a report prepared by the UN Office on Drugs and CrimeUN experts worry about
another spike in production. (Eurasia Net, Aug. 27)

Extremist Blogger Posts

Comment The youth of
These are pictures of the
Islamic youth in Afghanistan,
taken from Ittihaad al-Jihaad alIslaami - these Mujahedeen are
from Uzbekistan and they are
under the Islamic Emirate of
Afghanistan, bound by the
baiyah of Mullah
Umar(InshaAllah Shaeed,
Aug. 25)

2 Iraqi Officials Accused of Aiding al-Qaida

A university president and a top local official in a restive province north of Baghdad are suspected of giving weapons
and government cars to al-Qaida in Iraq insurgents(alSharq Alawsat, Aug. 27)

Gunmen Kill a Top Official in Baghdad

Akil al-Mendlawi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Culture, said that Mr. Abdullah, a well-known scholar and a member
of the Communist Party, had become friends with Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki when both men were in exile in
Syria(NYT, Aug. 23)
Teenage Iraqi Girl Unable To Go Through With Suicide Bombing
A teenage Iraqi girl (15 yrs.) wearing a vest packed with explosives who turned herself in rather than go through with
a suicide bombing has told police and media she was drugged and forced(Tasmania Mercury, Aug. 26),22884,24242621-401,00.html

Shia Resistance to Sunnis Threatens Progress of Surge

Fewer than 600 of the 103,000 Iraqis currently active in U.S.-supported Sunni militia groups have been
absorbed(Washington Times, Aug. 27)

Iraq Terror: 28 Killed As Bomber Hits Cop Recruits

A police source said the bomber detonated an explosive vest as people lined up to apply to join the police at
Jalawla(UK Mirror, Aug. 27)

Sisters in Jihad
Amjad undertook many tasks such as planting explosive devices on roads, transporting small rockets, attacking army
and police convoysAfter less than one year, Amjad was surprised when al-Qaidas emir, responsible for his group,
ordered the recruitment of women jihadis. Amjad and four other men in his group, brought their wives(Mideast
Youth Blog, Aug. 25)
Russian Forces Setting Up Occupation Zones in Georgia
Russian forces remaining in Georgia have switched from the role of invasion troops to that of occupation troops,
seizing chunks of territory in Georgias interior as well as key logistical nodes and arteries. (Jamestown Foundation
Eurasian Daily Monitor, Aug. 25)
South Ossetia: Georgian Spy Plane Shot Down
The interior minister of the separatist-held region of South Ossetia says his forces have shot down an unmanned
Georgian spy plane. (AP. Aug. 28)
Iran Tops GCC Ministerial Agenda
The occupation of three UAE islands by Iran and the implications of the recent international confrontation between
Russia and the U.S. over the security in the region will top the agenda of the GCC ministerial council meeting(Gulf
News, Aug. 26)
Conditions May Be Ripe For Al Qaida in Somalia
"We are negotiating how we can unite into one," said Muktar Robow, a top military commander of Shabab "We will
take our orders from Sheik Osama bin Laden" (LA Times, Aug. 25),0,7041237.story

Hijackers of Darfur Plane Surrender in Libya

Two Sudanese men, armed with handguns and the threat of explosives, stormed the cockpit of the Boeing 737,
taking control just minutes into the flight. Passengers said the hijackers remained calm(AP, Aug. 27)

Yemeni Government Uses Movies as a New Weapon against Terror

Movies will be a new method to combat terrorism from now on, said the Yemeni Dep. PM for defense and security
affairs, Rashad Al Alimi, in an opening ceremony of the first Yemeni film on terrorism. (Gulf News, Aug. 25)

Hezbollah Presence in Venezuela Feared

Western anti-terrorism officials are increasingly concerned that Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shiite Muslim militia
is using Venezuela as a base for operations. (LA Times, Aug. 27),0,35790.story

Venezuelan Ties to Hezbollah

Easy access to false identification makes this region highly attractive to militants. In Colombia, Hezbollah has not
been found to be one of the main actors especially when compared to the activity of cells which exist in the tri-border
region. However, according to data provided by the U.S. Library of Congress, Hezbollah is prominent in the small
village Maicao. (ICT Commentary, Aug. 14)

Battle against Al-Qaida Brand Highlighted In Secret Paper (UK)

Material being used in the global propaganda effortaccording to the classified Whitehall paper(UK Guardian,
Aug. 26)

Doctoring Photographs without Photoshop

You don't need Photoshop. You don't need sophisticated digital photo-manipulation. You don't need a computer. All
you need to do is change the caption. (Schneiers Security Blog, Aug. 27)

Bank Details of Customers Sold On EBAY

Media reports said details of more than a million customers of Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express and
NatWest were found on the computer sold for 35 pounds(Saudi Arab News, Aug. 27)

The Seven Deadliest Social Networking Hacks

It's (Social Networks) the easiest way to passively gain intelligence on the largest groups of society and nearly every
walk of life(Dark Reading, Aug. 26)
Wikileaks Presents an Open Source ANB Telephone Chart Titled East Timor Presidential Assassination
Intelligence Intercept Map 2008 (Wikileaks, Aug. 25)

Analyst Comment: The 304th MI Bn OSINT Team does not recommend opening documents labeled as U.S. on
Wikileaks-- many of the documents are advertized as classified and could compromise the security of your computer.
Hundreds of Dutch Web Sites Hacked By Islamic Hackers (Holland)
In what appears to be a mass defacement, where several hundred domains take advantage
of a shared hosting provider, starting as of this Friday, an Islamic hacker known as
nEt^DeViL(ZDNET Zero Day Blog, Aug. 25)
Analyst Comment: One of the Hacking sites that was supportive of the described hacker in
this news article was briefly assessed in the 304th MI Bn OSINT Team Periodic Report,
August Edition, under the title An Open Source Overview of a Saudi Hacking Website.
Minister Warns Of National Grid Hack Threat (UK)
A UK government minister has warned that cyber-terrorists were attempting to take out the
national grid. (UK Register, Aug. 26)
Revealed: The Internet's Biggest Security Hole
Two security researchers have demonstrated a new technique to stealthily intercept internet traffic on a scale
previously presumed to be unavailable to anyone outside of intel. (Wired Danger Room Blog, Aug. 26)

Warnings over a New Style of Warfare

Business Day notes that before Russia invaded Georgia, coordinated attacks were launched against Georgian Govt.
Web sitesThis was not the first or the most damaging attack in cyberspace on a sovereign nation by
agents(Legal Brief, Aug. 27)
A New Breed of Hackers Tracks Online Acts of War
Ronald J. Deibert, director of the Citizen Lab, calls the organization a "global civil society CI agency" and refers to the
lab as the "NSA of operations." (Washington Post, Aug. 26)

Taiwan Cracks Major Hacking Ring, Data on President Stolen

An official at Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau said the hackers had tapped into data held by government
agencies, state-run firms(PhysOrg, Aug. 27)
Iphone Passcode Lock Rendered Useless
Here are a few steps to reproduce this vulnerability (requires physical access to a passcode-protected
device)(ZDNET Zero Day Blog, Aug. 27) Analyst Comment: The 304 MI Bn
OSINT Team does not recommend trying the provided instructions.
Weapons, Emerging Weapons Technology & Emerging Commercial of the Shelf Technologies
More Drones = More Demand for Spies
Rather than replacing people, the new robotic spy drones have actually increased demand for human
spooks(Wired Danger Room Blog, Aug. 26)
3 Mile High Spy Club (UK)
RAF top brass have secretly bought two spy-in-the-sky planes to snoop on terrorists worldwide from three miles
up. (UK Sun, Aug. 27)
Could Iris Scans Stop a New Iraq Insurgency?
One of the things that just might keep a full-blown insurgency from erupting again, a leading expert in the region says,
is a set of databases of fingerprints and irises, built by the U.S. military(Wired Danger Room Blog, Aug. 26)

Iran Launches Submarine Production Line

Iran has launched a submarine production line to ensure its forces are equipped to maintain security in the vital oil
shipping route, the Strait of Hormuz waterway(Reuters, Aug. 25)
DIA (Denver International Airport) Adds 2 New Security Tools
One is a passive millimeter- wave bomb detector that can be mounted on a tripod at high-traffic locations to screen
airport passengers and visitors for explosive materials they may be carrying. The device works by looking for
"disruptions" in millimeter waves(Denver Post, Aug. 24)
Now, a Mobile Spy Cam That Will Make Life Hell
Users simply install the device in the room they wish to monitor. If the motion sensor detects a disturbance, it sends a
three-second video of the event to the owner's mobile phone. (ANI, Aug. 27),_a_mobile_spy_cam_that_will_make_life_hell_for_love_cheats!_200808273442.html\

Draganfly X6 Remote Controlled Spy Chopper With GPS

You no longer need to sign up to a tour of duty on the front-lines to get to play with the coolest unmanned aerial
surveillance tech. Draganfly has a whole series of remote controlled spy choppers(T3 Gadget Website, Aug. 27)

12 Sly Web Tricks That Put You in Control

Several caller ID spoofing services are available online that not only hide your number from the recipient's caller...
(Washington Post, Aug. 27)

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