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SVSU Students Transgendered Recent Graduate

Raise Over $5,700 ‘Cliks’ Lead Singer Enters Race for 95th
For Haiti Victims Coming to Campus State House Seat


Vol. III No. 2 A Campus Newspaper at Saginaw Valley State University February 15, 2010



BRANDIMORE Pick your poison: tax increases or severe cuts for programs and institutions.


2009 10,498
+3.26% 2009

2009 +6.3%

2008 9,837
2007 9,662 2008 +3.74%

+6.3% 2009

2007 +12.9%
By Michael Westendorf 2006
9,569 2006 +4.9%
THE JOURNAL 2004 9,448 2005 +7.5%
2003 9,168 2004 +2.4%
2002 9,189 2003 +9.5%
Retiring vice president of 2001 8,936
2000 8,622
student services and enrollment 1999 8,383
1990 62% 35% 3%
2000 50% 46% 4%
management Bob Maurovich’s 2010 28% 70% 2% YEARS
be split, SVSU
Eric R. Gil- By Luke C. Remillard
bertson an-
“For several years
THE JOURNAL related to the university’s
in fulfilling its mission, but
nounced late now a structural also because sound enroll- retention rates in a direct and
last month,
deficit in the State

and the two ments are absolutely critical matter-of-fact way.
VSU president Eric R. Gilbertson ad- for the fiscal health of the “One big issue both the
roles will Budget has been dressed university officials, students, University.” Enrollment Management and
be filled
by Merry Dwyer camouflaged and the campus community late last Because of declining state Student Services Divisions
support, Mr. Gilbertson says - as well as the rest of us -
Jo Brandi- with one-time month with an upbeat State of the the university has done its will have to work on in the
more and Jim Dwyer, respectively.
Mr. Dwyer will serve the patches — tobacco University address despite hard economic times best to prepare for even tight- months and years ahead is
university as vice president of and an uncertain future regarding state appro- er times that lay ahead. our University’s still disap-
settlement money, “The trend of diminish- pointing rates of student
management. invasions of ‘rainy ing support from the State of degree completion. We need
Mr. Dwyer Mr. Gilbertson opened the Michigan continues and may to be self-critical and candid
has nearly 30
day’ funds, and address by touting the uni- possibly take an even more about this matter,” he said.
versity’s growing enrollment precipitous downturn in the He said that one of the
years of work most recently as a sign of progress for the years ahead,” he said. “ For best ways to prevent students
at SVSU. His the availability of university. several years now a structural from leaving the university
“I’m proud that once again deficit in the State Budget would be to increase how
current posi- federal ‘stimulus’ this semester’s enrollments has been camouflaged with prepared they are before they
tion is as-
sistant vice dollars. These are strong and evidence a one-time patches - tobacco enroll.
continuing commitment on settlement money, invasions “The loss of students
president Brandimore temporary the part of our students and Gilbertson of “rainy day” funds, and through attrition places
for stu-
dent services and enrollment measures have their families who sacri- most recently the availability enormous pressure on our
management, a post he has held fice to take advantage of the opportunities you of federal “stimulus” dollars. admissions efforts, and it will
since 2003. Most recently, he has
been used up, and provide,” he said. These temporary measures be increasingly difficult to
been the interim director of in- this Legislative Enrollment this winter is at 10,124 students, have been used up, and this maintain enrollments if we
ternational programs, and prior who are taking some 113,443 credit hours. This Legislative session - and next continue to lose students at
to that, he worked as the direc-
session - and next represents an increase of 6.58% in individual stu- year could be even worse the rates they now leave.”
dents and 7.99% in credit hours from last winter. - will have to deal with the A portion of the address
tor of admissions for 22 years. year could be even “All-in-all, this picture is a very positive one. It stark reality of revenue short- was dedicated to the yearly
Ms. Brandimore will be the
new vice president of student worse...” is, of course, far too early to offer any predictions falls and the unappealing staple of tuition increases,
services while retaining her title about next fall; but early trends in admissions options of tax increases or se- however Mr. Gilbertson
Eric R. Gilbertson, applications give us optimism about contin- pointed out that the univer-
as dean of students. Her depart- vere cuts in State funding for
President, SVSU ued strength in SVSU’s appeal to prospective programs and institutions.” sity is successfully control-
ment will oversee athletics, coun-
students,” Mr. Gilbertson said, “These figures are Mr. Gilbertson also
See NEW VPS, A4 important not only as evidence of SVSU’s success touched upon the problems See UNIVERSITY, page A4


‘Mystery Masturbator’ Caught With State D.N.A. Tests

ered information never be- ceased in November of 2004. male” in their room wearing ter a long nine-month wait, lice Chief Ron Trepkowski
By Luke C. Remillard
fore released to the public. Three years later, similar a black hooded sweatshirt. A the state crime lab had com- in an e-mail message to The
During the fall semester occurrences recommenced university police patrol car pleted all tests. The result Saginaw Valley Journal.
of 2004, university police with descriptions matching raced to the scene and spotted was a match. The police had Mr. Trepkowski says that
In a case that plagued began receiving reports of a the previous figure. On Oct. an individual who then went captured their elusive se- Mr. Doolittle’s sentence was
the University Police De- dark, shadowy figure lurking 19, 2007, a blanket was recov- inside another apartment. He rial masturbator: Brenden so low because of a loophole
partment for years, details in dorm rooms and outside ered from one of the crime was found inside one of the Doolittle, an SVSU student. regarding his actions inside
have finally emerged from windows in the middle of scenes and was sent to the bedroom closets and arrested “According to the Dis- the dorm rooms he invaded.
multiple incidents, dating the night. In cases detailed state crime lab to be tested for home invasion, according trict Court in Saginaw, Mr. Simply put: his actions once
from as far back as 2004, by university police incident for semen. Four days later, the to Sergeant Strain of the Uni- Doolittle was sentenced last inside the rooms were per-
regarding an intruder that reports, sometimes female police department was noti- versity Police Department. year to 30 days in jail, 24 fectly legal. The department
frequently broke into SVSU students would awaken with fied that the blanket tested Soon thereafter, the police months probation, and fines/
dorm rooms and masturbated towels covering their faces, positive for semen and that a department obtained a war- cost,” wrote University Po- See D.N.A. TESTS, A4
over students as they slept. with semen on their beds, or D.N.A. profile had been made. rant to obtain a saliva sample
Although the case has to a figure standing over them Finally, on Feb. 8, 2008, from the perpetrator to com- Editorial and Corporate Headquarters $3.50 US
been closed now for over or walking around in their two male students placed a 911 pare his D.N.A. profile to the PO Box 1074 | Midland, Michigan 48641-1074
a year, The Saginaw Val- rooms. This activity regular- call when they returned home profile on file matching the On the Web:
ley Journal has uncov- ly occurred until it abruptly to find an “unknown Asian previous semen sample. Af- Letters:

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© 2010 Sterling, Hoffman & Co. The Saginaw Valley Journal February 15, 2010

news briefs Inside The Journal THE SAGINAW VALLEY JOURNAL.

New Student Academic
Have you written a
good essay for one of New Year’s Formal Dietrich to Run for New VPs at SVSU Luke C. Remillard
your political science
courses? Would you
The College Republicans of SVSU Coulouris’ Seat Retiring vice president of student General Manager
held their first annual New Year’s services and enrollment manage-
like others to see your Greg L. Dietrich, chairman of
brilliance? The Political
Reception, a formal gathering ment Bob Maurovich’s position
the Saginaw County Democratic Newsroom
Science Student Associa- of conservative students, dis- will be split, and the two roles will
Party and recent SVSU graduate, is (206) 350-1785
tion (PSSA) invites you to tingueshed guests and elected be filled by Merry Jo Brandimore
looking to replace Andy Coulouris,
submit your good essays officials. and Jim Dwyer, respectively. Advertise
who recently announced he will
for publication in a new (206) 666-4998
journal of political sci- not be seeking reelection.
ence writing that we are
creating. The first issue
will appear at the end of Transgendered CAMPUS FACILITIES DNA Evidence The Saginaw Valley Journal is published
this semester.
Any paper that you
Speaker Coming Parking Problems? Leads to Capture by the Sterling, Hoffman & Co., L.L.C.
P.O. Box 1074, Midland, Michigan 48641.
have written while at Program Board voted earlier this SVSU has admitted current park- In a case that plagued the Univer-
SVSU is eligible. The month to use $450 of student ing woes because of the large sity Police Department for years, Letters to the Editor
competition is open to money to bring a transgendered increase in enrollment this past the Saginaw Valley Journal names To submit a letter in response to an arti-
all SVSU students. You speaker to SVSU for Gender fall. Plans are in place to build new the student who was caught break- cle for publication in the newspaper, you
may submit up to three Awareness Week. The allocation parking lots on the campus and ing into student dorm rooms and may send an e-mail message to letters@
resolution passed 16-0. maps have already been drawn. masturbating over his victims. We regret that,
If you have any ques-
tions, please contact owing to the volume of correspondence,
journal editors Kasey Bey PROGRAM BOARD ADMINISTRATION CAMPUS NEWS we cannot reply personally to every letter.
( or To contact the General Manager directly,
Tracy Thiel (tethiel@svsu.
No Fall Concert State of the Dollars for Haiti please send an e-mail message to luke@
The deadline for After much press and hype, Pro- University Address A collective fund raising effort at
submission is today, Feb. gram Board, an organization that SVSU, dubbed “Dollars Make a
SVSU president Eric R. Gilbert- Subscribe/Delivery
15, 2010. coordinates student events, has Difference to Haiti”, has generated
Submit an RTF format son addressed university officials, Home, office, or dorm delivery is available
chosen to delay its spring concert over $5,700 for the victims of the
file to Professor Erik students, and the campus commu- from The Saginaw Valley Journal. Please
for the student body of SVSU Jan. 12 Haitian earthquake, a mag-
Trump at nity late last month with an upbeat visit our Web site at saginawvalleyjournal.
until the fall because of logistical nitude 7.0 quake that destroyed
Include a cover State of the University address com for more information.
page with the following
concerns. much of the countryside.
despite hard economic times.
information: Your name; Advertise
course and professor To place an ad, either in print or online,
for which the essay was
Corrections operate at just 62 percent, or 120
megabytes-per-second, of their
Because its voice is loud and
far-reaching, The Saginaw Valley
please call our sales office at (206) 666-
Date that essay was
4998 or send an e-mail message to adver-
An article in the Jan. 25 issue normal bandwidth capacity. The Journal has an ethical responsibil-
written; Your major or To view
incorrectly stated that an Internet outage occured on Jan. 13. ity to correct all its factual errors,
minor; your class stand- our rate card and our advertising policies,
outage hit the campus of SVSU large and small, promptly and in
ing (Fr, So, Jr, Sr); and please visit our Web site at saginawvalley-
on the morning of Jan. 3 caus- a prominent reserved space in the
your e-mail address.
Accepted essays will ing campus computer systems to newspaper.
be proofread and edited Submissions
for readability, and they
The Saginaw Valley Journal accepts op-ed
may be edited for length.
submissions on any topic or issue. Submis-


Newspapers Stolen, sions should be sent via e-mail to mail@
Reward Offered Unsolicited
A small number of submissions remain the intellectual prop-
Saginaw Valley Journal erty of their author(s).
newspapers was stolen
the evening of Monday, INCLUDES: • Minutes from Campus Rights and Permissions
Jan. 25, between 9:30
For permission to license or republish The
p.m. and 11:00 p.m. A
representative from the
• GAS, HEAT & WATER • Walk to Green Acres Plaza Journal’s text, including The Journal’s ar-
ticles with photos/illustrations, please call
newspaper reported the
theft to the SVSU cam-
• WASHER & DRYER HOOK-UPS • 24 hour fitness center (206) 350-1785, or send an e-mail message
pus police department at
around Midnight, saying
(ELECTRIC DRYER) • Short term leasing availabe at no extra charge
that approximately 600
newspapers, with a total
To send comments and suggestions (about
value of $2,100, were
taken. The newsstand Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 news coverage only) or to report errors that
was immediately replen-
call for correction, please send an e-mail
ished. Saturday 10-4 message to editor@saginawvalleyjournal.
Police Officer Lu- com or call our editorial offices at (206)
cas Huss said that the Or visit us on the web 350-1785. Because its voice is loud and far-
department was review- reaching, The Saginaw Valley Journal has
ing the security cameras WWW.LRMANAGEMENT.COM an ethical responsibility to correct all its
that are discreetly placed
in university hallways 989-793-4350 factual errors, large and small, promptly
and in a prominent reserved space in the
and that leads would be Off Hemmeter just north of State Street newspaper.
forthcoming. The news-
paper is offering a re-

Program Board Delays Concert As Senior University

ward for any information
leading to the arrest of
the individual(s) involved
and plans to pursue both
criminal and civil charges
against the perpetrators.
Anyone with any
Officials Have Been Left In Dark Over Group’s Plans
information is asked to By Kenneth M. Vanfleet concert during one of its be involved in the process.” formation, Program Board interested in partnering. We’re
contact Office Lucas
THE JOURNAL weekly meetings this month. Robert Maurovich is the officials have been back- not in a position to do busi-
Huss at (989) 964-4141
or mail@saginawvalley- “We’ve been waiting a re- vice president of student ser- tracking from claiming they ness, because we don’t have After much press and hype, ally long time for the venue vices and enrollment man- have specific artists in mind. that kind of money,” she says.
Program Board, an organiza- confirmation side of it, it’s agement. According to Dean “Then Kim’s out of the Mr. Reno also said that the
tion that coordinates student getting to the point now, Brandimore, Mr. Maurovich’s loop if that’s the case, but they organization was prepared
events, has chosen to delay its that if we did do it in the department would have to can’t move on it,” Dean Bran- to spend up to $60,000 of
spring concert for the student spring, we’d be cramming ‘float’ Program Board fund- dimore says regarding Mr. student money on the con-
body of SVSU until the fall be- two months of work into two ing if it went into the red with Reno’s comments regarding cert, however those com-
cause of logistical concerns. weeks,” Program Board presi- concert expenses, as it did in specific performing artists. ments were rebuked from
However, senior university dent John Reno told the group 2007 with a university concert. “This is just me think- Dean Brandimore as well.
officials have been reluctant before it voted for the delay. “He (Mr. Reno) can’t go ing in ‘John-speak’: they “To budget of $60,000,
to accept that a concert will Dean of Student Ser- out on a limb without the have ideas they would like that’s not the discussions
even happen at this point. vices Merry Jo Brandimore organization supporting to see and they were just we’ve had, and he’s not the
“It kind of has to be re- told The Saginaw Valley it,” says Dean Brandimore. thinking about that,” adds treasurer,” she says, “The
ally planned out for it to fly,” Journal that the concert is Mr. Reno recently told Ms. Brandimore-Horton.” organization needs to know
says Kimberly Brandimore- far from being a sure thing. The Saginaw Valley Jour- The bottom line, Dean how to conduct communica-
Have a news tip, event, Horton, a staff advisor to “We’ve been in the hole nal that the organization Brandimore says, is that tion, I understand, hypotheti-
or issue you would like to
see in The Saginaw Valley Program Board, “We’re go- with our concert business,” was looking at a list of spe- Program Board will have cally, if they were putting a
Journal? Please send an ing to start planning out for she says, “They were told, cific artists for the concert, to put together an ex- bid out there or working with
e-mail message to news@ a fall concert right now.” don’t go down the road too far however after The Journal tremely compelling argu- an agent to put in place a de-
Anonymity, if requested, is
The organization for- with this concert idea, because filed a Freedom of Informa- ment to host a concert.
guaranteed. mally voted to delay the Dr. Maurovich would want to tion Act request for that in- “The Dow [Event Center] is See CONCERT, A4
In 1924, students at Notre Dame made history
by defeating the KKK.
In 2008, one university made history
by punishing a student for reading about it.

When a college student was found guilty of racial

harassment simply for reading a book, he called
on FIRE to help clear his name. In case after case,
FIRE successfully intervenes on behalf of students
and faculty when their free speech rights are
violated on college campuses.

Will your school be the next to

judge a book by its cover?

’s Red Alert
Brandeis University
Colorado College
Johns Hopkins University
Michigan State University
Tufts University

These institutions represent

the “worst of the worst” when
it comes to liberty on campus.

Find out if your rights are in danger at

© 2010 Sterling, Hoffman & Co. The Saginaw Valley Journal February 15, 2010

Continued from Page One Continued from A2
Continued from Page One
ling costs and that tuition cision about an entertainer seling and health services,
increases only make up for that might come, I under- residential life, among
a depletion in state funding. stand the student body other responsibilities.
This year, SVSU raised its could build up its anticipa- The two senior vice
tuition 6.3 percent to make tion of that expectation, and presidents at the univer-
up for a 3.2 percent decrease then let’s say they’re $15,000 sity, Don Bachand and Jim
in state appropriations. over budget and there’s no Muladore, will become

“Our University’s costs do way it’ll work, then we have provost and executive vice
remain well under control. a student body who says, president, respectively.
We have continued to serve ‘Program Board will never Other changes include
more and more students with deliver; they can’t do it.’ registrar Chris Looney
less and less state funding. Honestly, they are not in a reporting directly to Mr.
And we have also implement- position to even be talking se- Banchand, the appoint-
ed cost-saving measures that riously about a big concert.” ment of a new Associ-
make SVSU the most efficient Even though Program ate Dean for the College

public university in Michigan Board is given a budget and of Science, Engineering
Christina Snyder - and perhaps anywhere.” has an executive board and a and Technology: Dr. Nosa
Transgendered Lucas Silveira general assembly to control Egiebor. In the College

Coming To Campus On Mar. 23 DNA TESTS Continued from Page One

those funds, those are not
the only hoops the organiza-
tion must jump through to
of Business and Manage-
ment, George Puia, the
Dow Chemical Company
could not charge him with approve such a large event. Centennial Chair in Global
Glasby to Program Board The next day, Mr. Silveira “They may vote on it, but Business, will assume the
By Kenneth M. Vanfleet indecent exposure, because
members Wednesday night. will be making some class- the act was not committed because they enlist other additional title of associate
‘Transgender’ is a gen- room visits and on Thurs- university resources in an in- dean. Mark Clevey will be
eral term applied to a vari- day, he will give a public
in a public place. The only
kind way, they may say they splitting his time equally
charge that they could throw
Program Board voted ear- etyC749>DA=0;
of individuals, behav- lecture and do some singing. at him was unlawful entry, want to do it, but what if it’s between the Center for
lier this month to use $450 iors, and groups involving Ms. Glasby pushed to a misdemeanor with slap- on a night with no parking, Business and Economic
of student money to bring tendencies to deviate from have Mr. Silveira stay at I think the [SVSU president Development and the Col-

on-the-wrist consequences.
a transgendered speaker to the normative gender roles. The H Hotel, an upscale
Mr. Trepkowski says Eric R. Gilbertson] would go lege of Business, where he
SVSU for Gender Awareness “I think it’s a very good business hotel in Midland. that the department con- ‘I don’t think so, let’s talk’,” will be supporting Mr. Puia
Week. The allocation resolu- ?WPbT[[dbbT\\XQXQT]Sd\TVTcQ[P]SXcdcPSX_XbRX]VPccda_Xb<PTRT]PbbXcP\TcTbc
idea and it’s in the budget.” “We don’t feel comfortable Dean Brandimore says, with external relations for
tacted State Representa-
tion, which passed 16-0, will said Ashlie Tillman, trea- having him stay in Saginaw
tive Andy Coulouris about “We’ve had several large the college. Finally, assis-
see Lucas Silveira, the lead surer of Program Board, dur- because he is transgendered,” closing the loophole. concerts in my 26 years here tant dean Mark Potts will
singer of the queer, Toron- ing the discussionETbcXQd[d\T[T\T]cd\]XQWPcTa^bbT\_TaXScT\_db^SX^SP_XQdb=d]R]^]R^]eP[[Xb
portion of she said without giving more The Saginaw Valley and its’ so taxing on the uni- take on expanded respon-
to-based band, The Cliks, the\PV]PBdb_T]SXbbT_^cT]cX?aPTbT]cX]da]P`dXbc^ac^aR^\\^S^UTdVXPcDcS^[^aT[XcR^]VdTTVTc
debate for the allocation. details or clarification before Journal reached out to Mr. versity. It turns the institu- sibilities for oversight of
come to campus on Mar. 23. Program Board presi- leaving the meeting early for Doolittle, however he did not tion upside-down when you both undergraduate and
Hillery Glasby, an In- SXV]XbbX\bTSe^[dc_PcX]PdVdT?T[[T]cTb`dT]^]]T`dTPc[PRdb[P^aTTceTWXRd[P5dbRTeTbcXQd
dent John Reno echoed Ms. a long drive to Mt. Pleasant. dedicate the size and the graduate student services.
respond to e-mail messages
structor of English at SVSU Tillman’s comments. “I think Mr. Silveira’s band, The
seeking comment. Ironically, resources... and everyone
and member of the Gen- this is a great program,” Cliks, have toured nationwide, a Twitter username linked to working on it will ask ‘is
der Studies Committee, BTSX\_TaSXTccX]RXSd]cUPRX[XbXb?WPbT[[dbeXcPTcT[[db]^]aXbdbd[caXRXTbT[TXUT]S3^]TRPRRd\bP]
he said, “I love the idea.” and according to Ms. Glasby, this the business we’re in?’.”
a Brenden Doolittle in Michi-
requested the funds from R^]eP[[XbSXP\eXcPT[dRcdb5dbRTXPRd[XbSXV]XbbX\\TcdbTdUPRX[XbXb3^]TRbXcP\Tc]XQW`dP\bXc
Ms. Glasby asked the the band is the first queer gan is: nocturnal_chaos. Po- She continues, “They
Program Board during their board for $450, which is only band signed to a major re- lice officers said that Mr. can’t just.. you know,
General Assembly meeting. P\TcSXRcd\PaRd3^]TRdc]XbXPaRdbXcP\Tc
a portion of the total cost cord label (Tommy Boy). Mr. UPdRXQdb ]^] PdVdT =d[[P\ XSthese
Doolittle worked overnight at
^SX^ ]T`dT Pc
are student dol-
“SVSU’s name is going to TdXb\^S[^aT\2aPbPcTbc\PdaXbX]TVTbcPb
($1,550) to bring Mr. Silveira Silveira has also appeared on ed[_dcPcT ]T`dT 0T]TP]
a local hotel, and confirmed ]TR Tbc Ta^b
lars, there ]TR
has d[
to be some
get out there for doing this,” to [PRdb
campus. Other funding the television shows L.A. Ink caXRTb TaPcincidents
similar Dc R^]VdT
there[^Q^acXb thoughtful
as well. [P^aTTc contemplation.”
Ms. Glasby said while ap- is coming from the
0[X`dP\ office _^acP
P[X`dTc of and Showtime’s
T[Xc Td _^bdTaTThe ]d]R
L Word. PdRc^a PSX_XbRX]V [TRcdb Tc bT\_Ta =d[[P\ X]
pealing to the board to pass the Dean of the College of Ms. Glasby included a


_d[eX]Pa bXc P\Tc ETbcXQd[d\ P eT[Xc TaPc Tc ^SX^^SX^Bdb_T]SXbbTd[caXRTbSdXbdbRX_Xc`dP\
the resolution, “This is going Arts and Behavioral Science, photo of her GLBTQ Litera-
to bring in a whole bunch of
the Gender Studies Com- ture class meeting with Mr.
PdRc^a T[TXUT]S =d[[P\ eT[ X_bd\ ]XbX 3^]TR
student who might be gay.” mittee, and Living Proud. Silveira in Detroit last winter. Q[P]SXc cX]RXSd]c PdVdT XS WT]SaTaXc Tbc _^bd
aP ]TR [P^aTTc [XVd[P _^bdTaT Dc eXeTaaP S^[^a
Mr. Silveira, who still TVTc R^]SX\T]cd\
Mr. Silveira will be cT\_db
on [XVd[Phas
“Lucas Tbca bRT[TaXb
unique and TaT Tc ETbcXQd[d\ P]cT X_bd\
has the general appearance `dT ]d[[P
campus `dXbofe^[dc_Pc
the night Tues- cT[[db
inspiring \PV]P
story]TR S^[^a
about fac- Qdb^aRX[dRcdbTcd[caXRTb_^bdTaTRdQX[XP2daPT* 8
and voice of a woman, has day,@dXb`dT
Mar. 23,TdXb\^S ^aRX Tding
after a show- ]d]R [P^aTTc
change in a bTS UPd
world that EXeP\db XS ]d[[PMUSTTc \PV]P
HAVE UTa\T]cd\ [dRcdb
“hesitated to undergo tes- ingRXQdbTa^bbRT[TaXb`dT5dbRT[XVd[P[T^eTWXRd[P
of the film Boys Don’t rigidly defines its citizens as 5dbRT R^]VdT ]XQW TVTc
OR HAVE AN Tbc caXbcX`dT bPVXccXb
tosterone therapy (normally Cry,[dRcdb
to answer questions.
ed[_dcPcT either maleeT]T]PcXb
TVTc eTbcXQd[d\ or female,cda
and it 8
included in the transition “We want students to have makes sense to give students
_Xb 8] P \PV]P `dXb \PbbP eTWXRd[P caXbcX`dT BTT58A40A<B^]_PVT1! SIX-FIGURE SALARIES
process) as it may alter his a chance to ask those awk- the chance to hear what
singing voice,” reads a flyer ward questions that we all he has to say,” she wrote.
that was possed out by Ms. want to ask,” Ms. Glasby said. THE JOURNAL IS #1 IN REVENUE, CIRCULATION, & READERSHIP

Hopes To Replace Coulouris Bay Valley Resort Welcomes You!
Local lawmaker accepts lobbyist position in
Washington with Dow Corning Corporation Enjoy our great location:
By Luke C. Remillard of trustees, a post to which will soon be able to actively Only 3 miles from SVSU campus
he was elected in 2008. For- compete for good paying
merly, Mr. Dietrich served in jobs in the Saginaw Valley.” /aYOP]cb]c`TO[WZgO\RT`WS\Ra`ObS"'
the U.S. Air Force as a crew That plan came to fruition
Greg L. Dietrich, chair- chief for F-16 fighter jets. He in November of last year, af- <]dS[PS`2SQS[PS`O\R8O\cO`g
man of the Saginaw County also served ter the mall was demolished.
Democratic Party and recent
(December) SVSU graduate,
the Mr. Dietrich enters a race
in a district that both Par-
is looking to replace Andy District ties admit would have eas- ’>ZOgS`a:]c\USeWbVeSSYS\RS\bS`bOW\[S\b
Coulouris, who recently an- Council ily re-elected Mr. Coulouris.
nounced he will not be seek- (CDC) for “I don’t think we’re go- ’>ZOgS`aTSObc`Sa(ESR\SaROg4OQcZbg<WUVb
ing reelection in the 95th downtown ing to put anyone against
District for the Michigan rehabilita- Coulouris,” Tim Kelly, chair- BVc`aROgAbcRS\b<WUVb
House of Representatives. tion for man of the Saginaw County
Mr. Coulouris and his wife Buena Republican Party recently
Natasha, who leads the Sag- Vista in Dietrich said at an SVSU College Re-
inaw County Public Health 2006. publicans meeting before Mr.
Dept., shocked many citizens “Serving as vice chair of Coulouris’ announcement.
by walking away from their the CDC we gave the town- It’s now unclear whether
highly public posts with an- ship the “go- ahead” to do the G.O.P. wants to risk put-
nouncements separated only what ever it takes to get the ting up a candidate to face-
by days. The couple has said Fort Saginaw Mall property off against Mr. Dietrich.
they did so to spend more time back in the hands of the com- Mr. Dietrich did not re-
with their family, as they have munity,” Mr. Dietrich said on a spond to e-mail messages
two young children at home. campaign Web site, “The Fort seeking comment about his
Mr. Dietrich is currently Saginaw property is the hub campaign by press time.
serving a term as trustee of our community and I feel
on the Buena Vista board once we gain site control B.V.

Web. Print. Radio.
EXRT?aTbXST]cXP[ 5aTbW\P]?Pbb_^ac :T]7^a]):TT_X]V
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cWT _Pbc| WT bPhb {FT PaT aT
P[[h Ydbc cahX]V c^ _[TPbT Pb Wikimedia Commons: “Steve & Christine”
\P]h bcdST]cb Pb _^bbXQ[T
fXcW cWT bT[TRcX^] fT \PZT|
CWPc bT[TRcX^] Pb ^U _aTbb
cX\TWPS]^cQTT]P]]^d]RTS SVSU students planning trip to State Capitol March 25 to lobby legislators
\dbXR VT]aT) R^d]cah fTbcTa]
{FT bT]c ^dc P bdaeTh c^ “We’re going to 1h;dZT2AT\X[[PaS
VTccWT^_X]X^]b^UP[[bcdST]cb C749>DA=0;
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fP]cTS| <a AT]^ bPhb {CWT to legislators

aTbd[cb ^U cWT bdaeTh bW^fTS cdST]c0bb^RXPcX^]P]^aVP]XiPcX^]
about supporting 0bb^RXPcX^]WPbP]P]]dP[QdSVTc
cWPc P R^d]cah R^]RTac fPb cWT
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higher education Xb_[P]]X]VPbcdST]ccaX_c^;P]bX]V {FTzaTV^X]Vc^;P]bX]Vc^cP[Z
?a^VaP\1^PaSXb^]T^UcWT showing them c^[^QQh[TVXb[Pc^ab^]ePaX^dbc^_ WXVWTaTSdRPcX^]bW^fX]VcWT\
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that education is XRbX\_^acP]cc^cWTVa^d_CWTcaX_Xb_Pac^UP cWPcTSdRPcX^]XbX\_^acP]cP]S
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bXiPQ[TRWd]Z^UcdXcX^]S^[[Pab important and it’s X]|<b1^^]c^[SCWT9^da]P[
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fX[[ QT b_T]SX]V P fW^__X]V something they bcPcTRWP_cTa
% ^U bcdST]c cdXcX^] should invest in.” >aVP]XiTabfP]cc^bTTP[[
UcTT]<XRWXVP] bXcT<8E^cT^aVc^d_[^PSeXST^b
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Julie Boon, _dQ[XRd]XeTabXcXTb_PacXRX_PcTX]cWTcaTZP]ScWTh c^bT]Sc^<XRWXVP][TVXb[Pc^ab
0 STcPX[TS R^bc QaTPZS^f]
Legislation and external affairs, fP]ccWTVa^d_c^QTPbQXVPb_^bbXQ[T P]SXbT]R^daPVX]V\T\QTab^U
Student Association 9d[XT1^^]fW^bTaeTbPbcWTPbb^RXPcX^]zb cWTPbb^RXPcX^]c^S^cWTbP\T
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_Pa[XP\T]cPaXP]P]SRWPXa^UcWT[TVXb[PcX^]P]S <b1^^]bPXSSdaX]VP]Pbb^RXP
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TgcTa]P[PUUPXabR^\\XccTTXb_[P]]X]VcWTcaX_ cX^]\TTcX]VcWPccWTFTQbXcT
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<PaRW!$8]^aSTac^aT[XTeTcWTR^bccWTPbb^ BTT;0=B8=6^]_PVT0$


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6aPWP\ Y^X]TS cWT d]XeTa PSSXcX^]WTbTaeTSPbcWTPRc X]Pf EP[[Th BcPcT D]XeTabXch ?aX^ac^Y^X]X]VBEBD6aP ?>1^g &#k<XS[P]S<XRWXVP]#'%#  &#
bXch Ud[[cX\T X] (& c^ Tg X]VPbbXbcP]cSTP]^UcWT2^[ 0c BEBD 6aPWP\ WPb aT WP\ fPb T\_[^hTS Qh CWT >]cWTFTQ)fffbPVX]PfeP[[ThY^da]P[R^\
_[^aT STeT[^_X]V PRPST\XR [TVT ^U BRXT]RT 4]VX]TTaX]V RTXeTS cWT AdQT] 3P]XT[b 3^f 2WT\XRP[ 2^\_P]h U^a ;TccTab)[TccTab/bPVX]PfeP[[ThY^da]P[R^\

Ž! BcTa[X]V7^UU\P]2^ 8BB= (#&$''' fffBPVX]PfEP[[Th9^da]P[R^\

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a better time to want to
know what’s happening.


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Republican Reception

By Luke C. Remillard

Student Association, an
organization charged with al-
locating student funds, went
into a rare closed-session
meeting last Monday night
to scold one of its members.
The session occurred dur-
ing a regularly scheduled
association meeting, and
after a motion was passed
to enter into the closed
session, the public was
asked to vacate the room.
Student Association mem-
Courtesy: M. Ellison bers were hesitant to com-
ment on the closed-door dis-
cussions, and the association
College Republicans of SVSU hold first annual New Year’s formal reception declined to identify the mem-
ber being evaluated, but asso-
By Chelsea Marsh ciation speaker of the house
THE JOURNAL to the party. He believes that the and that they were “phenomenal Rebecca M. Griffin said that
members of the College Repub- workers from day one”. no changes had occurred.
licans are helping to ensure huge This led to the final student

Members are restricted
e will stand by their side, when- victories for the members of speaker, Bob Anderson. Mr. from disclosing specific in-
the Party at the local, state, and Anderson spoke of the organiza- formation dicussed dur-
ever and wherever they need us,”
national levels. tion’s means of fund raising for ing closed-sessions per
says Ted Goodman, president Tara Robishaw, the organiza- the political candidates, and the the association’s by-laws.
of the College Republicans. Mr. tion’s vice President, was the hard work they put into it. The association usually
Goodman spoke during the group’s first annual next speaker. She noted the The most recent fund raiser goes into closed session each
importance of standing side-by- for the group is through the Of- fall when it appoints a group of
New Years Reception last month in the Alumni side with the candidates. Ms. fice of International Programs new members, however a ses-
Lounge. Robishaw also mentioned how (OIP) at SVSU. Sam Heiken, an sion specifically designed to
State Representatives Ken Horn, Jim Stamas, youth involvement can make all employee of OIP, mentioned that evaluate an individual mem-
and Tim Moore were in attendance to support the the difference in an election. Her Haiti needs our support, and they ber is rare, Ms. Griffin said.
young Republicans and their organization on cam- favorite activity to promote the are supporting Haiti through “It’s rare, it hasn’t hap-
pus. They each helped to make the event possible candidates is walking in parades. donations. Donations will benefit pened the entire time I’ve
by supporting the students. Brandon Sprague and Aaron the citizens of Haiti through the been in the association.”
The reception began with the guests, a mix- Baylis both spoke on behalf of the Red Cross. Before the closed-session,
ture of Republican political leaders and students, organization. Mr. Baylis men- Upon communicating with during a public portion of the
conversing. The students said they were excited tioned that many representatives the student speakers one-on-one, meeting, Ms. Griffin publicly
to have the opportunity to meet such leaders as have an interest in working with they all agreed that the major chided some fellow Members
Messrs. Horn, Stamas, and Moore. young students, such as the stu- improvement is in its increasing for not following the associa-
After everyone got acquainted, guests were dents at SVSU. He also referenced number of members. Phil Kraft, tion’s business casual dress
seated. Speeches were given in order of hierarchy that the College Republicans who is a former president of the code and for writing notes
in the organization. Mr. Goodman began speaking were called one of the hardest organization, stated how amazing and doing homework during
by giving thanks to the people who helped make working organizations in the it was that there are now over 30 the meeting. Mario Volante,
the reception possible, as well as the organiza- state. Tim Moore agreed that the members that attend meetings. organizational development
tion as a whole. He stressed the importance of the interns coming from the orga- The College Republicans say they director, apologized to the as-
Republican candidates, and his sincere dedication nization are very well prepared, are actively recruiting members. sociation during his report.

Student Assn. Representative SVSU Students Raise Over $5,700

Resigns, Citing Time Conflict For Haitian Earthquake Victims
Bion J. Thompson, a tance into the A collective fund rais- Haitian Government re- Student organizations had
newly-appointed repre- athletic train- “I am going to be running ing effort at SVSU, dubbed ports that between 217,000 a goal of $10,000, however Mr.
sentative in Student Asso- ing program,” into a lot of problems ... this “Dollars Make a Difference and 230,000 people had been Kanine told the association
ciation last fall, has resigned Mr. Thomp- semester because of my to Haiti”, has generated identified as dead, an estimat- that he would like to see the
his post. Mr. Thompson’s son wrote admittance into the athletic over $5,700 for the victims ed 300,000 injured, and an es- group’s members participate
resignation comes after he to Student of the Jan. 12 Haitian earth- timated 1,000,000 homeless. in Haitian relief fund rais-
training program.”
was admitted into an ath- Association quake, Student Association Donations came in the ers that other organizations
-Bion Thompson, Student Assn. Rep.
letic training program that Speaker of the president Ryan Kanine said form of a dollar added to pur- might be coordinating as well.
takes him off-campus dur- House Rebec- Monday evening during an chases at places such as the “I know a lot of other
ing the evenings, when the ca M. Griffin time. I have to attend Bridge- association meeting. The RFoC and the C-store, stu- organizations are rais-
association regularly meets. in a letter following a meeting port High School Athletics exact total was $5,745.61. dent volunteer tables around ing money and we should
“I am going to be running where Ms. Griffin says Mr. on nights and will not be The magnitude 7.0 campus, declining balance continue to support them
into a lot of problems with Thompson resigned in person. on campus. I need to set earthquake left the Hai- dollars on campus dining ac- throughout the year,” Mr. Ka-
meetings and such this se- “I have meetings for that up a time to meet with you tian countryside dev- counts, and direct donations nine said Monday evening.
mester because of my admit- and my clinicals are night and discuss what is best.” asted and crumbling. to SVSU’s cashier’s office.



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OPINION JOURNAL The Saginaw Valley Journal February 15, 2010

Teed for Landee ... Again Letters

To the Editor: To the Editor:

he pedagogical skills of Paul Teed are un- credentials in that category. While most professors I am currently enrolled at SVSU I read my first copy of your
parelleled. Merging the two major disciplines choose which of the two disciplines to follow, Profes- and was looking at your newspa- Journal yesterday, and found it
of holding a faculty position at the university sor Teed has mastered both disciplines with relative per, the issue on Monday, January excellent. It offers a different slant
level: research and teaching, is difficult. At ease, and that is apparent in both his research and in 25, 2010, and was curious why you on the news, so is a welcome relief
most of the elite higher education institutions, little his classrooms. don’t have any coverage on your to the usual viewpoint (Valley Van-
attention is paid to the latter. Government and Sociol- Appointed to SVSU in 1997, Professor Teed won the University’s sporting events. The guard, New York Times, CNN).
ogy Professor Theda Skocpol of Harvard University Landee Award after just three years, in 2000. Since only article I read was the one cov- The article about your difficulty
put it plainly when she said, “People at Harvard are then, his dedication and quality of teaching has not ering a 27-year-old former student in gaining recognition from our ad-
concerned when they hear that some of our under- waned. His excellence in teaching and dedication to that will be participating in a bowl- ministration disturbed me though.
graduates can go through four years here and not the students of Saginaw Valley in class, in lectures, ing tournament. Could you publish further details
know a faculty member well enough to get a letter and in his published books and articles is remarkable. If you could please e-mail me about this?
of recommendation.” Those institutions are on their Along with the Landee Award, Professor Teed has back with the reasoning behind Tyler Haynes, Ph.D.
way to implementing plans to be more like Saginaw also won the Faculty Recognition Award for Scholar- the fact a State University does Professor of Mathematics,
Valley, trying to place more emphasis on the quality of ship from the SVSU Faculty Association – the two not cover its own athletic sporting
teaching. Those plans seek to foster and award quality most prestigious awards at Saginaw Valley. He is one events, I would be very grateful. [Editor’s Response]
teaching on the same level as academic research. Uni- of the most decorated faculty members at SVSU – and Thank you. Thank you so much for your letter
versities are paying more attention to pedagogy than deservedly so. Professor Teed is the perfect candidate Jill Smith and for your kind words about The
ever, and Saginaw Valley has always displayed strong for the first repeat-winner of the Landee award. Student, Saginaw Valley Journal.
We will publish updates regarding

Bridge Card To Nowhere [Editor’s Response]

You raise a great point in regards
to our sports coverage. As a general
the ‘Friends of The Saginaw Valley
Journal’ issue as they become avail-
There are students who legitimately struggle to students are not “struggling” citizens, simply because policy, The Saginaw Valley Journal SVSU allows student groups to
provide for children and spouses while they pursue there can be no struggle where there is no effort. does not provide game recaps, that is, organize on campus, and provides
their dreams for a better life for their families. In such It is unfair and irresponsible to take taxpayers’ articles detailing the score or result clear language when a group tries
cases, the public should help these people improve money long before I’d reached my own limits. As a of an athletic match. We do, however, to do so that states that the group is
their lives. responsible citizen, the last thing I’d do is obtain an report on athletics when something separate from the university, however
However, there are also students who turn down EBT card and spend the public’s money on my food, happens that is considered by our afterward, the university still tries to
the opportunity to work as many as 30 hours or more so that I could have more free cash to sit and drink on staff to be ‘newsworthy’. Examples exert control over the group. In our
at their places of employment, and sign up for EBT Hamilton Street. would include a national champion- opinion, the university cannot have
cards in order to pay for the food they could have The State of Michigan should seriously consider ship, a coach being hired, etc. it both ways: either it oversees the
bought with money earned on the job- money they revising its rules of eligibility so that able-bodied, This policy goes back to a passage groups (and accepts the responsibili-
might have had, in either case, were they not driving single, child-less students would be virtually ineligible in our Founding Editorial that reads: ties thereof ), or the groups are inde-
to Detroit every weekend. for EBT cards. Their unethical use of the Michigan “We will report on sports sparingly — pendent and free.
While this practice isn’t illegal, the EBT program EBT program unnecessarily stresses the state’s financ- no game recaps — we’re about news.”
was never meant to subsidize a citizen’s good time. es and disregards the program’s actual intent. There We know that many readers, par-
Make no mistake: on paper, the public is helping are those who struggle, for whom the public’s help ticularly students, have an interests
college students buy food, but indirectly, the public is is necessary, and then there are those who hold EBT in more sports news, and we think To submit a letter in response to an
enabling lazy students. These EBT cardholders could cards because they’re unwilling to sacrifice anything there are other campus media outlets article for publication in the news-
be earning their own money for these things, but they at all, let alone their good time. that can provide that kind of cover- paper, you may send an e-mail mes-
choose not to do so. It’s time to draw the line between the needy and age. Adding a sports page, however, is sage to letters@saginawvalleyjour-
Michigan’s EBT program was originally designed the greedy, to refocus Michigan’s efforts more accu- one of the things we are working on We regret that, owing to the
to prevent destitution. It should never have been uti- rately upon those who actually need a helping hand. for the future. volume of correspondence, we cannot
lized by students hoping to avoid employment. These reply personally to every letter.

1 out of 3 college students experienced the

illness or loss of a family member or close
friend in the last year. Talk about loss and help
your friends in need by starting a National
Students of AMF Support Network Chapter
at your school.