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July 27 th , 2015

The Smoking Gun

What has been found so far are 3 totally proven false instruments

His long form

arranged for by his accomplices that may be the governor of Hawaii who started the

ball rolling with his second choice for the dept. of health

be deceased as the result of a plane crash. Fuddy may have been the Iynchpin as the agent who passed the plot along to the forger and arrangements were made.

his short form

and the forgery created by his forger to throw Corsi off the track

Loretta Fuddy

now said to

The seal of the state of Hawaii is impressed on the forgers own forgery of her BC later created just for Jerry Corsi to throw him off his theory that the certificate number on

Obama's BC was not in sequence

without mentioning anything about the number

so the forger made her number off sequence also

thinking he would discover for himself

and then conclude that the birth certificate numbers are not actually stamped within

days of the birth. I eventually got a high resolution scan of that document that now resides with the Arizona Sheriff Arpaio. It was scanned by Doug Vogt in Arizona and

he observed that it was actually printed to security paper and had a Hawaii state seal

impressed on it that he could feel

and see.

She convicted herself of forgery because her BC is distorted only in width

like Obama's


imaged to the correct size Obama's BC are distorted

two such distorted BC's I have seen so far and that is Obama's and hers. The forgers


agree with Obama's BC because an extra row of hash marks were added to the right.


tying them together by both being 160 mm wide across the form


but distorted because the form portion of all BC's from Hawaii

are exactly 133 mm high and 163 mm wide. Her BC and being the right height but the wrong width. There are only

but it does not

being printed on the security paper has the correct background

What apparently happened was that she acquired the material she needed for the

forgery by "someone" taking the binder from the Honolulu dept. of health for the

Obama alleged birth period Using her flatbed scanner

have no doubt that they wanted that book back on the shelf before it was discovered as missing.

and brought it to her to make quick copies on her copier.

if she had one

would have taken too long because I

But fortune smiled on us that day because the copy machine

had a problem. The feed rollers were slipping so everything copied was shortened in

width only

copied that day

probably puzzled when her forgery was not the full 8.5” wide

because all the birth certificates are copied on this special green dyed through paper with the basket weave pattern that is exactly 8.5" x 11". I believe she also got a sheet of this paper to use and it was distorted like the rest.

an 11" x 17" copier

while the height was OK. This resulted in all of the backgrounds she had

being short in width. She was totally unaware of this

and she was

which it had to be

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Again fortune smiled on us because of her decision to simply add another row of hash

marks to the right side. That was a big mistake because of the way the paper is cut by

the printer. The printing is gang-printed on a roll-fed press

the correct size sheets. The cutting is done with the right side used as the control

where exactly it is cut is always

patterns. Any slight inaccuracies are due to imperfect stacking. Then this green paper is always put in the copier so that the right side looks like the examples attached. The

printing company actually dyes the paper with the pattern clear through to the back.

The back side is the dull side and not printed to

the paper supply tray so that the result always has the control cut on the right side of

the birth certificate. What we see on the Guthrie picture is not 2 vertical basket weaves close to the edge like it's supposed to be. Also we count an extra row beyond what is actually on the security paper. But someone probably noticed that the right side was

then must be cut down to

just to the right of two vertical basket weave

so the paper must be also placed in

not correct

so they trimmed the PDF release a quarter inch all around to hide that


But again fortune smiled on us for the third time because someone at the White House decided that since the state of Hawaii seal was not actually seen on the document

they would ask Savanna Guthrie

photograph one of the two forgeries Judy Corley brought from Hawaii and I believe

they asked her to state that she "just happened" to feel the seal. Within a few weeks

she had her own show on NBC

owns NBC. He was an Obama advisor. I doubt if she actually felt a seal. But her pic told the real truth and that evidence slipped through the cracks. She may be convicted as an accessory to treason. A subpoena was made to require her to testify in Brooklyn but never was sent because the judge dismissed the trial. Close examination of the right side that is only seen on the Guthrie pic reveals the impossible extra art along the right side of Obama's BC.

a White House reporter at the time


most likely arranged for her by the CEO of GE who

The Obots can twist and squirm all they want this time

excuse for the additional row of hash mark art on the right side of Obama's birth

certificate. Extra art added for Obama

Obama and his forgers BC's

computer manipulated

seen on Obama's BC. Neither can they find an excuse for the fact that both Obama's and the forger’s own forgery are tied together because of too many coincidences. See

the images with some of the noted “coincidences” pointed out.

but they cannot find an

only on the

plus the width shrinkage

makes it pretty obvious that the document was

since no such hash mark background exists

except as

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Coincidence # 1: being that only these two documents show the form portions as being 160 mm wide.

Coincidence # 2: being that both documents appear to be pasted up as opposed to typed.

Coincidence # 3: being those randomly placed words just happen to be pasted up


have typed words. She is exposed for using the same paste up style.

within one character

in exactly the same position in 11 of the boxes that

Coincidence # 4: is that the rollers did not slip evenly of course

feeding the top portion slipping more than the rollers feeding the bottom section

resulting in a slight tilt of the vertical rule that is found at the left of both certificates.

They are both tilted

with the rollers

and the tilts match exactly.

Coincidence # 5: is that she is the same person who send an e-mail to Orly

and myself in 2011

Hawaii. Orly met her at the airport and decided she was just trying to spy on us. At that

time we had no idea that she was a Macintosh user at her job with a copier there for customers. This is five unlikely coincidences. In a sane court that would be conviction assured.


offering to drive the three of us around Honolulu when we got to

In addition the seal on the forgers’ own BC is perfectly round, while the document the seal was impressed on is shrunk in width. That means we can say that the Honolulu dept. of health probably impressed a state seal onto a forged document that they knew

they did not create

Although she gave an alleged original to Jerry Corsi

and appeared to be in no binder at the time it was copied.

the entire area outside the form

portion was cut off

showing she was probably attempting to hide the fact that her right


showing the hash marks

was different from the forgery she made for


Why else would she take her one and only original birth certificate

her by the Hawaiian Dept. of Health

Jerry Corsi? If she wanted to impress Corsi that it was real

alone. Then a message was passed on to us from a well known Obot no less she wanted it back.

allegedly given to

and cut all the outside off before handing it to

she should have left it


I came back from overseas to testify at the trial of Barack Obama's birth certificate ordered by the Brooklyn (Kings County) elections commissioner judge David Schmidt.

After I got back to the US

he need one? The controlled media never covered the fact that a grand jury trial for the president of the United States was ordered anyway. Then he got fired. This was one of the most honest judges in Brooklyn and believed my evidence.

the judge dismissed the case without reason. Why would

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The first hearing on this was in Sept. and I attended to hand over a set of 13

12" x

18" spiral bound pages. Obama's lawyers did not show up. The judge rescheduled the

hearing for a month later and said I did not need to attend

While I was there the 2nd hearing resulted in the judge ordering a grand jury trial

because they had no defense for my evidence. All old evidence attached.

so I left for overseas.

not what is

What is attached you may feel free to circulate. Only an angry public could help now.

We see that when push comes to shove

completely. Add that to the media control and we have no democracy at all. And the

forgers’ life is not worth a "Fuddy" now that she is outed

her testimony

to avoid accessory to treason charges.” That's why I do not reveal her name. Let others do that. Many know who she is.

our government controls our courts

because you can imagine

"I forged Obama's birth certificate and was forced to confess in order

Doug Vogt discovered that Loretta Fuddy

$50,000 in extra income for the year

certificate. Doug had reported that fact in a sealed affidavit to the Federal judge of the

8th circuit court. She was then vulnerable to a grand jury inquest within two weeks.

as a public employee had to report at least when she officiated the Obama birth

and was dead


My advice to the forger is to ask for witness protection. Sheriff Arpaio now has her

forged birth certificate and apparently has no intention to release it as Mike Zullo

interviewed her and claims they are sure she is not the forger

that her birth certificate itself is a forgery. Confusing postures coming from Arizona?

but they are also sure

Paul Edward Irey

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For The Prior Evidence That Key Obama Identity Documents Including His Long Form Birth Certificate Are Forgeries See This Link:

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