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Carol Wells

3741 Rose Dr
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Phone: 714-980-0699

I work well with both parents and teachers. i am good at following directions, but also being
able to step in where I see the need without being told to do so. I have lots of patience in
dealing with young children, their parents and teachers. I have taken a Child Discipline
Class and know the importance of being consistant in word and deed. I have taken many
Early Childhood Education classes to help with understanding the preschool child. I have
developed two portfolios of lesson plans most for preschool ages 3 to 5 yrs, a few for infants
and toddlers. I have a Letters of Recommendation from two of the teachers I have worked
with, or for. I have my Associate Teacher Certificate. I have done a Live Scan for DOJ,FBI
and the Child Molestation site.


I recently went back to college. I work for and recieved my Associate Teacher Certificate. I
worked with a mentor teacher in the Stockton School district in Northern California in 2009
school year. Her name is Linda De Lacy . She is the main teacher in the preschool class at
Hazelton preschool. That is where I had practical experience in actual classroom work. I
developed the lessons, planned them, set it up and then taught the lesson. Mrs. De Lacy
was there if i needed help. I also have assisted teachers at the San Jaoquin Delta College
on site preschool. It is where we did all our lessons and teaching of classes for our first


August 2008 San Joaquin Delta College San Joaquin, CA

to Student
I was in college at Delta college for Early Childhood Education Classes from Aug 2008 until
Dec 2009. I recieved my Associate Teacher's Certificate in May 2009


San Joaquin Delta College Stockton, CA
Associate Teacher Early Childhood Education GPA: 3.5
I took the following classes to get my Certificate.
Fall 2008: C-DEV # 21 Child and Adolescent Development / Grade B
C-DEV # 26 Child, Family ,& Community / Grade B
Spring 2009: C-DEV # 31A Early Childhood Education Theory / Grade A
C-DEV # 32A Early Childhood Education Practicum / Grade A
C- DEV # 32B Early Childhood Education Practicum / Grade A
SL 001 Elementary American Sign Language / Grade C
Fall 20009: C-DEV # 25 Studying / Observing Children / Grade A
C-DEV # 30 Early Childhood Education Language Arts / Grade A
C-DEV # 63 Child Discipline / Grade A
Photography 001 Intro to Photography / Grade A
All units can be transfered to AA degree

I like to write children's storybooks. I enjoy writing poetry. I love reading mysteries.

Letter of Recommendation from Suzanne Coleman: Child Development / Early Education
Faculty. San Joaquin Delta College
Letter of Recommendation from mentor teacher Linda De Lacy: Preschool teacher for
Hazelton Preschool in Stockton Cal.