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Union Temple of Brooklyn

17 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11238

(718) 638-7600 Fax (718) 783-9151

Saturday or Sunday Ballroom Rental Information

Rental fee is $2,000.00 for up to 100 persons for events ending by midnight; $2500 for up to 100
persons for events ending thereafter but in any case must end and space completely vacated by 2AM.
$10.00 additional for each guest over 100 guests, payable prior to the event.

The Ballroom capacity is 250 guests.

A $800 down payment of the total cost is required upon signing of the contract and to
hold the date, the balance coming due 1 month prior to the function.
All payment must be money orders or bank checks or *online.
*Payment via Credit Card can be done online you MUST add 3% to all online
payments: In the box "Designate your donation
to a specific program or fund" enter the date of your event.

A security deposit of $500.00 is required with the balance of payment; security deposit will be
mailed back approximately two weeks after the function if there is no breakage, damage, etc. There
will be an additional charge of $300 per hour for each hour or part thereof if the premises are not
vacated by 12AM or 2 AM respectively.
There will also be an additional charge, payable in full prior to the event, of $10 per guest for each
guest over 100 guests that attends the event. The patron shall notify the Temple at least 72 hours
before commencement of the event of any increase in the number of guests. Should more guests
attend than were paid, an additional $10 will be charged therefore payable during the event.
The contract is for u p t o e i t h e r 9 o r 11 Hours, 3:00 PM Saturday and Sunday Evening

Affairs must vacate by 2:00 AM in compliance with a neighborhood ordinance.

The Ballroom is available on Saturday and Sunday after 3:00 PM.

Functions must start by 5:00 PM and the premises vacated by the time indicated on contract
(either 12:00 AM or 2 AM.)

No music after 11 PM for functions ending 12AM. No

Music After 1AM Under Any Circumstances!

The patron must use the Temple's sound control system and no more than 1 subwoofer
may be used.
Patrons make their own catering, flower (and any other decorations), beverage and music
The caterer, florist and musicians chosen by the patron will not have access to the facilities before
the time designated in the contract.
Complete kitchen facilities are available.

No coat check facilities are available.

No Friday dates are available.

No religious services are to take place in the Ballroom.

No entrance fees are permitted to be charged to any function.

No cash bar.

Patrons may not use the stage!

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have about our facilities.