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"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."


Global Missionary Ministries exists to proclaim and disseminate Christ s unchanging message of salvation
to the peoples of post-communist Central and Eastem Europe. Working in partnership with local national
believers, we strive to help and encourage in the building of strong self-supporting congregations, which
adhere to the teachings of the Bible and effectivelypropagate themselves among both the younger and
older sectors of today s changing world.
As we embark on a new year and a new century, it is
good for all of us to consider what we are living and work
ing for. We of GMM recently dis

guage, culture and ethnic background to minister to this

area of the world, and we want to be faithful in this.

cussed this issue with our Board of

Directors and were challenged to

Our Purpose

reconfirm a Mission Statement for

To present the unchanging message

Writing to the Philippian believ

ers, the Apostle Paul expresses his
joy for their partnership in the
Gospel from the first day until now.

GMM. The result is given above. We

of Christ to a changing worid
Paul understood that the work of the
would like to briefly comment on
Gospel must be done In partner
points mentioned in the statement.
ship with believers in their particu
The Good News or Gospel of Jesus Christ was
lar localities. He depended on them to do their part,
never meant to be changed. We find this stated in
although he was prepared to assist them in any way he
Scripture in many ways. For example, the Apostle Paul
could and pray for them on a regular basis. We labour in
encouraged believers to contend for the faith that was
partnership with local believers and encourage them to
once for all entrusted to the saints. Also, in the Book of
build vibrant churches for God's glory. We, the mission
Revelation we are told of a flying angel who had the
aries, cannot do the work of the Gospel alone and GMM
eternal Gospel to proclaim to those who live on the
works in cooperative endeavours with local believers to
earthta every nation, tribe, language and people.
build up existing churches and establish new ones.
Notice that Christ's Good News (called here the faith )
GMM supports such efforts but only with the goal that
was once for all entrusted to saints, which means that
these congregations, in due course, will become selfit was given as an unchanging
supporting and self-propagating,
message for all generations to
therefore, not dependent on
Our Motto
come. Also, when we read of the
funds coming from outside. We
eternal Gospel this clearly
believe this is for the greater
Yesterday, today and forever - Jesus is the same
implies that its message is totie
health of local national believers
proclaimed throughout all gen
and their congregations.
erations and will be appreciated even in eternity.
These churches must also preach the eternal truths
Everything GMM does, therefore, itdoes to proclaim and
of God's Word, not wavering in their adherence to
spread the Bible's unchanging message of salvation
Biblical doctrines and teaching. While the message
through faith and obedience to Jesus Christ.
remains the same, methods of presentation can be
Notice also the words quoted from the Book of
detemnined by the society in which the national believers
Revelation that the eternal Gospel is to be preached and
live. Included in this is our commitment to assisting those
spread throughout every nation, tribe, language and
who work with youth through local churches, camps or
people. This simply means that the Good News of the
other contemporary means. At the same time we do not
Bible has not and never was meant to be limited to one
want to overlook the older sector of society.
particular people group. As Paul states. There is neither
We thank you, all of our friends and supporters, for
Jew nor Greek... for you are allone in Christ Jesus (Gal.
partnering with us and with other faithful believers of
3:28). Thus, we must also
Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and
preach to the many peoples of
Poland with whom we are work
post-communist Central


Eastem Europe. God has called

and equipped us in terms of lanVOLUME 24, NO. 1

Our Method

Woridng through national Christians makes sense!

ing. Because of Gods faithful

ness and your help the Lord is
building His Kingdom there.

Memorial Fund Activities

months followed by a few months apart she in the

Orient sharing the Gospel and me on elective time. On
her return our relationship stepped up a notch and cli
maxed in a whirlwind day of kayaking in the Thousand
Islands, a horse-and-carriage ride, dinner at the General
Wolfe Hotel, a sunset, a question, a ring and answer:

We are to be married on June 1st (George Bajenski

will be conducting the wedding). The Lord will be before
us and we are both preparing to serve Him wherever He
would call us Africa? Eastern Europe? The Middle
East? South America? The Orient? First, we must finish
In this issue of The Crier we would like to share with

you, friends of GMM, an update on the lives of a few stu

dents whom we were able to help in recent years through
the Benjamin Bajenski Memorial Fund (BBMF).
It is a joy for us to know that nothing that we entrust

our respective training about three years of residency

for me, Lord willing, in Family Practice and one more year
for Amy in Nursing. It is a long haul, but wherever you are,
you can always serve the Lord. God s blessing on you.
Jeff Ponke

into God s hand is wasted. Since one life that could have

been effectively used by the Master has fallen, God is

turning this seeming defeat into a series of His victories.
Through the lives of these and other students that were
blessed by your love and giving to the BBMF, the Gospel
of our Lord Jesus Christ is being heard. PTL! Thank you,
friends, and please continue to remember this ongoing
ministry in days ahead.

John, Amanda and Rebekah Barczuk

Jeff Ponke and Amy Johnston

Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies Eleven

years ago this seed was Benjamin Bajenski. Through the
mighty working of God for good in this tragedy a miracle

After ten years, by God s grace, I am once again in

Lincoln Christian College. This time. Lord witling, I plan
on finishing my studies. Because I don t like to do things
half-heartedly, I left my career as a research and devel
opment chemist and returned to LCC to study music min
istry with an emphasis on piano and composition. After I
finish my studies, I will work full-time in Christian ministry.
Ten years ago I was alone in Lincoln. This time my wife,
Amanda, and my daughter, Rebekah, make us a family of
three, so we ask for your prayers threefold.
John and Amanda Barczuk

occurred in the life of Jeff Ponke. At the funeral I saw the

peace that passes all understanding and realized the

hope we have, the only hope we have in the One more
powerful than the grave. After reading the Bible and hear
ing God s quiet call, I stepped forward and was baptized
on May 26, 1991. From then on the Lord has led me on
one adventure after another. Now with the immensity of
the Gospel impressed on my heart and the Lord s immi
nent return, I find myself on the homestretch of my fouryear medical degree. God has not only blessed my com
ing and going, He has also given me the ability to do well
in medical school and, most of all, has brought about one

of those happy coincidences when He allowed my path

to intersect with Amy Johnston s.

Amy is a 3rd year nursing student and we met at the

Dariusz Brycko with Vera Bajenski

Christian Medical and Dental Society meetings over a

year ago. I was attracted to her pretty face, brilliant eyes

and red hair, as well as her godly heart and love for the
Lord. She is a treasure beyond words. We dated a few

Hi! My name is Dariusz Brycko. i was born and raised

in Warsaw, Poland.

Currently I am studying Church History at Gordon-

Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. I am

very thankful to God for His grace and the opportunity of
studying in this world-renowned seminary. I decided to
study church history (emphasis in historical theology)
because I feel a great passion for discovering how God s
Word was interpreted throughout history. Learning from
the victories and failures of our Christian forefathers

helps me to see the direction in which Evangelicals

should be developing. Someone said that when we forget
our history, we are bound to repeat its mistakes.
One could ask, but what are you going to do with a
degree in Church History? Well, I am not exactly sure
what I will be doing, but I know that I would like to teach
either in a seminary, Bible school or university. Also, I see
my future plans closely related with Radio Mazury and
the work of the Christian Mutual Help Foundation in

Thank you for all your prayers that will help me to go

through my studies. God bless you.
Dariusz Brycko

Luke and Marisa Bajenski

2000 was a year of numerous challenging transitions

for Marisa and me. We both transitioned from single to
married life, from student jobs to ministry positions, from
undergraduate schools to graduate studies, and lastly
but not less significantly, from dorm life to our first apart
ment. Virtually every facet of our life together is different
than it was a year ago, with the important exception of
one ministry in Poland remains the sole focus of our
desires, plans, and efforts.
While eagerly awaiting graduation and the move to
Poland, we pray for strength and wisdom to use our short
time here effectively. Looking back at the many miracu
lous ways in which God s grace has carried us through
the challenges of the past year, we know we can trust
that at the beginning of every day in 2001, a fresh supply
of God s amazing grace will be there also, to give us
strength and wisdom necessary to bear witness to His
glory. May this be true of all of us this year.
Luke and Marisa Bajenski

Adam Szumorek

When bad things happen to people, they usually ask,

why? When 1 look at my life and the amount of bless
ings that I have received from God, I also cannot help but
ask why? God saved me when I was ten years old. He
also gave me an opportunity to study at the Warsaw
Theological Seminary. Next, he opened for me the door
for ministry in my home church in Olsztyn, Poland, where
I served as an assistant pastor.
Then He provided me with another opportunity to
continue my theological education for one year in
Canada. Right now I am doing work for an MA Degree in
the area of preaching at Lincoln Christian Seminary in
Lincoln, Illinois. God also gave me purpose for living
since my desire is to go back to Poland and become a
preacher of the Word of God and a teacher of homiletics.
My ultimate goal is to help others to get ready to ful
fill the privileged task of proclaiming the Word of God
faithfully and effectively.
As I reflect on all these things, which have happened
in my life, I ask myself, why? I am aware of the fact that
all of this did not happen because of me, since there is
nothing in me that could impress God. Everything, how

Ruben Karel

Thanks to God, GMM and friends in USA and

Canada. I was able to finish my second semester at

Johnson Bible College. The next semester is approach

ing very quickly. I hope, with God s help and His blessing,
I will be able to accomplish what I have started. This past
year was an extraordinary experience for me. Many
things in my life have changed, for example, friends,
country and language, but I know that all this was given
to me by God. The fact that I am at JBC is evidence of
the Lord s blessings in my life.
I know that God wants to use me. When we are talk

ever, is the gift of His amazing grace. He is the One who

ing about the future I m certain that I want to serve God

opens doors, gives ideas, dreams and skills, which are

necessary to fulfill His plans.

in all ways that 1 can.

Now in college I am receiving good Christian training
and I want to further develop my skills and abilities to

Adam Szumorek

become even a better witness for the Lord before others.

I chose the Multimedia Program because it is the

closest program to my interests. My desire is to finish this
school year as a strong Christian and be ready to work in
His field. As one person stated: The Gospel is one, but
the ways of sharing the Gospel are many. I want to focus
my ministry on art and use it as a tool to bring people to
Christ. I am open and waiting for God to show me where
I can accomplish this.
This is how I see my future in the next few years. I m
grateful to everyone who has helped me study here. May
God bless you.
Ruben Karel

Dear friends, these are just a few students, God s

chosen treasures, whom He entrusts for our prayer con
sideration. Let us pray that the Lord will help them in their
studies and then continue to guide them as they enter the
work into which He will guide them.
We will be happy to provide you with the addresses
or any information about anyone of them that will prove
helpful to you and, hopefully, to them. Should any of you
feel led by the Lord to contribute to their education, then
you can send such assistance to GMM through the
Benjamin Bajenski Memorial Fund.
Please designate your contribution for this purpose,
using our Canadian address given in the box at the bot
tom of this page. Your assistance will be used to encour
age these young people in their studies.


In memory of/Given by
John Zidkovich, Michael Zldkovlch

Samuel &Anna Ficych

John Huk, Jr.
Ruth Huk
Mr. & Mrs. J. Forsiuk

Lidka Lesnik on far right

Olga Forsiuk

My name is Lidka Lesnik and I come from Poland,

from a small city called Ciechanow. I have been in
Calgary, Canada for the last year and a half. I go to
Alberta Bible College in Calgary. This year I am getting
my Diploma in Christian Ministries. I want to prepare
myself for Christian ministry. I learn a lot and I enjoy
learning about God {even if sometimes I feel like I do
know Him so little). I can see how He guides me through
my life every day. I believe that God has sent me here for
a reason and He has a plan for me. I just hope that soon
He will reveal it to me. I believe that God is calling me to
work with youth. This semester I am going to start work
ing together with one Christian organization that works
with homeless young people. God especially touches my

Alice Humeny

Fred PosnikofF
Tom Shawlinski
Edward Shawlinski
Paul F. Nourse

Gary & Nancy Vessell

Nick & Nellie Yacknowec
John & Helen Martin
Katie Wandlch

Ron & Judy Nayduk

Olga Emter
Elsie Hollister
Edwin & Marion Zimmerman

heart in this area.

I would like to work with youth in the church as well.

I am not sure what God s plan will be for me just yet or
where I will serve. I just know that He has given me so
much, therefore, with my whole heart I want to serve Him,

Benjamin Bajenski
Irene Neville

Sherry & Lacy Hall

Ruth Huk

follow Him and share Him with others.

Janice & Larry Snyder

Mary & Stephen Leshkewich

I pray that people, especially the younger generation,

not only here in Canada, but also in Poland and other
countries will open their hearts and will know our God as
He truly is, with all power and might, with the love and the

Elaine Larrison

Mary Sanders
Paul & Janet Kaseman

Sarah & Joseph Redlich

hope that so many people are seeking.

Gordon & Rebecca Souder

Lidka Lesnik

GMM Missionari^sTGeorge &Vera BaieoskiT^Steorge Repetski

Global Missionary Ministries 4141 Dixie Road, Box 20 Misslssauga, Ontario, Canada
Tel. (905) 564-3578 Fax. (905) 564-6732

Box 104 Geneva, Ohio 44041

Published 6 times a year

Address Correction Requested

Printed in Canada

L4W 1V5

"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."

When my wife, Autumn, asked, "How did it go?" I responded, "I am constantly amazed at the
reach of that handful of people."
George and Vera Bajenski, George Repetski.
From Toronto, Canada, to Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania and beyond. God uses the
workers of Global Missionary Ministries to strengthen His work in many, many places.

Our recent Board Meeting in Toronto illustrates this well. During the 1970's Autumn and I served
as missionaries with Toronto Christian Mission. Part of the mission returned to the US and became

TCM International; part remained in Toronto and became Global Missionary Ministries (GMM). When
Autumn and I returned to the United States, I continued to serve on the Board of Directors for GMM.
I've just come from our most recent Annual Meeting.

Dmitry ("Dima") and Lena Lazuta were there from Belarus, formeriy part of the USSR. DIma is
Senior Minister of the Good News Church In Minsk. Kazik and Dorota Barczuk had come from

Poland, where Kazik is Director of the Christian Service Camp In Ostroda. Kazik, an elder in the
Pulawska Street Christian Fellowship Church in Warsaw, leads in the Messianic Jewish Outreach.
Colette Laden and Jay Bowyer from Calgary presented their work. They lead In a growing min
istry in Ciechanow, Poland. Many Polish people want to learn English; Colette and Jay use the Bible
as the basis for their Instruction. Peter Bowyer, Jay's brother, had come from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
He Is Forwarding Agent for the two "Polish Chicks," as they call themselves, though the formal name
is "Project Poland."
Our meeting was held in Toronto and several members of our Board were there from the Metro
area; others came from across the United States. David McFadden, Christian Counselor from the

Chicago area in Illinois, Harold Smith and Les White from Painesville, Ohio, area where

Les ministers with First Christian Church and Harold manages a Christian Bookstore.
Norm Dudzik came from the Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach, California,



and I was there from Cincinnati. Others were present from various points in the United
States and Canada. Were I able to remember everyone present, I would be listing 2530 names. I've said nothing about the reports of work done, broadcasts aired, printed materials provided, sermons and lessons taught; told of God's financial provision;
or said anything of plans made for future help to local workers in Central and

Perhaps I've said enough, however, to enable you to grasp a bit of the influ-

ence of this small unit of God's great work. These workers are worthy of your
prayers and your continued financial support.
We are thankful for your partnership.
Assistant to the Academic Dean

Cincinnati (Ohio) Bible College

VOLUME 24, NO. 2




Internet. We are hoping to print one issue on

paper-made up of the first two-sometime in the
near future. This is what we're praying for.

Question: In September you began having two

Sunday sen/ices, the second being a repeat of
the first. Why did you do this?
DIma: Our problem is that our church building is
very small, not enough room for all to be pre
sent at the same time. Our seating capacity is
only 150. For us to grow we had to make the
decision to conduct two services-the first at

10:00 AM, the second at 12:30 PM. Actually,

this is something completely new for our
churches. As far as I know, we're the first one to
Dima Lazuta leads Good News Church in prayer

Question: Dima, tell us where you live and

what you do?
Dima: I live in Minsk, in Belarus, and at the pre
sent time I'm the senior minister of the Good

News Church there. Also, I teach in three

Christian institutions in Minsk. This is my main
work right now.
Question: What is your church doing these
Dima: Recently we began a church service in
the Belarusian language. In Belarus all under
stand Russian, of course, but there's a percent

age of our people who consider Russian to be

the language of imperialists. Such will never
come to a Russian-language church service.
We began a Belarusian-language sen/ice for
these people, which takes place at 3:00 pm
every Sunday. We believe that this will eventu
ally become a Belarusian-language congrega

We also support a ministry among college

students. We began it about 8 years ago. At one
time I was the general secretary of this organi
zation. Right now our church is the main driving
force for this outreach ministry. We conduct
special conferences for students once or twice
a year. Once a month we rent a hall to conduct
a special outreach to them. For example, just
two weeks ago we had such a meeting. About
300 came and we spoke to them about Christ.
Besides this, we recently launched two
issues of our magazine on a website, on the

do this. And we're happy about this decision.

Our first service is filled to capacity, while about
50 to 60 are coming to the second one. As a
result of this, we've seen immediate growth in
our church20 to 25 percent.
We also have an outreach to teenagers and
children. We began this work because condi
tions for social life in our country are rather sad.
It's quite common for teenagers to get into the
drug scene. Because of this we started a drama
group made up of around 30 teenagers. During
Christmas they presented a play and 1,500
young people attended the drama presentation.
Most of them came from non-believing families.
We handed out gifts and chocolates. Soon we
will begin groups for the study of German and
English, and a sports interest group. We're tak
ing steps to develop a special ministry for chil
dren and teenagers. We understand this is a
very important outreach.
Question: In relation to your student outreach
program, in what way does your program here
differ from a typical church service?
Dima: Well, first, this isn't a traditional type of
service. There's a lot of music, that is, a lot of

contemporary music. We normally invite an

orchestra or band to come and participate.
Music during our regular services is quite a bit
more conservative. In our student outreach we

sometimes invite several groups to participate.

We have a musical concert for 45 minutes to an

hour, but in between songs we have testimonies

and the reading of Scripture. At the end there's
a sermon for about 15 to 20 minutes. It's amaz

ing, but these concerts are really popular.

Question: i would think you'd have a lot of

believers at these concerts. What about nonbeiievers?

Dime: I think more than a half Is made up of

non-believers. That's because we encourage
believers to bring their non-beiieving friends. I
remember a couple of months ago one fellow
brought six of his friends, anothertwo.
Question: What's their reaction like?

Dime: Quite positive! Many, after this, begin

attending our small group meetings and then
later are baptized. Of course, we don't force
them to repent. There are various points of view
on how to call people to faith in God and Jesus
Christ. Some think that you should only have

Lena Lazuta teaching at Good News Cfiurch

them raise their hands to indicate their desire to

follow Christ, or go up front, but we stress that

they should be baptized, because that's the final
moment that testifies of a person's change of
heart. Again, we don't force people to come to

this point in their lives. It has to be their person

again noticed a change in attitude towards us.

Our government that tends to be atheistic has
joined forces with the Orthodox Church and
again launched a new wave of propaganda
against us. Every day in the mass media we

al decision.

read and hear slanderous comments about us,

Question: Coming back to your magazine,

that we are a cult, that we sacrifice humans and

which I believe is called "Christian Culture,"

so on. "Be careful! Don't allow your children to

get mixed up with these people," they say. We
have to react to this constantly; we have to
develop our own mass media and spread infor

what are your goals for it?

Dlma: This really is the first magazine in
Belarus that attempts to analyze all that's hap
pening in our social and cultural life. This is
actually a magazine that seeks to look at these
issues from a conservative evangelical point of
view. One of our goals is to introduce our intelli
gentsia to our evangelical point of view on ques
tions of salvation, sin, social and civilian issues

of our society, political structures-although we

won't go too far in this direction-that is, we want
to bring out Biblical principles that can be
applied to political life, too. We'll speak about

Another thing we want to do is to nullify prej

udices about Evangelical Christians. For 70
years such strong propaganda was directed
against us. The authorities had it as their goal to
destroy our churches. That's because, if the Or
thodox Church was more loyal to the commu

nist regime, then Evangelical churches always

held to specific Christian principles. Our broth
ers and sisters suffered. The authorities tried to
disband our churches but couldn't crush us.

That pressure was lifted after the fall of commu


However, just in the past few years we've

mation about ourselves. This is what we're aim

ing to do.
Question: What other problems do you face in
your spiritual ministry?
Dlma: First of all, let's deal with not spiritual, but
practical problems. We're limited in space. All
churches are filled to capacity and it's very diffi
cult to rent space. According to the law, we can
rent space, but as soon as we receive permis
sion to rent some space, the government
phones the proprietor of the rental facility and
tells him not to allow us to rent space from him.
The government pulls the handles to force pro
prietors or scare them into not renting space for
our purposes. We've presented a request to
receive land for building a church and ask you
to pray with us that they would give us land to
build and expand.
We also face spiritual problems. For exam
ple, the Evangelical church in Belarus is rela
tively young. The oldest Evangelical church was
begun about 150 years ago. Our churches have
not had the lengthy experience that churches
have had in Canada and the USA. We have dif-

ficulty with the problem of commitment on the

part of newly converted people. About 15 per
cent of new converts leave us for one reason or

another. We need to begin a serious program of

discipleship and we're taking steps to do that.
Question: What plans do you have for the

Dima: Our main problem-one which, if not

resolved, will not allow us to grow-is to build
larger facilities. We submitted a request to
obtain new land for a building. Our hope and

Recently she wrote the following:

"One of the goals for our magazine is to
undo the false stereotypes and prejudices
against Protestantism in our society, to proclaim
true Christian values and bring people to God,
first of all, the intelligentsia."
GMM will continue to support Irina in this
very important work and we would ask you to
remember her in your prayers.

dream is to build facilities that will seat 800 to a

1000 people, a Sunday School area, perhaps a

In memory of/Given by

center where we could conduct conferences.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Forsiuk

We'd like to setup a kitchen and dining area

where we could feed needy people. This will
depend on our government's reaction to our
request. I would ask you to pray with us about

Tom Shawlinski


Edward Shawlinski

Olga Forsiuk
Fred Posnikoff

Alice Humeny

A. Nettie Forsiuk


Benjamin Bajenski

Brighton Chrisitian Church, Brighton. Ml

Eva Nourse

Patricia ing
Larry & Janice Snyder
Lacy & Sherry Haii, il
Irene Neviiie

George & Eiieen Chapman

Eiizabeth Mon-an
Charies and Joan Jean Snocker

Paul Nourse
Eva Nourse

Gary & Nancy Vessel!

Irina Vasilevskaya, editor of

"Christian Culture" Magazine

Kathy Wilson
George & Eiieen Chapman
Alice Humeny

In his interview Dima Lazuta mentions that

Good News Church has launched the publica

tion of "Christian Culture" magazine. Irina
Vasilevskya has been appointed as the maga
zine's editor. She is presently studying to
receive her doctorate in the area of philosophy.

Fred G. Posnikoff
Pauline Posnikoff

Mike Borlsenko

Mary Borisenko

GMM Missionaries: George & Vera Bajenski, George Repetski

Global Missionary Ministries
4141 Dixie Road, Box 20 Misslssauga, Ontario, Canada L4W 1V5
Tel. (905) 564-3578 Fax. (905) 564-6732
Box 104 Geneva, Ohio 44041 Address Correction Requested
Published 6 times a year
Printed in Canada

"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."


That God loves the




desires to see them

saved goes without

question. Out of Ur He


grandmother was an


orthodox Jew, the first

called Abram, "I will

make you a great


faith in Jesus as


is evident that our Lord

Today, Brother Barczuk is working among

the Jewish people in

Jesus sprang out of

Judah, one of the

Warsaw. Before World

War II there were 4.5

nation" (Gen. 12:1-3). It

in his family to come to

twelve tribes of Israel (Heb. 7:14). Jesus,

Himself a Jew, came to save His people
from their sins (Matt. 1:21).
The great apostle Paul was also a Jew
(Acts 21:39). The former persecutor of the
Church (made up, at first, entirely of Jews)
had a burning passion to see his country
men saved. "Brethren, my heart's desire
and prayer to God for Israel is that they may

million Jews in Poland. Today there are

only 20,000, most of whom live in Warsaw.
Kazik's ministry of love and outreach has
now spread to other East European coun
tries, once the killing fields of Adolf Hitler.
This outstanding ministry includes the

be saved" (Rom. 10:1).

Though he was commissioned to be the
apostle to the Gentiles, Paul could never
forget the Jewish people. He declared that
the Gospel of Christ would be preached to
the Jew first (Rom. 1:16). He knew full well
that God was not through with the Jew;
Indeed, that some day all Israel would be
saved (Rom. 11:1-36) when they turned to

some of them have come to believe that

Christ and the veil would be lifted (2 Cor.

It thrills my heart to know that Brother
Kazik Barczuk of Warsaw, Poland, has this
same love for the Jewish people of his
VOLUME 24, NO. 3

1) Weekly Shabbat meetings for

Warsaw Jews. Up to 80 people attend and
Yeshua (Jesus) is their true Messiah and
have obeyed in Christian baptism!

2) Humanitarian services to needy

Jewish people who are called "Children of

the Holocaust." The survivors are elderly

people now. Soup kitchens are set up for
them not only in Poland, but also in
Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

3) Camps (a different and more blessed

kind than the horrible concentration camps
I have visited in my four trips to Poland!) are
set up for Jewish children and adults from
Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

The movie, "Schindler's List" ends with


Oskar Schindler crying, "I could have done



All of us could. And should! I urge you

to join me in supporting this amazing min
istry of Christian compassion to a people
whom God loves with an everlasting love.
Victor Knowles
Peace on Earth Ministries

About five years ago I started an out

reach ministry to the Jewish people (of
which I am a part) that live in Poland,

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Throughout

this period that I have been working with
Jewish people, we have been trying to help
poor Jewish families of these countries,
both in spiritual and material ways, as
opportunity lends itself to us.
God has blessed our humble effort in a

very real way. Many precious souls accept


Kazik Barczuk, Victor Knowles, George Bajenski

POEM office, Jopiin, MO

Over the last twenty years Kazik

Barczuk has been closely affiliated with the
work of Global Missionary Ministries. He
has served on the pastoral staff
Christian Fellowship Church in Warsaw. He
also pastored the church in Katowice. He
presently is the director of our Youth Camp






Messianic congregations have been estab

lished. We helped numerous poor and
elderly Jewish people in their daily struggle
for survival. We were happy to be able to
assist some of them in their process of
immigration to Israel.
But during the summer of 1999 we
experienced something unusual; some
thing beautiful took place. It can be consid
ered a miracle. Actually for me it was con

firmation that God is blessing this ministry

to which He has called me and in which I'm

engaged today.

in Ostroda. Kazik still serves on the elders'

board of Christian Fellowship Church.

Several years ago we invited Kazik to visit
churches and Messianic congregations in
the USA. This was the beginning of Kazik's
Ministry in Poland. Earlier this year he was
our guest during GMM's Annual Board of
Directors' meeting, after which we visited
again a few churches and Messianic con
gregations in Canada and in the United
States, including Jopiin, MO. Here we met
with brother Victor Knowles.

The following is Kazik's testimony,

which he shared while he was with us.

Kazik Barczuk at a church in the USA,

which conducts a Messianic outreach

My coworker and I were pleasantly sur

prised by one Polish Catholic individual
whose family during the wartime saved






approached us with a proposal, stating: "I

ing rest here and are learning about God.


Would Hitler have ever foreseen such a

thing? Never! God takes care of his people!

I remember when we received this gift,
I felt like one learned rabbi who was

searching in his private library for some

thing. As he was looking through all his
books he just couldn't find what he was

looking for. Then, at that moment, a group

Adam Panczak and Kazik

on grounds of donated property

know what you are doing on behalf of

Jewish people who live in Poland, Ukraine,
Belarus and Russia. I like what you're
doing! I would like to donate a piece of land
located in northeastern Poland for use in

your ministry. The land is located in the

most attractive region of many scenic lakes
in Poland. This donated property includes a
wilderness-type piece of iand that juts out

as a peninsula, which is surrounded by

three beautiful lakes. In addition to this,

about 10 kilometers from that spot in a

near-by city, Gizycko, there is a fine resi
dential brick home that was built in the late

All of this was presented without any

cost to us to our Jewish outreach ministry.
Would not you agree that this is a real mir

of his students entered the library.

Seeing that the rabbi was searching for
something so intensely, they quietly asked,
"Rabbi, maybe we can help you find what
you're looking for?"
The rabbi smiled and answered them,
"My dear ones, I know the answer. But I am
searching for the appropriate question."
So it is with us. We now have a beauti

ful property, about 400 acres, with three

large barns on it, a former blacksmith's
shop, and the foundations of torn-down
buildings on which new buildings can be
raised. The property is very close to the
Russian, Belarusian and Lithuanian bor

ders. Oh God, just let us know what your

plans are; what is your will for this place?
How can we use it to fulfill your purposes?
We are certain of one thing. This place
was given to us by God so that we could
minister to Jewish people who are now in
diaspora, who still live in Central and

Eastern Europe. This is a people group that

is still searching for spiritual and national


All of this that has happened is truly

amazing, but what really brings wonder to
my mind and strengthens my faith in the
Sovereign God is the fact that 55 years ago
the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his generals had
their main military World War II headquar
ters in this very area. Just think of it, Hitler
and his generals spent over 800 days
directing the war effort on the eastern front
from this area. Undoubtedly some terrible
policies against Jews were formulated and
enacted from this place.
But today, right at this same location,
children from poor Jewish families are find

Messianic rabbi, Eliezar Urbach, during

a Shabbat service at Camp Ostroda, Poland


Adult camp for Polish seniors and Jewish persons

from St. Petersburg, Russia

Identity and for a land where they can live in

peace and safety. They are searching for
true meaning in life, but they will not find it

Baptism of newiy converted Jews

Ostroda, Poland


without Yeshua, their true Messiah. We are

here to help them.

We share this with you, friends, so that
you wiil remember and not forget us,
Jewish people, living in Central and
Eastern Europe. God still has His plans for
our nation. He has not forgotten us. He still
means what He said: "I will bless those who

bless you" (Genesis 12:3).

Kazik Barczuk

'Befiofif, I teCCyou a mystery: We sftaU

notad sleep, But wesfmCCaUSe
cfianged, in a moment, in tfie twinl^in ofaneye, at tfie Cast trumpet
Jor tfie trumpet unlCsound, and tfie
deadwiUBe raised incorruptiSfe, and
wesfiaCCBe cHan^ed.
1 Cor. 15:51-52

In memory of Hiram Keith Mechling

One of the first Shabbat meetings held at the
Barczuk's apartment with 92 year old lady

Given by Bill & Carol Holland

GMM Missionaries: George & Vera Bajenski, George Repetski

Global Missionary Ministries
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Fonwarding USA address: Box 104 Geneva, Ohio 44041 Address Correction Requested
Published 6 times a year

Printed in Canada


"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."



'Today, I have come to the center of Europe

to speak of the future of Europe. Some still call
this "the East" - but Warsaw is closer to Ireland

than it is to the Urals. And it is time to put talk of

East and West behind us."

building or expanding their present facilities. We

hear those ever present requests for financial
assistance to build or help finance different
evangelistic efforts. Where we can, GMM does
help, but we cannot help in everything. We need

Such were the words spoken by President

George Bush, June 15 in Warsaw, Poland. Little
by little the old line of demarcation between
East and West is being obliterated in Europe.
President Bush's speech testifies to this reality.

the Lord's wisdom to assist where He would

lead us.

More and more we can talk of Central Europe

But the fact that we can work in cooperative

effort with our fellow believers, have them visit
Canada and the United States and tell us about

as opposed to Eastern and Western Europe of

their lives and ministry is cause for celebration.

Just recently Brother Alexander Firisiuk,

the past.
We live in fascinating days, as we see old
alliances crumble and news ones appear. This

President of the churches union in Belarus, vis

ited us in Canada and stated that, as far as he
is concerned, it is a miracle that he can come to

is producing new political, social and economic

Canada and the USA and share about the

realities. True, not all have come to endorse this

as desirable, as some old political and social

ideas die hard. Yet progress towards a more
united Central Europe continues.
What does this mean for us who wish to see

God's Kingdom continue to grow in Europe?

This has given our fellow believers greater free
dom to evangelize their own people groups.
More people have come to hear and respond to
the Gospel message. We thank God that He
opened a new window of opportunity for the
spread of Christ's message. We have greater
access to do cooperative work with our fellow
brothers and sisters in Christ and must seize

the day to do as much as possible, not knowing

what tomorrow might bring.
With political freedom there is greater oppor

tunity for economic freedom, but this has

proven most challenging, as peoples of the for
mer communist states struggle to adjust to new
realities. Most of our fellow Christians do find

ways to feed and clothe their own families, but

little remains to support church building projects
or other Christian programs. Many congrega
tions have new church buildings or are still
VOLUME 24. NO. 4

blessings and challenges of Christian work in

his country. The old divisions between East and
West are beginning to disappear as we deal
with a more unified Central Europe. We believe
God has His plans for Europe and the world and
He Is working them out. The time will come
when Jesus will return and the events of our

world today are rushing to that end. In the

meantime, we will continue to work with our fel
low believers to proclaim the Gospel In their part
of the world.

We agree with President Bush when he stat

ed in his speech that "through trenches and
shell-fire, through death camps and bombedout cities, through gulags and food lines men
and women have dreamed of what my father
called a Europe 'whole and free'. This free
Europe is no longer a dream. It is the Europe
that is rising around us. It Is the work that you
and I are called on to complete."
And we, as Christians, will make Europe
complete by sharing the Gospel among the
nations. To this end we labor together with you,
our fellow partners in our Lord's causes in
Europe and around the world.

GMM's Coworkers in Ukraine

George Repetski, Nina and Vasily Shakhveta

Kovel, Ukraine

dized others using bourgeoisie literature and, by

this, turned them away from communism, I
would be punished. They said, "We'll send you
to such a place that you will never return here."
I was given a 10-year sentence of hard labour.
They sent me off with other adults and we
traveled by train all the way to the Pacific
Ocean, to Vladivostok. Then for 7 days and
nights we sailed on a ship headed for Magemadan. This was the last trip before winter set in.
Our boat wasn't a passenger, but a cargo ship.
There were no regular rooms or cots for sleep
ing. They just threw us in the cargo area and we
had to find a place to rest. Being that I am not
tall, I was able to find a small ledge near the top
of the cargo area. There was enough room for
me to sit there and hold my personal belongs. I
was fortunate that 1 did not have to stay lower
towards the bottom that was fuli of seawater.

Vasily and Nina Shakhveta live and minister

in the the city of Kovel, Ukraine. They have
been GMM's cov^rorkers for several years. We
would like to have you hear Bro. Vasily's story.
Recently George Repetski visited and inter
viewed him.

Many people perished right there at the bottom

and they would simply dump their bodies over
board into the sea. We traveled through a huge
storm and were on the sea for 7 days and
nights. Our ship became disabled and another
ship came to our rescue. It tugged our ship Into

George: Brother Shakveta, tell us how you

spent your childhood and teenage years here in

Vasily: I was born into a believing family. I have

a sister who is 4 years older than me. We were
taught to attend church since childhood years. I
attended Sunday School along with other chil
dren in our church. I heard Bible stories as a

child and was 11 years old when I fully realized

my need for Christ. At that time I gave myself
fully to Him.
George: You were arrested in your teenage
years. What caused that to happen?
Vasily: In 1939 the Soviet Union took over our
area of Ukraine. We, children of that time, were

in Middle School. When I was 15 years old KGB

men came and arrested me not far from my
school. We had quite a few Christian books in
our church and I started handing out such liter
ature to my schoolmates. They read this litera
ture, but I was unaware of the fact that this kind

of activity was disallowed by the new authori

ties. This became the reason for my arrest.
George: How did you spend your time in
prison? What did you do there?
Vasily: I was kept In Kovel for 15 days. They
told me that in view of the fact that I propagan

It was already the beginning of September

and winter had fully set in. The temperature was
reaching -40 degrees C. When they started tak
ing us off the ship, many couldn't walk off on
their own strength. I don't know what happened
to those that couldn't get off because we had to
still walk another 7 kilometers to get to the
camp. They placed us into barracks, but there
were so many of us in those barracks that we
could only stand. If we were to sit down, then all
of us had to do that at the same time. Because

I was just a teenager and quite small, those

around me sat down and I had no room to sit, so

I would end up standing.

I was put into a brigade that worked the
northern mines in Kolyma where some prison
ers arrested from 1933 to 1937 were still work

ing. Most of those had already died and a small

group of them had survived and remained to
this time. There we worked in the mines for 12-

hour shifts. Many died on the job. There were

many Christians there. During free time we
weren't allowed to conduct any kind of services
or have fellowship, but during break time, when
we had shift changes, we had opportunities to
have times of fellowship. I met people there
from many parts of the Soviet Union. They were

all older than me and many of them have

already died. One brother from Belarus and I
occupied the same bed. He would come off his

shift and go to rest on my bed and I'd go to

work. When I'd return, we would again
exchange places.
After being let out, we Christians were given
an opportunity to go to Berebidzhan in the
Jewish Autonomous Region. A year after my
release my sister and father were set free. We
all met in Berebidzhan. The authorities allowed
mother to travel to Siberia to live with her

daughter. Once my parents and sister were

united, I was told that I could go there and live
with the rest of the family. However, for a time
they wouldn't allow us to return to Ukraine.
George: When were you able to leave Siberia
and come here to your hometown of Kovel?
Vasily: My parents lived in Berebidzhan until
1962. At that time my father became a pension
er and was freed from regular daily work. So my
parents decided to travel back to Ukraine. They
traveled there during the summer time and saw
that our church was already registered and
there were many believers in Kovel. Everything
was so beautiful there. They told me that they
would like to return to Ukraine permanently.
"We'll gather a bit of money and let's go there.
We'll buy some kind of house to live in." So we
agreed that it would be better to travel back
home and we could die there. It would be better
to be buried there instead of in Siberia.

So my folks traveled to Kovel and they cor

responded with me by mail and kept telling me
that it's great here. And it was better, indeed.
Even the authorities didn't persecute believers
as much as they did in Berebidzhan. So at the
end of 1966 and beginning of 1967 my sister
and I traveled back to Kovel. Praise the Lord for

Bro. Vasily distributing literature in a school

ful. There was ample opportunity to travel and

hand out New Testaments in our region and
preach the Good News.
At first we visited all the military bases in the
area. We showed the "Jesus" Film and other

Christian films and preached. We handed out

New Testaments to all the soldiers that served

here. Unfortunately, my fellow brother returned

from one of our trips and within two days, during
a church service on Sunday, he suddenly died.
I then continued to work with the deacons of the
church and other Christians. I have an old car

called "Moskvich" which I use to transport

Christians and literature to visit military bases
and schools in the area. I had a burning desire
to share the Gospel with the people in these
places and hand out New Testaments to them.
And when we finally were able to supply
New Testaments to all the people in the military
bases and schools, then my Christian work took
on a different character. I began to preach the
Gospel over radio. It was difficult at first. Our
mayor agreed to give me the opportunity to


have 12 minutes of time over local radio. I am

George: How did you start your mission and

what are your present ministries?
Vasily: After being freed I asked God to allow

thankful to the Lord for this. My first radio pro

me to preach God's Word. Several churches in

Siberia prayed with me about this. God heard

this prayer. When we returned to Kovel, I start
ed to attend the services at our local church,

and also began to work in the factory. When perestroika came during the time of Gorbachev,
the opportunity came to register a mission. The
pastor of that time (he's with the Lord now) and
I established this mission together. That was 11
years ago. We registered it and it was wonder-

gram was broadcast on the 4'^^ of June, 1993. I

came to an agreement with the city authorities
that I could have these 12 minutes and they
would give news of things happening in our city
and surrounding area right after my sermon.
The program is now broadcast every Friday
after 6:00 pm. Brother George Repetski hap
pened to visit me just before we had our first
program broadcast, and together we went to the
radio studio and talked with the director. Also,

we talked with the mayor. They agreed to give

me this time. In other words, we received the

green light to preacii God's Word.

Thanks to the efforts of Brothers RepetskI
and Bajenski, we could now lay the foundations
for preaching the Gospel over local radio. I've
been doing this until today. In fact, on the 4^ of
June of this year of 2001 (within two days), it will
have been 8 years since we began this pro

react in a positive way.

Also, right now the directors of educational
institutions here continue to ask me to come
and talk to their students and teachers about

God and the Bible. The Orthodox priests that

visit these places don't do this. The teachers of
high schools and other educational institutions


in the area want to hear about the Bible, to find

George: Brother Vasily, we, of course, are

grateful to God and are happy that you continue
to have this opportunity. We continue to pray for

out more about the Bible's content and teach

you and assist you financially in your labour for

and visit one school after another. I'm thankful

the Lord. What do those people who listen to

you and receive Bibles fronfi you tell you?
Vasily: My listeners' reaction is always very
positive. After every program people write me or
phone me and give further questions and com
ments. They ask me to meet with them. I meet
with my listeners In the city every Sunday. We
meet at one designated place and we have fur

to the Lord for the opportunity that He has given

me to be back in my hometown and minister to
people, giving them the Word of God. God's
ways are higher than man's.

ings. They desire to hear the pure Word of God.

I do this type of work throughout the school year


ther discussions with the listeners there. I tell

them right from the beginning that the Bible

gives answers to all of your questions.
They willingly come to discuss many things
about the issues of life from a Biblical perspec

tive. Many educated people who used to work

with me have come and are now members of

our church. Many people have come to person

al faith in Christ as a result of the program and
our discussions with them.

In memory of/Given by

George: You have contact with believers of

other traditions, such as the Orthodox. What do
you tell them?

Vasily: Believers of the Orthodox faith tend not

to know the Bible very well. I try to answer their
questions from the Bible. I tell them that they
should look into God's Word and stand firm in
their faith In God on the basis of God's Word.

The most important thing, I tell them, is not to

depend on the fact that we are of some particu
lar denominational faith, rather let's look and

examine the 'laith of the Gospel," as the apos

tle Paul states in one place. The church does
not save, Jesus saves and we all must come to
Him, believe in Him and live according to His
Word. Many people find this acceptable and

Katie Wandlch

Olga Emter
Albert Mans

Harry & Elena Mans

Benjamin Bajenski
Janice & Larry Snyder
Elsie Tabak

Hiram Keith IVIechling

Bill & Carol Holland

Fred G. Posnikoff & Alice Humeny

Posnikoff Family

GMM Missionaries: George & Vera Bajenski, George Repetski

Global Missionary Ministries
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"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."


"...the day of small things..."

This short Bible verse from Zechariah's

gles. We thank the Lord that all of this was

accomplished not by man's wisdom and not by
his might, nor even by the power of money, but
by the Spirit of the living Lord. The foundation

prophecy was brought to our attention by one of

was laid; it is Jesus Christ. Now, as we continue

the speakers at the recent 80^^ Anniversary

planting and watering the seed, God gives the

growth (1 Cor. 3).
We thank God that Global Missionary
Ministries plays a vital part in this ministry in
Central Europe.
It was very meaningful and encouraging for

"Who despises the day of small things?... Not

by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says
the Lord" (Zech. 4:10 and 6).

Celebration of the Christian Church's ministry in



churches that three

North American

Christian mission organizations, PCM (Polish

Christian Mission), TCM (Training Christians for
the Ministry) and GMM (Global Missionary
Ministries), were present on this special occa

Konstantin and Ksenla Jaroshevich

From a humble village dwelling in Starawies

in Eastern Poland, where missionary Konstantin

The services, workshops and historical set

ting of these meetings helped Polish brethren to
agree on a unified challenge and vision, which
the Lord set before them. We praise the Lord
that the Spirit of unity and vision to reach the
lost for Christ prevailed. For all of this - to God
be the glory!

Jaroshevich was born, the Good News of Jesus

Christ spread all across parts of Central and

Eastern Europe. It all started in 1921 when a
graduate of Johnson Bible College, Brother
Konstantin, began this ministry in his native

In August of this year the Polish churches,

accompanied by a choir and orchestra from
neighbouring Belarus, remembered the small
beginnings of this great work during special
weekend services of praise and celebration.
We thank God that His church was estab

lished in Poland, and that He led it through diffi

cult periods of war and intense political strug
VOLUME 24, NO. 5

80'^ Anniversary Christian Church Celebration




which meets in a regular apartment building,

is located on a major street called Pulawska.
For this reason it is also often referred to as
"The Pulawska Street Church." This church is

Urszula and Andrew Bajenski

Warsaw has been the capital city of

Poland since 1596. The Polish king of that

time, Sigimund III Waza, moved the national

capital from Krakow to Warsaw. Thus there
was a 500-year span of a long and heroic his
tory. It remembers the days of Prussian rule.
It remembers liberation by Napoleon's army.
It remembers rule by the Russian tsar and the
devastating days of Nazi occupation, after
which there were 36 years of "freedom." How
ever, the truth is that during this period mat
ters were actually determined by Moscow. As
a reminder of this, today there stands in the
center of Warsaw the Russian-built "Palace of

Culture," which local people used to refer to

as "Saint Joseph's (Stalin's) Cathedral."
Throughout its long history Warsaw enjoyed
several periods of tolerance and prosperity. It
was during this time that its citizens could
rebuild their personal lives and their city. The
city's greatest natural resource has always
been its people. There was even a period of

well organized and active, maintaining a firm

Bible-teaching program with strong emphasis
on evangelism and mission outreach.
At present Christian Fellowship conducts
three Sunday services. Throughout the week
it offers many activities for children, youth,
students, adults and various interest groups.
Worship is conducted in a Spirit-led manner.
Another effective way of reaching out into
Warsaw's community is through an English
language school, which conducts its classes
on the church's premises. One program is for
advanced conversational English in which
Scripture is used as its textbook. Several stu
dents have come to Christ as a result of this

The Christian Fellowship Church recently

initiated a Gospel Internet ministry. It also
reaches out to disabled, homeless and street

people. The church has been actively

involved in programs of large humanitarian
aid within the country. This congregation also
began a unique form of ministry on its prem
ises, namely, a specific outreach to Jewish
people. A group of believing Jews meets
every Friday evening for their Shabbat serv
ice. This friendship and congenial neigh
bourly relation between the church and our
Jewish friends is proving to be a blessing for
Jews and us, Gentiles, alike.

This year marks the 20''^ year of ministry

time when over 400,000 inhabitants of

Warsaw were Jewish people with their syna

gogues numbering in the hundreds.

Today Warsaw continues to grow and to
be an important population center in the heart
of Europe. Church life again is very visible
with a majority of the population adhering to
the Roman Catholic faith. Also, there are

many different protestant and evangelical

churches throughout the city. One of these is
an independent Christian Church officially
known as "Christian Fellowship." This church,

Jonathan Gough

people-friendly.' This is our motto, and possi

bly this is one reason why we are growing.
We believe in what we say and we put it into
To assist in the ministry of Christian
Fellowship Church in Warsaw Pastor Andrew
Bajenski has several co-workers and some
close associates, the first of whom is definite

ly his wife, Urszula. She leads and coordi

nates the church's counseling ministry. Then
there is Pastor Jonathan Gough and his
Polish wife, Iwona. Jonathan was born in
Zbigniew Tarkowski

for Pastor Andrew Bajenski with the Warsaw

Church. He recently commented:
"Twenty years ago our Warsaw Church
was a small congregation, less than 100
members. It consisted mostly of older individ
uals, who had been in the faith for a long time.
In many cases they were people who came
from different parts of Poland and settled in
Warsaw after World War II.

Now our membership is primarily made up

of locally born people. Many of them hold a
university education. They are youth, young
families, career-minded business people and
white-collar workers. At first it was difficult for

us to bypass the "magic number" of 200

members, but within a relatively short period
of time we doubled, then even tripled in
church attendance. Each year we have sev
eral baptisms. Last May, for example, we con
ducted a baptismal service with 40 people
being baptized
Throughout the 80's and 90's we conduct
ed many evangelistic campaigns in our city
and surrounding communities. As a result,
four new congregations were started. Now we
are facing the situation that our present
church facility lacks room for further growth
and expansion. God is placing a challenge
before us. We need to start another sister

congregation in the northern part of our city.

This project will demand much work on our
part and help from other friendly and missionminded organizations such as Global Mis
sionary Ministries. We trust God will bless our
efforts. In all of our mission and local endeav
ours we strive to 'Be faithful to God and be

England, and with Iwona's help learned to

speak in Polish. He is in charge of Christian
Fellowship Church's teaching ministry. Pastor
Zbigniew Tarkowski and his wife, Malgorzata,
are in charge of membership and home Bible
study groups' ministry. Pastor Krzysztof
Zareba and his wife, Mariola, give direction to
the church's evangelistic and mission out
reach programs.
I recently spoke with all of these leaders
and asked them what is the most pressing
prayer request for Christian Fellowship
Church for the upcoming fall season? They
unanimously answered:



this fall



October we start a new congregation in the

northern part of Warsaw. We will need God's
strength, guidance and wisdom in this new
venture of faith. It will also be a challenging
endeavour from a financial point of view."
May we be faithful in showing them our
encouragement and support.


GMM continues to sponsor and support

various camp outreach ministries. One of
them is located close to the city of Kobryn in
Belarus. It is called "Children's Health Center

- Pearl" and conducts a youth summer camp

ministry. Children come from all parts of
Belarus. This center is not only a regular
camp, but also maintains a medical clinic.
The latter analyzes the children's general
health and gives needed advice. It also has a
dental facility where the children are given
dental care. The director of this camp is our

long-time friend, Vladimir Vandich.

We asked Brother Vladimir to share some
testimonies of children that have been at the

camp and, as a result, have become believ

ers. Here is one such testimony of a young

lady who was not only a camper, but this year

served as a counselor at the camp. She

my parents about what had happened to me

at camp, they refused to support me in my
decision and through their cold indifference
they extinguished the new spiritual flame
within me.

After some time they did not allow me to

attend church services. My life became rather
sad, full of evil and disappointments. How
ever, by God's plan I eventually started at
tending church again. The Lord helped me
gain victory in my difficulties and uncertain
ties. I eventually decided to dedicate my life
fully to Jesus Christ and was baptized. After
my baptism I started to grow spiritually and
become stronger in my faith. At every step I
sensed God's blessings. And so now, four
years later, I'm here at this camp as a coun
selor myself. When the girls in my group
repent, it reminds me of that joyous and great
time of repentance that I experienced.
I thank God for this camp, for the fact that


here children find new life and for the fact that

"My name is Irena and I started attending

Sunday School when I was ten years old.
When I was 14,1 was given an opportunity to
attend camp. It was here that I repented. This
is how it happened. On one occasion late in
the evening, after a quiet conversation on the
theme of God's love, I sensed an inexplicable
desire to repent. The impetus for this was all

it was here that my life was changed. I found

God's will for my life here."


that I saw around me: the attitude towards me

by the counselors, the simple sincere songs

and the games using Biblical themes and
other things.
That evening, as I was getting ready for
bed, a strong desire welled up inside me. I
quickly ran to my counselor and said: "I want
to repent." She immediately left what she as
doing and took me to a quiet place where
both of us prayed. Next day I felt myself
renewed and happy. Unfortunately, however,
when I returned home I found myself in a
completely different environment. When I told

In memory of/Given by
Benjamin Bajenski
Janice & Lanry Snyder
Elsie Hollister
Edwin & Marion Zimmerman

Hiram K. Mechling
Carol & Bill Holland

GMM Missionaries: George & Vera Bajenski, George Repetski

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"O Crier of Good News... shout with the voice of a trumpet blast... your God is coming."

Jesus enjoyed the richnes

"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that
though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so
that you through His poverty might become rich." 2 Cor. 8:9
Ponder the reality of it!

of heaven, yet He came to

planet earth to place Him
self into poverty. "Foxes
have holes and birds of the

air have nests, but the Son

of Man has

IRichinwhatsen ? In the

form, become one like us, and yet apart from us

in terms of sin and evil? No, but He did it out of
love for us. "For you know the grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ," the apostle Paul reminds us.
Because of His unmerited favour toward us, as
undeserving sinners, Jesus became poor so
that we might become rich.
sense that we could be redeemed

head." He did it for you and me

"so that through His poverty we





Christ we are forgiven and given a

new life and new hope. Jesus

Christ died for us that we might be
reconciled to God and become

His precious sons and daughters,

the recipients of His loving care

alienation from God, for we all

had sinned and fallen short of

God's intended glory. We willful- HEHH

and concern. Yes, we were the

ones that sinned, but He paid the

ly turned our back on the way

that God wanted us to go and
chose our own path of disobedience. As a result, evil began to
dominate in our dealings with
others. Disagreements, hostili-

price to redeem us by being born

into our sin-sick world, living in po
verty and want and dying a hi
deous sacrificial death. But He
arose so that

we could ex-

perience newness of life in

Him and receive the promise of a glorious future with
the Godhead In eternity
that is to come. Today,
dear Christian friends, we

ties and malicious acts define

human history, both at the level of our personal

lives and throughout the world as nation rises
up against nation. God is not to be blamed for
today's unhappiness and sorrow throughout the
world! It is all man's doing.







humankind from its pitiful plight of self-destruc-


tion? Did He have to come to us, take on our

became poor for our sake!

VOLUME 24, NO. 6







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^cUt^utte^ in cu
<fou ^ (fom c<MUiMed fri^Uf&i ^utd ljC*Mtci<d ^ufefe
^d(m iu^ iticiucU ^cme ^Udune^ ^

After Sept. 1V^ in Poiand

Praying with new beiievers, Af/ns^

pnwl^e^ o^ A^i^inin^ t^ ^W %<4 &otA at Ao*hc and

ont 0^
t^fUM^A(Mt t^ <^e^.
mitti^ifUf t^n(MC^^UMt 2001.

Recording In radio studio, Belarus

George & Lucille Repetsid
. \ *. 'n-Vi. aw

' H;: :t Si-". VA-'^ViTiCRj^

Outreach to hospital workers

With children at camp, Kobryn

Sweaters for children, Lithuania

New convert baptized, Af/ns^

One Church

Friends, we share these pieces of good

news with you that are taking place within the

One Church (in Christ) and two pieces of

good news. Let us explain. One piece of good
news comes to us from our neighbourhood here
in the province of Ontario. During the last week
end of September 2001 in the city of
MIssissauga (right next to Metro Toronto),

Lord's one Church at two new addresses, for we

where GMM's office is

have a vital interest in both of them. They

belong to Him. We pray for them and we are
committed to work with them, as we want to

work with all of you until we see Christ in glory.

located, Churchill

Meadows Christian Church was launched. Jim

At this Christmas season we focus

Tune, one of our Canadian GMM Board mem

bers, is also the minister of this new church. The

our thoughts on the most important

and precious gift of all-the Lord

wonderful bit of news that we would like to

share with you Is that since the first day that this
church opened its doors to the public, people
have been flocking to it In good numbers. Right
now over 200 persons attend the services and
hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, as it is

being explained by Jim and his helpers.

The city of MIssissauga has over 500,000
inhabitants, and many of them are recent
arrivals who have come here to live from vari

ous nations of the world. There are many

Central and Eastern Europeans. Someone
recently commented that every 5th person in
this city is of Polish decent. We are glad that

God has put us In the midst of this exciting


Jesus Christ. But we also remember

and appreciate your gifts of prayer

and financial support for GMM's ministry. (Without
your support this ministry would not be possible.)
Thank you.

Please remember that any gifts for which you

require a 2001 tax-deductible receipt need to be
postmarked by December 31. To avoid disappoint
ment please ensure that your gift is In the mail before
the end of December 2001.

in memory of/Given by

Fred Posnfkoff, Alice Humeny, Mr. & Mrs. Joe

Forsiuk, Olga Forsluk, Tom Shawllnski, Edward
ShawllnskI, Fred Satz

The Posnikoff Family

Another similar bit of news comes to us from

Warsaw, Poland. In our previous issue of The

Crier we informed you of the plans for Warsaw
Christian Fellowship Church to launch a new
congregation in their city of two million inhabi
tants. We are happy to report that their prayers
and proposals have turned out to be a reality.
During the last Sunday of October the second
Christian Fellowship Church was birthed. God is
blessing this new work as up to 150 people come
and hear the Good News of Jesus' birth, sinless

life, sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection.

Anastasia Nettie Forsiuk

Paul F. Nourse

Nancy & Gary Vessell

Mary Williams
Borys & Mary Ann Boyuk
Etterville Christian Church

Benjamin Bajenskl
Keyston Class, Springfield, OH
Bryan Stamper
Lee & Velma Farrell

Mr. & Mrs. Egnaty Sidorchuk

Sarah Rediich

Hiram Mechling
Wiliam & Carol Holland

GMM Missionaries: George & Vera Bajenski, George Repetski

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Published 6 times a year

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