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A thorough examination of the dynamics behind the subjective plane, planetary incarnation
and energetic consumption .


The Subjective Plane

There is no shape, form, or fashion. No marks, boundaries, rules, or limitations. The place we come from is limitless and cannot
be perceived fully by the limited senses. On our way to becoming inexhaustible in emitting our force we begin to perceive this
space by knowing that as much Energy as we can receive in physicality is not even measurable to the amount it has.


We now must begin to identify what is on the other
side of existence although its safe to say there are
several buer zones between where we are and that
particular Expanse. Since everything is Energy we can
only imagine this Space as containing an infinite
amount. Its so much raw power any attempt to divided
it, label it, tag it, or define it would be futile.
This is important to gather since it means that in our
current state we are merely governing exactly how
much energy we can take. This is called Degrees. We
measure several things in Degrees and they are all
uniquely connected. We measure knowledge in
Degrees one can be said to obtain a Master Degree or
have a high degree of knowledge. We measure
temperature in degrees and a high degree becomes
synonymous with high heat or high energy. Finally we
measure the degree of arc or the measurement of the
rotation around a circle as in 1 Degree to 360 degrees.
The primary state of the average human being is to
receive this energy, this is why the majority would
rather receive than give. This simultaneously creates a
state of being without. The Subjective Plane is never
without or in need of something. Now that we have
established this we can move further in thought.

The Mind, Body, and Soul all have degrees of energy and a capacity
it can handle. Just like in College you can train your consciousness to
obtain and contain higher degrees.


Because the Subjective Plane is pure energy it can be
utilized for anything. Remember this form of Energy
does not distinguish itself. The reward of this state is
it can actually become anything and lives through
everything. When we create something it comes
from this force so in eect the force is experiencing
itself as yet another variation. It never gets tired of
this, in fact this is another key to never becoming
tired. When you can give infinitely you become
inexhaustible as your energy builds from the
perpetual gratitude that everything is expressing in
being alive. The more you give the more you receive.
Unfortunately most find themselves on the other
side of this giving and receiving system so they are
always looking for something to consume. Dont
worry this is natural and knowing this will explain
everything about why we eat.
Lets now take a look at the hierarchy of intake.
Determining our level of needs also presents an
actual ladder of forces that we can grow less
dependent upon thus canceling out their overall
dominion over us from multiple levels.
There is a natural hierarchy of dependency that exists, when you learn to purify
and perfect your intake you are able to access self mastery which leads to the
primal forces having less sway over your existence.

For now rather than thinking about eliminating

these forces its best to begin to obtain the purest
forms of them.


In order of necessity you have light which almost goes unnoticed as a
necessary element of survival. Light is reaching us even at nighttime as
the Sun does not have a Sunset, its always giving o light that is
penetrating everything porous. Even at night you along with the Space
around you is being penetrated by lights internal and external that
animate and energize all existence. If for one moment this light was to
desist the projection would be plunged in to the darkness of the void and
physical life would perish immediately.
Breath or Air is up next as you can only go a few moments without it,
water then follows as you can only last a few days without it. Finally you
get to Food which you can avoid for about three weeks as long as you
have water. This tells us their natural order of purity. Light, Air, Water,
and Food are all consumables but vary based on their densities.

Light or Ignis is slowed down in the vortex to

create other states of matter such as Air or Aer.

Its easy to conclude that when your primary forms of consumption

become lighter you gain more ability to tap in to and inhabit higher
states. This is because you become primarily what you consume most and
you take on those principles and properties in your everyday interactions.
This is not to just insist that if a person consumes only light they will fair
the best in physicality because you actually need a balance of all Elements
based on your environment and what you have to contend with daily. This
does however mean that you can design a form of consumption that is
ideal for your projections.


Prime Global

As above so below does not just apply to the Universe it connects with how what you put in your head above effects
everything in your body below. This guide is designed to allow you to consider your portals and configure their reception.


Next we need to look at the primary methods of
intake as this will allow you to identify the portals
of your body so you can erect a Customs to insure
nothing is getting across your portals that are
going to wreak havoc without you being aware of
it. The head is the Microcosmic world of the body.
The same Blueprint repeats itself throughout the
body in various proportions.
From the top down you have the eyes which are
responsible for visual intake. Lets keep in mind
that not all energy variations are so apparent on
the physical plane, however, it is possible to
become energized or depleted by something you
Next you have the ears. Not only can sounds
stimulate or drain you, you are able to change your
personal frequency based on sound. This exercise
involves listening for the lite ring in your ear that
everyone has. This ring is more noticeable when
you are in a completely quite room while laying
down and quieting your mind. Advanced training
allows you to focus on that frequency and then
drive it up. You can then vividly feel the rise of
your energetic system.

The head is the primary control point of the body, gain control over
what enters it and you will always remain in power.


We have now reached the nose. Smells such as fresh
mint and citrus are known to perk up a person and
allow them to become more alert while other smells
like musk relax you and allow you to rest better. Its
important not to overlook any of this because while
the rise and fall of the energetic centers may seem
minimal in these explanations they are drastic once
getting in to higher frequencies.
In addition the nose picks up a numerous amount of
particles that eect you even if you cant vividly
smell them such as Pheromones. These particles
then trigger various responses in our consciousness.
A way to heighten our ability to perceive how these
subtle particles are eecting us is to decrease our
salt intake. Salt adds flavor to foods enhancing the
taste, over time our senses become dulled because of
this. Reducing salt restores your senses and soon you
can taste the natural flavor of foods when they are
unsalted. This in turn increases your senses in every
aspect. This is why when you plug your nose you
cannot taste food. Open your nose with less salt
intake and you will promote clearer perception.


Finally we come to the mouth, the primary choice of ingestion for most. Before we speak on the mouth its also
vital to keep in mind that you send and receive with all of your portals. There is a look that sends a negative force
to another person that can be done with the eyes, everyone has experienced a look of disapproval from others.
There is a way to send a message or sense from the area of the nose, likewise the ears are always feeling for auditory
presence with virtually invisible tentacles or sensors. The reason the mouth is much more capable of sending energy
via vocal projection is because the mouth can be seen as the androgynous sexual center of the head. The mouth
functions as a hole or orifice while the tongue is liken more to phallus. They work in conjunction to constantly
manifest your next desire. When you want something you tell a person what you want and they attempt to comply
depending on the demand.

On this diagram the

Creative Force or
Deity is positioned by
the Frontal Lobe and
Mouth for a reason.
These are the primary
creative centers of the


The mouth is also the primary gateway to the lower regions of the body because it is the only orifice that can take in
dense matter such as physical food and water. You generally dont snort water to quench your thirst or eat through your
ears holes. While this may seem a bit silly and redundant to cover its these basic observations that reveal the Blueprint.
Lower parts of the head are primarily in service to the lower parts of the body while the higher you get the more the
corresponding faculties service the higher parts of the body. For those wondering about breathing and how that fits in,
it is known that to bring energy such as Kundalini up through the body you first begin with breathing through your
mouth, once the kundalini reaches a certain level it cannot go any higher unless you begin breathing through your nose.
Likewise while oxygen circulates through the body via the bloodstream the processing goes on primarily in the lungs
and heart which are still in the mid-upper regions of the body.
The hierarchy of the head allows you to see that if you control what comes and goes out of the mouth you can take
command of the dense forces of the body that make up the mass of any problems you may be experiencing. Further
control the air quality and smell of your environment and your senses will become heightened versus dulled by an
oversaturated space with strong smells that dominate the psyche. Make an eort to program the sound of your
environment this is called soundscaping and you can propel your consciousness in to a desired space by doing so.
Perfect your gaze and avoid being sidetracked often and you will remain focused. This is like configuring your own
holodeck, once you gain full control over your senses and perfect them you can literally propel yourself to any location
or environment and fully immerse yourself in it like you are actually physically there. This is also the onset of remote
As I mentioned in our previous lesson on Celestial Mechanics we are literally a Universe. Because of the holographic
nature of the reality this Universal Blueprint repeats itself even throughout things smaller than the eye can see such as
the Atom. So matter is constantly changing state but how do these changes occur and what is the purpose for them?
The answer to this question will also allow you to learn the truth about the transmutation of matter along with the
transmigration of the Soul.


On a macrocosmic level before we can reach physicality

we have to go through several planetary portals to gain
the right geometrics necessary to harmonize with each
frequency and take on their principle functions without
this we cannot live on a Planet we simply dont contain
enough specifics and would go right through the fabric
of the Universe.
On a macrocosmic scale these processing centers are
Planets while on a Microcosmic scale they become our
organs. To be very clear about this when you come from
the Subjective Plane as pure energy you pass through
various systems in the Macrocosm that shape mold and
fashion you in to the developing seedling of the physical
Being you are about to become. You are torqued down or
compressed by the vortexing forces in to a citizen of the
immediate Universe to eventually completely unravel
and become a Universe again. Lets explain this another
way so you are sure not to misunderstand this wonder.
Once light enters the Vortex it congeals, slows down,
and becomes subject to condensation which increases
its density.


Each Planet has a vibrational frequency that matches the Organ in your body that it corresponds to. Since sound makes
a shape like what is witnessed in Cymatics it is safe to say that each Planet has its specific geometry. Saturn for instance
has a hexagon on its poles while Venus traces a pentagram in the sky and actually has two poles on each side. The
various configurations create a unique frequency, environment, atmosphere, and purpose for each Planetary Sphere.
When you pass through that frequency or zone you become molded by it. As your being processed through the
Universe each form and frequency you take is based on how many planetary and celestial systems you have been
through and the eects those systems had on you. We call this planetary influence but its much more clearer then what
studies such as astrology can lend about it. To learn about it this way in relation to your body will give a much more
expansive insight. In short if we pass a formless glob through Saturn is may come out cubed or hexagrammed, if we
then take that form and run it through Venus it will become a hexagram with a pentagram inside containing dual poles.
This is just an example for you to innerstand the process of how we become this particular configuration.
It now can be seen as the Planets basically swallow or eat us. For the sake of a better position we can say we fly in to
them and become immersed in them and processed. Let us keep in mind that we are still inside of the Earth and
inside of the Universe. To bring this full circle you should see your food and intake the same way. Each organism you
choose to consume will be shaped formed and fashioned based on your state. Some matter becomes muscle while other
matter becomes feces. Its all based on what your consuming and how well it can be processed or mined for the
generative components.
Make no mistake nothing dies it merely transmutes. This means that everything that you consume is still living inside
of you and eecting your consciousness so you want to be a lot more selective about what you let inhabit your
Innerverse. Inviting the wrong thing in to your system could be disastrous. Another example of this is the natural flora
and fauna of the stomach can be eradicated by a bit of soda pop leaving you with nothing to properly process your


Consumption and transmutation is

not negative but consists of both
positive and negative actions. If
conducted properly you should
actually have a distillation or refining
process taking place with everything
you consume. The body is capable of
extracting the vital essence from
something while discarding the
toxins. We do this in so many ways
from taking the good things a person
presents and discarding the rest all
they way to eating something and
extracting the nutrients while
discarding the bi-product. Again we
must constantly be aware that we
dont just eat physical things we
consume etheric, gaseous,
superfluous, and atomic things also.
The greater you become at realizing
this the more you are able to tap in to
the subtle forces and ween yourself
o dense matter. All in due time.

This course continues after Deprogramming 101. Its titled The World of Flesh and is encompassed in the Internal
Cleansing and Purification segment of the semester.