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Write your answers in the blank provided in each item.

_________________ 1. Who is the mother of Jesus Christ?

_________________ 2. Who is the father of Jesus Christ?
_________________ 3. When is the birth day of Jesus?
_________________4. Who is the angel who visited Mary?
_________________5. This means God with Us

Matching Type: Choose the letter from Column B that best answers the items in Column
A. Write the letter in the space provided for before each item.

______ 1. This is the time that we wait for the coming of Jesus.

A. Nazareth

______ 2. A messenger of God

B. Messiah

______ 3. This is the feeding box for animals and became the place
Where Jesus slept.

C. passover

D. Advent

______ 4. God sent him to prepare the people for the coming of Jesus.

E. disciple

______ 5. This is the place where animals are sheltered and

F. Gospel

Became the place where Jesus was born.

G. St. John the Baptist

______ 6. This means good news. These are the books in the
Bible that tell stories about Jesus.

H. manger
I. prophet

______ 7. This word means anointed or chosen one. It is the

J. stable

Same as the word Christ.

______ 8. A little town in Galilee where Mary, the mother of Jesus, was born.
It was here where He, together with Joseph and Mary, lived before
He began His work of preaching.
______ 9. Someone who believes and does what his or her leader teaches.
______ 10. A Jewish celebration that reminds the people how God saved
them from slavery in Egypt.

True or False. Write T if the statement is True, and F if the statement is false.

_______ 1. Jesus died to save us from sin.

_______ 2. Jesus Christ did many things that made God sad.
_______ 3. Being mean to others is one of the ways we show to Jesus that we love Him.
_______ 4. God, our Father, shows His love for us through Jesus Christ, His gift to us.

_______ 5. We show we love Jesus when we are kind to others.

_______6. Jesus became a person like us.
_______ 7. Gods greatest gift to us is His Son, Jesus Christ.
_______8. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.
_______9. Jesus is not a savior sent by God to save us.
_______ 10. We do not thank Jesus for loving us.
_______ 11. We show we are happy on Christmas by going to Mass.
_______ 12. We should be kind and helpful only on Christmas day.
_______ 13. Joseph, Mary and Jesus went to the temple to celebrate the feast of the Passover.
_______ 14. Those who heard Jesus were surprised because He knows many things.
_______ 15. Jesus is a disobedient son.
_______ 16. Jesus obeys the will of His Father and of His parents.
_______ 17. Obedient children make their parents and elders happy.
_______ 18. We do not ask Jesus to help us become obedient like Him.
_______ 19. Jesus made His parents happy when He obeyed them.


Put a smiley face if the sentence is correct, and a sad face if the sentence is

_______ 1. Jesus wants us to be strong and happy.

_______ 2. Jesus tells us to not listen to Him and to disobey Him.
_______3. Jesus tells us to be kind and loving towards others.
_______4. Jesus tells us that if we follow Him, we will be strong and happy.
_______5.As followers of Jesus, we keep to ourselves and dont tell His teachings to other
_______6. As followers of Jesus, we can be rude and unkind to others, and not follow His
_______7. As followers of Jesus, we have to worship Him in our prayers and in the celebration
of the Sacraments.