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Multiple Choice Directions: Read each question and their corresponding answers
carefully and completely. Choose the answer that best fits the question
1. What role does a nurse exhibits if she stands to protect the needs and wishes of
the patient?
a. Caregiver
b. Counselor
c. Teacher
d. Client advocate
2. A post appendectomy patient is assigned to you. You have assessed him that he
needs more knowledge about proper wound care. What role should you apply in this
a. Role Model

c. Caregiver

b. Counselor

d. Teacher

3. The Founder of PNA and Dean of Philippine Nursing that was awarded by the
PNA in 1981 is:

Anna Dahlgen

Florence Nightingale

Anastacia Giron-Tupas

Rosario Montenegro

4. During physical assessment, the nurse closes and door and provides drape to
promote privacy. The nurse is performing her role as a/an:



Change agent


5. During the nursing rounds Nurse Cathy is instructing the patient to avoid smoking
to prevent the worsening of respiratory problems. The patient asked about the
things that he can do when feelings of wanting to smoke arises. The nurse
enumerates ways of dealing the situation. This is an example of a nurses role as


Change agent



6. Goal Attainment theory was established by:

A. Faye Glenn Abdellah

C. Lydia Hall

B. Hildegard Peplau

D. Imogene King

7. Nursing is assisting the individual to perform activities that contributes to his

health or recovery by helping him gain independence. This is stated by which
nursing theorists?

A. Dorothy Johnson

C.Virginia Henderson

B. Faye Glenn Abdellag

D. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse

8. Nurses use the nursing process to focus care on human responses to what?
A) interactions with the environment
surgical treatment

C) outcomes of medical or

B) physical effects of disease


D) actual or potential health

9. Why are nursing organizations important for the continued development and
improvement of nursing as a whole?
A) to provide socialization and networking for members
B) to regulate work activities for members
C) to set standards for nursing education and practice
D) to provide information to nurses about legal requirements
10. Which of the following nursing pioneers established the Filipino Red Cross in
A) Florence Nightingale

C) Hilaria de Aguinaldo

B) Clara Barton

D) Josephine Bracken

11. What is the primary purpose of standards of nursing practice?

A) to provide a method by which nurses perform skills safely
B) to ensure knowledgeable, safe, comprehensive nursing care
C) to establish nursing as a profession and a discipline
D) to enable nurses to have a voice in healthcare policy
12. Who is considered to be the founder of professional nursing?
A) Dorothea Dix

C) Florence Nightingale

B) Lillian Wald

D) Clara Barton

13. A nurse instructor explains the concept of health to her students. Which of the
following statements accurately describes this state of being?
A) Health is a state of optimal functioning.
B) Health is an absence of illness.
C) Health is always an objective state.
D) Health is not determined by the patient.
14. A nurse caring for a patient with diabetes chooses an appropriate plan of care
and devises interventions to accomplish the desired outcomes. This is an example
of using which of the following type of nursing skills?

A) Technical

C) Interpersonal

B) Cognitive

D) Ethical/Legal

15. Which of the following individuals provided nursing care to the wounded soldier
night and day?
A) Agueda Kahabagan

C) Melchora Aquino

B) Josephine Bracken

D) Clara Barton

16. A nurse conducts a smoking-cessation program for patients of a neighborhood

clinic. This is an example of which of the following aims of nursing?
A) promoting health

C) restoring health

B) preventing illness
disability or death

D) facilitating coping with

17. A nurse practitioner is caring for a couple who are the parents of an infant
diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. The nurse makes referrals for a parent support
group for the family. This is an example of which nursing role?
A) Teacher/Educator
B) Leader

C) Counselor
D) Collaborator

18. Which of the following is a criteria that defines nursing as profession?

A) an undefined body of knowledge
B) a dependence on the medical profession
C) an ability to diagnose medical problems
D) a strong service orientation
19. In what time period did nursing care as we now know it begin?
A) pre-civilization
B) early civilization to 16th century

C) 16th to 17th century

D) 18th to 19th century

20. Teaching a woman about breast self-examination is an example of what broad

aim of nursing?
A) promoting health
B) preventing illness
disability and death

C) restoring health
D) facilitating coping with