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School of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Operation Management
Instruction: Choose the best answer, encircle your choose answer. Please do not copy or
cheat and you will be automatically considered fail in your subject as per students manual.
(Example: A 1. Encircle A)
1. The process of planning, implementing, the effective & efficient flow from origin to
a. Physical distribution b. Logistics management c. Total solutions management d. Total
innovations management
2. To have channel distribution became efficient and effective?
a. Objectives of logistics b. Objectives of channel distribution c. Objectives of SCM d. none
3. Arising challenges in Physical distribution is called?
a. Conflicts management b. Conflicts in Physical distribution c. Conflicts in supervisory d.
Rally in front
4. The Efficient management of the flow of materials inbound-through and outbound of an
a. SCM b. Physical management c. Logistics management d. physical distribution
5. A conflicts occurs among firms at the same level of the channel?
a. Vertical b. Horizontal conflict c. directed conflict d. indirected conflict
6. A conflicts that occurs between different levels of the same channel?
a. Vertical b. Horizontal conflict c. directed conflict d. indirected conflict
7. A policy that determines the movement of the product in channel line?
a. product diversion b. product line policy c. Filipino product policy first d. Purchase product
8. The production team creates products depending on the___?
a. vision b. mission c. Forecast d outline
9. Represents the different distribution and channels that marketing created?
a. Distribution b. Channel c. Marketing channel d. retail channel
10. An analysis on the systems of the inbound, outbound, inventory and warehouse
a. SCM analysis b. Logistics systems analysis c.. real logistics analysis d. IT-SCM system
11. A different strategies or tools in marketing that gives the creation of needs, to push and
pull that SCM provides?
a. Product marketing b. Channel Marketing c. Distribution marketing d. Marketing tools
12. The physical inbound, warehouse, outbound, and inventory in manufacturing, as a role
of ?
a. SCM b. Logistics c. Warehouse d. Customs broker
13. The consideration that a place is suitable for manufacturing plant, for people, machines,
transport and etc?
a. Location b. Marketing location c. Near Market location d. Plant Location
14. Choosing of right partner with the same capacity, similar vision, experienced to do the
task of Supply chain management is called?
a. 3pl selection b. Vendor selection c. Supplier selection d. Buyer Selection
15. You have an service level agreement to a third party. The purpose is to have a ?
a. Understanding b. Performance c. Control d. Output
16. The consideration also of the logistics in packaging size, transport size depends also in?
a. Product size b. Product ratio c. Product design d. Product bulkiness
17. The inventory must be 100 percent everyday, all year round is called?
a. Goal b. Standard c. a must d. Inventory control
18. The items that is stored in warehouse is called?
a. Stocks b. Warehouse list c. inventory d. none

19. The activity in the warehouse such as forklift, relocation, and other warehouse activity
must be done in location called?
a. Facilities b. Warehouse c. Inventory d. Storage
20. The mode of transport that usually done in motorbike for 1 pcs to 10 pcs small items for
faster delivery?
a. Rail b. water c. air d. motor
21. a transport mode that uses a train bus for bigger and cheaper price is called?
a. Water b. Bus c. Intermodal d. Rail
22. The transportation mode that uses vessel or boat is called?
a. Land b. Air c. Water d. Intermodal
23. The used of transport via airplane is called?
a. Air b. land c. Water d. Intermodal
24. The used of vessel, air, rail, and other modes of transport is called?
a. Air b. land c. Water d. Intermodal
25. Allocate resources in marketing mix in such manner as to maximize long run
profitability of the firm?
a. Budget b. Marketing promotional c. Logistics promotional d. Marketing objectives
26. The future transportation outside of earth for faster delivery using space ships?
a. Air b. land c. Water d. Space