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Q.1) What is the minimum dimension for a turning space in a water closet stall
intended for disabled persons?
A. 2.00 m
B. 1.20 m
C. 1.00 m
D. 1.50 m (Your Answer)
Q.2) Who is empowered to administer the provision of Rep. Act 1378?
A. Office of the President
B. Congress of the Philippines
C. The Board of Examiners for Master Plumbers (Your Answer)
D. Professional Regulation Commision
Q.3) What is the PRC Resolution Number is issued by the Board of Master Plumbing
for the adoption and promulgation of the Revised National Plumbing Code of
the Philippines?
A. Res. No. 2 (Your Answer)
B. Res. No. 1378
C. Res. No. 4 (Correct Answer)
D. Res. No. 962
Q.4) A kind of cleanout plugs that will be installed in case where raised heads may
cause hazards to passing personnel or vehicles.
A. depressed
B. countersunk (Your Answer)
C. embedded
D. recessed
Q.5) The following are grounds for non-issuance of the certificate of registration by
the Board of Master Plumbers EXCEPT
A. convicted by court for any criminal offense
B. of unsound mind
C. guilty of immoral or dishonorable conduct
D. failure to pay the required fees (Your Answer)
Q.6) Who shall set the criteria for the quality of drinking water from meteoric,
surface or underground sources?

A. National Water Resources Board

B. Department of Health
C. National Standards for Drinking Water (Your Answer)
D. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Q.7) If a septic tank has a compartment that exceed 3.7 m in length, what should be
the additional requirement?
A. An additional manhole (Correct Answer)
B. Increase the size of the leaching chamber
C. Increase the number of compartments (Your Answer)
D. Baffle wall is added
Q.8) Where the number of water closets in a floor level exceeds 20, how many of these
shall be provided to the disabled persons?
A. 1
B. 2 (Correct Answer)
C. 3
D. 4 (Your Answer)
Q.9) What kind of concealed connections on fixtures that it is required to provide an
access panel or utility at least 0.30 meter in its least dimension for easy
inspection and repair?
A. slip joint (Your Answer)
B. ball and socket
C. hubless
D. flanged
Q.10) Which of the following could be omitted if the trap arm changes direction that
does not exceed 90 degrees?
A. Wye
B. Cleanout (Your Answer)
C. Long sweep
D. Combination of 1/8 bend and wye
Q.11) According to the Building Code of the Philippines what is the range in height
above grade should the Siamese fire department conncetion be installed?
A. 30 cm to 1.2 m (Your Answer)
B. 60 cm to 1.5 m
C. 80 cm to 1.8 m

D. 50 cm to 1.0 m
Q.12) What installation standard is followed in joining plastic pipe and fittings by
solvent cement?
A. ISO (Your Answer)
C. IAPMO (Correct Answer)
Q.13) The appropriate sealant that will be used to cover void spaces between pipes
and sleeves through concrete floors in the ground
A. bitumen (Correct Answer)
B. epoxy (Your Answer)
C. grease
D. putty
Q.14) In accordance to the Building Code, what must be provided in addition to septic
tanks by building located in areas where there is no sanitary sewerage system
whenever they will dispose their waste?
A. Baffle plate
B. Subsurface absorption filed (Correct Answer)
C. Imhoff tank
D. Settling chamber (Your Answer)
Q.15) Under the Accessibilty Law, what is the minimum area of water closet stalls?
A. 1.7 x 1.8 meters (Your Answer)
B. 2.0 x 2.0 meters
C. 1.5 x 1.8 meters
D. 1.2 x 2.0 meters
Q.16) When shall the installation of plumbing equipment to supply building or
structures from existing water supply system only be allowed to?
A. If the water demand is inadequate
B. Whenever the water supply is scantity availbale
C. When there is always water in the main (Your Answer)
D. When water is not available in the vicinity
Q.17) Under what law did plumbing became a duly recognized profession by the
Philppine government?

A. Nat'l Plumbing Code of the Phil of 1959

B. Tydings McDuffie Act of 1905
C. Jones Law of 1907 (Correct Answer)
D. Republic Act 1378 (Your Answer)
Q.18) Who is authorized to issue rules and regulations to carry into effect the
objectives of Rep. Act 1378?
A. Board of Master Plumbers (Your Answer)
B. Congress of the Philippines
C. President of the Philippines (Correct Answer)
D. Professional Regulation Commision
Q.19) What should be done whenever a partition contains some piping and runs parallel to
the floor joist underneath?
A. Notching should be introduced into the joist
B. Adjust the joist to make it perpendicular with the direction of pipe
C. Space the joist wider to accommodate the pipe
D. Double the joist (Your Answer)
Q.20) What is the minimum height of raised letters on an iron or bronze sign that will read
A. 20mm
B. 1/4inch
C. 25mm (Your Answer)
D. 30mm
Q.21) What is the minimum pipe size of the standpipe if the highest outlet is located more
than 23 meters above the Fire Service connection?
A. 3 inches
B. 6 inches (Your Answer)
C. 5 inches
D. 4 inches
Q.22) The Building Code stated that all dry standpipe outlets shall be equipped with valves
having substantial chains. What kind of valve is this?
A. Check valve
B. Globe valve
C. Gate valve (Your Answer)
D. Ball valve

Q.23) What is the maximum distance as where supports of vertical cast iron soil pipes
are made?
A. every 3.0 m (Your Answer)
B. every meter
C. every storey (Correct Answer)
D. every joint
Q.24) Which of the following plumbing code in USA does the National Plumbing Code
of the Philippines was being patterned for?
A. Standard Plumbing Code
B. ASPE Code
C. Uniform Plumbing Code (Your Answer)
D. International Plumbing Code
Q.25) In the water test of the entire plumbing system all openings should be tightly
closed except at
A. producing cleanouts
B. highest opening (Your Answer)
C. stack vent
D. bleeders
Q.26) A stack, as defined in the code, is ___
A. the main vent
B. any vertical vent
C. the horizontal main of soil, waste, or vent stack
the vertical main of soil, waste, or vent piping that extends one or more
stories (Your Answer)
Q.27) What is the minimum diameter of vent pipe is allowed in the revised Code?
A. 1 inch
B. 1 1/4 inch (Your Answer)
C. 2 inch
D. 1 1/2 inch
Q.28) Except for plastic piping system, hot and cold water piping may be tested wtih
A. 50 psi of the working pressure of the water in the system for at least 15

minutes (Correct Answer)

B. 100 psi air for at least 10 minutes
C. 35 psi air for at least 15 minutes (Your Answer)
D. 40 psi air or 150 psi water for 10 minutes
Q.29) If the discharge of a fixture or drain may contain solids or semisolids heavier than
water that would be harmful to the drainage system or cause stopaage within the
system, where the discharge must pass first?
A. Sand interceptor (Correct Answer)
B. Screen wire mesh (Your Answer)
C. Wooden baffle
Q.30) A plumbing permit shall expire and become null and void if the plumbing work
authorized therein if not started for how many days?
A. 30 days
B. 45 days
C. 100 days
D. 365 days (Your Answer)
Q.31) What institution standart used as a reference for joining pipes?
B. ASPE (Your Answer)
D. IAPMO (Correct Answer)
Q.32) Within how many days upon the approval of Rep. Act No. 1378 does it require
to have a Board Examiners for Master Plumbers formed?
A. Thirty days (Correct Answer)
B. Fortyfive days
C. Sixty days
D. Fifteen days (Your Answer)
Q.33) In what year did NAMPAP was incorporated as a professional organization?
A. 1935 (Your Answer)
B. 1956
C. 1946
D. 1968
Q.34) PD No. 1185 is another law that Master Plumbers used as their guide in the

practice of the plumbing profession.What is PD No. 1185?

A. Accessibilty Law
B. Fire Code of the Philippines (Your Answer)
C. Water Code of the Philippines
D. Code of Sanitation
Q.35) Which of the following is not considered as suds-producing fixture?
A. kitchen sink
B. bath tub
C. washing machine (Your Answer)
D. bidet (Correct Answer)
Q.36) How does a pneumatic tank be designed to supply adequate water pressure in all
floors of a building that will be in accordance with the Building Code?
A. Twice the maximum total dynamic pressure required (Correct Answer)
B. Equal to the total water supply fixture units
C. Twice the total demand per capita (Your Answer)
D. Equal to the total dynamic head and minus all the head losses
Q.37) When can a vertical piping be considered to be wet vented?
A. between openings of vent pipes
B. between any two consecutive inlet levels (Your Answer)
C. on stack vent
D. when serving two water closets at different levels
Q.38) In sizing the grease interceptors, four elements are being used. Two of these elements
are number of meals per peak hour and the waste flow rate. Whta are the other two
A. Slope and retention time (Your Answer)
B. Storage factor and time of concentration
C. Retention time and storage factor (Correct Answer)
D. Percolation rate and time of concentration

Of the four board subjects given for Master Plumbers examination, which of this
subject was originally split into two subject?

Practical Problems (Correct Answer)

Design And Installations (Your Answer)
Plumbing Code
Plumbing Arithmetic

Q.40) How many units do the controversial Article of PD 1096 otherwise known as
the National Building Code limits the practice of Master Plumber?
A. 20 (Correct Answer)
B. 10
C. 5
D. 50
Q.41) Building sewers shall be tested by completely filling the sewer with water from the
A. lowest to the highest point (Your Answer)
B. lowest to at least ground level
C. lowest to at least a 10-foot head
D. lowest to at least a 5-foot head
Q.42) Aside from galvanized steel, what is the other material for dry standpipe that the
Building Code allows?
A. PVC pipe
B. Wrought iron (Correct Answer)
C. PE pipe
D. Brass (Your Answer)
Q.43) For new, additional or altered plumbing installation not exceeding 20 units, the
Building Code stated that a Licensed Master Plumber could sign and affix his seal on
the follwing engineering documents except
A. Plumbing plan and layout
B. Design analysis and plans of the original installation (Correct Answer)
C. Isometric drawing (Your Answer)
D. Guide specifications and bill of materials
Q.44) Unless prohibited by structural conditions, what is the reference of each vertical vent
pipes before offsetting horizontally to join the stack vent or vent stack?
A. invert of trap
B. air gap of fixture
C. water level inside the trap
D. highest flood level rim of fixture (Your Answer)
Q.45) What is the masimum length of the fire hose that shall be equipped on wet

A. 12 meters
B. 23 meters (Your Answer)
C. 17 meters
D. 25 meters
Q.46) What shape of signage is shown for mens showroom?
C. TRIANGLE (Your Answer)
Q.47) Who was awarded as the most outstanding Registered Master Plumber for the Year
A. Dave Vela (Correct Answer)
B. Alberto Azarcon
C. Alberto Cabael (Your Answer)
D. Thelma Cardente
Q.48) What is the minimum horizontal clear dsitance from the septic tank to the property
line of the adjoining private property?
A. 1.0 m
B. 1.2 m
C. 1.5 m (Your Answer)
D. 1.8 m
Q.49) What is the minimum total net inlet area of roof deck drains on roof deck used as sun
decks and parking decks?
A. equal to the area of outlet pipe (Your Answer)
B. equal to 4 times the area of outlet pipe
C. equal to 2 times the area of outlet pipe (Correct Answer)
D. equal to 1 1/2 times the area of outlet pipe
Q.50) The cover of gravity tanks shall be vented using a screened
A. return bend pipe (Correct Answer)
B. upright pipe
C. horizontal nipple
D. all of these (Your Answer)

Q.51) A type of drainage and venting system with universal branch line that is prohibited
A. single (Your Answer)
B. dual
C. dependent
D. alternate
Q.52) Except on what fixture does the vent pipe opening from the soil or waste pipe must
not be below the weir of the trap?
A. lavatory
B. kitchen sink
C. bath tub
D. water closet (Your Answer)
Q.53) A fitting for lead-caulked joint that is prohibited when in vertical position
A. single hub
B. double hub (Correct Answer)
C. double tapped tee
D. all of these (Your Answer)
Q.54) What is the shape for the signage for women's comfort room in order to aid visually
impaired women readilty determine whether a washroom is for men or women?
A. CIRCLE (Correct Answer)
C. TRIANGLE (Your Answer)
Q.55) Which of the following is a prohibited fixture inside a public toilet room?
A. faucet
B. drinking fountain (Your Answer)
C. slop sink
D. bidet
Q.56) In the excreta drainage system, which of the following pipe materials should not be
used underground?
A. vitrified clay pipe
B. hubless cast iron
C. galvanized wrought iron (Correct Answer)
D. none of the above (Your Answer)

Q.57) According to the Fire Code of the Philippines what is the required slope of all
horizontal runs of dry standpipes system for purpose of drawing?
A. 10%
B. 20% (Correct Answer)
C. 5%
D. 2% (Your Answer)
Q.58) What portion of the trap should the vent pipe opening will not go below from a soil
or waste pipe?
A. slip joint
B. weir (Your Answer)
C. sleeve
D. seal
Q.59) According to Rep. Act 1378 for at leasrt how many years must the appointee to the
Board of Master Plumbers must have been actively engaged in the trade of
A. Ten years
B. Eight years
C. Two years
D. Five years (Your Answer)
Q.60) What is not needed to be installed when a combination standpipe system is installed
in accordance with the Fire Code?
A. dry standpipe (Correct Answer)
B. wet standpipe
C. sprinkler system
D. siamese connection (Your Answer)
Q.61) Who has the power to remove any member of the Board of Master Plumbers for
neglect of duty, incompetence, malpratice and unprofessional or dishonorable
A. President of the Philippines (Correct Answer)
B. Civil Service Commisioner
C. Chairman of PRC Commisioners (Your Answer)
D. Commision on Appointments
Q.62) Aside from Bell and Spigot, B & S in the code means

A. Ball and Socket (Your Answer)

B. Browning and Smith
C. Butt and Soldered
D. Brown and Sharp (Correct Answer)
Q.63) Article of PD 1096 actually allows a Registered Master Plumber to sign and
seal plans for new sanitary installations of more than twenty (20) plumbing units.
Aside from being a Registered Master Plumber what is the other requirement that
you must have before you can sign and seal it?
A. A registered engineer (Correct Answer)
B. An engineering graduate
C. Having a minimum experience of 5 years
D. A member of NAMPAP (Your Answer)
Q.64) Wet venting is applied whenever
A. there are 1 or 2 fixtures at every level (Your Answer)
B. fixtures are of the same level (Correct Answer)
C. fixtures are not vented individually
D. none of these
Q.65) According to Art of PD 1096 what scope of work in plan preparation for new
sanitary installations with more than 20 units does a sanitary engineer differs with a
Registered Master Plumber?
A. Det. all drawings of septic tanks in the absence of disposal field (Correct Answer)
B. Sanitary plan, layout and details (Your Answer)
C. Cost estimate
D. Isometric drawings of roughing in.
Q.66) What is the name of the professional orginazation for the Registered Master
Plumbers here in the Philippines?
A. National Association of Master Plumbing of the Philippines
B. National Association of Master Plumbers of the Phillipines (Your Answer)
C. National Master Plumbers Association of the Philippines (Correct Answer)
D. National Master Plumbing Association of the Philippines
Q.67) What kind of joint is not allowed in cast iron pipe?
A. Welded
B. Threaded (Correct Answer)
C. Soldered
D. Ball and Spigot (Your Answer)

Q.68) Whenever the piping is pressurized by a pump or ejector, what kind of pipe should
not be used in the excreta drainage system?
A. vitrified clay pipe (Your Answer)
B. hubless cast iron
C. galvanized wrought iron
D. none of these
Q.69) For at least how many working days shall a required for inspection of the plumbing
works be filed before such inspection be intended?
A. 7 working days
B. 5 working days (Your Answer)
C. 3 working days (Correct Answer)
D. 10 working days
Q.70) What is the maximum allowable lead content of pipe and fitting for potable piping
A. 0%
B. 2% (Your Answer)
C. 5%
D. 8% (Correct Answer)
Q.71) To what provision does the design, construction and operation of deep wells for the
abstraction of ground water will have to follow?
A. National Plumbing Code of the Philippines
B. National Standards for Drinking Water
C. Water Code of the Philippines (Your Answer)
D. Code of Sanitation
Q.72) Which of the following is the primary basics for sizing vertical rainwater piping in
the Revised National Plumbing Code?
A. intensity of rainfall (Your Answer)
B. wind direction
C. slope of roof
D. roof area
Q.73) What is the minimum age requirement for an appointee to become a member of the
Board of Master Plumbers?

A. Thirty years old (Correct Answer)

B. Twenty eight years old
C. Thirty two years old
D. Thirty five years old (Your Answer)
Q.74) Drainage piping serving fixtures located below the crown level of the main sewer
shall discharge into an approved water tight
A. septic tank (Your Answer)
B. sump (Correct Answer)
C. cesspool
D. leaching tank
Q.75) To allow cleaning of the soil and waste line each cleanout should be installed
A. in the direction of flow (Correct Answer)
B. opening upward
C. vertically above flow line
D. all of these (Your Answer)
Q.76) What is the minimum number of approved slip joints fittings may be used on the
putlet side of the trap?
A. three
B. two
C. none
D. one (Your Answer)
Q.77) According to the Code, the desgign of roof gutters is based on the maximum roof
area. What is the shape of the gutter does the desgn table for storm sewer is being
based to?
A. Circular
B. Restangular (Your Answer)
C. Ovate
D. Semi-circular (Correct Answer)
Q.78) One of the Code of Ethics for Master Plumber states "Take advantage of a salaried
____ position to complete unfairly with a practicing Master Plumber." What is the
missing word?
B. GOVERNMENT (Correct Answer)
D. COMPETENT (Your Answer)

Q.79) If ever pipes are to pass through masonry by using pipe sleeves, how far must each
pipe be from each other?
A. Minimum of three diameters, center to center (Correct Answer)
B. Minimum of three diameters flushed from each hole (Your Answer)
C. Minimum of 0.15 m on centers
D. Maximum of two diameters flushed from each hole
Q.80) What is the nimimum floor area in every storey which is used for habitation,
recreation, dining, study of work and which has an occupiped load of not more than
20, wherein a standard automatic extinguishing system is a
A. 300 sq.m
B. 200 sq.m (Your Answer)
C. 400 sq.m
D. 500 sq.m
Q.81) Who was the first Charter President of NAMPAP?
A. Antonio Mansueto Sr.
B. Comelio G. Odvina
C. Jesus Tanghal Dera (Your Answer)
D. Catalino C. Casupanan (Correct Answer)
Q.82) Which of the following is not included in a plumbing unit?
A. Water Meter (Your Answer)
B. Floor Drain
C. Urinal (Correct Answer)
D. Laundry Tray
Q.83) For the hot and cold water distribution system, on what side should the hot water
supply be placed in combination fittings?
A. left (Your Answer)
B. right
C. center
D. none of these
Q.84) What is the maximum height should a water closet have if it is intended for a
disabled person.
A. 0.40m

B. 0.50m *
C. 0.45m (Your Answer)
D. 0.35m
Q.85) What Congress of the Republic of the Philippines approved after the third
reading Rep. Act 1378 otherwise known as the Plumbing Law of the
A. Third Congress (Your Answer)
B. Sixth Congress
C. Second Congress
D. Fifth Congress
Q.86) What is the minimum number of years of experience must a Registered Master
Plumber be before he can be a technical staff of a Building Office?
A. one year
B. three years (Correct Answer)
C. two years
D. five years (Your Answer)
Q.87) NAMPAP is a professional organization of Registered Master Plumber under
PRC. What is the PRC accreditation number of NAMPAP?
A. 10
B. 14 (Correct Answer)
C. 18 (Your Answer)
D. 12
Q.88) What is the minimum number of water closet in a floor level wherein you have to
provide 1 water closet for disabled persons as provided by Batas Pambansa Blg. 344?
in excess of this number you have to provide 2.
A. 12
B. 15
C. 20 (Your Answer)
D. 10
Q.89) The following are the data required whenever a Registered Master Plumber sign the
blueprint of the building plan EXCEPT
A. Date of PRC registration
B. PTR date
C. Registration expiry date (Your Answer)
D. none of these

Q.90) In order as not to impede the movement of a person in wheel chair and to have a
convenient access on the lavatory, what is the allowable knee recess vertical
clearance that will be provided?
A. 0.50 m to 0.80 m
B. 0.60 m to 0.80 m
C. 0.40 m to 0.70 m
D. 0.60 m to 0.70 m (Your Answer)
Q.91) The minimum requirement for the slope of horizontal drainage pipes between
manholes is
A. 2% (Your Answer)
B. 2 1/2%
C. 3%
D. 4%
Q.92) What is the type of Siamese connection that all 125-millimeter dry standpipes shall
be equipped with?
A. three-way (Correct Answer)
B. two-way (Your Answer)
C. four-way
D. one-way
Q.93) For how many days shall the REvised National Plumbing Code will take effect
following its complete publication in the Official Gazette?
A. 100 days (Correct Answer)
B. 60 days
C. 50 days
D. 30 days (Your Answer)
Q.94) What kind of septic tank is prohibited?
D. WOODEN (Your Answer)
Q.95) When permitted by DENR, which of the following below is NOT used as a basis
in determining the type of the private sewage disposal system to be used?

Q.96) Aside from the number of fixture units connected to it, the size of the vent
piping is determined by its
A. number of inlets
B. length (Your Answer)
C. discharge
D. loading
Q.97) For a vertical drainage line that is installed to be truly in vertical position, what is the
allowed degeree of the branch to be used?
A. 10
B. 45 (Your Answer)
C. 30
D. 60 (Correct Answer)
Q.98) In 1966- 1969, the Board of Master Plumbers and NAMPAP prepared a
curriculum for Plumbing Engineering and approved by the Department of
Education. What was the first school that introduced the Plumbing Engineering
A. Feati University (Correct Answer)
B. University of the Philippines
C. Mapua Institute of Technology (Your Answer)
D. National University

With what standard specification must all pipe materials must conform to?

A. Product Strandard of the Philippines (Correct Answer)

B. Interational Producers Standard
C. Philippine Standard Council
D. Department of Trade and Industry (Your Answer)
Q.100) What type of PVC female screws for water piping is prohibited under the
A. Tapped
B. Job fabricated (Correct Answer)
C. Seamless
D. Schedule 20 screws

Q.101) What is the minimum allowable interval for the support of plastic pipes when
installed vertically
A. 2ft
B. 5ft
C. 1 meter (Correct Answer)
D. 1.5 meter
Q.102) Where should the overflow pipe lead for overhead tank installed on buildings?
A. Soil stack
B. Scuppers
C. Storm drain (Your Answer)
D. Gutter
Q.103) Within how many meters away shall unions be installed from regulating equipment,
water heater, conditioning tank and similar equipment which require removal for
servicing or replacement?
A. 2 ft (Your Answer)
B. 1 m
C. 5 ft
D. 0.3 m (Correct Answer)
Q.104) Who is the current chairman of the Board of Examiners for Master Plumber?
A. Fortunato Amosco
B. Virgilio Simbulan (Correct Answer)
C. Jessie Mariano (Your Answer)
D. Valerin Maogila
Q.105) What shall be issued by the Administrative Authority for the construction of a part
of a large and/or complicated plumbing system before the entire plans and
specifications for the whole system have been submitted or approved?
A. restraining order (Your Answer)
B. partial permit (Correct Answer)
C. summon
D. evaluation sheet
Q.106) What is the minimum pipe size of the standpipe if the highest outlet is located 23
meters or less above the Fire Service connection?

A. 3 inches
B. 6 inches
C. 5 inches
D. 4 inches (Your Answer)
Q.107) What government agency is tasked to set the criteria in the discharge of sanitary
sewage from buildings or pretreated industrial wastewater directly into the nearest
sanitary sewer main?
A. National Pollution Control Commission
B. Dept of Environment and Natural Resources (Your Answer)
C. Department of Health
D. Department of Public Works
Q.108) What is the fee if an expired plumbing permit is renewed?
A. P 150.00
B. Equal to the original fee
C. Double of the original fee
D. 1/2 of the original fee (Your Answer)
Q.109) Who among the Board Examiners is not a signatory to PRC Resolution 04 that
request for the adoption and promulgation of the Revised National Plumbing
Code of the Philippines in 1999?
A. Imelda Perez (Correct Answer)
B. Aida Emely Luz
C. Fortunato Amosco (Your Answer)
D. Jesus Pacheco
Q.110) What is the maximum water pressure must standpipe fittings and connections must
withstand to when ready for service?
A. 21 kg/cm (Correct Answer)
B. 34 kg/cm
C. 15 kg/cm (Your Answer)
D. 8 kg/cm
Q.111) Where practical, all pipes from fixtures shall be run in what direction with
respect to the nearest wall or building line?
A. offset
B. parallel (Your Answer)
C. across
D. perpendicular

Q.112) Unless serving sinks or urinals, cleanouts may be omitted on a horizontal drain
line that is
A. equal to 2.0 meters
B. greater than 2.0 meters
C. less than 1.5 meters (Your Answer)
D. none of these
Q.113) Accordingto Batas Pambansa Blg. 344, what type of urinal should be provided
for disabled persons?
A. WALL-HUNG TYPE (Your Answer)
C. TROUGH TYPE (Correct Answer)