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Computer Science HSSC-II: Important Short Questions

1. What is meant by Machine Independence?

2. What is the use of include preprocessor?
3. Explain the main function used in C program.
4. What do you mean by delimiters?
5. Describe the standard identifiers. Also give examples
6. What are the character constants? Give examples
7. What are operators?
8. Define the implicit type casting.
9. What is the use of field width specifiers in C language?
10. Write any three advantages of using a form.
11. Write the syntax of if else if statement.
12. What is do while loop? Also write its syntax
13. What is the scope of local variable?
14. What is function declaration or function prototype?
15. Describe briefly the use of file pointer.
16. What is meant by redundancy?
17. Write a short note on Machine Language.
18. Write any three characteristics of High Level Languages.
19. Distinguish between # include and # define directives.
20. What is a Data type? List its various types in C.
21. What are Logical operators?
22. Define Compiling.
What is the use of else-if statement?
23. Why should programmer use a default label in a switch statement?
24. Define Loop.
25. Explain briefly the do-while statement. Also write its syntax.
26. What is Function? Write briefly its importance.
27. Write any three differences between local and global variable.
28. Write any three advantages of using a form.
29. Write briefly any three drawbacks of the traditional file approach.
30. What is meant by Normalization?
31. What type of error is most difficult to find and why?
32. What are language processors and their usage?
33. What is meant by normalization? Give two advantages of normalization.
34. List the types of operators used in C language. Write briefly about any tow of them
with examples.
35. Differentiate between the if-else and the switch statements with example.
36. Give two differences between local and Global variables.
37. Write any three advantages of using a form.

38. What is meant by function definition and function declaration? Give example of
function definition and declaration.
39. What is an Entity?
40. What is the use of format specifier in C language program? Also give two examples
of format specifier.
41. Define the following: Compiling, Linking, Execution
42. Differentiate between while and do-while loop with examples.
43. List the tasks of Database Administrator.
44. What do the following modes perform in C language: r+, a, r
45. Write down any three advantages of High Level Languages.
46. Define Compiling.
47. Differentiate between Preprocessor directives and Header files?
48. Describe the rules for writing names of Variables.
49. Distinguish between if-else and Switch statements.
50. Define Escape sequence.
51. What are logical operators?
52. State three ways of reading data from and writing data to files, along with standard
functions as an example.
53. Write briefly about the do-while loop.
54. State three types of relationship between two attributes with the help of one
example each.
55. Define Query.