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refining Catalysts

Market-leading, high-performance hydroprocessing solutions

Shell Global Solutions

Increasingly stringent fuel and environmental regulations,

heavier crudes and feedstocks, and soaring energy
demand have created complex, and sometimes conflicting,
challenges for refiners operating hydroprocessing units.
In response, many refiners are building new licensed units
or revamping their existing facilities.
Shell Global Solutions can provide customers with an
optimised hydroprocessing solution from its extensive,
leading-edge technology design portfolio. Working closely
with our customers and our affiliated catalyst teams, which
include Criterion Catalysts & Technologies (Criterion) and
Zeolyst International (Zeolyst), we develop cost-effective
and customised designs.

Customer driver: Changing feedstock slate
(heavy, sour, high-TAN and synthetic crudes),
legislative constraints (fuel specifications)
Solution: Market-leading catalysts from Criterion
and Zeolyst
Value delivered: Our catalyst breakthroughs have
enabled customers to push hydroprocessing units well
beyond their initial design limits
Proof point: Combining high catalyst activity with
Shell Global Solutions reactor internals can help refiners to
double an existing hydroprocessing units effective volume

In association with Criterion and Zeolyst,

we continue to develop hydroprocessing
catalysts with improved activity, selectivity
and stability. New products introduced
to the market in the last five years
account for 50% of our catalyst sales.

About the technology

Customers benefit from the combined experience and
expertise of Shell Global Solutions, Criterion (the
worlds largest hydroprocessing catalyst supplier and
having a track record of over 50 years) and Zeolyst.
Zeolyst is the global leader in commercial and
speciality zeolites, and its state-of-the-art hydrocracking
catalysts are currently installed in more than 50 of the
worlds hydrocracking units.
Our catalyst portfolio covers the entire range of
hydroprocessing applications, including:

tail gas treating;

alkylation pretreatment;

paraffin isomerisation;

x ylene isomerisation;

naphtha reforming (fixed and moving bed);

gasoline desulphurisation;

naphtha hydrotreating;

distillate hydrotreating;

fluidised catalytic cracking pretreatment;

hydrocracking pretreatment;


lubricant production (hydrocracking, hydrofinishing

and dewaxing);

fixed and ebullated-bed residue hydrotreating; and

catalyst-bed grading products.

pRoof poINTs
Marathon Oil Corporation

Process description
Continuous R&D has helped to improve the relative
volume activity of Criterions market-leading
desulphurisation catalysts by a factor of five.
However, the performance of any reactor system is
also a function of its design elements, including the
internals. By applying Shell Global Solutions
proprietary reactor internals, additional reactor
volume is made available for the catalyst. Coupled
with improved catalyst utilisation, this can result in a
3050% performance improvement, longer cycle
lengths and greater plant availability.

Hydrodesulphurisation activity, %


Regulations introduced by the Environmental

Protection Agency in the USA required a drastic
reduction in the sulphur content of on-road diesel
produced by US refineries. Marathons Detroit
refinery invested $300 million in an expansion and
clean fuels project, which included revamping the
distillate hydrotreater using Shell Global Solutions
reactor internals technology, to make ultra-lowsulphur diesel (ULSD). The refinery also upgraded to
a higher-activity desulphurisation catalyst from
Criterion to help maintain the design cycle length
and increase the processing flexibility while meeting
the stringent sulphur limits of 8 ppm.

Reliance Industries
Criterions high-performance catalysts were selected
for Reliances new 580,000-bbl/d, export-focused
refinery in Jamnagar. The catalysts will be applied in
two grass-roots vacuum gas oil units and ULSD units.
Shell Global Solutions has been providing Reliance
with technical support since 1999, shortly before the
refinerys commissioning and start-up phase.








50, 10ppm



Figure 1: As sulphur specifications have become increasingly stringent,

the activity levels of Criterions catalysts have increased.

Performance data
Product-demand shifts, changes in crude oil sources,
local market conditions and design differences in
individual units dictate a flexible and tailored approach
for developing a robust solution. Our process team
works closely with Criterion and Zeolyst technologists
to match hardware and catalyst properties, and to
create an optimised system designed to produce a
customers desired product slate.
Business value
Customers have access to a licensing technology
package that includes Shell Global Solutions reactor
internals hardware optimised with market-leading
catalysts from Criterion and Zeolyst. It helps to deliver:

higher-value, improved-quality products; and

robust, flexible unit performance.

Other parts of the technology package we offer

include technical service support and troubleshooting,
for example, regularly scheduled performance
monitoring and reviews by Criterion and Zeolyst;
benchmarking against industry standards for
operations; technical audits; advice on operational
procedures; and revamping studies.

HAvE yOu CONsidErEd HOw yOu CAN


maximise cycle length and unit performance?

 ptimise the reactor-internals design and the
catalyst-loading scheme?
 anufacture products to meet changing markets
and tighter specifications?

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