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March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 1

The UCO Reporter

Volume 29, No. 3 Publication of the UNITED CIVIC ORGANIZATION of CENTURY VILLAGE (WPB) March 2010
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Proposed Voting by Delegates for 2010

UCO Bylaw Officers and Executive Board
From the Desk Amendments The 2010 slate for the election of Officers and the Executive
of President (Additions shown by “under- Board is as follows:
lining”, deletions shown by
George “strikeout”, unaffected text
For President, the candidates are:
• Peter Amato
Loewenstein indicated by “... ”)
• Dan Gladstone
Vote for just one
Section A, Paragraph 1 (un- or this section will be void.
• David Israel
numbered), lists the officers
of UCO and proposes to in- For Vice President, the candidates are:
It is so sad that there are unit owners in this village who write
clude the President Emeritus • Sal Bummolo
letters smearing the names and reputations of candidates who
as an officer of UCO. The • Frank Cornish Vote for just two
are willing to donate their time and energy on behalf of our
term “officer” and “office” • Jerry Karpf or this section will be void.
residents. We should be grateful that we have folks that are will-
have long been used synony- • Dot Loewenstein
ing to assume the mantle of leadership rather than discouraging
mously in the UCO Bylaws, • Phyllis Richland
them by subjecting them to this kind of negativism. Although For Treasurer, the candidates are:
and incorrectly so, according
our administration has repeated again and again “we will not • Ed Black Vote for just one
Florida Statutory Corpora-
bash anyone in our newspaper” some have learned that the Blog • Dorothy Tetro or this section will be void.
tion Law and our attorney.
can be used for any purpose, bashing or not. However, I must For Corresponding Secretary, the candidate is:
It has always been assumed
say that those who monitor the Blog immediately removed one • Avis Blank
that the ‘office of the Presi-
item recently. Therefore, it is a mystery as to how this item For Recording Secretary, the candidate is:
dent Emeritus’ was indeed
managed to become anonymous, copied and distributed to the • Rhea Cohen
an officer’s position, though
entire village. It is so sad. For Executive Board, the candidates are:
this section failed to perfect • Dave Bernstein • Claudette LaBonte
Since this will be my last column as president, I would like
this intent by not specifically • Bettie Bleckman • Haskell Morin
to first of all thank the residents for having given me the op-
listing it as an officer’s posi- • Roberta Boehm-Fromkin • Marie Oliver
portunity to serve in this capacity over the last four years. It has
tion. The President Emeritus • Randall Borchardt • Eileen Pearlman
been a very rewarding and satisfying experience for me. Much
has, as a matter of practice, • Suzie Byrnes • Michael Rayber
has happened over these past four years, and I would like to
always been included as a • Carol Castro • Honey Sager
share some of the highlights with you.
member of the Officers’ Com- • Sandy Cohen • Joe Saponaro
I took office as president in March of 2006 after having been
mittee, though the Bylaws • Barbara Cornish • Phil Shapkin
the treasurer for the prior two years. Within two months after
restrict full membership in • Sara Farkas • Howie Silver
being installed, we were able to reopen the clubhouse. We
this committee exclusively • George Franklin • Myron Silverman
instituted a weekly Cabaret Night in the Party Room where I
to officers. The President • Louise Gerson • Ted Silverman
often acted as Emcee. We also enlisted the help and support
Emeritus has also always • Dom Guarnagia • Lori Torres
of Mark Levy and his staff to work on the theater. In May of
been considered a member of • Jackie Karlan • Jeanette Veglia
2007 we cut the ribbon and celebrated with a wonderful free
the Executive Board by virtue • Syd Kronish • Kurt Weiss
performance of several acts, thanks to Abby Koffler.
of his presumed position as • Olga Wolkenstein
At that time we also instituted our Usher Corps under the
an officer. To quote from a Vote for no more than twenty (20) or this section will be void.
guidance of Claudette LaBonte, replacing a paid staff, and
recent correspondence from Election Section Beginning Page 13
saving the residents over $60,000 a year. We convinced WPRF
UCO’s attorney “Remember
to issue passes to non-resident unit owners whose apartments Newcomers Welcome and
that the term “office” is broad
were vacant, so that they could enjoy the facilities.
The Maintenance Committee was re-activated under V.P.
enough to include a Delegate, Orientation Meeting
whereas the term “officer” is Are you a new owner or renter in Century Vil-
Jerry Karpf. It has proven to be one of the most popular com-
the President, VP, etc.” The lage? Do you have questions about our Village?
mittees. We also have periodic meetings of condo presidents, Then come Monday, February 22, 2010 at 1:30 in
President Emeritus (or any
chaired by Gerry Sutofsky. We broke up the Security committee the Clubhouse Party Room. Informative speak-
other officer of UCO) will
and formed a separate Safety committee co-chaired by George ers include our President, George Loewenstein,
no longer be referred to as
Franklin and Michael Rayber. and some of our Vice Presidents, as well as Vice
“holding an office”, but more President of WPRF, Anita Cruz, who will answer
Under the chairmanship of Ken Davis with the able assistance
precisely, occupying the posi- questions. Lite refreshements will be served.
of Ed Black, we began taping the delegate meetings for later
tion of an officer. As such, the Myron Silverman, Haskell Morin,
broadcast on Channel 63. We initiated many town meetings to
duties and responsibilities of Co-Chairmen
disseminate important information. Lately we have broadcast
the President Emeritus shall
interviews with various committee chairs.

Election, March 5
Continued on Page 9 be stricken from this section
and properly placed in AR-
Good news: We will go back to our regular luncheon on Sunday,
March 14, with menus of either chicken or fish.
OFFICERS”, newly add-
ed section F. PRESIDENT 8:00-9:00 a.m., Classroom C
The gala afternoon will begin at 12 noon at the Marriott, West EMERITUS”.

Delegate Meeting
Palm Beach. Please make your reservations as soon as possible.
Checks should be made out to UCO for $35 per person, with
Due to the recent changes in
10 guests at a table. When you give me your check, please be sure Chapter 617, Florida Statute,
to note your food choice and whether you would like a sugar-free UCO has been reclassified as
dessert. Also give me the names of those you would like at your
a “Mutual Benefit Corpora-
9:30 a.m., Clubhouse Theater
See you there. tion”. As per the direction
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair
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Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

UCO Volunteers Richard Hardy. ers. The lovely, Trish vocal-

Approximately 400 attend- ized several new and old tunes.
Honored at ed and most chose to be seated Joseph Roberts began with
At the Delegate Special Luncheon with their specific committee After the Lovin’, made famous
By Syd Kronish members with whom they by Engelbert Humperdinck.
Assembly During the year, many men work all year. More than 15 The ladies were wooed with
Betty Lapidus and women devote many committees were represented. several other romantic melo-
hours to helping conduct the Mary Patrick Benton, dies as he toured various tables
business and programs of our chairperson for the event, giving a personal touch to his
Village without compensation greeted those in attendance performance.
or other rewards. It was time and thanked them for their All those in attendance
February 5, 2010 Borchardt, Suzanne Byrnes, for these UCO volunteers to dedicated service during this agreed it was a most delight-
231 delegates were signed David Bernstein, Roberta be thanked. They were served past year. President George ful afternoon with good food,
in. Capt. Callaway led the Boehn-Fromkin, Carol Cas- in style with a special buffet Loewenstein welcomed all good fun. They were glad
Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes tro, Sandra Cohen, Ken Davis luncheon in the Clubhouse and said, “this is my retirement they were deeply appreciated
were accepted as presented. (withdrawn), Sara Farkas, party room on January 21. The party, since I will be leaving for their many hours of work
Treasurer’s Report was ac- George Franklin, Louise Ger- luncheon was sponsored by office after four years, having for the benefit of their fellow
cepted. son, Dom Guarnagia, Jackie UCO, and catered by Meals worked with all of you.” residents. o
President’s Report - George Karlan, Syd Kronish, Clau- of the Century, headed by Entertaining the happy
Loewenstein reported that dette LaBonte, Haskell Morin, crowd were a pair of fine sing- Photos on Page 21
H1N1 flu shots will be given
free in our clubhouse on Feb.
Marie Oliver, Eileen Pearl-
man, Michael Rayber, Honey
February Meetings
15th. Call the UCO office to Sager, Joe Saponaro, Phil
sign up. Shapkin, Howie Silver, Myron As of 2/1/10
Capt. Callaway announced Silverman, Ted Silverman, Date Time Group Location
that citations were given for Lori Torres, Jeanette Veglia,
those turning right illegally at Kurt Weiss. 2/1/10 1:30 pm Executive Board Meeting Room B
our Haverhill exit. Remember The following wee nomi-
there is no turn on red at this nated for the Executive Board 2/4/10 10:30 am Maintenance: FL Ombudsman Room C
exit. George thanked the Sher- from the floor: Olga Wolken-
iff’s office for their prompt stein, Barbara Cornish, and
2/4/10 2:00 pm Town Meeting: Golf Course Theater
response whenever they are Bettie Bleckman. Each nomi- 2/5/10 9:30 am Delegate Assembly Theater
called to Century Village. nation was made and seconded
Roberta Fromkin, Chair by a Delegate. 2/5/10 1:00 pm Editorial UCO Office
Nominations & Search Com- Nominations were closed.
mittee, read the slate of of- The election will be from 8 2/5/10 2:00 pm Security UCO Office
ficers and Executive Board. a.m. to 9 a.m. Friday, March
President: Peter Amato, 5th in Room C of our Club- 2/9/10 9:30 am Irrigation/Infrastructure UCO Office
Dan Gladstone, Dave Israel. house. Hershel Sarasohn ex- 2/9/10 10:00 am Maintenance Room C
Vice President: Sal Bummolo, plained in detail how the votes
Frank Cornish, Jerry Kar- will be counted, etc. George 2/15/10 Closed President’s Day UCO Office
pf, Dot Loewenstein, Phyllis thanked Roberta and Hershel
Richland. Treasurer: Ed Black, for their cooperation. 2/15/10 9:30 am Transportation Room B
Dorothy Tetro. Corresponding Randall Borchardt dis-
Secretary: Avis Blank. Record- cussed the proposed UCO 2/15/10 3:00 pm CERT Art Room
ing Secretary: Rhea Cohen. Bylaw amendments which
She then asked for nomina- were attached to the agendas.
2/17/10 2:00 pm Town Meeting: Homestead Signup Room C
tions from the floor. There These will appear in the March 2/22/10 1:30 pm Welcome/Orientation Meeting Party Room
were no further nominations issue of the UCO Reporter and
for officers. will be voted on at the March 2/23/10 10:00 am Operations UCO Office
Executive Board: Randy Delegates’ Meeting. o
2/25/10 10:00 am Officers UCO Office
Are You On the List?
Duly registered Delegates sign in at the Delegate As- Clubhouse
sembly and vote on issues affecting their community.
These Associations had no impact at the 2/5/09 meeting:
By Dot Loewenstein
Louise Gerson We are now
DORCHESTER A,C,E,H We have been busy last We do not have blank leases
month with 61 sales, 38 rent-
als, 14 deed transfers and 11
or contracts for sale here.
A big thank you goes out espcially
requests for occupants for a to all of you who come in as
Large Print,
KINGWOOD C,E total of 124 investigations. ladies and gentlemen to our
NORTHHAMPTON A,E,F,G,H,J,L,S This department only does in- Investigation office. We are
vestigations. We gather informa-
tion and give it to the Association
here to help you and really try
hard to do so. To the few who hardcov-
SALISBURY D,E,H Board only. All decisions are come in with an “attitude,”
made by your board. We cannot
advise you what to do.
please do as my Mom told
me: “You catch more flies with
er books.
Sorry, we are not realtors,
lawyers or a title compa-
honey than vinegar.” We are
dedicated volunteers, like all Thank you.
WALTHAM B,E,F,G ny. Any questions or advice the Officers and board mem-
WINDSOR A,B,F,I,P,S should only come from them. bers of your Associations. o
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

Is SB 780
By Shirley Olivera
Whether or not this bill is
Cable passed in its original form or
David Israel modified is neither here nor Dan Gladstone
there for the present and im-
mediate future.
There are remedies that the
Associations can institute now
Taking on the Giant the On Demand button on to avoid problems later, such as: A few words on the First I was physically involved in
Where we were your remote — many movies • Accept only fully invested Priority Restoration (FP) each claim so that all parties
A few years ago, our cable- (some pay-for, but many free); buyers, no mortgages. situation and why it all start- would be aware of the deli-
TV company, Adelphia, got TV reruns; and a number of • Increase reserves by assessing ed. On January 1, 2009, a new cate situation. Furthermore, I
taken over by Comcast, the music channels. This applied new owners a one-time Aban- company acquired Philadel- have been always personally
giant in the cable-TV indus- to one TV in your apartment, donment/Foreclosure fee. phia Insurance Company that involved in each and every
try. Comcast violated our old whichever one you chose. The • Increase annual common covers our water damages. claim because I had to be sure
Adelphia contract by doing agreement was for Comcast charges to cover a percent- The new company, that was that the insurance coverage
away with seven of our chan- to come by later and, for no age of each unit’s cost to not aware of the way our would be there and that the
nels, one being our third HBO extra charge, add two spe- carry for six months in the Village was run, issued an insurance adjuster would not
channel. At the same time, our cial boxes to provide us with event of abandonment/fore- insurance policy that covered have a chance to deny the
contract was near its end. Our channels 2-99 to two other closure. the whole Century Village claim. In 30% of the cases,
cable-TV committee consisted TVs in your apartment. We Or to state it plainly: There with $15,000 only for mold. I saved the day. Claims that
of one person. What were we lost our remaining two HBO is no free lunch or free ride. In other words, there was no insurance adjusters could
to do? channels, which many people Home ownership entails per- coverage at all. have been diverted to denial
What we did enjoyed, but which often ran sonal responsibilities and Although the mistake was were ready for inspection on
Going up against Com- the same movie over and over costs. Any costs assumed by noticed by the adjusters in the positive side.
cast was like David going up again, and which we were in a lender will eventually be February 2009 and me in Another interesting point!
against Goliath. Many com- danger of losing anyway by passed on to all borrowers March, when I received the In a claim situation, an asso-
munities like ours were getting Comcast’s pulling them, just whether or not the property is policies, the Village had to ciation could pick one of two
ripped off by the cable-TV as they had done with our third repossessed in a foreclosure, take care of the mounting options. a) do the repairs on
companies, paying increas- HBO channel. tax sale, or abandonment. damages. No adjuster would your own i.e. get bids, b) pay
ingly exorbitant prices. When The biggest signing bonus The problem with condo- issue a report without actually contractors the down payments
appointed chair of the Cable- our attorney had ever seen minium and other homeowner seeing a written coverage by yourself c) present the “proof
TV Committee for the Village, The bonus we got by sign- common charges is that they the insurance company. Thus, of loss” to the insurance com-
I assembled a team to try to ing with Comcast was the are shared and obligatory. The no money was coming in. pany and wait for the check. Or
solve the problem. We inter- biggest that our attorney, who assumption is that all own- I met FP for the first time choose the other option, which
viewed several companies is an expert in cable contract ers will pay their share until in April 2009 during their was, to be responsible only
that specialize in striking the law, had ever seen. It was so they dispose of the property. presentation at the mainte- for the deductible. That’s it
best deal for folks like us with large — in excess of two mil- (See Florida’s Boom & Bust nance committee and after 3 on your part.
cable-TV companies. We fi- lion dollars — that Comcast economy below.) association presidents from FP would have to adhere to
nally selected one, Converged insisted we sign a confidential- Lenders will fight this bill the audience praised their the dollar amount agreement
Systems, Inc. (CSI), to go to ity agreement to not publicly because historically lenders work & services. They agreed among the three adjusters
bat for us. Happily, their fee divulge the exact amount. In have not been responsible to start immediately the emer- i.e. the association insurance
was a percentage of how much addition, the percentage fee for homeowner insurance, gency works in the Village on company adjuster, the unit
they could save us, not an ad- we paid for CSI’s services real estate taxes, repairs and my verbal promise only that owner adjuster and the public
ditional expense. was 15%, believed to be the maintenance. A mortgage the mistake by the insurance adjuster that would look after
What CSI did for us lowest rate of compensation agreement usually requires a company was recognized and the interest of the associations
The goal of CSI was simple: ever paid by a bulk customer real estate tax and/or insurance that it would be corrected. In & the unit owners. This sys-
to obtain the best mix of ser- to this company. escrow reserve. Private mort- other words, they were will- tem took all the burden of
vice, cost, and signing bonus What has the money been gage insurance is also required ing to work with no money out of pocket monies from
for us. Because Century Vil- used for? if the buyer’s deposit is less in sight. the associations/unit owners.
lage is so large, we had more The bonus money was used, than 20%. These obligations Learning from the three The system was so suc-
leverage than did smaller of course, to pay this 15% and protect the lender from loss hurricanes that we experi- cessful that some opposition
communities in negotiating a to pay our attorney. This left us in case the borrower defaults. enced when associations had (in my mind politically mo-
favorable contract. CSI helped so much that the UCO admin- The lender has no control roofs blown away with no tivated) started to protect the
us boil down the choices to istration decided to take a big over what borrowers do with tarps or shingles available for mighty insurance companies
four cable-TV companies, chunk of it to completely pay their property with respect to weeks, I was looking for a and complain about the large
with Comcast being one of off the remaining mortgage repairs and upkeep. company that would be ready amount of money that was
them. Comcast became well on the new UCO building. If lenders use bailout funds to supply it on a moments coming to our residents and
aware that we were doing Remember this, please, those (taxpayer funds) to bail out notice. FP did. They have a associations. More so when
some intelligent shopping, and of you who have been critical! suffering homeowner associa- warehouse ready for us next the checks began to arrive,
if they were to hold onto us, It was then prudently decided tions, then it will be taxpayers door on Vista Parkway West some decided to hold it al-
they would have to consider- to invest 35% of the money in picking up the bills. Why should of us. They were also ready to though according to the agree-
ably sweeten the pot. After CDs in case the Village had to taxpayers subsidize retirement supply radio communications ments they were not involved
extensive analysis and many pay taxes on the signing bonus, and vacation communities such in case of a power failure. in any money situation. These
meetings with CSI, the Cable since this was an unknown. Ev- as Century Village with ameni- It took another three months checks were the first of 2 or 3
Committee, the Officers Com- ery remaining penny has been ties that they don’t themselves until the written endorsement to come so there was no reason
mittee, the Executive Board, returned to our unit owners to possess? Robbing poor Peter to (Philadelphia PHPK359306) to hold it until the work was
and finally the Delegate As- reduce the monthly cable fee pay rich Paul? I don’t think it reached me on June 18, 2009. done. The insured claimed
sembly, agreed to accept a for the first year of the contract. will fly in North Dakota. These By this time FP was owed hun- that they did not want to “pay
brand new Comcast offer. Our $22.95-per-month bulk funds should come out of lend- dreds of thousands of dollars. in advance” for works not
What we gained and what rate per condo unit for Basic ers’ profits, if any. Please note that I was not aware finished. 1st Priority was not
we lost Cable, Expanded Basic, Digi- It has always puzzled me of how many damages were to going anywhere because other
As you know, we gained tal Starter tier, and 48 music why Century Village resi- come in the future and for me money was owed to them. To
the digital starter tier. We also channels goes for $56.00 per dents are convinced that they each claim was the last one. remind you all, they were not
gained the vast number of month across the street from must live as cheaply as pos- With no money from the supposed to be involved in
channels you get by pushing insurance company in sight,
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Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

nominated Louis van Amstel.

Sat., Mar. 20, 8:00 p.m.:
Cavendish Review. The Gold
Your Theater Coast Singers will feature

songs from Kiss Me Kate, Safety
State Fair, The Music Man,
LaBonte Hello Dolly, and many more. George Franklin
Also always an Century Vil-
lage favorite.
Tue., Mar. 23, 8:00 p.m.:
Sophisticated Ladies: Taking
Cannot believe I am making always use a laugh. us way back to the l940s and This month, the safety sub- as the maximum speed limit
show recommendations lead- Tue., Mar. 9, 8:00 p.m.: the music of Duke Ellington. ject is golf carts. in the village is 25 miles per
ing to the end of the season. Pure Piaf — Songstress Alex Tap dancers and singers skill- As we know, there are quite hour. Some of you take your
How quickly this season has Ryder will transport you into fully perform “The Duke’s” a few residents who own and golf carts outside the Village
passed. You have had the op- the story of Edith Piaf and her classics such as It Don’t Mean use “Golf Carts” in the Vil- and onto Okeechobee Blvd.
portunity to see great shows struggle to rise to international a Thing If It Ain’t Got That lage. In addition to residents, I have seen this personally.
and hope you take advantage stardom. She will also bring Swing, Satin Doll and many the majority of management Please be aware that if you are
of what is planned for you this knowledge of her loves and more hits. companies also operate these caught, you may face a non
March. her losses. Thu., Mar. 25, 8:00 p.m.: vehicles. criminal traffic infraction as
Tue., Mar. 2, 8:00 p.m.: * Thu., Mar. 11, 7:00 p.m.: Joy Siegel’s The Tokens. They I have had many questions a moving violation or a non
The Four Freshmen. They Tony Orlando in Concert. One broke history by making it and some complaints about the moving violation, depending
will present the best songs of of our favorites, so “Tie a yel- back on the charts in the 90s use of these vehicles in the Vil- on the subsections charged
the 1950s — when Rock ‘N low ribbon ‘round your door with the re-release of their lage. I will attempt to answer under. In addition, if you are
Roll was considered music handle” because you don’t mega-hit The Lion Sleeps To- these concerns. Florida State involved in an accident, there
by us and our friends, but not want to miss any part of this night, which first appeared on Traffic Statute #316.2125 can be serious repercussions in
our parents. This group tours seven p.m. show. You can be the charts in 1961. states that operation of a golf the form of lawsuits for prop-
throughout the world perform- assured of a great evening of Sat., Mar. 27, 8:00 p.m.: Sal cart in a retirement commu- erty damage and or injuries.
ing the famous standards such songs and memories. Richards. A funny man who nity is permissible providing Another problem we have
as Route 66, Mood Indigo and Sat., Mar. 13, 8:00 p.m.: loves to bring laughter into the (refer to section 316.212.4) been faced with is the op-
Graduation Day. Forbidden Broadway. Cel- lives of his fans. His early days that they are operated only eration of these carts on the
Thu., Mar. 4, 8:00 p.m.: ebrating its 25th Anniversary in the Catskills projected him during the hours between grass areas and pedestrian
The CV Symphony Orchestra. in New York. It is a spoof of to starring roles on today’s top sunrise and sunset unless walkways. After reading the
Your neighbors and friends. show tunes, characters and television shows. Join us and the responsible government above, I would think that un-
Who could resist providing plots. Nothing is as it used laugh. entity has determined that a less a management company
them with applause? Listen to be. The show targets such Sun., Mar. 28, 8:00 p.m.: golf cart may be operated dur- is actually using the golf cart
to tunes from the Broadway megahits as Wicked, Chicago, Jake Enrenreich in Concert. I ing the hours between sunset to maintain a property, such
Stage and favorites from the The Producers, Mamma Mia had the pleasure of seeing Jake and sunrise and the golf cart as in spraying from the cart or
American Songbook. and more. All this in one in his one-man musical com- is equipped with head lights, transferring parts of some na-
Sat., Mar. 6, 8:00 p.m.: production. Not one show to edy, A Jew Grows in Brooklyn. brake lights, turn signals ture to a location on property,
Dick Capri — known as the miss. He is funny and musically and a windshield. to please use the street. I have
comic who will go anywhere Sun., Mar. 14, 8:00 p.m.: talented. A wonderful closing Now, this is very simple observed what I would feel to
to get a laugh and he now will Ballroom With a Twist. This act to the season. to understand. If your golf be unsafe operation of some of
come to Century Village via dance production is directed Remember “Tony Orlando” cart is not equipped as stated, these carts.
nightclubs, resorts, arenas and choreographed by Danc- is a 7:00 p.m. show. See *. you may not operate it after Don’t forget: Just because
and theaters. We certainly can ing With the Stars’ own Emmy See you at the Theater. o sunset. 316.212.5 states: “A these are small unlicensed
golf cart must be equipped vehicles, you do not have the
CLUBHOUSE MOVIES with efficient brakes , reliable right to use them in a careless
steering apparatus, safe tires, manner.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER (PG-13 • 95 min)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel a rear view mirror, and red These carts can cause serious
Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t. An offbeat
romantic comedy about a woman who doesn’t believe true
reflectorized warning devices injury and property damage if
love exists, and the young man who falls for her. in both the front and rear.” Part not used properly. Last, I would
Mon, 2/22, 6:45 pm; Tue, 2/23, 1:45 pm; Thu, 2/25, 6:45 pm; (6) states that a golf cart may strongly suggest that you check
Sun, 2/28, 1:45 pm; Mon, 03/01, 6:45 pm

not be operated on a public with your insurance company
JULIE & JULIA (PG-13 • 123 min) street by persons under the and agent to be sure you have
Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci age of 14 years old. Those of insurance coverage on your
Passion. Ambition. Butter. Do You Have What It Takes?
Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is you with grandchildren under cart. There is nothing that I
14 years old, please be careful could find that states insurance
intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s challenge to cook all
the recipes in Child’s first book. Good Sam........................655-5511 if you allow them to operate is required. However, it would
Tue, 3/02, 1:45 pm; Sun, 3/07, 1:45 pm; Mon, 03/08, 6:45 pm;
Tue, 3/09, 1:45 pm; Sun, 3/14, 1:45 pm ...........................1309 N Flagler Dr these vehicles. be very advisable to have some
Golf carts are considered sort of coverage on your cart in
(rated R for adult situations)
Columbia.........................842-6141 “low speed” vehicles and may case of accident or injury.
Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent
Once upon a time in Nazi occupied France during World
.................................... 2201 45th St only be operated on a street I hope I have helped those
with a speed limit of 35 miles of you who have expressed
War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “The
Basterds” are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout
JFK..................................642-3751 per hour or less. This means concern and asked questions
the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The
Basterds soon cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage girl .............................5301 S Congress that the golf carts may be oper- regarding these golf carts.
ated on Century Village streets Again, please drive safely! o
who runs a movie theater in Paris which is targeted by the
soldiers. St. Mary’s........................881-2900
Mon, 3/15, 6:45 pm; Tue, 3/16, 1:45 pm; Thu, 3/18, 1:45 pm;
Sun, 3/21, 1:45 pm; Mon, 3/22, 6:45 pm ......................................901 45th St,
LOVE HAPPENS (PG-13 • 109 min)
Aaron Eckhart, Jennifer Aniston, Martin Sheen
Palm West.......................798-3300 Don’t Forget to
Sometimes when you least expect it...about a widower whose
book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling
.....................13001 Southern Blvd, Buckle Up
book guru. On a business trip to Seattle, he falls for a woman
who attends one of his seminars, only to learn he hasn’t yet
Wellington Hospital.........798-8500 We have a tough seat belt law in the state
truly confronted his wife’s passing.
Tue, 3/23, 1:45 pm; Sun, 3/28, 1:45 pm; Mon, 3/29, 6:45 pm ............... 10101 W Forest Hill Blvd of Florida. Police will stop you if you are not
(Continued next month) Palm Bch Gdns Hosp......622-1411 buckled up — no other traffic infraction is
NO ADMISSION TO BE CHARGED ................................3360 Burns Rd necessary. Do not test them!
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5

Lies, Lies and Overheard

More Lies “is he the one that’s losing
A recent letter to the editor it?”
stated that because of our 10 “she’s deaf as a post”
The official newspaper of Century Village year cable contract instigated “those people with walkers
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 by the cable gurus of UCO are…”
our rates went down by $5.00 “I don’t like your last name”
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830
per apartment per month. —
Email: This people, is not true. The That one was a first hand
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri cost went down because the phone call; I feel a bit like
Editor Pro Tem.............................................. Dot Loewenstein doorway fee was applied to Hillary sometimes.
Senior Editor.........................................................Syd Kronish the cost of the residents’ yearly Then there are the ones with
Recap of the Golf budget; a one time, one year sensitive ears who ask people
Associate Editor.............................................. June Saponaro
Course Presentation on reduction only. to please stop shouting.
Layout Specialist.......................................... Myron Silverman
The cable contract was We all should be able to live
Editorial Board.......................All Editors, Pres and Vice Pres February 4, 2010 together at this stage of our
Production....................................................... John Saponaro The owners of the golf signed more than one year
before our last contract ex- lives without constantly criti-
Bookkeeper............................................. Antoinette Salometo course gave their presentation
pired, and because of this, we cizing, or critiquing. This is my
Advertising....................... Don McDonough, Mindy Weingart showing an artist’s rendition
are paying $349,660 more for request for forgiveness to the
Consultant................................................................. Ken Graff of the plans for a housing de-
this one year only. Yes, we hard of hearing who appear
Proofreaders......... Claudette LaBonte, Mary Patrick Benton velopment they are proposing
did receive a doorway fee for to be shouting, when to them
Artist.................................................................... Helen Siegler for that property. This was not
signing this contract but we this is normal conversation.
Circulation......................... Seacrest, Pruitt, Prime, Gallagher an actual site plan drawn to
are only gaining .32¢ per unit If I can apologize, surely
scale. This was only a concept
(your property managers) for one year. Let’s run thru the rest of our villagers can
of what they would like us to
To Be Accepted......items must display name, address, phone #. the numbers. The doorway think twice before making
Classified Ads for CV Residents Only: see and believe. Much of the
fee, which I am not allowed to someone feel really bad. It’s
Personal items for sale or wanted may be listed information given by them
print, but is in the November tough enough living with any
on a “space available” basis, FREE of charge. cannot be relied upon to be
issue of the UCO Reporter kind of disability. Just think:
(Submit on 8.5" by 11" paper.) what would actually be built
minus $349,660 additional one day it might be you that

Submissions & Articles....... Please type in caps and lower case if it ever came to be.
cable fees for one year, minus they are talking about.
letters, double spaced, any item. On a “space available” basis. The Pro-Active Committee
$215,000 paid to the negotia- (Dot) L.
Deadlines........... 7th of each month (call about special problems). gave a presentation outlining
why we are opposed to any tor minus $15,000 paid to the
Visit your Web site:
housing development on that attorney minus approximately
$700,000 in taxes we will pay

property. The Plat 14 of the
property which includes the minus $471,240 for two HBO
three Southampton buildings lost channels is a grand total of
2102 West Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 was shown as well as the state- $249.10 to the residents which
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904 ment outlining the Perpetuity comes out to .31¢ per unit.
Office Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm • Fri 12 noon-4pm clause which states the prop- This is what you got. Next
year without all these numbers From the Editor
President: George Loewenstein erty must always remain a golf You Have the Power!
Vice Presidents: Frank Cornish, David Israel, course. A recent letter from factored into the budget, you
can expect to pay $11.00 or Political campaigns tend to
Jerry Karpf, Bob Marshall our Attorney also emphasized
Treasurer: Dorothy Tetro more per unit when you factor be dirty, accusations abound,
that the current owners must and “facts” may be altered.
Corresponding Secretary: Avis Blank
adhere to this agreement. in the higher cable rate.
Recording Secretary: Betty Lapidus Yes, you did receive On We listen to the ones who
Community Assn. Mgr.: Rodger Carver
A question and answer peri- speak the loudest and the
od followed the presentations Demand. Was it worth it?
Administrative Assistant: Mary Patrick Benton Olga Wolkenstein longest — a trick taught by
Office Manager: Mary Patrick Benton and gave the owners of the Goebbels to Hitler 70 years
UCO-Business Coordinator: Edie Levine golf course a good indication ago. We stay silent because we
Office Assistants: Sandy Levine, Maria Levy, of how significant the numbers are afraid — we may be next
Florence Pires, Isabelle Scherel, Irv Small,
Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy
of residents are that oppose Channel on that “hit list.”
any housing development on
Receptionists: Sidele Bushaikin, the property. 63 Memo Thank goodness we live
Rhea Cohen, Sonia Goldberg, Natalie Hauptman, The Channel in a country that encourages
Claudette LaBonte, Beverly Lyne, Marie Oliver,
We of the Pro-Active Com- 63 lineup is as the secret ballot! This is your
Ron Massa mittee are vehemently opposed follows: chance to do the right thing on
to any housing development All UCO, Spe-
Executive Board there and will continue with cial and Town
March 5th — and still be safe,
by being silent. Your vote can
Dave Bernstein Dot Loewenstein our pledge to do the utmost Hall Meetings
appear at 56 speak for you, and for others.
Randall Borchardt Al McLaughlin of our abilities to prevent any minutes past the Lutheran Rev. Martin
Sal Bummolo Haskell Morin building on that land other hour until 6 min- Niemoller was an anti-Semite,
Sandy Cohen Marie Oliver than a golf course. utes after the but woke up enough on one
Ken Davis Michael Rayber I hope the residents that are next hour.
day to write this famous poem:
George Franklin Joe Saponaro in agreement with our pledge Odd Hours
show An- “In Germany they came
Louise Gerson Phil Shapkin will assist us in this campaign nouncements first for the Communists, and
Dan Gladstone Myron Silverman to defeat any developer with and Classes. I didn’t speak up because I
Jackie Karlan Ted Silverman plans for the property other Even Hours wasn’t a Communist. Then
Syd Kronish Lori Torres than a golf course. show Clubs and
they came for the Jews, and
So, stay tuned folks, there is Organizations.
Claudette LaBonte Jeanette Veglia The recorded I didn’t speak up because I
Olga Wolkenstein more work to be done on this.
Delegate As- wasn’t a Jew. Then they came
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published Honey Sager sembly will be for the trade unionists, and
monthly without charge to the residents of Century Village, Vice President shown for five I didn’t speak up because I
West Palm Beach, FL. Pro-Active Committee days at 9:00 am
The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is a not-for-profit and 6:00 pm.
wasn’t a trade unionist. Then
organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any All requests for they came for the Catholics,

committee people are not responsible for typographical errors your information and I didn’t speak up because
or misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They
are not responsible and assume no liability for the content of,
to be shown I was a Protestant. Then they
or any opinions expressed in, any contributed articles which must use the came for me, and by that time
represent the author’s own opinions are not necessarily the provided form
no one was left to speak up.”
opinion of UCO. Acceptance of advertising for products or at the UCO of-
services in no way constitutes an official endorsement of fice. Instructions Think about this before you
the product or service. are on the form. vote, please. o
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Bylaw Amendments B. The Delegate Assembly basis. It strikes out the soon vote requirement, has long laws, the terms “Office” and
Continued from Page 1 may create additional of- to be obsolete language which been a great limitation in our “officers” shall not apply to
fices below the rank of Vice refers to a tie vote for the 20th Bylaws and yet was required members of the Executive
from UCO’s attorney, the President, and may specify elected member. by Statute. This new law which Board.
amendment which requires the duties of each such office AMENDMENT #2 requires that our Bylaws make **********
that ‘officers cannot be a and the requirements of elec- ARTICLE VIII it crystal clear that: 1) Del- The assignment of duties
Delegate’ has been mandated tion or appointment thereto; COMMITTEES egates are members of the and responsibilities to the
by new law and should be and may alter or dissolve such E. ELECTION Board of Directors (this has Vice Presidents (Paragraph
passed. This amendment offices. Persons elected to any COMMITTEE been previously adopted), and B) and the mission and term
permits a seated Delegate to occupying such offices shall …. 2) officers are NOT directors, of service of committees
participate in the election of not, by virtue of their office, 6. In the event of a tie vote for permits officers to be removed (Paragraph A) should be
officers, although if a Del- be members of the Executive an officer’s position of UCO, with a much more obtainable determined by the President
egate is elected or appointed Board, nor shall they be con- the President shall call for a vote. It has been proposed that without the required approval
to an officer’s position, he sidered officers of UCO. special election by the Del- the same vote requirement to by the Executive Board. The
must immediately resign from C. Any vacancy of an elected egates within five (5) working amend the UCO Bylaws (2/3 of Executive Board meets on a
the Delegate Assembly. or appointed officer occur- days for the candidates who the Delegates present) should monthly basis; decisions by
Section B also required re- ring before the expiration of received the tie vote. Should now become the vote require- the President are made on a
wording so that an office a term, shall be filled by the there be a tie vote for the 20th ment for removal of officers. daily basis. A similar approval
created by the Delegate As- affirmative vote of the major- member of two or more can- Executive Board members are requirement regarding the
sembly is not confused with ity of the remaining Officers’ didates for the same seat on not considered officers (see assignment of duties to the
an officer’s position. Committee Members. The fill- the Executive Board, it is up “F” below) and therefore, no President Emeritus by the
Section C makes the required ing of any vacancy in office of to the President to call for a provision will presently exist President has similarly been
changes from “office” to “of- an officer must be approved runoff election as above, or for their removal. deleted in new Paragraph F
ficer. at the next meeting of the name both all such candidates AMENDMENT #3 (Amendment #1).
AMENDMENT #1 Delegate Assembly at which a to the Board. If the latter op- ARTICLE XI AMENDMENT #4
ARTICLE VI quorum is present. In the event tion is exercised and both all MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLE VII
OFFICERS that the remaining officers fail such candidates are named PROVISIONS DUTIES AND RESPONSI-
A. The officers of UCO shall to agree on an appointment, or, to the Board, each candidate E . R E M O VA L O F BILITIES OF OFFICERS
be a President, four (4) Vice the Delegate Assembly fails will be considered to have OFFICERS FROM OFFICE B. VICE PRESIDENTS —
Presidents, a Treasurer, a Cor- to approve the appointment, been elected by the Delegate — Any officer or Executive The Vice Presidents shall have
responding Secretary, and a a special election by the Del- Assembly and the number re- Board Member may be such powers and shall perform
Recording Secretary, and the egate Assembly shall be held quired for a quorum adjusted removed from office, for such duties as may be recom-
President Emeritus. …. In to fill the vacancy. Such officer accordingly. reason, based on submission mended by the President, and
addition, there shall be the shall serve for the unexpired ********** to the President of written approved by the Executive
office of President Emeritus. term of the seat being filled. The new law mandates that and signed charges, and after Board including from time to
Such office The position of ARTICLE VII the section heading “RE- inquiry into the charges by the time the designation of one
President Emeritus shall DUTIES AND RESPONSI- MOVAL FROM OFFICE” be following procedure: .... of them to have all the pow-
be held without election by BILITIES OF OFFICERS changed to “REMOVAL OF Notwithstanding any recom- ers and perform all the duties
each retiring President during …. OFFICERS”. The removal of mendation from the Executive of the President during his
the first term of his immedi- F. PRESIDENT EMERITUS Officers will no longer be sub- Board the Board of Inquiry, absence.
ate successor. The President The President Emeritus shall ject to the nearly impossible the affirmative vote of two- ARTICLE VIII
Emeritus shall perform such perform such duties as may vote which was previously thirds (2/3) a majority of the COMMITTEES
duties as may be requested be requested by the current required. The vote to remove entire Delegates Membership A. APPOINTIVE COM-
by the current President, with President. with the approval “directors” as per statute was (175 votes) present at a duly MITTEES
the approval of the Executive of the Executive Board. He 175 votes (a majority of the called meeting of the Del- 1. The President shall appoint
Board. He shall be ex officio, shall be ex officio, a member total number of directors) and egate Assembly, provided such standing committees and
a member of all committees of all committees except the was also required in our By- a quorum is present, is re- such special committees and
except the Election Committee Election Committee and the laws. We can now employ the quired to effect the removal of chairmen thereof as he may
and the Ombudsman Commit- Ombudsman Committee. section of statute which refers an officer. or Executive Board deem necessary or advisable.
tee. …. ********** to the “Removal of Officers”, Member. If removal is effected Any unit owner in Century
A Delegate may not serve in This amendment accommo- and not, the “Removal of at a meeting, any vacancies Village who is a member of
the Delegate Assembly and dates the previous change to Directors”. The election of of- created thereby shall be filled UCO may be selected to serve
as an officer at the same the Bylaws establishing stag- ficers who basically could not in the manner provided in as a member of any commit-
time. Upon becoming an of- gered two-year terms for Ex- have been effectively removed these Bylaws for the filling of tee. The mission and term of
ficer, a sitting Delegate must ecutive Board Members, and for any reason due to the enor- vacancies of officers. by the service of any committee shall
immediately resign from the thereafter, for the election of mous size of our Board of Di- members at the same meeting. be established by the Execu-
Delegate Assembly. 10 members on an annual rectors and the extraordinary F. In all articles of these By- tive Board. ... o

To report alligators: Call the Fish

and Wildlife Commission at
1-866-FWC-GATOR (1-866-391-
4287) or visit
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7

At the Library
By Chuck Waugh
Wi-Fi at Okeechobee Branch
From the Desk of Library From the Desk of
The Palm Beach County Li-
Vice President brary System offers free wire- Vice President
Bob Marshall less Internet access. Library Jerry Karpf
patrons can use their own per-
sonal laptops and other mobile
wireless devices to surf the
web at the Okeechobee Branch
Sometimes I think I’m just must pay for all twenty-four As many of you know, I sociations. He also delivered
Library. If you do not have a
writing the SOS!! and the bad debts line must re- am totally dedicated to help many lectures to educate us
personal laptop computer or
Perhaps it is because I keep flect that amount or once again improve the conditions of as- about the laws and regulations
other mobile wireless device
hearing the same questions and/ the funds will not be available sociations here in Century Vil- of Chapter 718. (Ed. Note: be
you can still get connected, as
or comments from the other side to pay for the services. lage, and have proved it with aware that a new regulation
the library still offers free ac-
of the desk. Same old stuff! If you have questions please actions and accomplishments, is discussed under “Bylaws”
cess to the Internet on comput-
The past weeks have come into the office and let’s not just words. During the past elsewhere in this issue.)
ers connected by high-speed
brought a continuing discus- talk about it. several years I have changed I have also instituted several
cable. The Library also offers
sion that usually starts with I have been informed that the Maintenance Committee, programs to keep the asso-
free Internet and computer
the Association representative we have a new pet situation from a place where meetings ciations safe from unlicensed
classes to patrons. Please call
saying that “we are having in the Village. This “pet” is dealt with complaints about workers, and currently work-
or stop by the Information
a problem with people not rumored to come out of hiding association and property man- ing on water damage problems
Desk for details.
paying their monthly assess- at night and bite persons while agement companies, to meet- of units in our village. All of
The Okeechobee Boulevard
ments.” And it is not uncom- sleeping. They are rumored to ings that were constructive my actions have been for one
Branch Library is located next
mon for an Association to have be sometimes difficult to find and educational. This is where purpose only, and that is to
to Dunkin’ Donuts. The hours
several units that are behind and can be difficult to elimi- presidents and board members keep this village safe. With
are: Monday, Tuesday, and
in their payments. They are nate. These creatures are bed of associations come to learn your help I will continue to do
Wednesday from 10:00 a.m.
asked what steps they have bugs!! If you are being bitten about services and products so over the next two years.
to 8:00 p.m. and Thursday, Fri-
taken to solve the situation and at night or know of a unit that are available, through lec- There is now an opposition
day and Saturday from 10:00
the answer usually is that these that might have this problem tures and presentations from operation at full blast. The
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village
folks are not in residence and in your Association — call an vendors, on how they can keep people that are responsible for
residents, including seasonal
cannot be reached. exterminating company for their buildings safe and in top a lot of the anonymous let-
residents, are eligible for a free
Two questions follow an evaluation. condition. To prove this to ters are having their minions
library card with proper I.D.
quickly. Do you have an At- I’d be remiss not to mention everyone, all you would have work overtime to spread their
Visit the library today!
torney on a retainer and do you that the election is very close. to do is look around and see so-called facts. Doesn’t this
March Programs:
have a bad debts line in your Please listen to the candidates how well the associations look remind you of an election we
• Fridays, and Saturdays,
2010 budget. The answers closely, separate facts from today as compared to the way had four years ago, where there
10:00 a.m. — AARP Tax
usually are “No” and “What fiction, evaluate promises they looked several years ago. was so much candidate bash-
do you mean?” made, discuss this with your All the presidents and board ing from one side that it would
• Mon., Mar. 1, 6:00 p.m. —
If you are in a 24 unit build- Association’s Delegate and members of these associations make any decent person sick
Creole Computer Class
ing and four unit owners are indicate to this person who deserve a big hand from the to look at what was written.?
• Tue., Mar. 2, 8:30 a.m. —
not paying, how do you expect you believe is the better candi- people who live there. Now we have a three page un-
Mousing Around
to pay the November and De- date. If you wish to know my Mr. Bill Raphan, who is the signed letter that is one of the
• Wed., Mar. 3 and 10, 2:00
cember payments? In theory, choices, just ask me. I do not Ombudsman from the Florida most unethical pieces of yel-
p.m. — Health and Nutri-
with the exception of pay- feel that this column should be State Department of Condo- low journalism we have seen
tion Series
ments to the reserve funds, the used for endorsements. minium Land Sales and Mo- to date. All these people can
• Thu., Mar. 4, 2:30 p.m. —
budget is divided into twelve I hope you are having a bile Homes, continues to come do is attack someone instead
Movie (113 min, Rated PG)
months and each month needs great season and enjoying in to educate everyone on how of talking about what their
• Fri., Mar. 5, 10:30 a.m.
to be collected on time in order all the activities that are of- to make budgets, how to run leaders’ accomplishments have
— Adult Book Discussion
to pay that month’s bills. In fered here in the Village and a correct association election, been for the village. What have
this case, twenty unit owners throughout the area. o and learn the responsibilities they done for us? You be the
• Mon., Mar. 8, 6:00 p.m. —
of board members to their as- judge. o
Introductory Internet
• Tue., Mar. 9, 8:30 a.m. —
Browser Basics
• Thu., Mar. 11, 2:30 p.m. —
Movie (105 min, Rated PG)
• Mon., Mar. 15, 6:00 p.m. —
Internet Tips and Tricks
• Tue., Mar. 16, 2:00 p.m. —
Scam Alert: Protect Your-
• Thu., Mar. 18, 2:30 p.m. —
Movie (92 min, Not Rated)
• Mon., Mar. 22, 6:00 p.m. —
Creole Computer Class
• Tue., Mar. 23, 8:30 a.m. —
Mousing Around
• Thu., Mar. 25, 10:30 a.m.
— Beginning MS Word
• Tue., Mar. 30, 8:30 a.m. —
Browser Basics  o
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

From Pres. Loewenstein

Continued from Page 1
Many months were spent in
our effort to settle our financial
Anita J. Cruz differences with WPRF after Maintenance
all the rebuilding was com-
VP, WPRF, Inc. pleted. The final settlement Jerry Karpf
arrived through mediation was
3.2 million dollars. Under the
chairmanship of Ted Silver-
man, an annual birthday party
was instituted for those of our Before I start my article, with a modern plastic system
What a talented group of receive these email updates,
residents who reached the age I must state our policy with which should last longer than
residents we have! This year’s you may subscribe by going to
of l00 and over. regard to manufacturers and the old system.
Annual Resident Show was our website, www.centuryvil-
The number of health fairs anyone who lectures at any Dan Gladstone, the Insur-
fantastic, and said to be by
were increased to twice a year maintenance meeting: ance Committee Chair, let
most who attended, “one of the Our construction work is
with the cooperation of the UCO and the maintenance everyone know why the in-
finest shows of the season.” finished on the Hastings swim-
Century Medical Care Center committee do not endorse or surance rates were increased.
Those who attended this year’s ming pool and is now re-
and Comprehensive Home approve of any manufactur- Part was due to the State to
show, I Am An American, were opened. The Hastings “Lazy
Health Care. We have also ers, product, or contractor. All replenish the State insurance
treated to a state-by-state trip River” resistance pool is
encouraged medical profes- opinions of any lecturer are fund, and the other part was
through this great nation of now closed and we are well
sionals to give lectures in the strictly their own and not those due to the vast amount of wa-
ours, replete with rousing underway with repairs. The
clubhouse on their specialty. of UCO. This article cannot be ter damage that was sustained
song and enthusiastic dance resistance pool will be re-
Hopefully, many of you used in any legal matter. by unit owners here in Century
performed by about 40 of your opened as soon as possible.
have observed that the res- The January 12 lecture on Village. The total insurance
fellow neighbors and friends. We generally try to schedule
toration of the shoreline has Basic Finances and Reserves increase for 2010 came to
Those who were in at- this type of work for the off-
begun, under the supervision of Condominiums was a great about fourteen percent. The
tendance at our Sweetheart’s season months; however, due
of Sal Bummolo. success. We had about 100 deductible per water damage
Ball enjoyed a very special, to permitting delays the work
Many contracts were nego- people attending; the same is still $5,000. Dan also re-
romantic evening. WPRF on these two pools had to
tiated and signed during our for the lecture give on Febru- minded everyone that if they
provided door prizes to some be scheduled during season.
administration. Among them ary 4 on the Responsibilities need proof of insurance, they
very lucky recipients, and we These pool closures were re-
was the Security contract and Duties of Board mem- should contact him. He then
trust that we “sweetened up” quired to maintain compliance
with Weiser, the bus contract bers to the Association. Bill answered all questions related
everyone’s Valentine’s Day. with state and county codes,
with Community Transit and Raphan, the Ombudsman for to insurance.
If you are looking for an en- and not for cosmetic purposes.
of course, the one with Com- the Department of condomini- My turn — I brought ev-
joyable evening during March, Thank you all for your pa-
cast, among others. The much ums, Land Sales, and Mobile eryone up to date of the pos-
please consider attending one tience and understanding.
anticipated recycled water Homes for the State of Florida sible changes that the Florida
of our fabulous shows in the You will soon be seeing
became a reality, and our lakes gave the lecture. legislature is trying to pass
Theater. We still have plenty new tables and umbrellas at
will now remain full. Those who wish to start the this year. One that is being
of good seats left for Ballroom all of our pools, as well as
With the rebuilding of our installation of water valves proposed is that buildings sev-
with a Twist on March 14th, So- new lounges and chairs at
UCO office building we have should contact me as soon as enty feet high would have to
phisticated Ladies on March about half of our facilities.
made our Notary services possible, because there is a six be retrofitted with a sprinkler
23rd, and Jay Siegel’s Tokens The cost for purchasing the
available to all our residents to eight week waiting list at system, and would have until
on March 25th. Check out the remainder of the lounges and
and not just for UCO busi- present. We’ll try to get some 2025 to complete the project.
show reviews in the March chairs required for all pools to
ness. Because we are now additional plumbers on board If this passes and the Governor
Happenings — tickets can be be complete will be part of the
able to install transponders in so we can speed up the instal- signs it, all of our four story
purchased seven days a week 2010-11 budget that I present
the back of our building, we lation of the cutoff valves, and buildings will be off the hook.
at the Ticket Office in the Main to the Operations Committee
were also able to increase the we’ll keep everyone advised. Next law is that any owner
Clubhouse. this fall.
frequency of the installations There are additional steps in arrears on assessments or
Thank you to all who are Please look also for new
to once a week. There were that could be taken to help maintenance for 90 days may
participating in our theater’s improvements to the tennis
some additions and changes to prevent some water damage: not run or serve on the Board
2009-10 season. As you have courts and Picnic Island in
our UCO staff. We hired an as- (a) Get a hot water tank alarm of Directors. Next allows for
already seen, we have a won- the weeks and months ahead.
sistant to our Community As- which will give you notice of a couple to serve on the Board
derful lineup of shows to Our maintenance staff is hard
sociation Manager as well as any water leak of your hot wa- together only if they own two
please all tastes in entertain- at work maintaining the build-
a full charge bookkeeper, both ter tank. This item has proven or more units in the same as-
ment. We also provide regular ings and property to prolong
new positions. Our new CAM to be successful in preventing sociation.
updates by email to those who the useful life of what we
(Rodger Carver) replaced Pat major damage time and time We will soon be having
wish to be on our email list already have, and so that you
Blunck, who returned to his again and can be purchased the UCO election, and it is
to keep you abreast of show can expect a clean and safe
first love, teaching. His as- at Lowe’s, or Harbor Tool of the utmost importance that
changes as well as provide environment when in any of
sistant (Clay Wynn) was just in Lake Worth. (b) Have the you vote for the people who
you with information about our facilities.
recently joined by our book- old ball cock device, which have proven their worth to the
upcoming shows and per- Enjoy the rest of the season,
keeper, Marilyn Lanflisi. All is in the tank of your toilet, Village with actions and not
formers. If you would like to and be well. o
three are most pleasant and fit checked, and have it replaced words: you decide. o
right into our village as though
they have been here for ages.
The UCO Reporter is now
printed in two colors, giving it
a new and fresh look. As you
can see from these highlights,
it has been a busy and produc-
tive four years, for which I am
justifiably proud. I wish my
successor all the best as he
takes on the reins of leadership
for the next two years. o

March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9

SB 780 Insurance began “to shoot the messen-

Continued from Page 3 Continued from Page 3 ger” (me). Because UCO was
sible with respect to housing, monies to start with. in the direct line of fire and in
whether principal or vacation I also had a written com- order to avoid other innocent
residence. Our buildings are
Security aging and fast becoming obso-
mitment from 1st Priority that bystanders getting hurt, I noti-
under any circumstances there fied UCO President, towards
Al McLaughlin lete. They require more repairs would be no out-of-pocket the end of November 2009,
and more maintenance to meet money for the association in writing that I would stop
Code, while the cost of living or the unit owners. The fee all activities of the “helping
keeps rising. Potential buy- of the public adjuster would hand” in insurance claims.
ers who cannot comfortably come from the extra insurance That included involvements
Boy do we have visitors this confiscated by the guards in assume homeowner respon- proceed that he would receive. with FP, public adjusters, A-
winter. We have had almost the past month. Action against sibilities and costs should be Naturally, most of the asso- Able for mitigation reports and
22,000 people come through offenders may cause resident discouraged. ciations chose option B. Why other fruitful help.
the visitors’ gate and we do not privileges to be suspended for To summarize: Century Vil- do you want to be bothered Although it is heartbreaking
count the owners that enter the a number of days. lage provides exceptional ser- with bids, liquidity of money to see the residents living out
transponder gate. There have Palm Beach Sheriff’s Of- vices and amenities at a very etc. This was a huge success. of their damaged apartments
been several broken gate arms ficers have informed us that reasonable cost that many, if Associations and unit owners for a long time, the answer
last month. They even broke they have ticketed many peo- not most, Americans do not were receiving insurance mon- lies only with “Palm Beach
one of the Exit gates that stay ple who make a “Right turn enjoy. The older our housing ies beyond their dreams. County, Planning, Zoning
open longer than the entry on Red” at the Haverhill exit. stock gets, the more it will cost UCO condition was that all & Building Department, the
gates. January went without It is against the law to do this to maintain it. This is the reality. jobs would be done “by the Building Division.” For their
major crime. Please call in and there are two signs at the Sources of interest: book” i.e. with County permits own reasons, the County has
your guests. corner and on the traffic light Help for owners: bank and inspections accordingly. held Century Village permits
We have had an increase in warning drivers. o liability for unpaid dues — No job will start without it. for weeks and months un-
the number of “fake” ID cards Apparently during the last til we were to abide by the
condoadvocacy/2010/01/help- forty years numerous jobs Florida State codes.
for-owners-bank-liability-for- were done by handymen and The County Building de-
Cable unpaid-dues.html such without proper licensing partment failed every apart-
Continued from Page 3 The big question: What
the Village. This really says it all. or permits which created an ment that they inspected. They
will happen to Florida’s enormous amount of code would not give permits and
Problems and answers
community associations? violations. allow anyone to move in and
As with any big business deal, there have been some
http://blogs.sun-sentinel. All this was good until start repairs until all the
problems and bugs to be ironed out. Cost is not one of them,
com/condoadvocacy/2009/11/ the election period arrived. previous violations were re-
however. The UCO administration and the Cable Commit-
the-big-question-what- Jealousy and envy entered moved. This had to be done by
tee are unjustly criticized by those who complain about
will-happen-to-floridas- the picture. I was blamed in the unit owner at his expense
cost. Not only were our cable rates stable during the first half
community-associations.html public for thinking of myself before anyone could start the
of 2009, saving associations money, but every condo owner
F l o r i d a ’s B o o m a n d as the “Savior of Century Vil- works.
has on average saved about $5.00 per month in 2010. True,
Bust Real Estate Market: lage” and so forth. When my And that, my friends, is
our cable rates will climb during the following years, but that
Who’s to Blame? http:// friends warned me that my the reason why the works
would have been the case no matter what cable company we rivals were waiting for me to were held up for months.
contracted with. Furthermore, without the contractual cap of
convoadvocacy/2010/01/ fall I answered them that the Remember: It took two-
5% increase per year, we would be hit with the outrageous
floridas-ponzi-scheme- Insurance Committee had and-a-half years to complete
increases seen off-campus of up to 15%.
collapses-and-there-is-no- passed a resolution 10 years our Clubhouse instead of a
Some of our senior citizens have found the new remote dif-
turning-back.html o ago to help our residents in one year schedule.
ficult to figure out. I am not too surprised. New gadgets often
present a problem to us older folk. Ours is not a different kind their moment of sorrow and Remember: After the
of remote, but the same one used by Comcast throughout the things were working well. Hurricane destroyed the
country. How can we help? The Cable Committee will conduct These successful achieve- UCO Office, the construc-
training sessions for those with lingering problems. In addi- ments were a daily routine tion work took only four
tion, we will launch “flying squads” of technically proficient until the 2010 election time months to complete but it
volunteers to train and assist those, in their homes, who are appeared around the corner. took three years until we
housebound or handicapped; or those who just have problems Towards the end of 2009 when could move in! Why? Be-
with the box and remote control. I would also urge you to help I announced my candidacy for cause of “County Building
one another, as many of you have already done. president of UCO, my rivals Department” permits. o
Comcast has delayed on installing the second and third spe-
cial cable boxes, and they have now made themselves difficult to
reach by phone. Fortunately, I have developed a good working
relationship with their technical people, and am able to obtain
help. I receive calls every day on cable issues, and encourage
any unit owner experiencing problems to call me at 683-9189,
extension 106, during UCO business hours.
Television is an important service to most of us in the Vil-
lage. Yes, we have taken a bruise or two, but I believe the Vil-
lage has emerged a clear winner in our David-versus-Goliath
battle with Comcast. All of us can be thankful for the work
put in and decisions made by the Cable Committee and the
UCO administration. o
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Main Clubhouse: March Classes

All Classes Are NOT Final, and Are Subject to Change
Stamps in Monday Classes
the News
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Syd Kronish
Big Bands 3/15 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein
Mah Jongg 3/29 $20/6w 10-12 pm Card A Marshall
Stained Glass 3/22 $18/6w 1-3 pm Craft Getz
The “Kates” dominated the God Bless America has
entertainment headlines in the been regarded as the second Zumba 3/1 $32/4w 4-5 pm Hastings Laura
20th century encompassing the national anthem of the U.S.
sound, soul, and sentimental- Kate predicted that the song Latin Ballroom 3/15 $18/6w 6-7 pm Party Sylvia
ity beloved by Americans. would still be sung long after
The ladies of note are Kate all of us are gone — and today Tuesday Classes
Smith and Katherine Hepburn it is surely true. It was the last
(Kate). Both will be honored song she sang in public on a Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
on 44¢ U.S. stamps scheduled bicentennial special for July
for issuance in the middle of 4, 1976. She died in Raleigh, Ceramics 3/2 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
this year. NC on June 17, 1986. Pan Card 3/2 $15/4w 9:30-11 am Card Ziccardy
Kathryn Elizabeth Smith Katherine Houghton Hep-
was born May 1, 1907 in burn born on May 12, 1907 Line Dance 3/23 $10/4w 10-12 pm Party Charlotte
Washington, D.C. and from in Hartford, CT., and was the
an early age, loved to sing oldest daughter of Dr. Thomas Drawing & Pastels 3/9 $36/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
and dance. Her first featured H. Hepburn and Katherine Real/Abstract 3/2 $25/4w 3-4 pm Art Schwartz
hit comedy was called Hon- Houghton, an advocate for
eymoon Lane on Broadway women’s rights. Katherine, Wednesday Classes
in 1926. She started her radio one of this country’s most en-
career in 1931, was an im- during and fascinating screen Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
mediate success, and broke luminaries, made more than 40
the record for longevity at the motion pictures in roles that Bridge (Int) 3/24 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Card Mimi
Palace Theater in New York provided hope and inspiration
City. Kate made many hit to a generation of women.
All Medium Art 3/3 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Schwartz
records, including the White With her freckles, mass of red Dancercise 3/3 $12/4w 9:30-10:30 am Party Bloom
Cliffs of Dover in 1941 and I hair and preference for wear-
Don’t Want to Walk Without ing trousers, she stood out in Folk Dance 3/31 $24/6w 10:45-12 pm Party Mazor
You in 1942. Her theme song Hollywood. In 1933, she won
was When the Moon Comes her first Academy Award in Lapidary 3/3 Wed-Thu $28/8cl 1-3 pm Lapidary Sal
Over the Mountain, whose Little Women.
lyrics she helped write. Some of her star perfor- Self-Defense 3/3 $16/4w 1:25-2 pm Hastings Tepper
Little did she realize, how- mances included Bringing
ever, that she would make an Up Baby with Cary Grant in Thursday Classes
indelible musical mark on the 1938; African Queen in 1951
American scene with her ren- with Humphrey Bogart; and Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
dition of God Bless America. nine films with her friend Paint Workshop 3/4 $18/4w 9:30-11 am Art Adler
It was originally written by Spencer Tracy, starting with
Irving Berlin in 1938, but he Woman of the Year in 1942. Glass Fusion 3/4 $10/3w 9:30-11 am Craft Saltzman
thought it was not “the right The U.S. Postal Service hails
time” for such a patriotic song. Hepburn with its “Legends of Tai-Chi 3/4 $16/4w 10-11 am Hastings Ziffer
The right time was his film Hollywood” series for 2010. Canasta 3/4 $17/4w 10-12 pm Card Rm Passman
This is the Army, released in She died on June 29, 2003.
1943. It was written during Ed note: both born in May Line & Country 4/1 $15/6w Ad 10/Bg 11 Party Sylvia
wartime when the country of the same year (1907); both
needed an uplift — and what died in the month of June, 17
Joy of Opera 3/25 $14/5w 10-11:30 am Meeting C Stein
an uplift it was. years apart. o Yiddish Convo 4/1 $7/6w 10-11 am Class A Shore
Ceramics & Clay 3/11 $36/6w 12-2 pm Ceramics Gert
Notice: Return of Water/Oil/Acrylic 3/4 $36/6w 1-3 pm Art Rosman
Buddhist Med Ongoing Free 4:30-5:30 pm Class A Locilento
Post Office Van
Begins Wednesday, Friday Classes
Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
February 23 Ceramics 3/5 $36/6w 9:30-11 am Ceramics Gert
They will be here every Weekly News 3/5 $10/5w 10:30-12 pm Class A Geller
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Jewish History 3/5 $11/4w 1:30-3 pm Meeting C Handler
mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 Square Dance 3/5 $16/4w 2-3 pm Party Summers
noon. Remember, “use it or
Saturday Classes
lose it.” Class Date Fee Time Room Teacher
Claudette LaBonte
Bridge (Beg) 2/27 $30/5w 9:30-11 am Lg Card Mimi
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 11

Musing With ered when the next administra- Open Clubhouse Century Village residents are would like to enlighten oth-
tion was running for office. By Courtney Olsen active and motivated by what ers, please come and see me.
Myron Jean Dowling told the resi- I hope those of you who WPRF has to offer. I am calling out for residents
By Myron Solomon dents more than once that the Some of our class teachers who would be interested in
attended the Valentine Day
Hey, Century Village!! theater would be ready at a are professionals and have teaching Calligraphy, Knitting
Sweetheart’s Ball enjoyed
I’m back!! I hope all my old certain date. I am the one who been working in a specific and/or Crocheting, Sewing,
the festivities. This season
friends, the residents of Cen- discovered that the permit had field for quite some time, Wire Wrapping and Beading;
the theatre shows and dances
tury Village, don’t think that I never even been applied for, while others are residents who if you are knowledgeable in
have been very successful.
forgot about them — never!! and caught them in a lie. That don’t have any professional any of these fields and would
The great acts performing
The reason I decided to write was their downfall, and they background but carry a certain like to teach other residents,
here in Century Village have
this article was because I at- were voted out of office. Jean knowledge and passion for please call the Staff Office at
been outstanding and have
tended a meeting on February Dowling refused to turn over something they desire to teach. 641-3120 extension 1.
really caught the eye of the
10 in the Clubhouse on behalf all the documents involved in You don’t have to be qualified The 2010 season is drawing
residents. The clubs have
of the residents with problems the building of the Clubhouse or licensed to teach at Century a close; there are still many
been very busy planning trips
concerning their apartments to the next administration. Village. If there are any sug- great theatre shows and classes
and events of their own, and
not being finished. Dave Israel had his own gestions for new classes or to join before you leave. Visit
classes have been busy teach-
In the middle of the meet- Blog and bashed everyone clubs, or if you have a passion the Staff Office for all Club-
ing and learning. It makes
ing, Jean Dowling stood up who was running. He was out for something interesting and house happenings. o
me happy to see how many
and asked George Loewen- of control. When he ran for
stein to fire Dan Gladstone. Vice President of UCO, he
Naturally, he refused. Then I erased everything on his Blog
was told that Jean Dowling
is Dave Israel’s campaign
that was an embarrassment. Brooklyn Girl
Dave Israel’s big accom-
manager, and I saw the reason plishment was obtaining a
Sports Illustrated swimsuit Transportation
model Brooklyn Decker, con-
for her actions. This was just terrible ten year cable contract trary to her name, was born in Barbara Cornish
a ploy to discredit Dan Glad- with Comcast, with which Ohio — she was named after
stone, who is running for UCO most residents are unhap- her mother’s friend’s horse. A
President against Dave. py. Can any of you think of few years back, she did move
Let me take you back a anything else he has accom- to New York, where she es-
few years. Jean Dowling was plished?? I can’t. and then Golden Corral be-
tablished herself as a bathing Thank you, for those that
part of a group of UCO of- In comparison, Dan Glad- fore Walmart. Check the new
beauty. attended the South Florida
ficers when the Clubhouse stone has given eleven years schedule.
As a teen mall shopper, Fair. The weather was not
was being rebuilt after the of dedication and accomplish- There are suggest/comment
Brooklyn was discovered by very cooperative, but I am sure
hurricanes. She was in charge ments for the residents of Cen- sheets at the Main Clubhouse
model talent scouts. She had those that went had a good
of the Clubhouse building tury Village. To name a few: in the ticket office and also at
some appearances as a local time. We had 77 residents that
and decorating while work- He has saved hundreds, UCO. We are always open to
clotheshorse and soon rose to went.
ing with the contractor. They maybe thousands, of resi- suggestions.
national gigs, including for The Transportation Com-
spent about six million dol- dents money on their indi- Monday and Wednesday
Glamour magazine and the mittee meetings are on the
lars ($6,000,000.00) of the vidual insurance policies. He excursion buses are overflow-
Victoria’s Secret catalog. third Monday of the month,
residents’ money without any is a man who cares about the ing. Tickets will be given on a
Her status as a superstar but there is a new time, 9:30
backup bills. This was discov- residents. o first come first serve basis like
model climaxed when she a.m.
dated four-time Grand Slam On the excursion bus that a boarding pass.
Golf Course Notes paper, Mr. Waldman thought
tennis champion Andy Rod- goes to Walmart on State Road It is my pleasure to serve
This writer from the UCO to have his wife Anne help
dick. He met her after reading 7, it will first stop at Target our residents. o
Reporter arrived late for the with his response to my two
questions. the swimsuit issue and telling
2 p.m. February 4 meeting

Excursion Bus Trips

The first question related to his handlers to get him her
because there was no parking number. They are now mar-
— we estimated 800 people a statement that we heard as
“no plan has been submitted ried.
attending. The presiding judge Brooklyn became a world
was Ed Rogers, retired from to the county.” He clarified it
favorite when Sports Illus- Excursion Buses run Mondays & Wednesdays, every month.
P.B. County court. We were as “for this particular project
as yet.” The second question trated made her the cover girl
quite impressed with his keep- to its 2010 swimsuit special.
ing things on an even keel. A related to a statement that we The Monday bus normally goes to Wellington Green at 9:30 a.m. and
heard as “let nature maintain From the Internet
great Power Point presenta- returns at 1:15 p.m. This same bus makes a second trip at 10:30 a.m.
tion was provided by Howie the lakes.” He clarified this
Silver. The Public Relations one as “we intend to work with to Wal-Mart, returning at 2:10 p.m.
gentleman for the Waldmans nature to maintain the lakes.”
We were given permission to
was Greg DuBose, an extraor-
print these statements.
EXCEPTION: The 2nd Monday trip is to Lake Worth Beach, leaving
dinary speaker. At one point a
biased comment came from We must repeat our opinion at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. This is a big bus holding 48
the audience, and he handled it that it was mainly due to Judge passengers. The March trip is on March 8th.
very well, while the audience Rogers that there were no out-
booed the bigot that made the bursts (except for the audience
comment. Aside from that, response to the one bigot) and The Wednesday bus normally goes to CityPlace at 10 a.m. and
things went quite smoothly. even though some people left continues on to Gardens Mall, arriving about 10:30 a.m. This bus
By 4 pm, we were standing as time wore on, we estimated
that more than 75% were still leaves the Gardens Mall at 1:30 p.m. and picks up at CityPlace about
in line with others that wished
to question Andrew Waldman. present when we joined the 2 p.m.
While on line, we took copi- line to ask questions. Quite an
ous notes, so that when it was accomplishment!
our turn, and we told him we See Honey Sager’s re- EXCEPTION: The 4th Wednesday trip is to Delray on February
represented the Village news- port elsewhere. 24th, leaving at 9:30 a.m. and returning by 2:30 p.m. The destination
is the Carnival Flea Market, and Beall’s Outlet is within walking

This 48 passenger bus is usually full, so it makes sense to arrive

between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. to be sure of getting a seat.
Page 12 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

is, what the Masons have gone CV Fund in 2009, even though it may
to great effort and expense for By Jean Dowling have to be all or partly done
100+ years to hide and protect, It has been four months by hand.
you say, “that’s it?” The need in the Village has
The Reader’s I was greatly disappointed
since we last reported to you
not abated. There are many
on the CV Fund. During this
Corner by this book as it felt cold and time, a number of our snow- among us in the Village —
stiff and read like a textbook more than you would guess
Lenore Velcoff instead of a novel. While this
birds have returned and have
— who, often through no fault
asked us how the Fund has
book may be for some (many), been doing. Unfortunately, of their own, are not scraping
it was not for me. o we’ve had to answer, “Kind the bottom of the barrel, but at
of at a standstill right now.” the bottom of the barrel. They
By request, I read The Lost suspects are here — the in- Contributions have come in have fallen behind in paying
Symbol by Dan Brown, which dependent woman, the am- from some very kindhearted their condo dues, making util-
is the blockbuster novel of bivalent Langdon, the tattooed donors, but we simply haven’t ity payments, and being able to
2009, having sold two million
copies during its first week in
freak and the curmudgeon
with a secret. It relies heavily
Don’t been able to collect enough yet
to begin disbursing funds. 
buy food. If you can help us in
any way, even if not financial,
Once again, Robert Lang-
on tricks and code-breaking.
The central theme revolves Forget to There have been reasons.
The economy has hit us all
please do. We have described
the mission, as we see it, for
don is the hero of this story, around Freemasons, symbols, the CV Fund, but we’ll repeat
as he was in Brown’s Da Vinci
Code. He is pulled into a long-
pictographs, icons and Wash-
ington, D.C.
Buckle Up hard, and with the snowbirds
gone, the Village population, it here: It is to give financial
assistance to the poor among
standing secret that some want Brown has written this en- We have a of course, has been cut in
half. Also — even with the us in the Village and to help in
revealed and others want to tire novel based on the mean-
stay hidden. The story takes ings behind biblical texts and tough seat belt new computer (thank you to
the kind person who donated
other tangible ways, such as
arranging for free repair work
us to all the must-sees of our
nation’s capitol: the Capitol
some secrets of Christianity.
Some believe he wrote this
law in the state of this) and programs installed by volunteers, food distribu-
tion at lower cost, and direct-
(thank you, Dave Israel and Ed
Building, the Washington book as compensation to all Florida. Police Black) — we haven’t yet been ing those in need of advice to
Monument, and the Smithson- the Christians he offended able to learn how to perform no-cost or affordable sources.
ian, as well as lesser landmarks with the Da Vinci Code. The will stop you if all the operations we need to Contributions to the Fund
such as the National Cathedral mystery itself was confusing. should be sent to: The CV
and the Washington, D.C. ‘s Something about Noetics, CIA you are not buck- in order to do computerized
solicitation of funds and book- Fund, Inc., 207 Salisbury I,
Masonic Temple , a very in-
teresting piece of architecture.
involvement, a single “lost”
word and lots of philosophi-
led up — no oth- keeping. And of course, of West Palm Beach, FL 33417.
If you gave a year ago, could
late, our eyes have been upon
This book follows the fa- cal prattle. The author pauses er traffic infrac- Haiti — rightfully so. you give again? If you have any
miliar Brown formula: a con- in the middle of a hair-raising But we haven’t given up. We questions or think you might be
spiracy, a threat to the world situation to expound on some tion is necessary. are in the process of sending able to help in any way, please
as we know it, and a relentless esoteric topic. Once you dis- call us at 640-7606.
villain. All the usual Brown cover what the Lost Symbol Do not test them! out end-of-the-year receipts
for contributions received Thank you so much. o
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 13

Candidates for President Candidates for President

Peter Amato David Israel
Education: - High school - studied electronics. Plumbing and electri- Education - NYC public elementary school system. Jamaica H.S.,
cal classes. Recent plumbing classes by Florida Atlantic University Alfred University, major Mathematics.
Military - U.S. Navy - studied electronics. Military - Army Security Agency 3 yrs; engaged in Strategic Intel-
Employment - President and 90% owner of Construction Guys, Inc., ligence Collection and Analysis against the former Soviet Union (in
A Florida state licensed plumbing corporation License CFC053324 case you hadn’t noticed, we won.)
CV/UCO Service Employment - national Security Agency 27 yrs. Recalled after the
Other Community Service 9/11 terrorist attack. Engaged in the collection, processing, analysis and report-
OBJECTIVE - To start a policy whereby every member of UCO that guides ing of global strategic intelligence. Chief of a large technical division of 100
money, voluntarily takes a lie detector test, which is published. persons, within the office of Advanced Soviet Cryptanalysis. Recalled to assist
  in setting up anti-terrorist collection and analysis protocols.
Dan Gladstone CV/UCO Experience - UCO Vice President 1 year, and currently. UCO Execu-
Education - Whittingehame College, England - accounting school. Graduate tive Board 4 yrs, and currently. UCO Security Committee - 4 yrs, and currently.
Israeli Insurance Academy (3 years). UCO Computer Committee - chair 1 yr, and current member. UCO Advisory
Military - Israeli army (3 yrs), Israeli army reserves, fought in 4 Committee - 3 yrs and currently. UCO Cable Committee - chair 1 yr, and
Israeli wars, 2 citations for outstanding service. Member State of currently. Greenbrier C President 4 yrs and currently. Greenbrier umbrella as-
Israel Police Benevolent Association, head of the local branch. sociation President 1 yr, and currently. Greenbrier umbrella association Vice
Employment - Accountant in textile firm. President and owner of President 3 yrs.
All Line Insurance Agency in Israel Council, retirement planning
for senior in U.S.
UCO/CV Experience - Member of Executive Board 11 years. Member of
Advisory, Maintenance, Safety, Security, and Transportation Committees and
Chair of Insurance Committee 8 years. I fought successfully to reduce insur-
ance premiums, successfully fought insurance companies that denied claims by
our associations and unit owners and reversed the decisions to full payments. I Candidates for Vice President
fought successfully for Wellington residents and returned $850,000 of premiums
to them; coordinated successfully the hurricane damages that paid in full all the
(Vote for Only Two)
claims in our village. I introduced mitigation reports to unit owners, reducing
their premiums to 30%, saving hundreds of dollars every year; aggressively
and successfully revolutionized WPRF insurance policies to reduce premiums UCO/CV - UCO Vice Pres, 2 yrs. UCO finance committee (2 yrs and current).
and deductibles for which we are responsible. I am constantly and diligently UCO Executive Board (4 yrs and current). UCO Insurance Committee, current.
educating our residents on insurance matters. UCO Maintenance Committee Chair, current - I developed this committee into
Other Community services - regular blood donor, member of emergency brigade, an educational and problem solving group to help all associations to learn how
neighborhood watch while living in Palm Springs, FL. to handle all their maintenance problems, and to assist in finding contractors
to do the work that would correct any damage to their associations. Windsor
O Pres (3 yrs). Windsor O Vice Pres (6 yrs). Windsor Umbrella Group (3 yrs,
and current)
  Dot Loewenstein
EDUCATION - graduate Irvington (NJ) HS 14th in class of 452,
Candidates for Vice President Mensa member (152), Attended Upsala College in NJ
EMPLOYMENT - public library 4 yrs as teenager, statistical typist
Sal Bummolo & bookkeeper at various accounting firms 30 yrs, square dance caller
Education - B.S. degree, Industrial Engineering across US and Europe 15 yrs
Employment - Industrial manufacturing engineer for a military CV SERVICE - set up new clubhouse library, encouraged and rained 3
manufacturer (37 yrs). Status plant manager. volunteers to help maintain same, brought in jigsaw puzzles and created “return
UCO/CV Experience: UCO past vice president. UCO Executive or REPLACE” policy to ensure constant turnover.
board present member. Irrigation Committee Chair, Infrastructure UCO SERVICE - UCO Reporter 7 years, currently editor pro-tem. Organized a
Committee member (16 yrs). Camden B past president. Wellington system to aid in transition from cut and past to computerized process. Oversee
F director and vice president. ad placement, methods of editing and proofreading, maintain contracts, assist
Other Community Service: Past president of Wire, Stone, and Glass Arts Club with record keeping. Accepted the challenge of including red in in full and half
page ads. Eliminated 3/16 and 3/8 size ads, making our newspaper easier on the
Frank J. Cornish eyes and more balanced visually. Executive Board member. Advisory commit-
Education - Suffolk, NY Community College, 2 yrs. tee, Transportation Comm. Hastings A delegate (12 yrs).
Military - U.S. Army specialist 4th class; served in Korea, member OTHER - currently working closely with management of the Century Medi-
D.A.V. cal Care Center; co-ordinating Reporter health articles of immediate interest
Employment - Con Edison 30 yrs - power generating plant. to residents, in the process of setting up an Alzheimer’s support group with
CV/UCO - Presently Vice President of UCO. Pres. Chatham Federa- professionals available on site.
tion, Pres. Chatham M, Former vice pres. of Chatham Fed. We prefer a calm approach to problems, smiling, maintaining eye contact, and
Other Community: vice pres of Coral Reef Club Condo Assoc 15 yrs speaking quietly. Functioning well together is my goal. DOT’s 4 U
Gerard Karpf Phyllis Richland
Education - Dewitt Clinton H.S., Bronx, NYC, NY. Bronx Communi- Education: Taft H.S., Brooklyn, NY College
ty College. Majors - chemical Technologies, business administration, Employment: Credit Investigation and Credit Analyst (18 yrs)
Received Associate degree. IBM school - training on PS 2 computer CV/UCO Experience: Vice Pres. UCO, 4 yrs. Pres/Tres Somerset K,
systems and DOS. 9 yrs. Chair, Lift Comm, 7 yrs. Founding member of CERT. Member
Employment - Dennison Mfg. industrial div, worked with manufac- Executive Board and many other committees.
turers to identify and solve problems in their production lines. Weber Other: My platform is the wellbeing and betterment of the quality of
Marking Systems - major manufacturer of bar code systems, where I sold and life for the residents of this village, which includes safety and health.
worked on developing bar code systems to track and control production lines.
Board of Directors for 12 years in a Queens, NY coop, in the positions of Pres,
Vice Pres, Treas, and Resale Chair. This co-op was a more than a million dol-
lar corporation.
Page 14 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Candidates For Treasurer Candidates for Executive Board

Edward K. Black David Bernstein
Education: M.S. graduate, attended Yale University Education: Brooklyn College
Employment: International financing company background, mort- Employment: Taught in the New York City school system and later
gages, collections, investments in real estate, repairs, rental, etc.; taught in Spring Valley, NY, for a total of 41 years.
pres mortgage company; co-owner of small business. UCO/CV Experience: President of Windsor D; President of Windsor
Military: U.S. Air Force (Security Service, Intelligence, 4 yrs, Radio Area (10 years); Security Committee Chair; Vice President of UCO
Intercept Operator, Chinese Linguist. (four years); Executive Board Member.
CV/UCO Experience: Past Vice Pres. UCO, 2 yrs; Pres Chatham B 8 yrs, Pres, Other Community Service: While living in Tarrytown, NY, I was a member
VP, Sec, Treas Chatham Federation 8 yrs. Member: Advisory, CERT, Insurance, of the Auxiliary Police, and after moving to Spring Valley, I was a member of
Investigation, and Security committees as well as Channel 63 and Computer the Volunteer Fire Department, and a founding member of the local ambulance
Club. corps.
Participated in the Standardization procedures for Transponders, Gate Passes,
Investigations, Channel 63, and computer implementation of Data Base for UCO. Bettie Lee Bleckman
Other Community Service: Past Pres, V.P. of an affiliate of the American Cancer Education: Business College Graduate, Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
Society 22 yrs, Volunteer at Senior Versus Crime 2 yrs. Discipline: Accounting
Employment: Controller of family held business, 1985-2005, Admin-
Dorothy Tetro istrative Assistant/Closer Mortgage Banker, September 1983-April
Education: I have been coming to Century Village almost from its 1986. Accountant in Smithtown, Long Island, NY, CPA office De-
inception, visiting an aunt and uncle - and my mother - in the mid- cember 1980-August 1983. Office Manager of Fira Benenson Inc.,
1970’s. This has been my permanent home for the past six years. Haute Couture, New York City, November 1957-August 1961.
Employment: CV/UCO Experience: I have served as your treasurer CV Experience: Secretary of Transportation Committee -2009 Wrote Petition to
since October, 2006. During my time in office, the Finance Depart- restore Halloween Costume Ball, to 2010 schedule (replaced with Thanksgiving
ment has become fully computerized. All areas of accounts payable, Dance in 2009). Treasurer of Chatham M. President - 2007, Secretary. Acting
payroll, banking and reporting are generated via Quickbooks. All residents have Treasurer - May-December 2006 (due to death). Acting President - June - De-
been assured of my availability to answer any questions in depth which would cember 2006 (due to sale). Originator of Petition to re-institute Tuesday Night
include access to the actual invoices that have been paid and any other records Karaoke continuance of Sunday Night Sing-a-long, which was scheduled for
or information requested. cancellation.
With the addition of a paid bookkeeper (as approved in our 2010 budget) the Personal: Advisory Board Member of N. Miami Beach Co-op, owned by my
treasurer will have the time to offer assistance to individual associations re bud- husband and I, from 1987 through April 2002.
get planning - upon request - and to work with the various UCO committees. Goals: To serve the community in any capacity in which I have had both ex-
Another very important duty of the treasurer is to manage the money. UCO’s perience and knowledge.
investments (all in the form of insured CD’s) are maturing monthly and the
needs of the various funds relative to their expenses must always be taken into Roberta Boehm-Fromkin
consideration when it is time for renewal. Education: I was born and brought up in the Bronx, NY just a few
years ago. Went to Roosevelt High School, NYU Liberal Arts College
and then to the Kathryn Gibbs School. Lived in Rockville Center.
Candidate For Corresponding Secretary LI, and Queens, NY, Until retiring January 1997 to Century Village,
otherwise known as Paradise.
Avis Blank
Employment: McGraw-Hill Publishers for 4 years in the Technical
Education: from Massachusetts
Writing Dept. Assistant to the editor-in chief helping in the writing and edit-
Employment: Administrative Assistant in loan department of Boston
ing of classified books and manuals for military personnel. Broker and Claims
Safe Deposit and Trust company, admin. Ass’t at Bank of America;
manager for large insurance agency for 13 years. With my husband, Ernest
applied for, was accepted, and graduated the bank’s in-house, six-
Boehm, owned and operated a most exciting and challenging photo stock news
month, full-time secretarial program at full salary; personal ass’t to
agency, Photoreporters, Inc.
the dep’t, executive in the treasury/investment dep’t.
UCO/CV Experience: President of Wellington G for 10 years; Treasurer of Wel-
CV/UCO Experience: Corresponding Secretary for UCO; Secretary of Waltham
lington G for 2 years; UCO delegate for 12 years; Co-president of Wellington
H Condo Assoc, Presently President of same. Gate pass, Programs & Services,
Federation for 5 years: Served on nominating committee for 4 years; Chairper-
and Investigation committees.
son of nominating committee for 2 years; Current chairperson of Nominating/
Other Community Service: Pres of Hamilton School PTA in Everett, MA, pres
Search Committee; Served on UCO Executive Board.
Cong. Tifereth Israel PTA in Everett, MA, former pres CV unit of B’Nai B’Rith.
Other Community Service: Volunteered in Various hospitals since age 16; Fa-
cilitated support group at Morse Geriatrics; Held positions in various charitable
Candidate For Recording Secretary organizations and groups

Rhea Cohen Randall A. Borchardt

Education: City College of New York, Kingsborough Community Education: B.A. And Master’s Degree in cognitive psychology from City Col-
College lege of New York.
Employment: McGregor Sportswear, secretary to purchasing director Employment: Owned, managed and operated a taxi company in New York City.
Chief EEG tech, Maimonides Medical Center Dept of Neurology UCO/CV Experience: President of Northampton I (six terms); President
CV/UCO Experience: Receptionist in UCO office, member ushers of the Northampton Area (Association); Member of the UCO Executive
committee, CERT member, member of luncheon committee for in- Board (five terms); Chairman of the UCO Advisory Committee (five
stallation of UCO officers, Past pres. Golf’s Edge condo, Delegate for Golf’s years).
Edge, Brooklyn club secretary/treasurer, Fellowship club secretary Other Community Service: I assist Associations in their document
Other Community Service: Volunteer at Sheriff Office (SOS), Pine Trail village amendment process, and provide information and support in matters
office Volunteer at Brooklyn and Palm Beach offices of V.A. Hospital relating to condo operation and management.

Suzy Byrnes
Education: New York City
Employment: Banking (23 years)
UCO Experience: Computer Club Secy; VP Stratford A
Other Service: Clubhouse Usher
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15

Candidates for Executive Board Domenic R. Guarnagia

Education: B.S. Ed., Boston State College - 1961; M.Ed., Boston
Carol A. Castro State College - 1967; M.S. Univ. of Mass. - 1976 Urban Planning/
Education: I lived in Bethpage, LI, NY since 1975. I was born and Environmental studies; Cert. Of Achievement - Northeastern Univ.
raised in Bronx, NY 1983 Building Technology; Graduate Studies, Massasoit Comm. Col-
Employment: Weight Watchers International: (10 Years) Facilities lege - 1985 “Interpreting the Massachusetts Building Code”. Licenses
Coordinator, 1 year, Purchasing Assistant, 4 years; Accounts Payable Held: City of Boston Builder’s License - 1983-2005; Mass. Builders
Bookkeeper 3 years; Customer Service Professional, 2 years Construction Supervisor’s License (Unrestricted) - 1985-2005.
UCO/CV Experience: UCO delegate for Dover Condo Association; Employment: High School Teacher: Mechanical and Architectural Drawing -
Treasurer for Dover Condo Assoc. 1961-1981; President, Realty Engineering & Design Group - 1981 -1989 (Light
commercial, Medical and Residential Construction; Kitchen/Bath Designer and
Sandra Cohen Construction Supervisor, Trethewey Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors
Education: Graduated from Walton High School and attended City (PBS Television’s This Old House P/H Contractors) - 1989-1994; Architect
College of New York & Design Reviewer, City of Boston Division of Neighborhood Development
Employment: Sold Insurance for a large multi-national co for 18 (Design, Construction and Open Space Unit); Designing & supervising the
years: IRS tax examiner for 7 years. construct8on of Energy Star Affordable Housing throughout the City and neigh-
UCO/CV Experience: Member of the executive board of UCO for borhood parks and gardens - 1994-2005. Retired October 31, 2005.
4 years; Presently a member of the pro-active committee to save the UCO/CV Experience: Full time resident, October 2005-current. Wellington
golf course; Chairperson of the Beautification Committee for 4 years; Member D Board of Directors: 2006-present; Wellington Condominium Federation
of CERT for 2 years Treasurer; 2006-present; Irrigation/Infrastructure Committee: Member 2009
Other Community Service: Volunteer at Morse Geriatrics for 7 years; Member - Other Community Service: Knights of Columbus, Third Degree - 1979-pres-
of Congregation Anshei Sholom Trustees. ent; Decoration from the Italian Government- 1975 (Knight of St. George in
Carinthia) for charitable works.
Barbara Cornish
Jackie Karlan
Education: B.A. degree Hunter College; Masters from College of
New Rochelle (NY)
Employment: Teacher/Language Arts Specialist, Nyack NY (30 yrs)
UCO/CV Experience: UCO Delegate Salisbury F 2005-2009. UCO
Executive Board 2008-2009. CERT chair 2009, including two
Sara Farkas FEMA/Homeland Security National Incident Command Management
Education: Two years college - nursing school in Israel. Courses - 2009. Beautification, Finance, Community Relations Committees.
Employment: Worked as nurse for 25 years in Brooklyn. Five years Pres Salisbury F 2005-06. Treasurer Salisbury F 2009. Secretary Salisbury F
as an owner of Fashion Boutique with 2 employees. 2007-08. Vice Pres Wellington L 2009.
UCO/CV Experience: Newcomers Welcoming Committee Other Community Service: Pres. Scarsdale Ridge Condo Assoc 1992-2006,
Other Community Service: Merry Minstrels, Board of Trustees - Vice Pres study groups, Brandeis U. Wellworth FL chapter 2008-09
Cong. Anshei Sholom. Member of Palm Beach Orthodox Synagogue, Personal: My parents spent 25 wonderful years in the village. Many visits with
Teacher - Hebrew from 2001 through present, Cong. Anshei Sholom, President them made me realize that I wanted to live here and make a difference in the
of B’nai B’brith from 2007-2008, Board of Trustees and VP of B’nai B’rith CV. community.

George M. Franklin Syd Kronish

Education: Central Florida Junior College; New York University Education: B.S., M.A. in Journalism, NY U., extra studies in English
Certification Safety Management; Essex County Police Academy; toward Ph D.
Palm Beach County Police Academy; ted States Department of Employment: Award-winning feature writer, editor, columnist for the
Transportation; Florida Attorney General: Certified Crime Preven- Associated Press in New York, covered sports and entertainment, P.R.
tion Practitioner, Certified Business Security Inspector. Employment: and promotion director, WCKT-TV, NBC affiliate in Miami; wrote
Passaic Terminal Transportation Co.; Small Business owner, Franklin and delivered weekly editorials on air. In retirement wrote weekly
Trucking Co.; Custom Cartage Co. Div., Transway International Corp., NY; stamp column appearing in many newspapers nationwide.
Dir. Safety Claims Security, Promoted Special Rep., Safety & Claims, entire Military: Captain U.S. Air Force, 25 combat missions in B-25 bomber, Ass’t
east coast for Transway; Essex County NJ Sheriff Dept., Newark, NJ Bureau squadron leader 8th Air Force
Criminal Identification, West Palm Beach Fl Police Dept Prisoner Control & UCO/CV Experience: Senior Editor, UCO Reporter, Sec’y Ushers Committee
Accident Investigation; US Dept Transportation FWHA Safety Investigator Other Community Service: Member of several clubs and organizations
(Temp Position).
UCO/CV Experience: Safety Committee Chair; Member and former Co-Chair Claudette LaBonte
Security Committee; Transponder Committee; Co-President Wellington K (5 Education: Bristol Comm. College, U. of Hartford, CT
years); UCO Delegate (5 years). Major in Business Law and Writing
Employment: All lines insurance claims, including employee dis-
Louise L. Gerson honesty. Retired from CAN Insurance as property claims manager
Born on an Army Post at Fort Totten, NY for the New England States and New Jersey
Education: J.E. Burke High School for Girls, Roxbury, Mass. Palm UCO/CV Experience: Executive Board 3 yrs and currently Finance
Beach Community College, Banking course. committee 2 yrs, Transportation Chair 2 years. UCO Receptionist 5 yrs and
Employment: Travelers Ins. Co., Hartford, Ct: Interviewer/Inves- currently. Pres Norwich L - 3 yrs and currently. Sec Somerset D - 3 yrs. Usher
tigator at a rental office in Fla.; Administrative Assistant at Jewish Coordinator - 4 yrs and currently.
Community Center, WPB, Fl. Other Community Service: Emergency room - St. Luke’s Hospital, New Bed-
CV/UCO Experience: Past President of Canterbury A (6 years), Vice President ford, MA .Gift shop - Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
(current); Past President of Canterbury Area Associations (7 years); Chairperson
Of UCO Investigation Committee; Member of UCO Executive Board.
Other Community Service: Temple Judea: Office volunteer; Past Chairperson-
caring community committee; membership and ritual committees, Treasurer of
the Democratic Club of CV.
Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Candidates for Executive Board Joe Saponaro

Education: NYU and Henry George School of Social Science
Employment: Member of ITU NY Big 6. NY Post as typesetter/as-
soc. editor, 40 yrs.
Haskell D. Morin Military: 1943 trained as cadet to enter Navy Air Force. Injured leg
Education: Assoc. degree in Business Administration, Worcester in an MVA and was scrubbed.
(MA) Jr. College UCO/CV Experience: UCO Reporter and Editorial Board 8 yrs. UCO
Employment: Self employed licensed home improvement contrac- Executive Board 5 yrs, CV Website chair 7 yrs. VP of Wellington C 5 yrs, voted
tor in MA (had my own business for over 30 years, still own rental in as pres in Jan 2010. Delegate 7 yrs
property in MA). Exec Board Chair 5 yrs, seat on Boston rental Other Community Service: Member Democratic Club. Senior VP 9 yrs, trea-
housing assoc. board 7 yrs. surer 3 yrs for a nonprofit organization that helps handicapped young adults by
UCO/CV Experience: Chair of UCO’s Bus, Bench, and Signs Comm., Vice exposing them to various social experiences.
Chair of Welcoming Comm, member Beautification Comm.
Other Community Service: Clean Streets project on Haverhill Rd - actively Phil Shapkin
involved. Enjoy walking and bike riding. (Ed note: and planting tomatoes!) Education: Public schools of New York City, Peekskill Military
Academy, Cornell University, Brooklyn College, Wagner College,
Marie Oliver RCA Institute (T-3)
Employment: Office manager in charge of 60 employees; day to day EMPLOYMENT: Consultant to the NYC building dep’t in the field
operation of company in absence of partners; full charge bookkeeper. of demolition, both land and marine. Insurance investigator to the
UCO/CV Experience: UCO Treasurer 2 yrs, treasurer’s office as full trade, targeting hazardous materials such as asbestos and chemicals.
charge bookkeeper 11 yrs, member Executive Board, Beautification I hold Federal licenses for the above.
and Security committees. Treasurer Stratford E, Vice pres of Stratford MILITARY: US Navy, WWII Pacific Theater. Past commander Jewish War
Umbrella Association. UCO receptionist. Usher Corps Veterans post #520, past chair of Treasure coast council JWV, life member of
Other Community Service: V.P. and Treasurer of Co-Op assoc, served on church War Museum in Washington D.C.
committees helping less fortunate in former community, volunteer at Mounts UCO/CV: Executive Board 17 years, Security committee, 17 years, UCO VP
Botanical Gardens 5-½ years, Operations committee, Chair: Roads & Bridges, Lighting, Lifts (I
brought lifts into C.V.); co-chair Infrastructure committee. Ombudsman of CV.
Eileen Pearlman Founder of COP unit #43 in CV, commander 13 years. President of Pro Active
Education: Brooklyn NY committee for golf course.
Employment: Federal Gov’t as supervisor of 20 people in the Finance CIVIL SERVICE: Appointed representative to Emergency Medical Services
Dep’t. Rating and detailing work to various employees. Transferred council (6 years). Appointed member of Dep’t of Public Safety Consumer Af-
to Contracts Dept. as supervisor and trained personnel. Moved to FL, fairs board, where I have been elected to the position of co-chair.
Pratt & Whitney Contracts dept. Supervised 15-20 people as Contract OTHER: I am a recipient of the Presidential Gold Medal for volunteer service,
Administrator handling millions of dollars of Federal contracts for presented to me in 2008.
the manufacture of F-16 aircraft engines.
UCO/CV Experience: Pres Camden J since 1996. UCO delegate, working on Howie Silver
Library Comm. and member of Community Relations Committee. I am run- Education: H.S. - computer operation class at Reidsvillte, NC Com-
ning for the Executive Board so that I can be more involved in the welfare of munity College
this village. Employment: Union meat manager, butcher, 32 yrs
Military: U.S. Navy (Korean War) 2 yrs
Michael Rayber UCO/CV Experience: UCO Vice Pres, 2-½ yrs, Exec. Board 3 yr,
Education: Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island Co-designer and operator of Channel 63, Co-designer of CV Com-
Employment: General Mgr. Sam Ash Music stores; owner Bresler’s puter Club first web site, Co-founder of Computer Club, 10 yrs, VP Computer
Ice Cream, Palm Beach Mall; Field operations supervisor AMR Club 8 yrs, Pres. Computer Club 2005-06, Pres Stratford K 8 yrs, VP Stratford
Ambulance Umbrella Org. 7 yrs
UCO/CV Experience: Co-Chair Health and Safety Comm. Member Other Community Service: VP Italian American Culture Club and Exec. Board
Emergency Comm, Member Executive Board 5 yrs, WPB instructor for PCRAM computer club in West Palm Beach, Director
Other: I am a third generation resident of Century Village. of Disaster Ham Radio Communications for Red Cross, WPB, 10 yrs

Honey Sager Myron Silverman

Education: B.S.-Counseling/Business degree, State University of Education: Grad. Utica, NY Free Academy H.S.; Utica College of
New York Syracuse U. (1 yr)
Employment: Sales/Marketing Mgr. for various major publishing Employment: Pres and CFO of Acme Letterpress and Offset Print-
companies. Designed, developed, staffed and maintained support ing Co, Inc.
services operation for national sales forces. Meeting Planner in- Military: U.S. Army, Infantry (2 yrs)
volved site selections and contract negotiations. Coordinated author tours and UCO/CV Experience: UCO Exec. Board, Layout Specialist for UCO
autographing sessions. Office mgr, 14 staff, negotiated contracts, purchased Reporter, Co-chair for Newcomers Welcoming Committee, member Transponder
supplies, equipment and outside services. Committee, member Merry Minstrels. Delegate - Golf’s Edge, Pres Golfs Edge
UCO/CV Experience: VP Somerset F 5 yrs, VP Pro-active Comm. to save our 5 yrs, treasurer 7 yrs
golf course, member Board of Directors of Ladies Turtle Bay Golf Course, Other Community Service: Treasurer B’nai B’rith, Century Village; Treasurer
previous member of campaign comm. to elect officers of UCO. of Moriah Lodge 958, F & AM Masons, Utica, NY; Board of Trustees, Cong.
Other Community Service: Member Board of Directors Co-op Board in Tarry- Anshei Sholom, C.V.; Board of Trustees, Temple Beth El, Utica, NY
town NY 4 yrs; Member Board of Directors and Actress in various community
theatre groups; Reader in Open Book Literacy Program; Recreational Counselor
in elementary after school program; Volunteer administrator for Communica-
tions network; Discussion group leader in adult community organizations
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17

Theodore “Ted” Silverman Kurt Weiss

Education: Oswego State Teacher’s College; Brooklyn College; Education: B.A. Political Science, Staff & Command course in the
Degree in Public Speaking. Army
Employment: NY City Council (1970-82), Chairperson, Civil Ser- Employment: Exec VP mid-sized corporation in New York
vice and Labor, Ranking Member on Finance from Brooklyn; retired Military: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 12 yrs, various assignments,
January 1983 and moved to Hunter Mountain, NY; was Distributor rank: Major
of Snapple Beverages. UCO/CV Experience: UCO Pres 4 yrs, Co-pres 1-½ yrs, VP at vari-
UCO/CV Experience: Served as Camden P Association Treasurer, Delegate; ous times; Past pres Greenbrier A and Greenbrier area; Contribute monthly
President, Camden Condominium Association; Member, UCO Executive articles to UCO Reporter
Board; Chair, UCO Community Relations Committee. In conjunction with Other Community Service: Past pres B’nai B’rith, now pres emeritus; Past
President George Loewenstein and Vice President Phyllis Richland, coordi- pres Democratic Club of CV - now pres emeritus; Member Democratic Exec.
nated the delivery of goods and services into Century Village at the time of Comm. Palm Beach County
hurricanes, storms and natural disasters with support of Community Relations
Committee members did help to prepare for and host recent successful Dessert Olga Wolkenstein
Buffet honoring Century Village Centenarians. Education: Washington Irving H.S., NYC; graduate Berkshire Comm.
College, Pittsfield MA; attended Brooklyn College (NY), Buffalo
Lori Torres State U. (NY) and Lee College in Houston, TX
Education: Licensed HAM radio operator Employment: Owned and operated a restaurant, purchased, reno-
Employment: American Red Cross Blood Service Director Passaic vated, and sold houses; Retired U.S. Postal Service, Real estate
County NJ 8 yrs; account mgr NY/NJ blood services 20 yrs; man- broker’s license, Massachusetts; Real estate sales associate license,
aged teams of volunteers for the American Red Cross. Organized, State of Florida
supervised and educated blood donors or major corporate and com- UCO/CV Experience: Member UCO Executive Board
munity blood drives.
UCO/CV Experience: UCO Exec Board, member CERT, Beautification &
Community Relations committees. Completed two FEMA/Homeland Secu-
rity National Incident Command management courses. WOW - Wellington L
Building Liaison, member of Wellington L beautification comm.
Other Community Service: volunteer Cancer Care/Fund raising and special
events, NJ

Jeanette Veglia
Education: Numerous management courses and some college. At-
tended meetings run by the state, held here, to be aware of the latest
changes in Condominium laws.
Employment: 24 yrs banking experience, began as a data clerk,
retired as a V.P.
Manager Central Region Operations Center in Orlando; attended
FL State Condominium Courses (last 5 yrs)
UCO/CV Experience: Exec Board (2 yrs), CERT member since inception,
Operations Comm. (2 yrs), Cable and Transportation Committees; Treasurer
of Pro-Active comm. since formed (4 yrs). Pres of Assoc of Greenbrier Condos
3 yrs, Treasurer of same for 2009. Treas. for above , and VP of Greenbrier A,
both in 2005. Pres of Greenbrier A Condo, Inc. 4 yrs
Other Community Service: I feel that being a member of the Exec. Board is a
very important volunteer position and would greatly appreciate your support and
vote, so I may continue to serve the people of C.V. and make our voices heard.
Paid political advertisement.
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Organization News Vote for

Please note!!! DO NOT
resubmit dates for events
to members working behind
the scenes, we have enjoyed
Jerry Karpf for Vice President
already appearing in Orga-
some terrific activities so far
nization News unless there
this season. We are looking The man who has been totally dedicated to improve conditions
is a correction.
for more members to volun- in Century Village and who gets the job done. Where actions
teer to arrange an activity for and not words have gotten the job done.
Amit Rishona Chapter:
the group to enjoy. It could be
Meets every 2nd Tue w/colla-
simple (bring your own food
tion at 12 noon and meeting
picnic) or elaborate (guided
at 1:00 pm at Aitz Chaim.
tour). Our group includes
Upcoming: Mar 7, annual gala
those who remember the pop
luncheon, Chinese buffet, raf-
culture of the 50s and 60s.
fles and entertainment (Malea
We share those memories
688-2698, Anita 686-9083).
and form new friendships.
For more info, email Lynn at
Anshei Sholom
Purim musical play, Boy-
chicks and Maidelach (Guys
B’nai B’rith Century #5367:
and Dolls), on Saturday, Feb-
The leading Jewish service
ruary 27, 6:45 pm, featuring
org, we meet every 4th Sun,
the Anshei Sholom Players.
9:30 am (except as noted), at
Reservations necessary; call
Anshei Sholom. Admission is
684-3212 or Rae 478-3221.
free to members ($3 to guests). I have helped Associations learn how to take care of their
Sisterhood card party:
FMI, Dr. Morris Levy @ 478-
CAS will host a luncheon and buildings thru the Maintenance Committee lectures, workshops,
6865. Coming events: Feb 28,
card party on Tuesday, March
9, between 11:30 am and 3:30
Hillel; Mar 28, installation w/ demonstrations of products and services. I have also brought
catered breakfast, entertain- to Century Village the Ombudsman of the State of Florida to
pm. All women are invited
ment at Party Room (guests
to join with the Sisterhood to teach classes on the bylaws of Chapter 718 and on running
$7); Apr 25, Morse Life; May
play with your favorite games
and meet new friends for a fun
23, Israeli speaker. Members your Condominium properly.
free; membership $25.
afternoon of cards and food.
To make a reservation, call lineup of speakers. We were program at the JCC; call her Palm Beaches: Meet 2nd Wed,
Brooklyn U.S.A.: Will meet sponsored by Humana Insur- at 686-0835. 9:30 am, in Anshei Sholom.
Anita at 688-2767 or Rae at
in the Party Room. Coming ance for free range time at the In Mar, it’s a Purim Party. In
events: Mar 16-18, 3 day/2 Gator Gun Center on Sep 9. Christian Club: We meet 1st Apr, it’s Yom-Hashoa. Kathy,
Men’s Club: A day at the
nite trip to Key West (contact Ladies are invited. George, Wed, 1:00 pm, Party Room of 689-0393.
ball park — Mets vs. Marlins,
Rose, 683-1564). All other 471-9929. CH. Bowling every Mon, 9:30
Monday, March 8, 2010, Rog-
info, contact Steve, 242-0481. am, Verdes Tropicana. Other Irish-American Cultural
er Dean Stadium in Jupiter. We
will have lodge box seats. Car Century Village Orchestra: events: Feb 23, picnic at Dyer Club of CV: Meets 1st Tue in
Canadian Club: Meets 4 th We practice every Mon, 1:15- Park; Mar 3, hoagie party after CH, 2:00 pm, Room C. For
pool to be arranged. Contact
Wed, Party Room of CH, 1:00 3:45, in the CH, Room C (Oct the meeting. info, call Robert, 917-704-
Sol Beck, 684-5944, to reserve
pm. Membership open to all. 26-Mar 20). We play 3 con- 0223.
your tickets.
Lots of great activities. Betty, certs each year. We welcome Deborah Hospital Founda-
Congregation Anshei Sho-
684-0766; Franne, 478-9526; all pros and amateurs who en- tion: Meets 2nd Fri every other Italian-American Culture
lom will have two adult edu-
Madelaine, 684-5595. joy playing with a group. We mo in CH Party Room, 11:00 Club: Bowling at Verdes
cation courses which began in
November. would like to add a conductor, am. Call Bea 688-9478, Claire Lanes starting at 9:00. Join
Century Village Bowling more violins, violas, cellos, 684-5659, Marge 687-3991. your friends for a morning of
Sara Farkas, an Israeli na-
League: Our 2nd half of the bass, bassoons and percus- fun. Fran, 616-3314.
tive and member of the con-
season just started. You can sion players to our orchestra. Duplicate Bridge at Hast-
gregation, leads the course in
join us for the rest of the sea- Rickie, 683-0869. ings Clubhouse: Every Mon Jewish War Veterans Post
conversational Hebrew. Sara
son. The 1st half ended w/a tie at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00 #501: Meets 1 st Sun, An-
is an accomplished teacher.
for 1st place — a playoff will Century Village Symphony pm. If you need a partner, shei Sholom. Breakfast at
Those members of the con-
follow with team #7 (Steve Orchestra Annual Concert: call Mimi, 697-2710, leave 9:00; meeting at 9:30; meets
gregation who took the course
Mussman, Letty McKay, Ber- We will perform The Poet message. from Sep to May with guest
last year were very impressed
nie Kaufman, Steve Schoen- and Peasant Overture, Con- speakers. Activities include
by the caliber of the teaching.
brun) and #2 (Jack Posner, certino for Piano in A Minor, Evangelical Christian Net- servicing VA patients. Ralph,
No prior knowledge of He-
Beverly Melendez, Henry The Russian Sailors’ Dance, working Club: Meets 1st Fri, 689-1271; Howard, 478-2780.
brew is required.
Stern, Sam Rosen). For info, El Relicario, And the Angels 6:30 pm, Classroom B of CH.
Rabbi Michael Korman
call Sam Rosen, 478-3079. Sing, New World Symphony We share relevant info among Jewish War Veterans Post
leads a course entitled “Great
Jewish Thinkers: Their Impact (4th Movement) and selections ourselves and with our com- #520: Meets 4th Sun at Elks
Century Village Computer from The Phantom of the Op- munity. Dee, 827-8748; Steve, Lodge, Belvedere Rd. Con-
on Judaism.”
Club: Meets 1st and 3rd Thu, era and My Fair Lady on Thu, 389-5300. tinental breakfast at 9:00,
Rabbi Korman, the spiritual
Nov-Apr (1st Thu only rest of Mar 13, 8:00 pm at the CH followed by general meeting.
leader of the congregation,
year), 1:00 pm in CR 103, and Theatre. Tickets are on sale GiGi’s Group: Trip to the Come as our guest and see
is an experienced education
incl 30 min Q&A, biz portion, now at the ticket office. Mardi Gras Casino on Mar what we’re all about! Walt,
administrator and college pro-
presentation, 50/50 and door 15 and Apr 19. Contact GiGi 478-6521; Phil, 686-2086.
prizes. Arrive by 12:15 if Chit Chat Group: We meet at 689-6092.
Both courses will run to
you wish to join, renew your every 1st and 3rd Tue, 2:00-3:00 Jewish War Veterans Ladies
March, on Monday mornings
membership, or register for pm, card room of main CH. Hadassah, Judith Epstein Auxiliary Post #520: Meets
at the Temple. They are free to
free hands-on classes. We intend to engage you in Chapter at CVWPB: Meets 3 rd Mon at The Classic. A
members only (non-members
pay). conversation, friendship and 3rd Wed at 11:45 am for mini- continental breakfast is served
Century Village Gun Club: fun. Topics are general and lunch, 12:30 meeting at Cong at 9:00 am, followed by our
For further information,
Meets 2nd Tue, 7:00 pm, Class- deal with stress, nutrition and Anshei Sholom. Suzanne, meeting. Our efforts go to
contact the Temple office any
room B. You don’t have to how to cope, and jokes. The 686-4241. creating welcome kits for the
weekday morning 684-3212.
own a weapon. Everything is program is free. Led by Rhoda veterans at the VA Center at
free. This fall, we have a great of the Senior Lunch Bunch Holocaust Survivors of the
Baby Boomers Club: Thanks Continued on Page 20
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19


Can anyone match these achievements?

12 years of constant uninterrupted service at UCO, because I care about 1 year member
the people in our village.

As a member of the SECURITY Committee I was very instrumental in 1 year member

advising and checking the bar code/transponder systems. I spend days
walking around the village, checking the condition of the fences, taking
pictures and repairing where needed, because I care about your safety.

As a member of the TRANSPORTATION Committee I have been active in 1 year member

keeping order and safety in our buses most of the time out in the field
wearing a full Century Village Security uniform, because I care.

As a member of the ADVISORY Committee I have been instrumental in not a member

changing our bylaws to up-to-date, because I care.

As a member of the SAFETY Committee I have been helping in making our not a member
village safer, because I care.

I removed our insurance policies from the maintenance companies that nothing
were unprofessionally handled and were in a confusing stage, and I united
it under our UCO INSURANCE Committee.

I was extremely successful in handling over 2,000 Hurricane claims. It nothing

was unprecedented compared to the other Century Villages and other
communities, because I care.

I was instrumental in changing WPRF insurance policies from what could nothing
have been a tremendous liability to our residents with millions in deduct-
ibles at outrageous cost. We now have veto powers, much cheaper pre-
miums, and by far better coverage and deductibles, because I care about

I reversed many insurance claim denials to the Associations into full pay- nothing
ments. It was hard, it was nerve racking, but I was successful because I

When Wellington Federal was disconnected from our village and had to nothing
pay extra $850,000 in insurance premiums, it was I who reached all the
way to Tallahassee and reversed the decree. The $850,000 was returned
to the residents of Wellington, because I care.

I introduced Mitigation Reports to our village and the result was nothing — trying to stop UCO volunteers’ help
$2,500,000 cheaper premiums on our property policies for the Associa-
tions. I also introduced Mitigation Reports to the Unit Owners and the
results were up to 70% cheaper policies, because I care.

When no one believed that it was possible, I managed to get $168,000 nothing
more for the UCO office relating to the hurricane claim under the code
insurance provision, because I care.

My biggest achievement has been helping the private rsidents, hundreds nothing
of them, in their private struggle against rejections of insurance claims
that can ruin their life. I have been successful in seeing to it that everyone
got full payment. Why? Because I love and care for my neighbors and our

I want to be UCO’s president because UCO has come a long, long way in
making many things happen for you, but still has a way to go to make ev-
eryone understand and appreciate what their ultimate goals are. I believe
that I can lead down that road.

I have always been here for you, and I will continue to be.

Please come to my meeting on Friday, February 26th at 10 a.m. in Room C

at the Clubhouse.

This meeting is hosted by Cambridge F Condo Association under the

agenda of “the Future of Century Village”. Come to the meeting and ALL
your questions will be answered.

Please see other ad in this edition.

Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Organization News CH CR A or B. All are invited (no trans). Lenore, 683-4166; Laughter and reminiscences umns of this newspaper and
Continued from Page 18 for in-depth discussions of sig- Marjorie, 687-3991. are on the menu, Edy Sha- on Channel 63.
Military Trail and various po- nificant issues. Contact Allan ron, the convener, is loved • The Poppy Trio will close
sitions at the Center. We find at 587-3602. Yiddish Culture Chorus: 50 by all Yiddish lovers. First the Yiddish Culture Group’s
our volunteer work helpful and members, men and women. and third Sundays of each season with a performance
rewarding and welcome new Na’Amat USA (Pioneer Leader is Shelley K. Tenzer. month (year-round) 1:30 on Tuesday, March 23, at
members. Dorothy, 478-6521. Women): Meets 4th Tue, 1:00 Knowledge of Yiddish not p.m. in the upstairs piano 10 A.M. in the Clubhouse
pm, at Cypress Lakes Audi- necessary. Edy, 687-4255. room of the Clubhouse. Theater. Ed, at left, plays
Knights of Pythias: You are torium for mini-lunch and Free. Information, call Edy rhythm and lead guitar;
invited to join Palm Beach interesting programs, guests Yiddish Culture: at 687-4255. Poppy sings in 22 different
Rainbow Lodge #203, meet are always welcome. Coming A Festive Season Is Planned • Conversational Yiddish languages and Marian plays
2nd and 4th Mon at North Coun- events: Mar 17, card party By Rebecca Schlam Lutto Class. For information varied musical instruments.
ty Senior Center, Northlake at Bellante’s restaurant (call The 2009-2010 season of call Golda Shore, 697- All Villagers are invited.
Blvd. We welcome new mem- Florence at 683-8453 or Rho- the Village’s Yiddish Culture 3367. Register in Club- Admission is free.
bers, duals, reinstatements and da at 478-8559). activities are in full swing. house office. • Advanced Yiddish Read-
transferees from out of state. Classes are meeting, groups • Yiddish Culture Chorus. ing Group. The group is
We are a fraternal brotherhood OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loyal- are convening, the chorus is A happy and friendly group reading Elie Wiesel’s Night
fostering the credo of friend- Seniors): Come to our meets rehearsing and the sounds of of both men and women in the original Yiddish. The
ship, charity, benevolence. every 2nd Mon, 3:00 pm, Party mama loshen are heard in the who sing in four-part har- group meets the second and
Mike, 615-0218. Room; see what we have Village. The Yiddish Culture mony. They enjoy singing fourth Friday of each month
planned. Board is proud to present the in Yiddish, Hebrew and at 10 a.m. at 34 Sussex B.
Latin American Club: Thank following: other languages. Rehearsals For information call Troim
you all for supporting our Philadelphia Club: Meets 2 nd
• “Controversial Jewish every Wednesday at 1 p.m. Handler at 684-8686. o
Nov 8 dance, benefiting the Tue, 12:30 pm, Aitz Chaim. Personalities.” For the in upstairs Clubhouse music
St. Mary’s cancer kids; we All welcome. For more info, 15th year, Frank Handler, a room. For information or if
raised $1,700. May God bless call Sylvia, 683-5224. Village resident and former you are interested in joining
you all! New York history teacher, the chorus, call Shelley Ten-
Yiddish Advanced Reading fascinates his audience with zer, its director, at 681-9548
Merry Minstrels: Meet Thurs, Group: Menke Katz Reading tales of lives, both true and or Edy Sharon at 687-4255.
10:00-11:00 am, Music Room Circle invites readers to join incredible. Classes in Eng- • Yiddish Culture. Tuesday
B. We are a group who enjoy group headed by Troim Han- lish. Enroll separately for morning programs at 10
singing at various nursing dler. Currently reading Night by March. Sign up at the of- a.m., December through
homes. We’re looking for new Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. Meet- fice in the main Clubhouse. March. All Village residents
members, so if you enjoy mu- ings are twice a month in private Classes are on Fridays at are invited (free admission)
sic, contact GiGi at 689-6092; homes. Troim, 684-8686. 1:30 p.m. in classroom C. to top-notch programs of
the feeling of giving joy to For information, call Frank music, humor, celebration
others is so rewarding. WOW: All welcome to the at 684-8686, and nostalgia. A treasured UCO Begins
following: Mar 24, matinee at • Yiddish Vinkl. Infor- Village tradition for over 40
Mind Spa: Meets 1st and 3rd Maltz Theater, Anything Goes, mal, friendly group that years. Information on shows With You
Thu (till Apr 1st) at 3:00 pm in dinner at Juno Fish House speaks English and Yiddish. in Organization News col-

Why Do I Want To Be President of UCO?

By: Dave Israel
First and foremost: I have lived here for 9 years and have a love for the Village. I would like to repay the Village for what it is has meant to me.
I have the skills and experience to help in this capacity.
What skills and what experience? I’m a detail person. I worked as a cryptologist with the National Security Agency for over 30 years I was
the chief of a large division of analysts; I solved many intractable problems, the solutions thereof impacting positively on the National Security,
I received the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal; the highest award bestowed by the Intelligence Community. Herewith the
unclassified Citation:
“In recognition of his especially meritorious service with the Intelligence Community for over twenty years. During this period he has
earned admiration and respect for his breadth and depth of technical knowledge. He has made key discoveries which have impacted
decisions making at the highest levels of government. Mr. Israel has patiently given scores of intelligence professionals the benefit of his
knowledge and experience and his superb leadership has provided an example for a new generation of analysts. His exemplary service
and dedication to duty reflect great credit on himself, the National Security Agency and the Intelligence Community”
After the terrorist attack on September 11th, I was recalled to set up entirely new protocols to find the perpetrators and launch new capabilities to
prevent additional attacks. I know how to do research and analysis, ferret out facts, and get to the bottom of things when faced with a question,
I do not guess; I get the accurate answer. I also know how to delegate. I have been a vice president of UCO now for the past year, in that short
time, I have created the kernel of an Information Technology department to maintain the UCO Computers and the network that controls the gate
security system and the UCO telephone network. I have been the president of my association for five years, and I serve on a number of UCO
committees; such as Advisory, Cable, Security, Operations, Insurance, and Finance. When complex questions need to be researched, which require
correct answers; I do that research for UCO.
What are my main concerns? It troubles me that our people go into UCO and are sometimes treated rudely. It troubles me also that UCO
personnel too often give out misleading or just plain wrong information. It troubles me that some of our operations are so cumbersome and time-
consuming. With the cooperation of the officers and the Delegate Assembly, I will change this. Clearly the goal is to place more professional and
highly experienced personnel as part of the UCO staff. Prime candidate departments for personnel upgrades would be Finance, Investigations,
and Information Technology and Communications. I am dedicated to total transparency in UCO Operations no secret gatherings and decision
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21

Seen at the UCO Volunteers Luncheon

in the Party Room
Co-Chairpersons Mary Patrick Benton and
Claudette LaBonte
Top 10 Reasons To
for President of UCO:
1. He already brings sanity and reason to the village.
2. He is genuinely caring and protective of older residents. He treats
everyone with respect and dignity.
3. He is incredibly productive, knowledgeable, and dedicated. He is a
wizard with anything computer related. He researches each and every
issue thoroughly.
4. He will bring UCO finances up to Generally Accepted Accounting
Procedures and make finances transparent. He is economy minded and will
find state-of-the-art solutions.
5. He is efficient. He makes other people more productive, with no wasted
time or effort.
6. He will implement proper oversight of all UCO functions. There will be
no coverups out of misplaced loyalty.
7. He will implement proper following of bylaws. There will be REAL open
meetings and improved communications.
8. He will enforce ethics, obtain proper bids, no advertising or soliciting
9. He will keep professional and cordial relationships with our business
associates. He is a tough negotiator - not inclined to sue over everything.
10. He will bring progress in understanding that CV is much too big to be
advised and directed by amateurs.
Ad by Elaine Brown & Lanny Howe

Photos by Ken Graff

making in the dark; My UCO Administration will say “YES” at every possible opportunity. It is my unalterable task to stop UCO interference
in Association affairs.
What operations would I change? Two are most urgent. We need to simplify the procedure for getting transponders. We need to install
transponders “on demand,” no more nonsense of making appointments weeks in advance; if you come in for a transponder, you will get it then,
not later; no more keeping people waiting inordinate lengths of time. We also need to make the procedure for getting prospective owners and
renters investigated and approved a smoother and faster process. A professional needs to be brought in to assist with our investigative procedures
so we do a much better job of it and avoid legal pitfalls.
Century Village is a medium-size town. With 14,000 in-season residents and a multi-million dollar budget, it is essential we do things right.
UCO is a servant to the 309 Village associations, not boss. It needs to be a thoroughly honest servant and a competent servant, but also a servant
that knows its bounds. Well-meaning people need to take care to not “play attorney.”
Insurance is an association’s biggest single expense. The cost of insurance far exceeds what is paid to our management companies. We need
something more than a “one trick pony,” as persuasive and able as he or she may be, controlling our overall insurance operation. We need the
entire Committee to understand it thoroughly, be able to explain the details of it to others, and be able to act as a check on one another. Too much
is at stake to not have this. UCO needs to adhere to the strict contractual requirement of the Bi-lateral Agreement-that is, to simply negotiate the
policies. UCO’s name should not be anywhere on an association’s insurance policies. UCO should not be involved in any way with arranging
for repairs or remediation contractors. The individual associations should file their claims, find and select their own contractors, and call in a
public adjuster if needed. The associations must deal directly with our Insurance Agent or Insurance Company, as required. We must learn the
names and telephone numbers of our agents working in the Plastridge Agency, or perhaps in another agency that might be more attuned to our
needs in CV. Finally, in accordance with Florida Statute FS-718, each association must have a copy of each of their insurance policies as a part
of the association records — not merely the declarations pages, but rather, the entire set of policies. These should be obtained, not from UCO, but
directly from the insurance agent(s) involved or the insurance companies — in the same way you get your automobile or homeowner’s policy.
No association should have to come to UCO to get its association policies. That some associations have done this and then been stalled and put
off is intolerable.
Blowing the whistle. On our Century Village Website ( that some of you read, I and others have blown
the whistle on numerous occasions about questionable and improper Village goings-on. As president, I’ll be in a much better position to protect
your interests. Your Constitutional rights of free speech must be upheld without censorship. As your UCO president, I will serve you faithfully
and well — just as I served my country when I worked for the U.S. government for over 30 years, and in the United States Army for three years.


Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23

information, call Jerry at (561)
684-1487 or Toby at (561)
Ladies’ Golf Come on down. Learn a new
Sylvia game. Meet some new friends,
Whiting and above all, have fun!

Even though the Turtle Bay

course is closed, the Turtle Sailing
Bay Ladies are still playing Gail
golf. Our group has moved to Fei
the Lone Pine Golf Course on
Military Trail. A great big thank you to
Play begins at 8:00 a.m. Evelyn Mintz for heading up a
on Tuesday mornings. We fabulous Annual Breakfast on
continue to have an enthusi- January 17. The 85 Sail Club
astic group of players, enjoy members and friends enjoyed
the early morning air and the breakfast, installation of 2010
camaraderie of our group. The officers and entertainment
course is in good condition from the Cheerleaders.
and we’re enjoying nice fast On February 17, the Sail
greens at Lone Pine. Club members enjoyed being
Tuesday morning tee off with good friends and eating
runs from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. a great meal at the Golden
The League cost is $25 with Corral. Mark your calendars
a cart, and $15 to walk the on Sunday, March 14, there
course. Join a foursome or will be a special dinner/dance
make your own. Anyone in- in the party room from 7 to
terested in playing with the 10 p.m. The Sail Club Cheer-
Ladies Golf Group, please leaders are hosting “Ameri-
call Carol at 712-1822 or can Bandstand,” featuring
Lolly at 689-0219. We’re live music by Coney Island
looking for returning players Baby, a delicious catered
and any new players inter- dinner including chicken
ested in joining our League. breast and beef stroganoff,
bers car pooled for our Peanut
bers as of the submission of which has more than 100 par-
Play nine holes or eighteen, entertainment by the cheer-
Island adventure. Eleven of this article. A mixed doubles ticipating clubs throughout the
Lone Pine is the place to be leaders, Theo and Ron, Chris
us took the tour of the H.M.S.
tournament has been sched- county. They are currently in
on Tuesday mornings. M. and Michael P. All this for
Bounty, which is tied up at uled for later in the month of third place, only two points
only $20, and all residents
the island and then we pro- February and the results will behind Ocean Trails and eight
Petanque and guests are welcome. Get
ceeded to our snorkel area to
be posted in my next column. points behind Division leader,
Jerry your tickets early from any
meet up with the rest of ourOther events in the planning BallenIsles. They hope to
Karpf cheerleader or at the dock.
crew. With the extremely cold
stage include both men and make the play-offs held in mid
Commodore Ray Mullen en-
A form of ground bowling weather and high winds our women tourneys and our an- March.
courages all people interested
By the time you read this ar- in sailing to come down to the trip scheduled for January 31
nual Club picnic which is We want to thank Tom
ticle, Court #6 will have been dock and learn to sail with Hel- on the Calypso had to be can-
always a favorite. Speerin, our Somerset Ten-
redone. If this new combina- ga Lieb, our dockmaster. Sail celed. We’re trying again for
We have two men’s teams nis Center Director, for doing
tion of materials works out in Club meetings are scheduled Sunday, February 7. We’ll beentered in the Palm Beach what he can to patch up areas
the next few weeks through for every second Friday of the snorkeling in the ocean behind
County Senior Tennis League of our courts that are in real
actual playing, I will have all month. Read the bulletin board the Breakers Hotel. We’re told
which has reached the half need of resurfacing. We are
of the rest of the courts redone, at the dock for more informa- a nice reef is there. way point of this season. Our all hoping that WPRF and
working with Dan Cruz of tion. Happy Sails to You! We meet at the Clubhouse champion team from last year UCO will see fit to complete
WPRF. I hope that the courts the third Friday of each was moved up one level to the restoration of those courts,
will have a few more years month at 10 a.m. Why not Division 2 and faces tougher which were not resurfaced
of enjoyable playing for all Snorkel Club come and have a fun time? opponents, while suffering last year, before there are any
the Petanque players. I hope Sandy For club information, call our
serious injuries to some of our serious injuries. All residents
everyone will have a great Wynn President Rosemary Maude key players. We are last in the who wish to join the Tennis
season of playing Petanque. at 561-684-0116. Division Standings but have Club should see Tom during
To the players that have been Tuesday morning, February 2, been showing signs of improv- weekday mornings. The use
away, come on back and have fourteen snorkelers will be leaving Tennis ing our ranking over the last of a ball machine and tennis
some fun; we have missed see- for our yearly Manatee excursion Jerry few matches. Our other team, lessons are available for those
ing you. at Crystal River, Florida. Watch Goldberg which was placed in the Sixth members interested in improv-
Remember: we play every for a report on this great trip in the Division, has been making a ing their skills. o
Wednesday and Friday, start- next issue of the Reporter. Our Tennis Club has ex- good showing their first year
ing at 8:45 a.m. For additional January 22, nineteen mem- panded to more than 90 mem- in this “soft court” league, wiwi
Save the Date
The UCO Installation Luncheon is scheduled for Sunday, March 14, 2010 at the Marriott Hotel in West Palm Beach. This
is a good time to notify your Association so that they may put the price of your tickets in their 2010 budget.
We will be installing a new UCO President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and Recording Secre-
tary. The Executive Board will be installed too.
A delicious brunch will be served as well as music for dancing.
The good news is that we have been able to keep the cost per person to $35. More information will follow as we get
closer to the date.
Mary Patrick Benton, Chair
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

This is not an election procedure any more.

This is a
Declaration of War
on anything that we have built in Century Village. Dear Mr. Gladstone,
I am writing this letter to thank you for
Someone thinks that elections can be won by all your efforts to obtain an insurance claim
from State Farm for the damage to Chatham

lying, deceiving, and defaming. C. I would never have received a favorable

payment had it not been for your knowledge
Someone spent an enormous amount of hate time to of state law and your persistence in pursuing
my claim for reimbursement of the money I
lie, deceive, and defame. paid to Sunshine Aluminum for replacement of
my screened porch. At first State Farm ignored
my claim and then refused it. After you spoke
Someone broke all the rules by mailing to to them and provided proof of state law, they
relented and called to tell me that they would
delegates, and posting on bulletin boards an anonymous pay my claim. I have only you to thank for
“letter” that is nothing but helping me.
Chatham C, 6/11/08
lies, deceit, and defamation. Dear Danny,
The very high esteem in which we
This election has already resulted in unprecedented residents hold you. We are most grateful and
four separate lawsuits. They are desperate. fortunate to be able to call on you, knowing we
can depend on your know how and knowledge
to fix it Thanks so much for being there when
Say “NO” to lies, deceit, and defamation. Cambridge F

Vote for caring and proven achievements. Thanks. We want to thank you or all our
Dan Gladstone has always been here for you. hard work in reduction of insurance and for
always being here for us.

Dan Gladstone for President! Dear Dan Gladstone,

Camden H

It’s not very often that you find a person

who is as dedicated as you are to a job that I
I want to be UCO’s president because UCO has come a am sure no one else would undertake to do.
long, long way in making many things happen for you, You give of your time and energy to visit as
bu still has away to go to make everyone understand and many condos that call you, to explain about
homeowners insurance. You have been to our
appreciate what their ultimate goals are... I believe that I condo meeting and spent over two hours of
can lead down that road. your time on a Sunday morning, answering all

I have always been here for you kinds of questions about insurance.
The reason I am writing this letter to you

and I will continue to be. is to thank you for your advice and effort you
put in when we had a water leakage and mold
disaster in one of our apartments. You got the
Please come to my meeting on Friday February 26 at right people to take care of our problem and
10:00 AM in Room C at the Clubhouse. This meeting they did an excellent job. We were well satis-
fied with the results and the speedy time they
is hosted by Cambridge F Condo Association under the
finished the job. Our condo thanks you for
agenda of “the future of Century Village.” Come to the everything you did on our behalf Please accept
meeting and ALL your questions will be answered. our gratitude for all the fine work you do.
Kent C 12/9/09
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Saturday, January 30, 2010. Phyllis Frishberg, Jackie Karlan, Lorrie Torres, Sheryl, Dorothy Breier.

If you allow Seacrest to perform any of the above

services through March 31, 2010, we will deduct
10% of the full cost of our already low rates. This
is a great time to start that project or initiate the
service you have been waiting on. Take advantage
of this outstanding offer while you still can! - Call
(561) 656-6355 for more information!
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Henderson Facts
Florence Henderson’s smile
can stop a bullet.
Arts &
Recipes If you rearrange the letters Entertainment
Avis Blank in Florence Henderson’s best-
Irv Rikon
known role of “Carol Brady,”
it spells “Carob Lardy.”
Florence Henderson has
been hypnotized to think any-
During the January cold Spring Punch thing can be solved in a half- Sins of the Mother by Israel references to the world of
snap, I didn’t take my daily • ½ oz. lemon juice hour or less. Horovitz the unemployed. The end is
walk around the perimeter • ½ oz. simple syrup Florence Henderson wears a Israel Horovitz’ record as startling; melodramatic. Mr.
road. But when the weather • 2½ oz blueberry vodka size eight shoe in Louboutins a playwright is truly remark- Horovitz, apparently upon
did warm up a bit, and I did • Splash of Chambord for and a size ten shoe in Manolos. able. He’s written over 70 the advice of professional
walk, I was saddened to see taste and color Florence Henderson wore plays, many still performed. colleagues, decided to add a
the damage the cold had done Mix first 3 ingredients, add military-strength earplugs when His works have been trans- second act.
to the leaves on the trees. But the splash. Davy Jones sang on the show. lated into 30 languages. Of Act Two has three of the
this month, spring begins and Garnish with a skewer of When Florence Henderson all American playwrights, four characters we saw before
new leaves and blossoms will strawberries and blueberries. appeared on The Love Boat, he’s the one most produced plus the brother of one of the
cloak the vegetation in new Enjoy! they had to film all her scenes in France. His play Line con- older men. But this act is dif-
dresses of beautiful hues. Upcoming Events: on a soundstage because she’s tinues to run off-Broadway, ferent. No longer a drama, the
I always think of spring as • Feb. 25-28 in South Beach afraid of water. where it opened 37 years ago, play has turned into a black
a new beginning. The follow- — Food Network wine & Certainly qualified to play a making it New York’s longest comedy. The plot makes sense,
ing recipe is from a famous food festival. Info (877) mother of six: Florence Hender- running show. To top it off, for it flows logically from
Florida restaurant. The cock- 762-3933. son was part of a family of ten. he turned 70 last year. By what transpired earlier, yet
tail is described as a fruity, • Mar. 4-14 in Plant City — Florence Henderson was the way of celebration, he’s be- the mood change is jarring,
splashy concoction with a note Strawberry Festival. Info first woman to sub for Johnny ing honored with something at times even weird. At one
of berry that calls to mind a (813) 754-1996. on The Tonight Show. Jay and called 70/70 Horovitz Project, point, the stranger compares
beautiful day on the beach, a • Mar 6-7 in Orlando — Conan are still angry. with all of his plays being per- Oprah to Jesus Christ. The
luxurious chaise lounge, and a Festival of Chocolate. Info Florence Henderson dated formed in American theaters comparison is intended to be
chic floppy hat. Please join me (407) 514-2000. o the boy who played her son; across the country. humorous, but I don’t believe
in a toast to spring. he took her to the malt shop At Florida Stage in Manala- for an instant that any of Act
and “Inspiration Point.” pan, you can see one of his One’s characters would know
From the Internet newer works, Sins of the Moth- what he’s talking about. This
er, through March 7. Act One “brother” is not a soul they
is set in a “Stevedores’ union can relate to. Still, there are
room, fish-processing plant, serious topics: parental abuse
Gloucester, Massachusetts.” of children; the return of jobs.
Three Vietnam War veterans Mr. Horovitz directed his
greet a young newcomer, who own play, so I have to say the
once lived in town but later results are definitive. The cast
moved away. It develops that is very good: Gordon McCon-
one of the vets loved his moth- nell, Francisco Solorzano, Bri-
er, who ultimately died from a an Claudio Smith and David
drug overdose. Act Two is set Nail clearly understand what
in the “living room, Bobby is wanted, and they deliver.
Maloney’s house, Gloucester, Taken as a whole, I rather
Massachusetts.” There is also liked the play, despite the
an Epilogue. fact I found it at times to be
Act One was originally confusing. Still do. I actu-
written as a one-act play at- ally preferred Act Two and its
tempting to tell some of the upside-down Epilogue to the
troubles befalling returning largely predictable if more
Vietnam War veterans, includ- defining Act One. See for
ing the fact jobs are scarce yourself, and decide. (For tick-
and drugs are prevalent. Much ets and additional information,
serious talk unfolds about telephone 585-3433 or online
relationships, and there are o

Sign In Please
Are you a delegate?
When attending the
monthly meeting on the
first Friday, make sure
the proctor knows you’re
here, or you’ll be
wrongly judged absent.
March 2010 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27

What You Missed Don’t Believe developed area which includes

rentals of Skee-Doo’s, para-
at the South Everything You Read sailing and other water ac-
By Claudette LaBonte
CERT: Florida Fair Don’t believe everything
tivities. Royal donated the
Community Emergency By Dot Loewenstein income for that day for a total
you read in the newspapers. of $64,000. Royal has three
Response Team We took the 1 p.m. bus and
A few weeks ago, The Palm ships per week entering the
arrived after torrential rains
Jackie Karlan which affected the (outdoor!)
Beach Post, following the harbor doing the same thing.
earthquake in Haiti, ran a I understand that the TV
sand castle, but it was still
picture of a Royal Caribbean newscasters make comments
intriguing. Our first stop was
ship in the harbor of Labadee, on articles that have been
to see the female Houdini
which included many nega- published, but they usually
CERT Community Palm Beach County Health who was submerged in water
tive comments regarding the have 30 second slots to give
Sponsored Events Department administered the wearing handcuffs, etc. Some
emotional impact this would highlights of their “items,”
Our January meeting dealt H1N1 influenza vaccine free parents realized this might not
have on the Haitians. In my and that a picture lasts forever.
with RIA (ways to imme- of charge. As of February 5, be proper for young ones to
opinion, this article must have As we pulled from the harbor,
diately evaluate the extent over 100 residents had signed watch, and left immediately.
been written by someone at a the residents were waving
of damage after a disaster). up for the vaccine shots. “Don’t try this at home” could
desk who either needed a filler goodbye with smiles on their
Participants worked in small On February 15, we had an have been their instructions.
or was near a deadline. faces. We could not tell if there
groups, viewing pictures interactive workshop on how From there a short walk to
The last week of January, I were tears in their eyes, but
of structural damage and to conduct a triage and rapid another Indoor show — this
had the pleasure of being in this there certainly were for those
flooding. These models were treatment. Please make a note one included a sleepy little
same Haitian Harbor, watch- of us at the rail, as we slowly
used to complete a practice that our monthly meetings are alligator who became quite
ing the locals at work. Royal slipped away to our own reali-
exercise. held on the third Monday, in irritated when the handler
Caribbean is associated with ties. Paul Harvey used to say
CERT members partici- the Clubhouse Art Room, at 3 approached. Youngsters were
the World Health Organization “that’s the rest of the story”
pated in the Susan G. Komen p.m., and you can learn from invited to come on stage to
and they were unloading much (or something similar). In the
South Florida Race for the these sessions. We welcome participate by putting a hand
needed medical supplies as meantime, remember, don’t
Cure of cancer. The race was new owners and seasonal inside the mouth of the reptile.
well as 200 pallets of food. believe everything you read
held on Saturday, January residents. Ongoing training At this point the weather
Labadee is Royal’s personal in the newspaper. o
30. Look for our photo in enables us to be prepared to cleared, so we ventured out-
this issue, page 46. help our neighbors when an side for a nice walk and ended
We sponsored a “Swine emergency occurs. Join us — up sitting in front of Paul Bun-
Flu” program in the clubhouse no experience is necessary — yan, Lumberjack. We expected
on Monday, February 15. The we will train you. o this to be rather boring, but
needed to rest, so stayed. Well,
if you thought the alligator
show was mesmerizing, you
surely missed the best part of
the Fair — log rolling contests,
and the winner was a dog. Yes,
a Jack Russell Terrier. Re-
minded us of the water skiing
squirrel a few years ago.
Next was Dennis Lee, a
perennial singer/entertainer.
You may remember him as
the man who follows people
leaving or walking thru the
aisles, oblivious to a show in
progress. At one time, we were
so enthralled with the music
that we spontaneously got up
to dance. Of course, Dennis
approached and asked if he
could cut in, and naturally my
spouse agreed. Imagine his
surprise when Dennis took
him as his partner!
Winding down, we enjoyed
the antics of fifth graders
at Panther Run Elementary
School in Lake Worth as they
played steel drums. It was
there that we learned there are
different types of steel drums,
including doubles and triples
that produce lower notes.
On our way out, we visited
all the arts and crafts, and
stopped at the Mounts Botani-
cal spot where we were given
a tomato plant — free! Finally,
we looked at, but did not eat,
Deep Fried Pickles. What will
they cook up next year? o

Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER March 2010

Internal Bus Route #1 CV BUS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2010

Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Dover 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Somerset 8:03 9:03 10:03 11:03
1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
Berkshire 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 r 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Camden 8:07 9:07 10:07 11:07 i 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 6:07 7:07 8:07 9:07 10:07
Windsor 8:09 9:09 10:09 11:09 v 1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 6:09 7:09 8:09 9:09 10:09
UCO Office (When Open) 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 e 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 Except Saturday and Sunday
Wellington L & M 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 r 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Wellington Circle 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 '
1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Andover 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Kingswood 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 L 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers' 6:35 7:35 8:35
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner 6:45 7:45 8:45
Internal Bus Route #2
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Plymouth 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Sheffield E 8:04 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04 6:04 7:04 8:04 9:04 10:04
Chatham 8:06 9:06 10:06 11:06 1:06 2:06 3:06 4:06 5:06 6:06 7:06 8:06 9:06 10:06
Kent 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Northampton 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 r 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11
Sussex 8:13 9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 6:13 7:13 8:13 9:13 10:13
Canterbury 8:15 9:15 10:15 11:15 e 1:15 2:15 3:15 4:15 5:15 6:15 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15
Cambridge 8:16 9:16 10:16 11:16 r 1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 5:16 6:16 7:16 8:16 9:16 10:16
Dorchester 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 s 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Oxford 8:21 9:21 10:21 11:21 ' 1:21 2:21 3:21 4:21 5:21 6:21 7:21 8:21 9:21 10:21
Stratford 8:22 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22 5:22 6:22 7:22 8:22 9:22 10:22
Sheffield 8:23 9:23 10:23 11:23 u
1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 6:23 7:23 8:23 9:23 10:23
Hastings Fitness Center * 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 n 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25 5:25 6:25 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25
Coventry 8:27 9:27 10:27 11:27 c 1:27 2:27 3:27 4:27 5:27 6:27 7:27 8:27 9:27 10:27
Medical Plaza 8:29 9:29 10:29 11:29 h 1:29 2:29 3:29 4:29 5:29
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers' * Only Friday, from 6:00pm on, will stop at Anshei
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner Sholom; on request
Please Note: On Sundays Only the #2 Bus will do a loop around the perimeter drive after going through Coventry.
Internal Bus Route #3
Clubhouse 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00
Bedford B 8:02 9:02 10:02 11:02 1:02 2:02 3:02 4:02 5:02 6:02 7:02 8:02 9:02 10:02
Greenbrier 8:03 9:03 10:03 11:03 D
1:03 2:03 3:03 4:03 5:03 6:03 7:03 8:03 9:03 10:03
Southampton 8:05 9:05 10:05 11:05 r 1:05 2:05 3:05 4:05 5:05 6:05 7:05 8:05 9:05 10:05
Bedford C 8:08 9:08 10:08 11:08 i 1:08 2:08 3:08 4:08 5:08 6:08 7:08 8:08 9:08 10:08
Golf's Edge 8:10 9:10 10:10 11:10 v 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10 5:10 6:10 7:10 8:10 9:10 10:10
Coventry 8:12 9:12 10:12 11:12 e 1:12 2:12 3:12 4:12 5:12 6:12 7:12 8:12 9:12 10:12
Norwich 8:14 9:14 10:14 11:14 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14 6:14 7:14 8:14 9:14 10:14
Salisbury 8:17 9:17 10:17 11:17 ' 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 6:17 7:17 8:17 9:17 10:17
Waltham 8:18 9:18 10:18 11:18 1:18 2:18 3:18 4:18 5:18 6:18 7:18 8:18 9:18 10:18
Easthampton 8:20 9:20 10:20 11:20 L 1:20 2:20 3:20 4:20 5:20 6:20 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20
Hastings Fitness Center 8:25 9:25 10:25 11:25 u 1:25 2:25 3:25 4:25
Medical Plaza 8:28 9:28 10:28 11:28 n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28
Clubhouse 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 h
1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30
Publix 8:35 9:35 10:35 11:35 1:35 2:35 3:35 4:35 Drivers'
Clubhouse 8:45 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 Dinner

Please Note: BY REQUEST ONLY - All Buses will go around the perimeter drive at 11:45 am prior to the bus drivers taking their lunch breaks.
Please Note: On Saturdays Only the Internal Bus Routes #1 and #3 will drop off at Anshei Sholom on the 9 AM run.

Shuttle Bus Route

Perimeter Drive
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00
1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00
Please be at your bus stop 10
Salon 27 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 minutes before your pickup time.
Library 9:07 10:07 11:07 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07
Humana 9:10 10:10 11:10 D 1:10 2:10 3:10 4:10
Walmart Supermarket 9:16 10:16 11:16 r
1:16 2:16 3:16 4:16 Please be Prepared to Show
Century Plaza 9:22 10:22 11:22 1:22 2:22 3:22 4:22
Emporium Shoppes 9:26 10:26 11:26
c 1:26 2:26 3:26 4:26 the Bus Driver Your Century
Baby Supermarket
h 1:27
Village ID When Boarding ALL
Perimeter Drive
Clubhouse 9:45
On Request
10:45 11:45 1:45
On Request
2:45 3:45 4:45
Mall Bus Route
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
Morse Home Drop off 9:05
9:13 10:13 11:13 1:13 2:13 3:13 4:13 5:13 ** The Holiday bus will
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17 r L 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17 5 PM MALL BUS run on New Year's
Palm Beach Mall/Target 9:23 10:23 11:23 i u 1:23 2:23 3:23 4:23 5:23 RUNS ON Day, July 4th,
Village Commons 9:28 10:28 11:28 v n 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 SATURDAY Thanksgiving Day
Publix 9:33 10:33 11:33 e c 1:33 2:33 3:33 4:33 5:33 ONLY
Post Office Drop off / Pick Up Tuesday & Thursday Only r h 2:35 3:35 **
and Christmas Day.
Morse Home Pickup s 1:40
Clubhouse 9:45 10:45 11:45 1:45 2:45 3:45 4:45 5:45
Express Bus Route Excursion Bus *Monday* (Excludes the 2nd Monday)
Perimeter Drive 8:45 Leaves Clubhouse 9:35 AM Pick Up Times
Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 Chase Bank On Request
Walgreens 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 Wellington Mall 1:15 PM
Pine Trail Square 9:08 10:08 11:08 D 1:08 2:08 3:08 target , Golden Corral Leaves clubhouse 10:35AM 2:05 & 2:10
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 r L 1:09 2:09 3:09 walmart 2:15pm
i u
Winn Dixie 9:18 10:18 11:18 1:18 2:18 3:18 Excursion Bus *Wednesday* (Excludes the 4th Wednesday)
v n
Publix 9:28 10:28 11:28 e c 1:28 2:28 3:28 Leaves Clubhouse Pick Up Times
Chase Bank On Request r h On Request City Place 10:05 AM 2:00 PM
Perimeter Drive 9:38 10:38 11:38 s 1:38 2:38 3:38 Gardens Mall 10:35 AM 1:30 PM
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 Return Clubhouse 2:30 PM

Sundays & Holidays Bus Route (Combo)

Clubhouse 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00
The Excursion Bus will go to
Walgreen's 9:04 10:04 11:04 1:04 2:04 3:04 4:04 5:04
Pine Trail 9:07 10:07 11:07 1:07 2:07 3:07 4:07 5:07 Lake Worth Beach on the 2nd
Goodwill Store 9:09 10:09 11:09 D 1:09 2:09 3:09 4:09 5:09 Monday (Leaves 9:30 am - Picks Up 2:05
Cross County 9:14 10:14 11:14 r L 1:14 2:14 3:14 4:14 5:14
i u pm) and to the Carnival Flea
Church 9:20 10:20 11:17 1:17 2:17 3:17 4:17 5:17
Palm Beach Mall 11:28
c 1:28 2:28 3:28 4:28 5:28 Market in DelRay on the 4th
Village Commons 9:34 10:34 11:34 r h 1:34 2:34 3:34 4:34 5:34 Wednesday (Leaves 9:35 am - Picks Up
Emporium Shoppes 9:40 10:40 11:40 s 1:40 2:40 3:40 4:40 5:40
1:45 pm) of the Month.
Lowes 9:41 10:41 11:41 1:41 2:41 3:41 4:41 5:41
Clubhouse 9:48 10:48 11:48 1:48 2:48 3:48 4:48 5:48

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