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Someone saw something in
me that he thought [would] apply
very well to being a teacher,
adding that I have been working
with children since I was 14.
This led to a full-time teaching
students to develop characteristics
that are important to a successful
artist, such as a strong work
ethic, diligence and sense of
responsibility. This is one of his
emphases in his classroom.
Good Environment
environment in which students
can not only produce good
artwork but also get a feel of
what it is like to be an artist.
Another goal is to get
outside the school community by
displaying their work in exhibits
in the county. A student did
a video about bullying using
the iMovie technology and Mr.
Tweedy [principal of Greenbelt
Middle School] wants to have
it downloaded onto the website
for other people to see, so we
outside the school, according to
the art teacher.
Modern Technology
Graphics design is not just
about two-dimensional drawing
but also incorporates elements
from multi-media journalism.
Students in the Greenbelt Middle
School are able to expose
themselves to multi-media,
such as creating documentaries,
producing commercials and even
developing theatrical plays and
comic strips.
Students have to learn
the use of video . . . they
use their iPhones, iPads and
generate questions and go to
the community to interview
people and create an actual
The development and
advancement of modern
technology has shaped graphic
design enabling students to
students are now able to do
motivate his students even when
some of them are not interested
in the subject itself. I believe
my role is much like a coach . .
. I have to look at each student
individually and look for ways
That requires me to get to know
my students on many levels,
Students do challenge me to
be professional . . . . I think I
have to accept every student as a
challenge in a positive way, he
added, and not allow myself to
stay regimented.
I am learning from the kids
as much as they are learning
added that if he finds out
certain elements that students
particularly like or prefer, he tries
to incorporate those elements
would want to do it because they
know it is leading to something
that they like.

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Special education includes
educational practices designed
for students whose mental
a b i l i t y, p h y s i c a l a b i l i t y o r
emotional functioning require
special teaching approaches,
equipment or care within or
outside a regular classroom,
according to the Associated Press
word index.
Hill spent several years
working with children with
emotional disabilities in her
hometown of Los Angeles before
coming back east to teach in
This is a place where you
have the opportunity to really
implement research-based
that for other schools, Hill
answered when asked about
the reason she chose Greenbelt
Middle School.
In some schools, you will
find special education being
shoved to the back of the corner.
. . but it is not here, the special
education chair acknowledged.
Special education is not an
School is able to fully meet the
requirements with the amount of
facilities and the resources the
school has. I am stunned by
the amount of resources and the
support and training we get . .
responsibilities is to facilitate the
relationship between the general
education population and the
special education population so
both groups are comfortable with
each other.

Hill mentioned that the

two different populations
mingle well despite the two
groups not attending all classes
together. Sometimes it is
hard to distinguish the special
education population and the
general education population . .
. but here [the special education]
population gets a voice and a
sense of respect, she said.
However, all students get
to attend creative arts classes
together as well as physical
education. And they have the
lot of blending, Hill added.
Hill has been teaching in
elementary school up to high
school. She enjoyed teaching
high school students the most
as it gave her the opportunity to
approach her students in a more
engaging manner.
High school students are,
surprisingly, creative . . . .
They still need to be motivated
education, I need to come up
with different types of learning
styles from visual to kinesthetic
to be able to meet each
She added that approaching
the course materials from a
different angle, such as getting
students into role-playing rather
than having them filling in
worksheets, helps students to
understand the subject better.
her special education students
are nothing less than what she
would expect of the general

CPAE Holds Mini

Bop Disco Jan. 11
education population. Aside
from giving them extra support,
she still expects her special
education students to be able
to meet the requirements of the
general education curriculum.
to make sure that they are
challenged . . . so that some of
them go to college, Hill said.

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