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Integrating Blue Coat CacheFlow with Brocade ADX solutions gives service providers scalable, redundant, carriergrade architecture that helps them save significantly on bandwidth and backhaul traffic. Service providers, including
ISPs and Mobile Operators, are challenged to maintain profitability in extremely competitive markets. They need to
achieve quicker return on investment (ROI) while delivering a consistently fast and reliable web experience. Brocade
ServerIron ADX solutions and Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances combine to provide a service-oriented platform that
offers compelling ROI and will enable value-added, differentiated revenue-generating services in the future.
The Brocade and CacheFlow Solution

Low-latency switching

The joint solution helps service providers to contain costs and manage
growth in subscriber numbers and network traffic while delivering a fast,
reliable and secure web experience.

Policy-based routing

The Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 uses next-generation web caching

technology to save bandwidth on expensive international links and on
backhaul traffic. Through a scalable architecture of cache farms, service
providers can accelerate the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content, large
files, video and general web traffic. Controlling bandwidth consumption
significantly reduces infrastructure costs while improving customer
Brocade ServerIron ADX switches provide industry-leading Layer
2-7 switching performance that enables highly secure and scalable
application service infrastructure. The switches efficiently distribute
unified application services by measuring server utilization and
connection load in real time. This visibility enables you to manage
application performance, security, and service delivery. Web applications
run more efficiently and with higher availability streamlining operations,
increasing business agility, significantly reducing costs, and helping you
support growth.
To build networking support for caching, you need Layer 2 switching,
Layer 3 functionality such as policy-based routing, and Layer 7
application delivery for scaling the CacheFlow 5000 solution. Using
multiple vendors to support caching infrastructure creates network
complexity. Brocade, on the other hand, offers a complete Layer 2-7
functionality that includes:

Transparent cache switching

Brocade is experienced in the deployment of large numbers of end-toend networking solutions in Telco environments. All Brocade equipment
is managed by Brocade IronView Network Manager (INM) software. The
solution includes:
Transit Providers

Access Provider

Routers *




Routers *

CacheFlow 5000

*can be any SP router supporting XMR

Port 80 Traffic

Brocade XMR

Brocade XMR


CacheFlow 5000


Figure 1: Brocade offers a complete networking solution that includes Layer 4-7 application delivery switches and Layer 2/3 switches and routers with PBR capability to
optimize most Blue Coat CacheFlow deployments.





Scalable, best-of-breed, carrier-grade caching infrastructure

Seamless interoperability between Brocade ADX and Blue Coat
Redundancy and scalability for farms of Blue Coat CacheFlow
Advanced health-check features between Brocade ADX and
Blue Coat CacheFlow appliances that protect against overload
Full feature functionality for Layer 2-7 networking requirements,
delivered by Brocade

Brocade TurboIron
A Layer 2 device is required for the 10 GbE interconnect among all the
devices in the CacheFlow design. The Brocade TurboIron Series switch
supports Layer 2 10 GbE fiber or copper (depending on the model of
SFP+ used) with low latency (less than 1.5 uS). It interfaces seamlessly
with the ServerIron ADX and CacheFlow. The TurboIron is built for use
with mission-critical data. It offers high availability with redundant load
sharing; hotswappable, sensing/switching power supplies; and triplefan

Brocade ServerIron

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Transparent Cache Switching (TCS) The TCS feature in Brocade

ServerIron allows network administrators to quickly deploy CacheFlow
devices anywhere in the network with no modification to end-user
browsers or other software. Brocade ServerIron devices are configured
in a high-availability, session-synchronized pair, ensuring that a failure of
one unit will not result in session loss. ServerIron ADX switches improve
service availability by implementing cache health checking. They redirect
client requests to the next available CacheFlow device or directly to the
origin server in the event of a CacheFlow or farm failure.

Intelligent Application Content Inspection and Switching

The ServerIron ADX provides a powerful way to create rules, policies
and configurations for application traffic management operations
at both Layer 4 and Layer 7. This includes server and application
load balancing, health monitoring, inspection, switching, redirection,
persistence, and content transformation. Brocade ServerIron ADX
can provide persistence based on requested URLs using L7 content
switching (CSW) with TCS, then hash-based persistence on the
requested URL for CacheFlow device selection.

Brocade NetIron XMR

The Brocade NetIron XMR Series of Internet backbone routers provide
unparalleled performance (up to 2 billion PPS) in a multi-terabit
architecture. These routers offer highly scalable IPv4/IPv6 routing, fast
BGP convergence, PBR, and advanced MPLS capabilities such as
MPLS VPNs. They provide industry-leading wire-speed 10 GbE and
POS port density, and are ideal for Internet backbones and service
provider cores.

About Brocade
From enterprise data centers to the service provider core, Brocade
develops extraordinary networking solutions that connect the worlds
most important information. Delivered directly and through global
partners, these solutions help todays data-intensive organizations
operate more efficiently and maximize the business value of their data.
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About Blue Coat

Blue Coat empowers enterprises to safely and securely choose the best
applications, services, devices, data sources, and content the world
has to offer, so they can create, communicate, collaborate, innovate,
execute, compete and win in their markets. Blue Coat is the trusted by
86 percent of the FORTUNE Global 500.
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