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1/2007- 1/2010 Idle Aire Technologies Site Manager Maintenance Technician

Mt. Vernon, IL.
Repaired HVAC, Computers, Bard Units, Ordered Parts,
Conference Calls, Shipping Parts back to Warehouse,
Hiring and Firing, Disciplining Personnel Training New
Hires We had at one time (10 Employee with in (3)
Shifts, Dealing with Truck Drivers of Many Different
Fleets, Cutting Adapters to Fit Various kinds of Trucks,
handling complaints, E-Mailing , Scanning Paper Work
to Corp. Home Office or Headquarters, Managing Site,
Maintenance of (2) Different Sites ,one in Mt. Vernon
with (1) Bard Unit and (51) Air Conditioners and (51)
Module Computers and one in E. St. Louis with (1) Bard
Unit all at the same time. and (81) Air Conditioners
and (81) Module Computers, and Maintaining each one,
over 6,720 Volts., Over (81) Direct TV Receivers and
Modulators, Routers, Over (51)Punch Down for
Telephone Lines in Mt. Vernon, Over (81) in E. St. Louis,
Il., Driving back and forth several times a Week, Used
Office Computers and Printers, I was responsible for.
Stocking Part and Inventory. Scanned to E-Mail
Addresses, Installed Cameras, and Weathers Station,
Bridged in Wireless Communication to our Network to
T/A Travel Centers of America,……..As Site Manager
Tech my Responsibilities as Maintenance Technician
was as above. My Responsibilities as Site Manager
Required Interviewing potential Employees and hiring
or Firing. Disciplining Employees, Training them to do
their Job, Ordering Office Supplies, Sending as
Receiving Orders from UPS, Conway, Fed Ex, Mountain
Valley Water .Office Max, Staples, Wal-Marts, Lowe’s
ect…Confirming that I Received an Order through E-
Mailing Supplier Back, Making Receipts and Giving out
Receipts, Creating Files & Maintaining Files on
Employees, Sending and Receiving E-Mails, Scanning
3/2006-9/2006 Paper Work to Head Quarters Carlos Money Pulling and
Counting it and Making Bank Deposits Twice a Week
and Scanning Receipts to AX or Corp. Knoxville ,
Working and having Conversations with District
Manager and other Site Managers that would Improve
our Relationship with Customers, Weekly Conference
Calls, Selling our Products to Truck Drivers, Using
Computer for Sign-Ups on a Daily Basis, Working with
Human Resources on a Company Level in Knoxville,
9/1976-9/2005 Tennessee on behalf of Employee, Cleaning and
Maintaining Office and Re-Stocked Supplies to be Sold
to Customers, Organizing Deployment of Employees to
where they were need on the Lot, Scheduling and Un-
Scheduling Hours to be Worked on a Weekly Basis for
Employee, Maintaining E-Time for Each Employee Daily,
Receiving Complaints and resolving them Daily or as
they came in, ect…..

Schwans Driver/Sales
Fairfield, IL.
I Ran a Route from House to House Delivery Sales and
Made Nightly Deposits in Bank, Restocked Truck for
Delivery, went all over Southern Illinois and Northern
Illinois such as Springfield, Decatur, Mt. Vernon,
Fairefield, Centralia, Woodlawn, Bluford, Salem, Kell,
Bold, and Surrounding Counties. Ect……

Motor Repair /Winder Joy Mining Machinery MT.

Vernon, IL.

I tore down A C/D C Motors. Used Cranes, Torches,

Inspector at Tear down in coming Motors.
Stripped Motors/ Armatures and Sand Blasted and Painted
Lathe Operator/Balance/ Turn and Undercut.

A C /D C Motor Assembler. Supervisory skills -Forklift
Cleaned A C/ D C End Bell, Bearing Caps, and Shafts.
Replaced Inter and Field Coils Bad with New ones also bad
Pole Pieces.
Put New wiring on D C Frames to diagrams./Installed Guard
Replaced broken Shafts and bad Commutators, Straighten
Bent Shafts.
Tested windings to see if Burn or not also Re-Leaded Motors.
Wind A C Motors/D C Armatures.
Used Phase Analyzers/Bar to Bar Testers, Core Lost Testers,
High Pot Testers, Hand Drills/Taps, Presses, Cranes,
Inspector at Test Stand. Ran A C /D C Motors at test Stand,
Water Jackets for leaks and filled with Antifreeze out going


1970-1974 Centralia Township High School
Centralia, IL
1974-1975 Tool Designing
Decatur, IL...
 Graduated from Chastain Institute of Engineering
Getting Employment, Preaching, Winning Souls, Playing
Chess, Playing Guitar, Computers, and Working on Cars,
Dealing with People, ect…

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