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Following are the sequence of operations at site:

(1) Provide Fire Screen
(2) Fix up local contractor for dismantling work.
(3) After dismantling and disposing/returning all connected items like Bullet Section,
Piping, existing Pump House, RCC foundations up to NGL/FGL, mark the coordinate as per the initial setting out plan and demarcate the Mounded area.
(4) Continue to proceed with other minor items to be dismantled and also commence
excavation work taking all safety measures.
(5) Demarcate the Bullet fabrication area and clear the jungle by cutting off Trees &
Bushes and fence by temporary barricading up to 2mtr/3mtr. height all around.
(6) Besides the above area for Fabrication yard, clear another area of all obstacles to
provide storage for Reinforcement Rods, Cement, Aggregates and other civil
materials like sand etc. and also a small laboratory.
(7) Excavation will be done in such a way that Design Considerations of Retaining wall
are taken in to account and accordingly the depth for Retaining wall Raft is
(8) As the Civil drawings get cleared, Retaining wall Raft and then wall construction will
be taken up. We expect 5 nos. of lifts for Retaining wall above Ground Level.
(9) Simultaneously Resources for Fabrication yard will be mobilized and insitu
Fabrication taken up to fabricate the sections (4 Sections).
(10) The Dished end petals and Dome shells will be fabricated at our Pune works. For
each Dish the petals will be trial assembled at our Pune works, then dismantled by
giving proper numbering, dispatched to site and again site assembled, welded and
(11) The time taken for the various operations will be generally as per the schedule
and Primavera chart submitted herewith.
(12) The balance portion ground improvement besides the Retaining wall Raft area
will be done by filling up sand & compacting in layers upto ~300 mm from ground
(13) The top portion below FGL will be filled & compacted for the entire area of the
mound by means of Rubble soling and sand filling in the voids. Also a 100 mm thk.
sand layer duly compacted will form the reference level for the mound (and at
ground level).
(14) Simultaneous operations will be carried out for sand bed formation (known as 1 st
stage) and also retaining wall lifts.
(15) In the mean while parallely fabricated sections will be readied. This involves,
fabrication of the sections to the predecided lengths, 100% RT1, MPT, SR, 100%
RT2 and coal tar painting upto 120 0 bottom portion of each section. (Painting from
outside and also SRN / Dome shell / Dishend welding to section)
(16) These sections then will be shifted to the Mound by crane (in predetermined
sequence) and field C-seam will be assembled, welded and Radiographed. Suitable
trench of 1000 mm width and 600 mm depth will be prepared on sand beds below
the field joint C-seams for case of welding, grinding, radiography etc. The field C-

seams will also be 100% radiographed, local stress relieved and again 100%
radiographed and bottom portion (1200) painted with coal tar from outside.
(17) Bullet positioning will be done in such a way to ensure 1:200 slope, sloping
towards Bottom Outlet. This is to ensure free draining of fluid.
(18) A Protocol will be established for Hydrotest clearance of the Bullets and sand
upto 1200 will be filled and compacted to ensure stability of Bullet.
(19) The Bullets will be filled with water in stages of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% and
kept for minimum Four hours at each stage and readings will be taken. Then at
100% pressurizing procedure will start and Bullets will get tested.
(20) Afterwards, the water will be drained to a safe place and inside cleaned
(21) All the C/seam joints (Bottom 1200) not visible during hydrotest will be UT tested.
(22) Simultaneously the top 2400 portion will be taken up for coal tar painting.
(23) Also the bottom portion from inside will be painted as per the requirement.
(24) In the mean while soon after Hydrotest, sand filling 2 nd stage (around Bullet) and
3rd stage on areas in the Mound will commence and layer-by-layer sand will be filled
and Mound will be formed upto the top.
Parallely Toe- Wall, Stone Pitching, Pointing etc. around the Mound except
Retaining Wall will be carried out upto the top.
(26) During the above stages as mentioned in (24) and (25) work front for different
areas like Pipe sleepers, Drain, Pavement, Trenches, Storm water drain etc. will be
carried out. Also work in areas like Piping, Instrumentation, Fire fighting, Electrical
will be organized simultaneously as far as possible.
(27) Hydrotest as per predecide loops and loop test for Piping work and for
instrumentation, SAT for PLC/DCS will be carried out. Care will be taken up during
Hook up operations.
(28) Pre-commissioning trials/procedures will be executed.
(29) Commissioning assistance to OIL will be provide by us/vendor representative in
respect of PLC/DCS, Pump running etc.