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Alexander Crenshaw Application to teach English in South Korea

Submitted to ASK Now Inc. for placement

Gyeonggi-do, Uijeongbu-si, Singok-dong 803-2 Apt. #205


Objective I am a current teacher in Uijeongbu interested in a new teaching position in, or around,
Summary • One year experience teaching English as a second language in South
• Four years experience as a student learning foreign language in
addition to another year studying Korean language.
• Developed strong command of both spoken and written English
through teaching experience, counseling experience and extensive
college writing.

Education MIAMI UNIVERSITY, Oxford, OH 2007

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Cum Laude - 3.73 GPA

Career History & Accomplishments

ESL Teacher, Saemal Elementary School, Uijeongbu 2009-
• Teach in an English immersion center during the morning, and after school Present
classes during the afternoon.
• Developed a great deal of my own lesson material

Banquet Server & Houseman, Cincinnati Marriot Northeast, Cincinnati, 2003-

OH, USA. 2008

Telephone Counselor, Community Counseling and Crisis Center, Oxford, 2006-

OH, USA. 2007
• Provided volunteer telephone counseling to callers on a variety of issues, from
simple academic stress to suicidal individuals
• Very reliable and consistent volunteer, often working overnight shifts to fill
schedule holes
• Chosen as member of committee to redefine the goals and public image of the
Community Counseling and Crisis Center.
Personal Interests
• Hiking, skiing, climbing, anything adventurous
• Korean language
• Psychology; continual education in psychology

Writing Section Please answer the following questions.

1. Please explain why you are the right type of person to teach overseas.
I have taught in Korea for 9 months now. I am a very flexible person and am able to adjust to almost
any environment. I have come to terms with the cultural differences and the end result is I really
enjoy Korea and would like to continue to work here. I am very interested in other people and
cultures (I am a Psychology major, after all) so I get a great deal of enjoyment from learning about
new things and people.
2. Please explain what qualities you think are necessary to be a good teacher.
The most important quality to me is flexibility and patience. Sometimes lesson ideas do not work as
well as anticipated and it is important to be able to adjust and change directions immediately,
approaching the task from a different angle. Another important quality is the attitude that something
can always be done. Difficult classes or difficult students simply require patience and an ability to
try out different methods, and I’ve found that alternate methods can and do work for difficult classes
and students. Finally, a healthy dose of humility is always important to be able to look at difficulties
and say ‘what can I do to fix or improve on this?’ rather than blaming them on someone else.
3. Please describe how you would deal with a workplace dispute with another co-worker or supervisor.
I am always a big proponent of dealing with any conflict directly with the person in question. With
careful and respectful use of words almost any conflict can be solved as long as both parties are
willing to work together and respect one another. There may be times when a solution cannot be
reached, in which case it may be necessary to elevate the issue to the supervisor or above. The key
in resolving conflict is to keep emotion out of it as much as possible.

4. Please describe some actions you could take if you began feeling homesick or lonely while in Korea.
I have contact with friends and family back home via Skype, as well as a network of friends I have
made here in Korea. Both of these avenues are effective for preventing or dealing with loneliness.
Also, staying busy with hobbies and other activities is important to me as well.
5. Do you have any other plans for your time in Korea? (Further study, hobbies to pursue, places to
I plan to continue studying Korean language during my time in Korea with the goal of obtaining a
fully conversational level by the end of my second year. I am currently more or less on pace to
obtain that. I also intend to do as much traveling as I can afford and my vacation time will allow.
And also, continue to immerse myself in the culture and make Korean friends.