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Chapter -8, Conclusion, Findings and Recommendations



Allied Bank of Pakistan limited (formerly Australasia Bank Limited) has witnessed and
experienced all political, economic, financial and technological changes, which have
taken place in the South Asian Region since it was incorporated in 1942 at Lahore.
In 1947 when Bank was in nascent age, it had to undergo a traumatic event, which
divided Asian Sub-continent into two independent states namely Pakistan and India.
Allied Bank, being the only Muslim Bank on the soil of Pakistan, lost over 50% of its
operations and assets, which were on the soil of India.
The management undauntedly faced the multiple challenges resulting from huge human
and financial losses on the one hand and the payment system and banking facilities to all
sectors of economy on the other hand. The Bank also rendered valuable treasury services
for the Government OF Pakistan and despite many constraints played an effective role in
socio-economic uplift of the country.
In 1971 the Bank lost more than half of its assets and network due to secession of the
then East Pakistan. The Bank not only survived this serious crisis but also regained its
financial strength maintaining the growth rates in key performance indicators.

1974 the Government of Pakistan nationalized all financial institutions in the country
Realizing the robust financial strength of Australasia Bank Limited among all the
An Internship Report on Allied Bank Limited

Chapter -8, Conclusion, Findings and Recommendations

nationalized financial institutions the government decided to merge three financially

weak institutions, namely Sarhad Bank Limited, Lahore Commercial Bank Limited and
Pak Bank Limited into Australasia Bank Limited and renamed it as Allied Bank of
Pakistan Limited.
Allied Bank remained in the Public Sector for eighteen (18) years, during which the
quality which the quality of its assets remained comparatively better among its peers.
During this period the Bank expanded its domestic network and also opened its first
foreign branch at London (U.K.) in 1977. The performances of the domestic and foreign
operations of Mulish Commercial Bank were merged into Allied Bank of Pakistan.
As a result of privatization in September 1991, Allied Bank entered in a new phase of its
history, as worlds first bank to be owned and managed by its employees.
Today allied Banks capital and reserves are Rs. 1.825 (B) and assets amount to Rs.
103.48 (B) and deposits are Rs. 111.44 (B). Allied Bank enjoys an enviable position in
the financial sector of Pakistan. As on date the quality of assets of the Bank is one of the
best amongst the major Banks of the country. Now ABL is one of the heading banks in
Pakistan. And enjoying the progress satisfactory.

An Internship Report on Allied Bank Limited


Chapter -8, Conclusion, Findings and Recommendations

1. Excessive paper work.
2. Lake of organizes Marketing and MIS departments.
3. Forecasting tools does not apply when managerial decisions are taken.
4. Improper secession planning for managerial positions.
5. No tradition of applying new management concepts like MBO. Lake of Coordination among staff and management.
6. Lake of proper training, education and special courses programs for employees.


Some of the recommendations are given here for its improvement.
1. Excessive paper work is nothing but waste of time. So excessive paper work i.e.
lengthy procedures should be avoided.
2. When a good worker is paid the same salary, then why he will work hard, by
looking his colleagues, either he should be awarded with increments or special
3. The formally organized Mkg. & MIS departments should establish.
4. Forecasting needs to be introduced at Allied Bank Limited. Before making any
decision, it should properly forecast to see that the decision, which they are likely
to take, has any good or bad implications for the bank and for the economy as a
whole. It will help in better planning.
5. Planning is the name of thinking in advance. A scientific manager always tries to
know where he is & where he wants to reach in future. Planning helps determine
An Internship Report on Allied Bank Limited

Chapter -8, Conclusion, Findings and Recommendations

future personnel needs and attendant training programs. Without knowing what
managerial personnel will be needed and what experience to demand, an
enterprise cannot intelligently recruit people and train them. Furthermore
organization planning can disclose weaknesses and other mistakes in the
organization. So the importance of planning cannot be ignored.
6. The banks promotion policy should be based on experience, hard work and
capabilities of the workers etc. besides promotions these workers should also be
given some other incentives.
7. There is lack of co-ordination between upper Mgt. & the staff at branches & other
levels. So there should be proper co-ordination among them.

(MBO) or management by objectives needs to be introduced in the bank

immediately. It will help improve the functioning of the bank and will lead to
greater participation, and the workers and subordinates will be encouraged.

9. Some of the workers are not qualified and efficient. In one of the branches of
ABL, a person is working against the post of a cashier, just because of the fact
that he has deposited a big amount in the bank. So for making the ABL a more
successful organization such things should be avoided. And this is the main and
very big problem of the ABL.Which may definelty give very harmful affects in
the near future.
10. Latest software should be introduced in all departments so that data processing of
computers can be enhanced. The officers in all deptt: of the bank are still working
with the old computers. The conditions of the computers are not satisfactory.
11. In order to strengthen the operational capabilities of the employees the bank must
organize a number of in-house training courses and seminars on different topic
An Internship Report on Allied Bank Limited

Chapter -8, Conclusion, Findings and Recommendations

relate to advances and other departments.

12. Moreover the bank should send the employees for specialized courses. So with
the passage of time the employees become up-to date with the latest innovations
of the bank.

An Internship Report on Allied Bank Limited