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Give a clear explanation about lenz law and faraday's law | Meritnation.


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Give a clear explanation about lenz law and faraday 's law????????
Asked by Ujjwal Patel (student) , on 21/9/13

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Electricity and magnetism both are related with each other. Electricity can be generated with the

magnetic field and magnetic field can be created using electricity, as well. A number of electrical and electronic
work on the principle of electromagnetism.

Basic idea: Oersted, Faraday and Lenz discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism. When

field is changing at a particular rate near a conductor, it forces the free electrons inside the conductor to move
The working of transformer and electric generator is based on this principle.

First Law : It states that when electric current flows through a conductor, proportional magnetic field is produc
the conductor.

Second Law : It states that when a conductor is placed in a changing magnetic field, proportional induced e.m
current are produced in the conductor.The important factors of first law are as follows
The magnetic field around the conductor is in the form of magnetic lines of force called as magnetic flux.
Its strength is more nearer to the conductor and it decreases as we go away from the conductor.

The strength of magnetic field produced around the conductor is directly proportional to the magnitude of curre
through the conductor.

If the conductor is straight the magnetic field produced, has a shape of concentric circles around it. However, i
is like a coil
(or any other complex shape)

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Give a clear explanation about lenz law and faraday's law |

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file:///C:/Users/Rajat Basu/Desktop/Science Papers/Give a clear explanat...

then the geometrical orientation of the magnetic field will also be complex.The important factors of second law

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This induction occurs because the free electrons move to and fro within the conductor, due to changing magne
produce electric current.

The magnitude of e.m.f. produced within the conductor is directly proportional to the rate of change of magneti
Greater is the rate higher is the induced voltage.
If the shape of conductor is like a coil, then its number of turns decides the magnitude of induced e.m.f. within
conductor. Greater is the number of turns higher is the induced voltage.
The number of magnetic lines of force (or magnetic flux) decides the magnitude of induced current. Greater is
magnetic flux, higher is the induced current.

Basic idea : When current flowing through a conductor changes a counter e.m.f. is induced across the conduc

induced voltage has the tendency to oppose any change in current flowing through the conductor. So it means
induced voltage has opposite polarity with respect to the initial voltage applied across the conductor.

Lenzs law states that the direction of induced voltage in a conductor is in the direction which opposes the cha
magnetic flux. It gives us the idea of self induction phenomenon in a conductor.

The above phenomenon is possible only for AC current. This is because when AC current flows through a con

magnetic flux varies its strength and direction. This is similar to the motion of magnetic flux. However, when DC
flows, voltage induction is not possible as DC current is steady and its flow is unidirectional. Thus, Lenzs law
consequence of law of conservation of energy.

Self Inductance : The ability of a conductor to induce voltage in itself, when the electric current flowing throug
changes, is called as self induction or inductance of that conductor.

Consider a coil connected across a battery through a variable resistor to flow some current through it. When w

increases this current (and hence flux) through the conductor, it is always opposed by immediately producing c

e.m.f. In the same way, if we try to decrease the current, again it is delayed due to the production of self induc
Every time we do this, the energy required to overcome this opposition is supplied by the battery. This energy
the additional flux produced. Thus, it can be treated as a similar example to the inertia of a material body.

Mutual Inductance is defined as the ability of one coil or a circuit to induce e.m.f. in the nearby coil or circuit b
phenomenon of induction, when the current in first coil changes.

Here the converse is also true. The second coil can also induce an e.m.f. in the first coil when current in the se

changes. This ability of reciprocal induction is measured in terms of coefficient of mutual induction (M). This ph
of mutual induction is basically used in transformer.
Posted by Mahammad Irshad (student) on 26/12/12

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