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The Implementation of CBT(Computer Based Text) in National Exams as New

Things for Indonesia's Education

National exams (UN) online will be held simultaneously on April 13-16, then
resumed again on 20-21 April. Implemented in three sessions, namely at 07.30-09.30, 10.3012.30 and 14.00-16.00. UN online this is a breakthrough of the Government.Some refer to
this online with UN national exam Computer Based Test (UNCBT). Whatever the term, the
national exam online is very different from national exam which conventionally held for this
by using paper.
As new, reasonable thing if this method raises the pros and cons. For the pros,
especially the organizers in this respect the Government, looked at that online exam very
budget (less paper) and distribution of the material because it was quick and cheap, efficient
and can narrow down the chances of a leak problem.
This online exam held by the Government only for schools that were ready only. A
school that is not ready is not required to perform the test online, but still allowed
conventionally with paper. This impressive policy that the Government seems to only want to
try. Policy of ' free ' schools are also given in terms of the implementation of the curriculum
in addition to 2013, this online test. People were confused over the less assertive Government
keperpihakan this.
Fair society if it is to be cons against this online test. Because it feels aren't getting the
full support of the Government's response to the readiness of the school. If the Government
only asks about the readiness of the keberdayaan solution, without giving every school, then
this online national exam will forever not ready. UN online require a prerequisite of
completeness is not simple. For example, the availability of each school's computer devices,
electrical power, the adequacy of skills students accesses reserved online, and others.
Not all schools have adequate computer. A good number of the computer or the
existing support system, for example his ram capacity. Not all schools have enough electrical
power, although it could have provided jenset but the cost is certainly not cheap. And not all
students are ready to answer questions online, though it's been done, but is it true that try-out
are ready mentally and psykis. UN online also does not cover the possibility of leaking
because, because hackers can only penetrate and steal data or ruffled data.By looking at the
issues above, thus don't need UN online?
According to the UN seems to me, needs to be fixed and should be Online. Let alone
challenges facing a world that is growing very quickly. Online technology needs to be
adopted for the Betterment of our education system. It's just that, we should not be haphazard
change like this national examination methods if we are not ready. It's good the Government
conduct research with trials for some pilot schools in each province. The object of this
research should continue to be increased from year to year while fixing all the problems that
arise in the field.
This year it should be a little difficult if imposing the implementation of UN Online
without preparation is done as best as possible. Especially if there are no teachers and
subjects of Informatics Engineering at the school. This will be a serious obstacle for schools
to set up the device hardware and software related to online activities, as a competent person
is not available.

So, whatever the policy of the Government through the Minister, must be supported
by all stakeholders. But don't let the community take care of its own needs and interests
without firmness and seriousness the Government. A matter of enforcing the UN this Online
curriculum and are two examples of things that must be thought out solutions as soon as
possible after the achievement of a standard of quality of education nationwide. Hopefully the
goverments can prove our education in future.