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You are what you eat

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell who you are”. Ever since this quote has
appeared, everybody has become obsessed by the way they look, by their body and
especially by the food they are eating.
First of all, your eating style reflects and affects who and what you are. If
you examine various societies and cultures, you see that each has its traditional
foods and food ceremonies. "I am Italian. I often eat spaghetti, lasagna, or pizza,"
or "I am a real American. I eat hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, coke, and French
fries." The French eat crepes, the Belgians eat waffles, the Chinese eat rice and
the Swiss eat chocolate. In short, the "way you eat" reveals how you identify
yourself. It reflects and often determines your world-view, your values, and your
entire approach to life.
Furthermore, foods are much more than just a collection of nutrients; they
are a wealth of influences and connotations. Rare foods and spices are treasured as
special culinary delights. Some foods are worshiped in various cultures as having an
unusual holiness or are avoided altogether. The type of food you choose can affect
your moods. Hot, spicy, or stimulating foods may influence you toward hot-
temperedness or nervousness. Cooling foods can relax you and give you peace of
mind. Foods can help you celebrate and can comfort you when you are sad. They are
a sign of love and are a means of uniting people on many occasions.
Usually, because women are obsessed by their body, they are on a diet .For
this reason they don’t eat breakfast which is the most important meal in a day. The
body needs food to produce the glucose that is necessary to keep you going.
Studies show that breakfast contributes significant nutrients and calories to the
diet, and nutrients missed by skipping breakfast are not compensated for in
subsequent meals. Without breakfast, some people become less able to do physical
work in the late morning hours and some students do not perform well in the
classroom. Individuals who consume ready-to-eat cereal regularly for breakfast
tend to have lower blood cholesterol levels than individuals who skip or have other
foods for breakfast.
Secondly, women need more iron than men because of regular blood-loss
through menstruation. Women must eat food with concentrated sources of iron
because they generally east less than men.
In contrast, the junk food isn’t good for your body to be eaten day by day.
But the human body needs chemical additives besides vitamins, minerals, fats,
proteins so that you should eat it once in a while.
To conclude with, my opinion is that we all should be more careful at what we
are eating and when we are eating because we really are what we eat.

Bianca Marisescu