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General Aviation, You Are Cleared To Land... | [= | Ohe Marietta Baily Iournal [ = | onan a eC _McCOLLUM AIRPORT WILL OPEN How Airport — Bhi) Hohl _ Is Financed Government Pays Half Of The Majc +». At Cobb County’s New McCollum Airport . 4 een BOY WILL BE A MARINE wus To The People Of Cobb County (On The Opening Of... McCOLLUM AIRPORT Cobb County Boosters may Took sith Pride ‘on thi inportant achievement... in anticipa: ion of a nee age of Air Travel and jet prow ilsion for the citizens of Cobb County! Vp; LASSITER DRUG ADD OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO COBB COUNTY FOR A GREAT JOB IN THE PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTIO OF THE MeCOLLUM AIRPORT CW. MATTHEWS PAVING CONTRACTOR © ASPHALT © PAVING © GRADING 119 ALEXANDER ST, MARIETTA, GA. Congratulations... to the people of Cobb County on beautiful McCollum Airport, which is having its Grand Opening September 4th. In the airways, as on the hightays, Standard Oil gasolines are first in popularity, and have been since the days of Kitty Hawk. Standard Oil Aviation Gasolines and Lubricants are backed by 48 years of flight-testing and research, MACK FOWLER JR. Distributor ‘Marietta, Georgia | Cobb County Watches... the Opening of McCOLLUM AIRPORT Cobb County’s New Municipal Airport Weeare proud of this new facility and the Prospects it has for the future! COBB COUNTY RECREATION AUTHORITY WARMEST WISHES TO COBB COUNTY On the opening of , McCOLLUM AIRPORT KENNEHOOCHEE AMATEUR RADIO CLUB CONGRATULATIONS To COBB COUNTY On the Opening of McCOLLUM AIRPORT “To Be Serving Cobb's New Airport” Southeast Airmotive OF COBB COUNTY'S McCOLLUM AIRPORT ‘A Municipal Airport For Maria And Cobb County which points new directions for our continued groteth and prosper- iy. MARIETTA LUMBER CO. CONGRATULATIONS and SINCERE BEST WISHES SS COBB COUNTY Se ON THE OPENING OF ITS McCOLLUM AIRPORT HENSLEY & ASSOCIATES ring 209 ROSWELL ST. PHONE 42 7-1268 © Community Planning All-Jet Business Ship Made Here Civil Air Patrol Will Be At Field Welcome To Cobb County Fe Welcome McCOLLUM. AIRPORT To Marietta And Cobb County We feel that this facility ED VICKERY PLUMBING =i HEATING CO. Conpulelitins TO COBB COUNTY ON THE FORMAL OPENING OF McCollum Airport LOCKHEED SQUADRON CIVIL AIR PATROL sew BEST WISHES TO _ COBB COUNTY f ij ON i ITS OPENING OF McCOLLUM AIRPORT CONCRETE PRODUCTS ‘CORP. BRANSON Crews Made An Airport From Bare Fields McCOLLUM ST carga (fam Redo cub | AIRPORT led By Flying |Stars In Opener (growth aud expanded horizons for Cobb County. ARCHIE S. RUSHTON AGENT FOR State Farm Insurance Co. © Adequate @ AUTO @ FIRE @ LIFE © Progreive © Convenient 208 POWERS FERRY RD. PH, 42 T4331 BOUNDARY LAYER BREAKTHROUGH New BLC-130 takes off or lands in five times its own length Se eet Snd ep L2H Goorgia Division Meret, Georgie COBB ae ae COUNTY MeCOLLUM AIRPORT +++ placing Cobb County in new relationships. s-snew possibilities for TRADE! nections for AIR. “TRAVEL! sesssopening new lines of COMMUNICATION! ADVISORY BOARD or ‘ Uy oe Y , Troy H. Adair, Ordinary, Join T, LeCroy, Clerk Of Court RUNWAYS we ste wonat