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First Year B.A. History Examination, November 2011

HISTORY (Paper 5)
History of Europe (1789-1870)
Time : 3 Hours

Max. Marks : 75

Instructions: 1) Question paper is divided into three groups.

2) Each group is of 25 marks.
3) Figures to the right in bracket indicate marks.
4) Assume suitable data if necessary.
Answer any three questions (question No. 1 is compulsory) :
1. Briefly describes the important features of European History from 1789 to 1870.
2. Discuss the political, social and economic causes of the French Revolution.


3. The influence of Rome is incalculable it was an error of the Directory to break

with her power. Discuss.
4. Narrate the causes of Napoleons downfall.


5. What do you understand by the concert of Europe ? How did it work and why
did it fail ?
Answer any three question (question No. 6 is compulsory) :
6. The July monarchy of French met the fate which it amply deserved. Comment.
7. Compare and contrast the Revaluation of 1830 and 1848 of France.





8. What was the part played by Napoleon III in Unification of Italy ?


9. Trace the movement for national unity in Germany from 1815 to 1850.


10. What do you understand by the Eastern question ? Briefly states its characteristics

and state how did it influence European power ?

11. Fill in the blanks (Each question carries 2 marks)

i) History is a continuous process but _______ is a landmark which diverts

history in new channels.
ii) Louis XVI was guillotined publically on _____________
iii) With the fall of __________ reign of terror passed away.
iv) Brissot wanted to established __________ government in France as in America
and Switzerland.
v) The problem facing the directory were the scarcity of __________.
12. Multiple Choice Question (each question carries 2 marks) :
i) Napoleon formed civil code called _______
a) code city

b) code Napoleonic

c) code Napoleon

d) code of France

ii) Napoleons power reached to its Zenith in ________ which was year of treaty of
a) 1807

b) 1804

c) 1878

d) 1879




iii) The Holy Alliance was the creation of _________ of Russia.

a) Prince Metternich

b) Priest of Hungary

c) Czar Nicolas

d) None of these

iv) Kossouth was born in ________ in 1802 A.D.

a) Hungary

b) Germany

c) Italy

d) None of these

v) Napoleon III was born in __________ He was nephew of _______

a) 1808, Napoleon I

b) 1879, Napoleon Bonaparte

c) 1804, Maternich

d) None of these

13. True or False (each question carries 1 marks)

i) Count Cavour was a nationalist and a great Patriot and was against Italian unity.
ii) Napoleon I was probably the first person who sowed the seeds of nationalism in
iii) The outbreak of the Crimean war was an important event in the European History.
iv) War between Russia and France held in 1820.
v) Cavour dies in 1861.