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Bunker Convention 2001

Not yet entry into force

Teritorial Application
a. To pollution damage caused:
a. In the teritory, including teritorial sea, of a
contracting goverment, and
b. In the EEZ, accordance with
international law and extending no more
than 200 nm

Applicable Substances
Bunker oil defined as any hydrocarbon
mineral oil, including lubricationg oil used
or itended to the used for the operation or
propulsion of the ship, and any residue of
such oil

Applicable Ship
Any Sea going vessel or seaborne carft
and any seaborne craft of any type
It does not apply to warship and
goverment owned non commercial vessel.

Liable Party
Shipowner means the owner including the
registered owner, bareboat charterer,
manager and operator of the ship
If pollution damage result from an incident
involving two or more ship, the owner of all
ship are liable jointly and severally if
damage is not reasonably (as CLC 1969)

Caused by act of war or insurreption or
exceptional natural phenomenal; damage
due to intentional act or omission by third
party; damage wholly or partially due to
intentional act or omission or negligence of
person suffering damage; negligent
maintenance of navigational aids (as CLC

Restriction of the Claims

Claims againts owner allowed only under
the convention, in the jurisdiction where
damage occurs.
Additionally, Rights to claims againts
ships pilot, charterer, manager or operator
or any person performing salvage
operaration or taking preventive

Limits of liability
No limits sets by the convention (art .6)
The registered owner of ship having GT > 1000
registered in state party shall be required to
maintain insurance pr othe financial security .,
to cover the liability under the applicable national
or international regime, but in all case, not
exceeding a mount .. LLMC 1976 (art.7)
Max = as LLMC

Pollution Damage
(a) Loss or damage caused outside the ship by
contamination resulting from escape or discharge of
bunker oil from the ship, whenever such escape or
discharge may occur, provided that compensation for
impairment of the environment other than loss of profit
from such impairment shall be limited to cost of
reasonable measures of of reinstatement actually
undertaken or to be undertaken ( similar toCLC 1992)
(b) The Cost of preventive measure and further loss or
damage caused by preventive measure ( as CLC

Bunkr Convention 2001

You already know the principle of Bunker
You already who will be compesated, in
case of oil spilled from Ships Bunker