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So what is personal relationship?

Good morning Mrs

Almelor and fellow students. Today I will be doing a speech
on the area of study, personal relationship. Personal
relationship is a complex concept that continues to
intrigue humanity, this close connection can be achieved
by emotional bonds and interactions. It enhances the
understanding of an individual, other people and the
world, which will result in a change in perception.
Furthermore, moral responsibility and choices are what
will strengthen the connection between two or more
people. Doppelganger by Michael Parker and Kingsman:
The Secret Service by Matthew Vaughn are 2 texts that
So how does Doppelganger link to the idea of personal
relationship? Doppelganger is a text that is about the
protagonist Andrew, struggling to choose between his
Sydney and a parallel Sydney. He realised what he did
could kill hundreds of people. When people die in that
world, they die in this one too. This quote shows the main
problem of the story. At the beginning the audience can
see Andrew is a character that chooses inaction over
action, rips off school uniform to reveal myself as inertia
man Although their value systems are different, Andrew
still hangs around Josh. Andrews relationship with Josh is
tested through conflicts. In order to save the world, he
Michael Parker uses repetition here to emphasise the
importance of Josh to Andrew. Josh is a friend Andrew
knew since third grade, he is completely different from
Andrew, he has lots of power, a risk taker and he is a
leader that tells people what to do. In the class of Mrs
Swain, a teacher at the school. Andrew thought Joshs
treatment to her was a spectacle But he also felt bad for
being the one to throw away the ripped pieces of the
photo. It was one thing to watch something like that go
on, it was another thing to do this. Parker had shown use
of parataxis to show Andrews hesitation with his actions
which have been forced by peer pressure. Thus, we can
as repetition and parataxis.
Hence, Kingsman: The Secret Service also explores the
idea of personal relationship through the character of
Eggsy, Valentine and Harry. In this movie, Harry tested
Eggsy what it takes to be a Kingsman, a gentleman secret
agent. Harry took Eggsy to the tailor to get him a suit, this
shows that harry recongised his potential of Eggsy
becoming a Kingsman just like him, The suit is the
modern gentleman's armour. The Kingsmen are the new

In this tailor shop scene, a medium camera shot was used

to show Harry and Eggsy together but being two
completely different people, just like Andrew and Josh,
Harry who acted like a gentleman in a suit and Eggsy who
was in a hoodie and a cap acted like a hipster. In the
scene of Harrys death the director used juxtaposition, a
long camera shot was used to show Valentine the
antagonist shooting Harry in the head and quickly
changed to a close up shot of Eggsy who was in complete
shock. Apart from camera shots, the director also uses
non-diegetic sound to make the scene more dramatic and
made us show sympathy to both Harry and Eggsy.
Eggsy went back to save the world after being kicked out
of the Kingsman organisation became a moral
responsibility to him there is no choice, we got to deal
with this ourselves. Compare this to Andrew in
Doppelganger, both texts share the idea of saving the
world as moral respsonsibilies.
Doppelganger and Kingsman: The Secret Service both
explore the issue of moral responsibility or obligation of
saving the world. Personal relationship is important as it
often changes peoples perception of the world and
strengthening the bonds of 2 or more people.