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SCICHART Release Notes

----------------------------------------------------------------------- 14th July 2014 Minor Update

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Cumulative update with Features & Fixes which have already been deployed to the
Nightly build, now packaged for
full release for our customers
* SC-2126 Fixed DirectX10 Renderer Memory Leak - incorrect disposal of t
extures on resize of surface
* SC-2134 Using DirectX Surface Sharing with D3D9, removing need for CPU
to GPU copy and significantly improving DirectX renderer performance on high-re
s monitors
* SC-2031 Fixed bad performance issue in OHLC and Column Series when Dir
ectX10 Renderer was used
* SC-2047 Fixed IsAxisMarkerEnabled has no effect in SciStockChart
* SC-2135 Fixed Rollover Issue when a series only has one datapoint
* SC-2136 Fixed performance demo crashing in NBody Simulation when run m
ore than once
* SC-2128 Fixed issue when exception was thrown because of using a dispo
sed pen in OHLC Series rendering
* SC-2121 Fixed Rollover Legend flickers in Silverlight
* SC-2137 Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation axis label remains after removi
ng annotation
* SC-2173 Fixed issue where trying to draw StackedMountainRenderableSeri
es before DataSeries was attached
* SC-2106 Fixed SciChartGroup after calling Clear() on panes collection
they remain on screen
* SC-2161 D3D9 instance is now shared in DirectX Renderer, resolves out
of memory issues with many charts
* SC-2170 Fixed gradient angles for Candlestick, Column charts in Direct
X renderer
* Fixed the issue when removing an annotation on MouseDown and causing e
* Fixed exception when using Scientific Notation without format string
* Fixed Point Marker sprite bug in DirectX - markers not appearing becau
se of sprite caching
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th June 2014
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Another leap forward with improved features, fixes and enhancements to the SciCh
art Library!
New Features
* NEW! Direct3D10RenderSurface - a pre-release of the long awaited Direc
tX Renderer for SciChart WPF
See notes below for restrictions
* NEW! Added new SciChart.Wpf.PerformanceDemo Solution / exe to Trial in
* Ability to Restyle Annotation Grips
* New Tooltip Trigger Mode - ShowTooltipOn.MouseHover

* RolloverModifier added to SciStockChart by Default

* Improved LegendModifier - it can show a Legend docked inside the chart
by default
* Tooltip DataTemplate Selectors for RolloverModifier
* VisibleRangeLimitMode - Allow clamping one side of the Axis to Zero
* Legend can now be attached to a SciChartSurface
* PointMarkers are rendered in the Legend by Default
* Added YAxisId to SeriesValueModifier
* AxisMarkers in SeriesValueModifier are bound to latest visible data-po
* AxisMarkers in SeriesValueModifier have color improvements so Text is
always visible despite background color
* Improved TooltipModifier (now it appears under the mouse pointer)
* Moved DataSeries.Clear() up to IDataSeries from IDataSeries<TX,TY>
* SeriesValueModifier hides markers when series are out of the viewport
Bug Fixes
* HitTest returns IsHit=False on Invisible Series
* Modifiers participate in the Visual Tree, so ElementName and RelativeS
ource binding works now
* Fixed RolloverTooltip shows values of points beyond the chart
* Fixed ZoomExtents button in SciChartGroup example
* Fixed Exception when SeriesValueModifier was used with no data
* Fixed PaletteProvider throws in some cases or causes infinite loop
* Fixed CursorModifier markers shifted
* Improved Exception Messaging when FindIndex is called on unsorted coll
* Fixed problem of resizing SciChartGroup panes in Silverlight
* Fixed XAxes Collection throws when axes changes happen on an unloaded
* Fixed bug reported where two subscriptions were made to PropertyChange
d on ChartSeriesViewModel
* Improved IsHitTest method for Mountain Series
* Fixed Series Vertical Slices - Add Slice doesnt work
* Fixed GetIndicesRange returning array size instead of last index
* Fixed RolloverMarker is not shown over some of the datapoints when gap
s in series
* Fixed Exception when trying to hit-test a resampled StackedColumnSerie
* Fixed bug with Hit-Test for ColumnSeries when ZeroYLine is set
* Fixed Annotations Area Easy - Annotation Label Color differs in SL and
* Fixed LabelTextFormatting issues in VerticalLineAnnotation
* Fixed examples crash caused by axis disposal when a surface gets unloa
* Fixed XAML Designer error related to IXmlSerializable on Axis
* Fixed Tooltip Markers are not show if Chart is rotated
* Fixed StackedMountains rendered incorrectly when rotated
* Fixed PaletteProvider throws in some cases or causes infinite loop
- The License for DirectX Renderer is that this will form part of SciChart 3D,
not SciChart WPF.
We are releasing it now as a pre-release but it won't be licensed under your
SciChart WPF license.
Instead, it is licensed as a non-time limited, unrestricted trial of SciChart

As a result, the Source-Code package does not include the DirectX Renderer
Please feel free to use it in commercial projects and give us your feedback.
As we improve the SciChart 3D Product we will release more DirectX powered fe
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st May 2014: SciChart 3.0 Official Release
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Following two rounds of BETA testing we have the final release. Changelog below
New Features
NOTE: We are reverting to NON-Timestamped DLL Names, e.g. 3.0.1.
4282 = Major.Minor.Revision.Build, not Major.Minor.Timestamp as previous release
SciStockChart API has been updated throughout with breaking chan
ges. The example CreateMultiPaneStockCharts, RealTimeTickingStockCharts and Crea
teAStockChart demos the new API
New CreateMultiPaneStockCharts Example - showing how to create m
ulti-paned stock charts with indicator panes and synchronized mouse movement / z
ooming / cursors
New RealtimeStaticAxis Example - showing our AxisBase.IsStaticAx
is feature
New VerticallyStackedAxes example (This feature is in BETA). Thi
s example will become a true EEG chart where YAxis are stacked vertically not ho
New VerticalSliceModifier example (this feature is in BETA). Thi
s example shows how to place vertical line annotations which act like rollovers
/ showing values at specific points
Updated Vertical Charts example to show how to synchronize top A
xis heights using HorizontalChartGroup helper
Disabled ContentControl TemplatePart focussing for SciChartSurfa
ce in themes
Bug Fixes
#SC-1921 v3.0 Printing does not work when chart is printed from
an off-screen surface
#SC-1598 Palette Provider induces incorrect line drawing (fixed
incorrect drawing of lines when using PaletteProvider and points contains NaNs added NaN checking )
#SC-1900 Fixed the issue with annotation labels placed on axis (
duplicated from 2.0 branch)
#SC-1917 Realtime Static Axis -- Out-of-Index Exception if Rollo
ver added (WPF only) ( added check inside impulse series HitTest to prevent exce
ption; Added unit-test )
#SC-1910 Realtime Ticking Stock chart - Overview control is half
-cut - SL only ( fixed binding to actual width; switched of drawing of grid line
s in overview )
#SC-1826 Fixed issue with TradeChartAxisLabelProvider
#SC-1912 Fixed bug within SeriesSource preventing series from up
dating the surface when changes occur
#SC-1899 Log(0) issue ( fixed incorrect drawing when point has i
nfinity value - duplicated approach from 2.3 branch )
#SC-1905 AxisMarkers - wrong FontColour is applied ( Changed def
ault marker style for SeriesValueModifier to restore previous behavior - caused
by changing bindings in SC-1896 )

#SC-1896 AxisMarker -- No default Colour (Background/Foreground)
( Changed bindings to get same colors as annotation labels )
#SC-1897 Annotation disappearing ( Duplicating fix from 2.3 to 3
.0 branch )
#SC-1876 AxisMarkerAnnotation: Templating and placing on X axis
( fixed marker showing on axis edges )
#SC-1876 AxisMarkerAnnotation: Templating and placing on X axis
( more work on axis marker - fixed some bugs when rotate chart, added xml commen
ts;added example into test suite )

Multiple fixes to HitTest API

- Fixed a crash where XAxis is CategoryDateTimeAxis
- Improved HitTest where data has NaNs
- Improved HitTest for Mountain Series, Impulse Series
- FindClosestPoint() returns -1 if cursor is out of data

Improved the default tooltip for Heatmap Series
Fixed a crash in SciChartSurface if GrowBy is Null
Fixed a crash in BaseRenderableSeries.HitTest if CurrentRenderPa
ssData is null
Fixed a bug when the ScrollViewer inside the SciChartLegend defa
ult template handled mouse events
Fixed issue with default menu on AnnotationLabel (made hidden by
default, allowed custom menus)
Fixed FastColumnRenderableSeries drawing a single pixel when col
umn height = 0
Fixed the bug with the VisibleRangeChanged event where oldValue=
=newValue after animation changes
Fixed synchronization bug when remove chart from vertical group
- caused by replacing width on margin for synchronization
Fixed AccessViolationException crash after chart is disposed via
the SciChartSurface.~SciChartSurface Finalizer.
Fixed nullreference exception in axisbase.cs if surface.Renderab
leSeries == null
Fixed Hit Test crashes where XAxis is a DateTimeAxis
Fixed a regression bug in MinMax resampling which causes incorre
ct rendering in some cases
Fixed regression in Overview (grid lines)
Fixed rollover tooltips for different ShowTooltipOn modes
Fixed broken Overview
Fixed incorrect grid lines offset for vertical X axes
Removed DataContext binding in SciChartLegend Style, so that use
rs can set their own DataContext on the legend, but still bind series info's to
LegendData property
Fixed 'Realtime Series-Values' example - added AxisInfo property
to use it instead of DataContext for marker annotation
Fixed exception when trying to recreate YAxes collection
SC3.0 TimeSpanDeltaCalculatorBase now uses Long natively through
out not Double for calculations

Refactored Heatmap:
- renamed Heatmap2dArrayDataSeries Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries
- added HeatmapSeriesInfo
- added default templates (Rollover, Cursor, Tooltip)


Added vertical axes stacking feature

Added example demonstrating axes vertical stacking into the exam

ple suite

-----------------------------------------------------------------------3.0.4167 02nd April 2014: (BETA 2 Update for SciChart 3)

Complete refactor to HitTest with some API changes. This results
in a 50-100x performance improvement
over HitTest from v2.2, v2.3, v2.31. It is still slower than the
algorithm in v2.1 but much more accurate

Significant improvement to GC / memory management and performanc

(submitted by owners of SciTech Memory Profiler: http://www.scit
* Reduced boxing/unboxing to IPoint/Point2D
* Reduced object creation in the rendering pipeline
* improvements to MinMax resampling using Unsafe code (W
PF Only)
Resulting in reduced GC load and performance improvements for li
ne charts
Added a propery IsAnimating to VisibleRangeChangedEventArgs.
PinchZoomModifier.XyDirection property allows restricting multitouch zoom to X or Y Axis like ZoomPanModifier
Implemented HitTest in StackedColumnRenderableSeries
Added StaticAxis Example
Added VerticalSliceModifier example
Improvements to Global Theme application. Now in WPF the themes
are per-chart not global (static) as in v2.3
Improved performance of HitTest in case of RolloverModifier
Improved ZoomExtents under multitouch - now easier to trigger
Added IsStaticAxis property to IAxis interface
Improved performance of series that use PaletteProvider, with us
er-suggested improvements!
Improved performance for wide-stroke lines using HighSpeed rende
rer, with user suggested improvements!
Improved tooltip placement code, allowing merging of tooltips
API Changes
Complete refactor to HitTest APIs
Hit Test API has changed. Please see the accompanying release no
te for details
LabelFormatter has been renamed LabelProvider. Please see the ac
companying release notes for details
The behaviour of VisibleRangeChanged event has changed to satisf
y opposing requirements.
- The event will always publish even during animation
- During animation the VisibleRangeChangedEventArgs.IsAn
imating property will be true
- At the end of an animation, there will be one more Vis
ibleRangeChangedEventArgs published
with IsAnimating = False

Bug Fixes
Fixed RolloverModifier for StackedMountainRenderableSeries
Fixed ECG Monitor demo flickering on axis while redrawing
Fixed NullReferenceExeption on mouse scoll (duplicating fix from
Fixed YAxisDragModifier does not work with VisibleRangeLimit
Fixed cursor tooltips disappearance issue
Fixed a bug in SciTrader example 'Assertion Failed'
Fixed incorrect label culling when resizing chart
Fixed a regression bug where CategoryDateTimeAxis labels update
strangely on scroling
Fixed CategoryDateTimeAxis/DateTimeAxis Labels disappear on maxi
mum zoom in
Fixed an exception on mouse-wheel zoom
Fixed SizeChanged infinite render loop bug
Fixed Memory Leak in mouse-handlers (duplicated fix from v2.x br
Fixed Overview Memory Leak
Fixed Axis Labels are still visible on a hidden axis
Fixed Axis Culling is broken for CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed annotations on the BelowChart canvas visibility issue
Fixed default method implementation in PaletteProviderBase so v3
.0 has same appearance as v2.x
Fixed overriding of VisibleRange binding when using VisibleRange
XML Serialization. Added missing properties for serialization, I
sEnabled for chart modifiers
Removed DrawLabelsOnEdge property from AxisBase. We don't clip t
ick labels if they are on edges now
(Merged from v2.31) Regenerated documentation to remove 'Trial E
xpired' notice!
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed if BandSeries Min > Max cannot select
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed a VisibleRange exception when using Ca
tegory and Numeric XAxis on the same chart
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed SeriesSource doesn't update surface wh
en Loading and Unloading the chart
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed a NullReferenceException crash when An
notations are added to an empty chart with CategoryDateTimeAxis
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed a double.Parse() culture crash in Valu
eMultiplicatorConverter in the examples suite
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed a bug in Silverlight Annotations which
made it difficult to click, select and drag them
(Merged from v2.31) Fixed Annotations wrong placement when visib
ility restored
-----------------------------------------------------------------------2.32.4147 31st March 2014: HOTFIX
HOTFIX: Fixed issue reported by many users where Left-Aligned ax
is did not render properly and caused YAxisDragModifier crashes
Fixed NullReferenceException on mouse-wheel (Checking for Intera
ctivityHelper = null to prevent throwing)
Fixed issue with dissappearing axis labels
Fixed a ClipModeX issue reported on the forums
Fixed an IndexOutOfRangeException on CategoryDateTimeAxis if Hit
Test is performed when it has empty dataseries

2.31.4069 19th March 2014: Minor Update


Significant improvement to GC / memory management and performanc

(submitted by owners of SciTech Memory Profiler: http://www.scit
Reduced boxing/unboxing to IPoint/Point2D in the rendering pipel
resulting in reduced GC load and performance improvements for li
ne charts
Bug Fixes
Regenerated documentation to remove 'Trial Expired' notice!
Fixed if BandSeries Min > Max cannot select BandSeries
Fixed a VisibleRange exception when using Category and Numeric X
Axis on the same chart
Fixed SeriesSource doesn't update surface when Loading and Unloa
ding the chart
Fixed a NullReferenceException crash when Annotations are added
to an empty chart with CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed a double.Parse() culture crash in ValueMultiplicatorConver
ter in the examples suite
Fixed a bug in Silverlight Annotations which made it difficult t
o click, select and drag them
Fixed Annotations wrong placement when visibility restored
Fixed FastColumnRenderableSeries large negative values do not re
nder properly
Fixed Memory leak caused by mouse-handlers
Fixed issue where GridlinesPanel covered the BelowAnnotationCanv
as (making annotations there invisible)
Fixed CustomAnnotation, it can be templated using ContentTemplat
e and Content as a DataContext now
-----------------------------------------------------------------------3.0.3936 18th February 2014: BETA Major Update
-----------------------------------------------------------------------SCICHART v3.0 BETA 1
New Features
- Allows resampling of unevenly spaced data
- No more rendering errors when Resampling is used with unevenly
spaced data
ResamplingMode.Auto (Default)
- Auto-detection of data distribution (sorted, unsorted, evenly
spaced, unevenly spaced)
- Best selection of fastest/most accurate resampling mode for yo
ur data.
- No more rendering errors due to MinMax resampling and data-dis
UnsortedXyDataSeries is deprecated.

- XyDataSeries now detects whether data is sorted or unsorted

- HitTest and resampling algorithms are changed accordingly.
MultiTouch support
- Zooming, panning, axis manipulations, cursors, annotation mani
pulations via touch screens in WPF and SL
- Added new PinchZoomModifier
Axis Styling improvements
- Chart Titles, Axis Titles and Labels are now templatable
- Can set font size, font style, font weight on Axis labels
- Now supports rotation of axis tick labels (e.g. 90 degrees)
Axis Tick Algorithm Improvements
- AxisBase.TickProvider API to override in-built axis tick gener
ation algorithms
- Improved axis culling / adjaceny algorithm
Static Axis
- AxisBase.IsStaticAxis fixes all tick labels at static position
s, and updates the text-values instead
- Perfect for static charts, or real-time charts where fixed-pos
ition labels are needed
Axis VisibleRangeLimit
- Does not allow the axis to expand beyond the given AxisBase.Vi
- Provides a reset-point for double-click Zoom Extents, overridi
ng the built-in auto-ranging mechanism
Xml Serialization Support.
- Serialize Chart Settings to/from XML
- Serialize Annotation Positions to/from XML
- Limit frame-rate to a maximum Hertz, or leave null for default
- Useful for strip charts (eg. CPU, Temperature monitoring) in p
rocess control
Save Chart to Bitmap
- Export to BitmapSource, File built in to SciChartSurface.
- Supports file export to PNG, JPEG, BMP
Heatmap Improvements
- Implemented HitTest for Heatmap, allowing RolloverModifier, Cu
- GradientBrush support for Heatmap colour maps
- New improved HeatmapColourMap control
API Improvements to ViewportManager

- New API Functions added to ViewportManager to directly control

the SciChartSurface.
- ViewportManagerBase class has ZoomExtents, AnimateZoomExtents,
ZoomExtentsX/Y methods
Performance Tuning
- Ongoing work to reduce the load of the Garbage Collector by re
ducing boxing/unboxing deep inside the renderer core
-----------------------------------------------------------------------2.3.3712 15th January 2014: Minor Update
Created an example on using TooltipModifier
Added MaxItemsCount limit to TextureCache, to cap the maximum number of
textures cached (prevents memory runaway in texture intensive apps)
Added a property RubberBandXyZoomModifier.MinDragSensitivity (ignores dr
ag smaller than N pixels).
Improved FastBandRenderableSeries rendering when y0 and y1 includes NaN.
Now renders gaps correctly for both bands and lines
Added support for Collection Move action in AnnotationCollection and Ser
Set UseInterpolation=True as the default behaviour in the CursorModifier
Improved SeriesSelectionModifier - it no longer selects invisible series
Improved SeriesSelectionModifier and FastBandRenderableSeries - no longe
r selects when clicking on NaN areas of the bands
Bug Fixes
Fixed a Hit-Test issue with CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed undesired zoom to extents behaviour if VisibleRange is set to (0,1
0) explicitly
Fixed drawing of Band Series when trying to append the same point severa
l times
Fixed CohenSutherland line clipping giving incorrect rendering when data
contains infinity values
Fixed StackedColumnRenderableSeries throws if used with a non-double dat
a type
Fixed Error Bars - column chart not rendering with 1 point
Fixed a memory leak where TextureCache would not release memory if cache
size exceeded
Fixed calculation of GrowBy if range contacts zero values
Fixed incorrect drawing of StackedColumnRenderableSeries caused by overf
low of casting double to Int
Fix for issue where AxisCollection = nul causes a modifier crash.
Fixed potential memory leak if RenderableSeries.Clear() is called
Fixed ToolTipLabelDataContextSelector in TooltipModifier
-----------------------------------------------------------------------2.2.3441 24th November 2013: HOTFIX
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed AnnotationCollection cleared on tab-change or when the old collect
ion was detached from the surface
Fixed alpha-blending bug in Candlestick series where alpha != 0 did not
blend onto the background image

Fixed a SciChart layout issue where surface infinitely grows in size aft
er its parent container was intensively resized
Fixed a regression bug in the SciChartOverview that prevented TwoWay bin
ding to SelectedRange inside an ItemTemplate or DataTemplate
Fixed a memory leak where ChartModifierBase derived types, or Annotation
s were not garbage collected after detaching from the chart
Fixed a memory leak and performance problem in SeriesValueModifier.
Added BindingOperations.ClearAllBindings to the SciChartSurface.Dispose(
) method. Now to clear bindings (and WPF bindings can cause memory leaks) just c
all .Dispose()
Fixed a bug in SeriesInfo where updating RenderableSeries.IsVisible exte
rnally did not update SeriesInfo.IsVisible
-----------------------------------------------------------------------2.2.3322 2nd November 2013: HOTFIX
Made DateTimeAxis.GetTickCalculator() virtual so you can override ticks
generated by this axis
Added ability to use OverviewControl with Logarithmic or multiple X Axis
Bug Fixes
Fixed Cursor property overriding in source code (reported by users)
Fixed an exception raised during the offscreen rendering and BrightSpark
theme is used
Fixed memory leak caused by _updateSuspender in SciChartSurface if dispo
sed before Load
Fixed bug when the same RenderableSeries could be added twice via Series
Source (caused exception with Rollover)
Fixed issue with log messages if WhyDoesNotSciChartIsRendered="False"
Fixed Labels and Ticks are mixed up on left-aligned axis if large FontSi
Fixed the issue when ticks disappeared on left-aligned axis
Fixed BandSeries issue, when first band is filled incorrectly
Fixed BandSeries issues with CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed StackedSeries bug with CategoryDateTimeAxis if it contains gaps
Fixed runtime failure when Overview is used for a chart with multiple X
Fixed a bug in AxisBase which prevented VisibleRange binding between cha
rts in an ItemsControl
Fixed a bug where High Quality Render Surface did not show a license exp
ired message to users whose support subscription has run out
Fixed bug in TimeSpanRange.ToString() changed default formatting string
Fixed critical performance issue introduced since v2.2 which occurs
when using RolloverModifier / CursorModifier and large datasets
Fixed an Exception where Overview Control is used with a chart with Mult
iple XAxis
Fixed Stacked Series bug with CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed Bug with SeriesSelectionModifier where it occassionally overwrote
local styles on the RenderableSeries
-----------------------------------------------------------------------2.2.3123 17th September 2013: MINOR UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Breaking Changes

SciChart DLL now named with version name, you can reference two versions
of SciChart in the same solution.
This will require that you update your csproj files to reference
the new DLL name
This feature allows you to install multiple versions of SciChart
on the same machine and upgrade project by project
(Previously SciChart.Wpf.Dll was overwritten by a new version in
the output folder, causing FileLoadException)
In order to minimise namespace pain we strongly recommend using
the xmlns:s=""
in your XAML files, then xml namespaces are no longer assembly f
ilename dependent.
Improved RolloverModifier Tooltip when using Stacked Column series - sho
ws non accumulated values and positions correctly.
Improved HitTest for Candlestick, Column Box Plot series
Improved HitTest for Mountain Series
Improved HitTest for Digital Lines on Horizontal and Vertical charts
Improved line Hit Testing, fixed Rollover/Cursor axis tooltips and rollo
ver position for BandSeries
Improved HitTest with interpolation: now better results when X and Y val
ues were too close
Improved HitTest accuracy for Band Series
SciChart Bug Fixes
Workaround for shifted axis labels when using a large font size
Fixed XAxis ticks flicker at times during redraw
Fixed inconsistencies in viewport size that caused 1px gridline offset
Fixed a bug when exception was thrown if XValues were Ints and IAxis.Scr
ollBy() called
Fixed a bug in series drawing when PaletteProvider was used with Line Re
nderable Series
Fixed VisibleRangeChanged event fired several times during animation
Fixed bug where GridLiensPanel border properties couldn't be changed via
the SciChartSurface.GridLinesPanelStyle
Fixed Rollover bug whenline and label on XAxis were drawn outside the ch
art bounds
Fixed Rollover issue when line isn't drawn on points where Y=NaN
Fixed NullReferenceException in AxisBase.GetMaximumRange()
Fixed Cursor Labels are drawn lower than the axis title in Z-Direction f
or right-aligned axis
Fixed sharing of DataSeries across SciChartSurfaces causes one surface t
o freeze (including when sharing on Overview chart)
Fixed executing of AutoRange (VisibleRange stuck on 0..9) if first draw
is an empty chart then DataSeries are attached later
Fixed CategoryDateTimeAxis exception when BarTimeFrame is zero
Fixed VisibleRange bug in TimeSpanAxis when the TimeSpan included a nega
tive time
Fixed incorrect band drawing for CategoryDateTimeAxis
Fixed MouseWheelZoomModifier to work properly with flipped coordinates
Changes to Default.xaml themes to ensure RenderSurface is always the sam
e size as the axes. SciChartSurface border is now on top of the rendersurface, n
ot outside it
Fixed moving an annotation results in a StackOverflowException in some c
Fixed a bug where rollover marker is glitching on mouse right below/abov
e the data-point

Fixed 'Zero Values are not rendered' where axis did not seem to be inclu
sive on VisibleRange
Fixed Overview isn't drawn on startup
Fixed Axis Labels remain on Axis after axis collection changed
Fixed a memory leak in ColorToBrushConverter (used by SciChartLegend) wh
ich was keeping SciChartSurface instances alive
Fixed bug when Modifier throws during Axis Labels update
Fixed ModifierGroup.ChildModifiersProperty cannot be bound to
Fixed ArithmeticOverflowException when short data type used and ChartMod
ifier is outside of the data range
Fixed StackOverflowException when VisibleRange updated in CategoryDateTi
Fixed DigitalLine and Digital Mountain issues (incorrect placement of ve
rtical/horizontal step)
Fixed exceptionwhen VerticalLineAnnotation is placed on a non-active Tab
in a TabControl
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12th August 2013: MINOR UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------API Changes (non breaking)
All RenderableSeries are no longer sealed so they may be inherited
All RenderableSeries.InternalDraw is now Protected Virtual and may be ov
Installer Improvements
Fixed long standing bug - installer ignores custom install path
Allowed installer to install side by side with older versions
Fixed missing images in help file
SciChart Bug Fixes
Fixed Modifiers throw exceptions if axis is changed
Fixed exception thrown by the Rollover when used with stacked series typ
Fixed cannot change the background colour via GridLinesPanelStyle
Fixed VerticalChartGroup, Axis in the left are incorrectly aligned
Fixed VerticalChartGroup, updating YAxis VisibleRange does not resize ax
Fixed AxisAlignment does not work if property was set before axis was lo
Fixed Modifiers inside a TabControl throws
Improved performance of SeriesValueModifier by recycling AxisMarkerAnnot
ations as series are rendered
Fixed clipping issue where line series dissappear if the X-Datatype is I
nt, Long, Short, UInt (etc) and the user zooms in close
Fixed Impulse Chart example, Point markers are not filled
Fixed HitTest not returning XyzSeriesInfo when used with an XyzDataSerie
Fixed PointMarkerTemplate property not showing when used with old PointM
arker Syntax (so upgrading should require no change)
Fixed RolloverModifier throws when InterpolatedMode used
Fixed Annotations.IsHidden issue where annotations could not be shown
Fixed a bug where XyzDataSeries Z values were used when calculating Auto
Fixed regression bug, Rollover labels can move out of bands, labels over
lap occasionally
Fixed ThemeManager - zoom on mountain series causes a colour change (Hig
h Quality Rasterizer only)
Fixed AxisLabel dissappears when cursor is over rollover marker

Fixed Drag Horizontal Threshold example - annotation line can be dragged

outside the chart and not back
Fixed SciTrader example crashes on start from time to time
Fixed issue where rollover labels are sometimes left on a surface
Fixed some clipping issues with HQ and HS renderers
Fixed RolloverMarkers dissappear if the line of bandseries which is hittested goes out of the viewport
Fixed binding to FontSize for SciChartSurface.TitleText
Fixed line drawing when NaN is inserted and Closed Lines flag is set in
high quality renderer
Fixed crash in SeriesValueModifier where RenderableSeries have no values
Fixed memory leak in SeriesValueModifier, where _myAxisMarkers collectio
n was never cleared
Fixed issue where DataSeries.SuspendUpdates() did not lock the renderer
on the parent surface, resulting in flicker if the DataSeries was cleared/refill
ed during the suspend/resume block
Improved FastLineRenderableSeries.StrokeDashArray behaviour, no longer d
ependent on number of points in the line
New Examples
Added Real Time Ghosted Traces example - demonstrating series persistenc
e with opacity fade
Added Using PointMarkers example showing new PointMarker API to Silverli
ght examples suite
Added Real Time Series Values example - demonstrating how to use the Ser
Examples suite now uses UseLayoutRounding, SnapsToDevicePixels for super
-crisp chart images
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 22nd July 2013: SCICHART 2.0 FULL RELEASE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Breaking Changes
Renamed AutoRange.Auto to AutoRange.Once. The three values for AutoRange
are: AutoRange.Never (never autorange), AutoRange.Once (once on first render),
AutoRange.Always (always autorange)
Bug Fixes
Fixed zoommodifier overlay not appearing in Silverlight
Fixed drawing defects with UnsortedXyDataSeries
Fixed Shifted Cursor Axis Labels in Silverlight
Fixed Sync Multi Charts example, cannot pan the bottom chart
Fixed stacked bars and columns - intensive zoom on the laters joining th
e rendered objects
Fixed regression bug, when the line is out of the chart points stay on t
he chart borders
Fixed bug with MajorTickLineStyle setter in AxisBase
Fixed ViewportManagerBase issue, Invalidate Parent Surface with RangeMod
e set to ZoomToFitY ignored
Fixed chart does not render if series only has one data-point in logarit
hmic or linear mode
Fixed SeriesSelectionModifier does not work with MountainSeries
Fixed no pointmarkers visible in Impulse Chart example (regression issue
Fixed Chart does not render if 1 out of N RenderableSeries does not have
Fixed design time error Invalid XmlnsDeclaration occurs in assembly 'Abt
.Controls.SciChart.Wpf' ... 'XmlnsDeclaration references a namespace Abt.Control

s.SciChart.Rendering that is not in the assembly'

Fixed instability in axis layout algorithm causing axis to 'wobble'
Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation.LabelsOrientation issue
Fixed IsPointWithinBounds for VerticalLineAnnotation
Fixed CursorModifier throws if axis is changed
Fixed BoxPlot, when zoomed, series remains on the chart sides
Fixed HitTest for impulse series, which fixes TooltipModifier inconsiste
nt behaviour on Impulse Series
Fixed heatmap crashing on panning in some circumstances
Fixed axis labels issue when Y/XAxes collections are reset
Fixed FastLineRenderableSeries not disabling the line when SeriesColor =
Transparent (regression issue in v2.0)
Fixed exception when using AxisCollection.Move
Fixed Margin applied twice in SciChartSurface control template
Fixed Memory Leak when SciChartGroup.VerticalChartGroup attached behavio
ur is applied
Fixed Axis alignment incorrect when Axis is on the left and SciChartGrou
p is applied
Fixed line-clipping algorithm not drawing lines to the edge of the chart
Fixed an issue in MouseManager which caused horizontally aligned charts
sharing a MouseEventGroup to receive incorrect mouse-coordinates.
Fixed PointMarkerTemplate could not be re-applied (every marker after fi
rst was ignored)
Improved toggle on/off behaviour for SciChartGroup
Added ability to show Axis Labels for RolloverModifier
Added HitTest for BoxPlot series, added default styles
Added new example 'Use High Quality Rendering'. Shows how to switch rend
erer per-chart
Added default style for TooltipModifier
Added Debug log to console if Axis has Invalid VisibleRange
Added how to disable debug logging in the console window (how to disable
is printed to console)
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 27th June 2013: BETA 2 UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Bug Fixes
Release note with upgrade instructions
All API XML Comment documentation updated
SciChart Class Library.chm file updated and contains new User Manual art

no TrianglePointMarker in dashed line example

offset PointMarkers
PointMarkers are not filled in some examples
Dissappearance of Axis Gridlines when deep zooming
significant loss of Deep-Zoom capability for SciChart v2.0 Beta vs

. v1.7
Fixed Drag Area to Zoom issues
Fixed no mountain series in overview panes
Added Opacity property to HeatMap renderable series and improved example
Added new Heatmap with Text example
Fixed Series Selection - cloning series bug
Fixed when chart is rotated chart ticks overlay on labels
Updated all tutorial solutions to compile against SciChart v2.0
Fixed Impulse Series draws point markers on the bottom in Logarithmic Mo
Fixed mountain series dissappearence when panning to the left or right
Fixed PaletteProvider issues when panning
Added new Example - Heatmap with Text in Cells

Working on refactoring modifiers to share code & improve hit-test

----------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th June 2013: MAJOR (BETA) UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------First BETA release of SciChart v2.0!
For a breakdown of what's new, please see
New Features
Box Plot
Error Bars
Bubble Chart
Fan Chart
Heatmap / Spectrogram
Stacked Column Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Mountain Chart
Stacked Columns (side by side)
No more DataSeriesSet
Unlimited, Multiple X-Axes
Swap X-Y axis (rotate chart)
New PointMarker API
Support for more DataTypes in DataSeries (ushort, short, uint, byte, sby
te, TimeSpan)
New TimeSpanAxis
New Axis Interactivity API
Alternative, Sub-pixel (High Quality) renderer
High Performance Axis Bands
High Performance Dashed Line support (StrokeDashArray)
Gradient Brush support for Column, Candlestick, Mountain, Box Plot and S
tacked Chart types
PaletteProvider now works on Line Series (Colors lines point by point)
Support for custom themes via IThemeProvider
Faster rendering in multiple axis scenarios
Plugin renderer architecture
Error handling - exceptions in rendering output to Console Window
Renderer error codes - 'Why didn't SciChart render' reason is output to
Console Window
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st JUNE 2013: HOTFIX
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Bug Fixes
IMPORTANT! Fixed crash when series has more than one X-Value the same va
IMPORTANT! Fixed HitTest throws exception if points have the same Y-valu
Fixed MouseWheelModifier doesn't work if Axis.Visibility = Collapsed
Fixed issue with RolloverModifier + XyScatterRenderableSeries
Fixed regression bug, Setting Annotation X1 not divisible by candle widt
h in CategoryDateTimeAxis snaps annotation to the left
Fixed 'Resource not found' warning in output window
Fixed error when adding series when Theme is bound to a ViewModel
Addressed re-using of DataSeries issue
Fixed Animated Zoom/ZoomExtents doesn't work property if both axes are c

Fixed DoubleRange SetMinMax exception

Fixed exception after calling Annotation.Show()
Fixed Logarithmic Axis should draw to negative infinity when zeros are i
Fixed AxisBase.CursorTextFormatting is ignored
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12th MAY 2013: MAINTENANCE UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------New Features
All zoom and pan modifiers updated to work with Logarithmic Axis, such a
ZoomPanModifier, MouseWheelModifier, XAxisDragModifier, YAxisDra
(feature back-ported from SciChart v2.0 branch)
Bug Fixes
Fixed Add Remove Series example bug where removing a series deleted all
Fixed MouseManager.MouseEventGroup bindings being overwritten with null
when theme was changed
Fixed XAxisDragModifier inverting the drag when AxisBase.FlipCoordinates
= true
Fixed ZoomExtentsModifier ignores all ChartSeriesViewModel items but the
Fixed DateTimeAxis doesn't measure itself properly
Fixed SciChartOverview doesn't have binding for properties Background, F
oreground by default
Fixed issue with Hit-Test on Scatter-Series. Points with the same X cann
ot be hit
Fixed Left-aligned axis are pushed in reverse order when added to the ch
Fixed Overview control central range does not update in some cases
Fixed Scrolling FIFO Charts example is marked as MVVM but it is not
Fixed regression bug Annotation.IsHidden is not working when databound i
Fixed regression bug setting Annotation.X1 not divisible by candle width
in CategoryDateTimeAxis snaps annotation to the left
Fixed DateTimeAxis collects ticks data as doubles not DateTimes
Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation cannot be removed from the chart if X1 prop
erty is data-bound
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 16th APR 2013: Hotfix
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Fixed ZoomExtentsModifier only reacting to last series when SeriesSource
Fixed ZoomExtentsModifier issue with XyDirection
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 10th APR 2013: MAINTENANCE UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------New Features
Added compilation output for x86, x64, AnyCPU for .NET4.0, 4.5 so you ca
n now use SciChart in mixed managed/native applications without recompiling from
Added SciChartSurface RenderPriority.Manual option, where you can call S

ciChartSurface.InvalidateElement() manually to redraw

Added ZoomPanModifier.ZoomExtentsY property
Added ZoomExtentsModifier.XYDirection property
Added ClipMode.ClipAtMax for ZoomPanModifier to prevent panning past the
end of the dataset
Added FastColumnRenderableSeries.UniformWidth property to assist with is
sue of column widths on variably spaced data
Added DataSeries.InsertRange() method
Added DataSeries.RemoveRange() method
Exposed SciChartOverview.BackgroundChartSurface property to access the i
nner SciChartSurface
Added Abt.Controls.SciChart.Wpf.dll and Abt.Controls.SciChart.SL.dll to
the registry so it appears in Visual Studio Add References dialog
Bug Fixes
Fixed Numeric Precision issue where NumericAxis.VisibleRange was small,
chart became blank (rendered no ticks)
Fixed FastBandRenderableSeries.IsDigitalLine band fill drawing anomaly
Added default Rollover Template for FastImpulseRenderableSeries
Fixed an issue databinding to DateTimeAxis.MinorDelta and MajorDelta
Fixed a Y=Const ZoomExtents issue
Fixed a ZoomExtents bug with DataSeries.RemoveAt()
Fixed AnnotationLabels don't react on LabelPlacement changes
Fixed Call to Annotation.Hide() hides an annotaiton but labels become vi
sible after invalidating
Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation LabelPlacement issues
Fixed discrepancy between Rollover Line Marker in Line & Scatter Chart
Fixed Surface parts Selection through Navigation Keys
Fixed incorrect XMinPositive value on DataSeries after append range of e
Fixed a bug in ModifyAxisProperties example where calendar update result
ed in a crash
Fixed a memory leak when adding/removing/re-adding annotations
Fixed a NullReferenceException when Y=Const and we use RubberBandXyZoomM
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12th FEB 2013: MAINTENANCE UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Bug Fixes
Fixed crash when data with NumericAxis is switched from Linear to Logari
thmic when data has both positive & negative values
Fixed VerticalLineAnnotation templating issues
Fixed Annotation coordinate / X-label issues when used with DateTimeAxis
Fixed Overview control cannot scroll to edges when moving mouse quickly
Fixed memory leak associated with DefaultLabelFormatter issues on Axis
Fixed annotation placement is incorrect when left-axis is used
Fixed ZoomPanModifier in Quad-Axis example (or when left-axis used) did
not pan on left part of the chart
Fixed SciChartOverview does not update X-Range when changing dataset for
shorter data
Fixed NullPointerException when hit-testing a hidden series
Fixed XyScatterSeries does not update after setting Min and Max of Doubl
eRange so no data is on the chart
Fixed Annotation X-Coordinate is rounded up to next candle when used on
Fixed Exception when trying to add new dataseries to a SciChartGroup if

Theme was changed

Fixed FastMountainRenderableSeries handling of double.NaN, now correctly
shows line to zero when NaN's used
Fixed Synchronize Multi-Chart issue - bottom chart doesn't pan when roll
over is used
Fixed ZoomPanModifier and CursorModifier bug in Sync Multi-Chart Mouse e
xample when Axis is on the left
Fixed Y-Axis Drag triggers RubberBandZoom in Sync Multi-Chart Mouse exam
Fixed a bug in Modify Axis Properties example
Fixed RolloverModifier with IsDigitalLine == true does not match up with
Fixed RolloverModifier dissappears when outside of data-range.
Fixed Column Series with DataPointWidth = 1.0 has gap after the first co
Fixed Rollover tooltip gets stuck in position when chart zooms
Fixed OHLC bars sometimes the open wick is shorter than close
Fixed Changing theme with annotations causes exceptions
Fixed Flicker in Axis Legend Checkboxes when manipulating chart (e.g. in
Quad Left/Right YAxis Example)
Fixed YAxis doesn't align ticks to left or right when MinWidth or Width
is specified
Fixed SciChartGroup panes have small padding for child chart panes
Fixed LineAnnotation can get focused by keyboard causing dotted line aro
und annotations
Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation.LabelPlacement doesnt work when annotatio
n is added dynamically from code
Fixed Exception when adding new DataSeries inside SciChartGroup if Theme
was changed
Known Issues
VS2012 Designer shows Trial expired even when a license key is applied.
Workaround is to apply the license using the SciChartLicense.xml
file (not using SciChartSurface.SetLicenseKey())
and ensure AnyCPU or x86 are used (not x64)
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 14th JAN 2013: MAINTENANCE UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------New Features & Improvements
Improved FastBandRenderableSeries.HitTest to include upper line as well
as lower
RolloverModifier now works properly with BandSeries
Added UnsortedDataSeries - a new series type to allow X-Data out of orde
Does not currently support Hit-Testing, Rollover
and requires ResamplingMode = None
Added StrokeThickness to all series, OHLC, Candlestick, Column now nativ
ely support StrokeThickness > 1
Added optional Checkboxes to LegendControl to enable showing/hiding of s
eries. See ChartLegends example for demonstration
Added CustomRenderableSeries, to allow you to create your own series typ
Added AxisBase.AnimatedVisibleRange to allow you to animate to a visible
range via databinding
Bug Fixes

Fixed moving adorner point of HorizontalLineAnnotation close to Y-Axis c
aused it to dissappear
Fixed TextAnnotation difficult to get focus
Fixed TextAnnotation should focus inner textbox after create
Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation dissappears on zooming
Fixed annotation becoming visible on redraw after calling Annotation.Hid
Fixed rare condition where annotation drag markers lost focus during rea
l-time updates
Fixed cannot deselect an annotation when ChartModifiers are used (as the
y steal focus)
Fixed AnnotationCreationModifier draws modifiers on N charts when used i
n a multi-pane chart
Fixed DataPointWidth = 1.0 still has gaps between columns in column char
Fixed blurring for Candlesticks/OHLC when antialiasing is set to false.
These chart types now obey AntiAliasing
Fixed TextFormatting getting shared across charts
Fixed RubberBandXyZoomModifier performs very slight zoom with ZoomExtent
sY=false (it should leave YAxis alone)
Fixed regression bug - XyScatterRenderableSeries does not display first
data point
Fixed Trade Markers zoom issue - line dissappears but markers remain whe
n zooming
Fixed MouseWheelModifier doubles the zoom rate when MouseEventGroup used
across charts
Fixed Cursor Labels do not update when mouse does not move but chart dat
a changes
Fixed SciChartGroup resizing issue
Fixed Axis gridlines/text labels flickering intermittently when zooming
or panning
Fixed gridlines flicker when SciChartSurface.RenderPriority=Low was used
only under .NET4.5
Fixed intermittent IndexOutOfRangeException when using RolloverModifier
in a real-time example
Fixed DataSeries.FindIndex bug condition when there is only one data-poi
nt in the series
Fixed ZoomExtents crashing when DataSet == null
Fixed extensive zooming leads to memory corruption crash
Fixed extremely high memory usage in RealTimePerformanceDemo
Related: Fixed examples suite showing wrong exam
ple when clicking from homepage
Fixed examples suite bug where IExampleAware.OnExampleExit was not calle
d on any example with a viewmodel (so timers were not stopped etc)
Fixed rare race condition where XAxis.VisibleRange bindings didn't updat
e in some circumstances
Fixed race condition where chart wouldn't update if you had a SciChartSu
rface.SeriesSource binding and the chart unloaded/loaded (e.g. when garbage coll
ected in a tab control)

Fixed OverviewControl doesn't autorange in Y-Axis when appending data to

parent surface dataSeriesSet
Fixed OverviewControl dragging outside centre reticule induces blinking
Fixed OverviewControl central area dragging sensitive to zoom
Fixed Vs2012 designer reporting "Invalid License" when license is valid
at runtime
Fixed trial license reporting invalid when compiling as x86 or x64 (not
Any CPU)
Fixed issue where trial key extensions sometimes expired prematurely
Fixed license key parsing fails when Azerbaijani latin regional setting
Examples and Tutorials
Updated Oscilloscope example to be realtime, have unsorted examples (e.g
. Lissajous Plot, Fourier Series)
Oscilloscope and ECG examples both use AxisBase.AnimateVisibleRange prop
Examples suite now displays version number, expiry date of license
Added new Tutorial - Synchronizing Mouse across Multi Pane Charts
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th DEC 2012: LAUNCH OF V1.5
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you for response to Beta! Here are the results of your feedback:
New Features & Improvements
Aggressive performance tuning for FIFO series

FIFO Series AddRange, Max, Min performance has b

een improved 400%

FIFO Series re-sampling is now double buffered.
Reduced memory pressure on GC when using FIFOs
Knock on effect - Reduced or removed stuttering
when FIFO Series used
Knock on effect - Reduced or removed wobbling wh
en FIFO Series used
DataSeries.Append and Append(IEnumerable) performance improved with opti
mized min, max calculations
To get the most from DataSeries.Append, pass in
Arrays, not IEnumerable or Lists. Array access is much faster
and we use a host of optimizations to gain big s
peed improvements when loading array data
Knock on effect - Performance examples tuned to
be as fast, if not faster than v1.3
Performance tuning of ThemeManager. Changing or applying a first theme i
s much quicker

Knock on effect - reduces startup time for when

showing a SciChartSurface
Added clipping of dragged annotations - now clip to viewport bounds on d
Added animation on zoom of the chart

RubberBandXyZoomModifier.IsAnimated = true by de

ZoomPanModifier.IsAnimated = true by default

RubberBandXyZoomModifier now exposes StrokeDashArray property for dashed
Rubber Band outline
Bug Fixes
VerticalLineAnnotation labels show index, not DateTime when CategoryDate
TimeAxis used
VerticalLineAnnotations placed incorrectly
VerticalLineAnnotation & HorizontalLineAnnotation Lines leap to primary
position after scrolling to boundaries
Licensing - when trial license expires, does not show "Your trial licens
e has expired" notice
Changing X1, Y1, X2, Y2 on annotation does not update annotaiton positio
n until redraw
FIFO Series not double-buffering correctly
Overview control malfunctioning when CategoryDateTimeAxis used
Overview control clicking outside the central area when CategoryDateTime
Axis can cause a crash
Overvew control wierd scrolling issues
Examples search box has xaml in dropdown results
Annotations cannot be dragged or drawn if one coordinate is outside the
Crash bug with Annotations X1,X2,Y1,Y2 set in Xaml when Russian Locale w
as used
Cannot drag an annotation correctly when CategoryDateTimeAxis is used
Drag Horizontal Threshold example (WPF) unhandled exception notice
Enabled dragging of TextAnnotations via one adorner point
Fixed HorizontalLineAnnotation label values not showing until resizing o
r redrawing the chart
XyScatterRenderableSeries cannot render a single data-point
TextFormatting discrepancy between v1.3 and v1.5
Exception when showing a TextAnnotation in any theme other than Chrome
FastCandlestickRenderableSeries and FastOhlcRenderableSeries were not ob
eying AntiAliasing property causing blurry charts
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 20th Nov 2012: MAJOR BETA UPDATE
-----------------------------------------------------------------------New Features & Improvements
UIElement Annotations (BETA, Premium Edition)
Annotation can be added above, below the SciChartSurface either
programmatically or dynamically (via point & click). Annotations added include:
LineAnnotation, LineArrowAnnotation
HorizontaLineAnnotation, VerticalLineAnnotation



CategoryDateTimeAxis re-write (Premium Edition)

This axis can now support GrowBy, gaps to the right, consistent
zooming/panning when used in real-time stock charts.
OverviewControl re-write.
This control now supports DateTimeAxis, NumericAxis and Category
DateTimeAxis. Works in a real-time context.
MVVM Series API.
The property SciChartSurface.SeriesSource expects a collection o
f IChartSeriesViewModel. This allows you to synchronize DataSeries with Renderab
leSeries and control both via a parent ViewModel. No DataSeriesSet is needed, th
is is created automatically when you set-up the binding. It is recommended to us
e this API if you are dynamically adding/removing series, or changing series typ
e in an MVVM application.
New SciStockChart Control (BETA, Premium Edition)
A new control which subclasses SciChartSurface, automatically ad
ds modifiers & correct axis types for use in real-time stock charts.
Added SciChartGroup Control (BETA, Premium Edition)
A new control which enables multi-paned stock charts with tabbed
or stacked indicator panes.
Added FastBandRenderableSeries (Premium Edition)
A new series type which renders a shaded area between lines depe
nding on whether Y1>Y2 or vice versa.
CursorModifier Improvements
Added default styling to CursorModifier via the
Themes. Just drop it on a SciChartSurface and it works!
Added property CursorModifier.ShowCursorTooltipO
n. May be used to hide cursor tooltips unless the mouse is down.
Added CursorModifier.AxisLabels. By default curs
or modifier now displays labels on each axis. Labels may be hidden, or template.
Added PaletteProvider property to BaseRenderableSeries. Enables overridi
ng of data-point colors when rendering. E.g. color individual points, candles or
YAxisDragModifier may now be used when YAxis.AutoRange = true, by settin
g the ResizeMode=Relative/Absolute. In AbsoluteMode the YAxisDragModifier sets t
he VisibleRange of the axis, which is overwritten by AutoRange. In RelativeMode,
the modifier sets the GrowBy, causing a margin above/below the maximum of the c
hart and can be used in conjunction with AutoRange.
DataSeries API Refactor
Added IXyDataSeries<TX,TY>, IxyyDataSeries<TX,TY> and IohlcDataS
Alpha Blending of MountainSeries, Column Charts. These series now alpha
blend so if you have a MountainSeries or ColumnSeries over a LineSeries the unde
rlying series show through.
Source code customers: SciChart is now a single csproj, no need to inclu

de Abt.Licensing and WriteableBitmapEx. In addition we have made a number of imp

rovements for source code customers, such as ability to strip out licensing and
deploy entirely safe code (No Unsafe) for use in partial trust environments such
as Bloomberg Terminal via conditional compilation pre-processor statements and
provided a VS2012 solution as well as VS2010.
Implemented 30-day Trial. SciChart s Terms & conditions are changing. The
trial duration will be 30-days and licensed per-machine. Of course, if you need
more time we d be happy to extend your trial! License keys have also changed. Cont
act us to upgrade your key from v1.3 to v1.5.
Bug Fixes
Fixed binding errors in CursorModifier and RolloverModifier, improving p
erformance of both cursors.
Fixed Logarithmic Y-Axis crash when switching from Linear to Logarithmic
mode and back.
Fixed memory leaks when themes are changed.
Fixed memory leaks when a SciChartSurface is loaded/unloaded.
Fixed axis/label flickering when SciChart is used under .NET4.5
Fixed Candles/OHLC bars too closely spaced in CategoryDateTimeAxis.
In WPF - Fixed MVVM binding silently failing to AxisCollection, Renderab
leSeries, VisibleRange when SciChartSurface is used inside an DataTemplate/ItemT
emplate. In Silverlight, these issues can be resolved via workaround. Contact us
if you experience them.
Fixed crash bug when zooming using RubberBandXyZoomModifier and YAxis.Fl
ipCoordinates=true is set.
Fixed axis ticks getting shifted if BorderThickness is used
Fixed DataSeriesSet.Insert not firing SeriesUpdated event
Fixed DateTimeAxis.MaxAutoTicks doesn t work
Fixed YAxis.AutoRange calculation when OHLC or Candlestick charts are us
ed. Now uses the high/low of candles not the close to compute VisibleRange.
Added exception message if AxisBase.AutoTicks=false but major, minor del
tas are not set
Fixed AxisBase.IsPrimaryAxis, now set correctly when multiple axes are u
sed. The primary axis draws gridlines others don t.
Fixed Column series rendering issues when series contains negative value
Fixed a bug where SciChartSurface is empty when first dataseries is empt
Fixed DataSeries.Clear crash (rare race condition) when updating the cha
rt in a separate thread.
otations API

eleven new examples

Band Series Chart
Impulse Chart
Create a Stock Chart
Realtime Ticking Stock Charts
Overview control
Annotations are Easy!
Create annotations dynamically
Drag Horizontal Threshold
Interaction with Annotations
Add Remove DataSeries
Change RenderSeries Type
TradeMarkers example has been updated to use the new Ann

All examples now have descriptions

Example homepage updated to show features via icons
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 06th Sep 2012: Minor
- Fixed a bug when the surface is empty when first dataseries has no points
- Fixed an issue which appears when removing the last series/axis in an MVVM ap
plication, where CPU goes to 100%
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 28th Aug 2012: Interim Update
- Added FastImpulseRenderableSeries - a new chart type which displays a vertica
l line from zero with optional point marker at the tip
- Add, Remove, RemateAt methods added to IDataSeriesSet
- RemoveAt added to IDataSeriesSet. No need to cast when removing series
- Remove, RemoveAt, Insert API added to DataSeries
- Added FastMountainRenderableSeries.IsDigitalLine property
- Added SciChartSurface.ClipModifierSurfaceToBounds property, to clip annotatio
ns to chart bounds
- Added AxisBase.IsPrimaryAxis, to allow dictation of which axis draws gridline
s in a multi-axis scenario
- Added requested features to rollover modifier. When rollover markets overlay
hints for all markers are shown. When hint is out of Modifiersurface, hint is pl
aced correctly.
- Added requested feature for mouse-wheel zooming around the mouse-point
- Added requested feature int IDataSeries.FindIndex(TX x)
- Fixed LegendModifier control templates, now obeys FontSize, FontWeight
- Fixed ChartModifierBase.IsEnabled being ignored when set to false (not via bi
nding) in a ModifierGroup
- Fixed SelectedSeries bug in SciChartSurface
- Fixed race condition: NullReferenceException on clear of dataseries
- Fixed Rollover line stealing mouse input when clicking on points
- Fixed BaseRenderableseries.IsSelectedProperty not defined as a public depende
ncy property
- Fixed bug with missing gridlines
- Improved rollover tooltip placement
- Fixed bug with axis labels overlapping, added 2px space between labels
- Fixed exception when drag to right for first time
- Fixed setting all properties DrawLabels, DrawGridLines on axis to false resul
ted in some gridlines persisting
- Fixed issue in ECG Example where startup visible range on the Y-Axis was inco
- Fixed LegendModifier not clearing on DataSeriesSet.Clear via workaround, by a
dding public RefreshLegend() method which you can call from code-behind
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 23rd Aug 2012: Interim Update

- Added FastImpulseRenderableSeries - a new chart type which displays a vertica

l line from zero with optional point marker at the tip
- Add, Remove, RemateAt methods added to IDataSeriesSet
- RemoveAt added to IDataSeriesSet. No need to cast when removing series
- Remove, RemoveAt, Insert API added to DataSeries
- Added FastMountainRenderableSeries.IsDigitalLine property
- Added SciChartSurface.ClipModifierSurfaceToBounds property, to clip annotatio
ns to chart bounds
- Added AxisBase.IsPrimaryAxis, to allow dictation of which axis draws gridline
s in a multi-axis scenario
- Added requested features to rollover modifier. When rollover markets overlay
hints for all markers are shown. When hint is out of Modifiersurface, hint is pl
aced correctly.
- Added requested feature for mouse-wheel zooming around the mouse-point
- Added requested feature int IDataSeries.FindIndex(TX x)
- Fixed LegendModifier control templates, now obeys FontSize, FontWeight
- Fixed ChartModifierBase.IsEnabled being ignored when set to false (not via bi
nding) in a ModifierGroup
- Fixed SelectedSeries bug in SciChartSurface
- Fixed race condition: NullReferenceException on clear of dataseries
- Fixed Rollover line stealing mouse input when clicking on points
- Fixed BaseRenderableseries.IsSelectedProperty not defined as a public depende
ncy property
- Fixed bug with missing gridlines
- Improved rollover tooltip placement
- Fixed bug with axis labels overlapping, added 2px space between labels
- Fixed exception when drag to right for first time
- Fixed setting all properties DrawLabels, DrawGridLines on axis to false resul
ted in some gridlines persisting
- Fixed issue in ECG Example where startup visible range on the Y-Axis was inco
- Fixed LegendModifier not clearing on DataSeriesSet.Clear via workaround, by a
dding public RefreshLegend() method which you can call from code-behind

----------------------------------------------------------------------- 22nd July 2012: Minor Update

- Fixed a bug in RolloverModifier where template did not show in certain circum
- Fixed a bug in RolloverModifier where selecting a series caused tooltips to r
emain on the screen
- Fixed NumericAxis/DateTimeAxis.AutoTicks=False having no effect
- Fixed Oscilloscope/Electric theme background colours which had too much trans
parency, showing
through underlying control colour
- Fixed startup logic - zooming to extents on axis only if individual axis rang
es are not set
- Added RenderPriority flag to allow for lowering, or raising priority of rende
r operations. This can
help resolve issues where mouse interaction plus real-time locks the chart7

- Allowed Scichart to be rendered off-screen (i.e. in a server environment).

To use this feature, set RenderPriority = RenderPriority.Immediate and render
the SciChartsurface
to a bitmap
- Added two new examples: ECG Monitor and Spectrum Analyzer, you can find them
under "IWantTo/ViewFeaturedApplication"
- Added new tutorials: Controlling VisibleRange, where we demonstrate how to bu
ild the
ECG, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer style scrolling
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 26th June 2012: Hotfix
- Resolved a memory leak in SciChart where DataSeries were Axes were not releas
ed from memory, keeping alive DataSeries associated with the axis
- Fixed crash bug in XyScatterRenderableSeries when zooming
- Fixed RolloverModifier not going to left-edge when AxisBase.FlipCoordinates a
nd AxisAlignment=Left was used
- Removed spurious logging "MOUSEMOVE!!" in RolloverModifier
- Added XValue to SeriesInfo, allowing X,Y value reporting from RolloverModifie
- Improved exception reporting for incompatible datatypes, ranges and axis
- FastLineRenderableSeries.SeriesColor = Transparent can now be used to hide a
series (in addition to IsVisible)
- Added ZoomPanModifier.ClipModeX with options None, Stretch, Clip, to change b
ehaviour of the zoompan modifier when reaching the X-Axis extents
----------------------------------------------------------------------- 15th June 2012: Hotfix (Only install if you need this update)
- Fixed deployment issue, Silverlight examples batch file caused a build failur
e on some computers
- Fixed cursor not at mouse location when left axis used and axis label applied
- Fixed all zeros in dataseries with Axis AutoRange causes a blank chart
- Fixed a performance issue when RolloverModifier was used with multiple high-s
peed real-time charts
- Fixed SciChart intermittent hanging when zooming repeatedly using overview co
- Fixed YAxis.HorizontalAlignment can now flip the ticks/labels independent of
AxisAlignment (side)
- Added ability to display latest value on a legend
-------------------------------------- 13th June 2012: Minor Update
- Added IDataSeriesSet.InvalidateParentSurface to allow programmatic zoom-exten
ts in Y or XY direction in an MVVM application
- Added RolloverModifier.UseInterpolation to provide an interpolated cursor. Se
e Real-time with Cursors example for usage

- Added NumericAxis.ScientificNotation to display text formatted as Engineering

Notation, e.g. #E+0 as x10^1 with superscript
- Added SciChartSurface.AutoRangeOnStartup (default true) to disable the one-ti
me auto-ranging in MVVM scenarios
- Added AxisBase.MaxAutoTicks property to constrain number of generated auto ti
- Added LegendModifier.GetLegendDataFor property to allow legends for selected
series only
- Added AxisBase.FlipCoordinates to reverse the axis tick labels and series on
that axis
- Added new Theme "BrightSpark" with white background
- Fixed YAxis AutoRange incorrect calculation when zoomed in, or when multiple
Y-Axis were used
- Fixed SciTrader Volume Chart not scaling to fit in Y as you pan
- Fixed AutoRange incorrect calculation when series contains double.NaN
- Fixed setting new Dataset always zoomed to extents
- Fixed CategoryDateTimeAxis.GetCoordinate always returning double.NaN
- Fixed NumericAxis/DateTimeAxis GetCoordinate/HitTest performing incorrect cal
- Fixed RolloverModifier line running away from cursor in CategoryDateTimeAxis
- Fixed MouseWheelZoomModifier crashing when zooming right out and in repeatedl
- Fixed scrolling overview control does not zoom to fit Y on SciTrader
- Fixed Zoompan on SciTrader does not zoom to fit Y
- Fixed ZoomPan sticking when zoomed right in, now scrolls smoothly
- Fixed SeriesColor being ignored in FastColumnRenderableSeries in some circums
- Fixed Logarithmic Tick / Delta generation
- Fixed Tick Labels overlap when chart is resized
- Fixed Examples Suite source code view spacing between attributes
- Improved performance of min, max calculations on DataSeriesSet.AddSeries()
- Improved performance of min, max calculations on DataSeries.Append()
- SciChart now throws on licensing deserialization errors in Silverlight 5 so y
ou can pinpoint problems
------------------------------------------ 28th May 2012: Minor (Beta) Update
- Added Overview/Scrolling:
SciChartOverviewControl to provides a scroll-vie
wer for the chart. See SciTrader example
- Added Legends:
SciChartLegend usercontrol and LegendModifier to
provide data. See "Chart Legends" example for usage
- Added Series-Selection:
SeriesSelectionModifier may be used to select a
series on mouse-click. See "Series Selection" example for usage
- Added DateTimeAxis.SubDayTextFormatting DependencyProperty. Provides alternat
ive text formatting for intra-day datetimes
- double.NaN in the data now draws gaps in FastColumnRenderableSeries
- double.NaN in the data now draws gaps or lines for FastLineRenderableSeries.
See DrawNanAs property for more details
- Added DataSeries.Clone() method, useful to take copies of series,
- Added SeriesSelection example, click on a series to select it, re-color it an

d give it the highest Z-order

- Added ChartLegends example. Demonstrates how to create a legend control and b
ind to series data
- Fixed RolloverModifier going off the right edge of the chart
- Fixed Dragging XAxis to the extreme left with XAxisDragModifier caused a cras
- Fixed SciChartsurface.YAxes not binding if set with new AxesCollection via MV
- Fixed SciChartsurface.RenderableSeries property not binding if set with new O
bservableCollection via MVVM
- Fixed crash bug with repeated zooming of RubberBandXyZoomModifier
- Fixed crash in VS2010 designer in some circumstances
- Fixed dissappearing Axes when zooming in to a very small region, or zooming t
o an area with no data
- Fixed 100% CPU when zooming in to the extreme and FastLineRenderableSeries.St
rokeThickness >= 2
- Fixed X-Axis ticks not rendering if there was no data on the chart
- Fixed not rendering scatter or point marker when only one data-point was adde
- Fixed crash bug in FIFO Series with point counts >2000
- Fixed lines where one point outside and one inside the viewport are drawn inc
- Fixed Designer crash for Silverlight
- Logarithmic axis tick generation. Use NumericAxis with AxisMode=Logarithmic o
n X or Y.
- Full Annotation support
- SciChart Grouping. VerticalChartGroup attached property is in place but so fa
r, only aligns Y-axes
------------------------------------------- 15th May 2012: Major (Beta) Update
- Added support for Multiple Left/Right Y-Axis.
Current SciChartSurface.YAxis will continue to work.
See new SciChartSurface.YAxes property in examples suite to set multiple
axes (unlimited left/right axis)
- Separated Category and Xy Axis.
- DateTimeAxis and NumericAxis now both do true XY (value) measurements.
- Support for GrowBy on X-Axis, unevenly spaced X-Data and X-Axis range
to be larger than data range
- Use CategoryDateTimeAxis for stock charts as this treats each data-poi
nt as the same width regardless of date stamp
- Removed the constraint where all series had to be the same length. Now popula
te series with sparse X,Y values and SciChart draws.
NOTE: The constraint where X-values must be sorted remains
- All RenderableSeries now measure X-Coordinate according to axis mode (Xy or C

ategory Axis).
- Massive 400% performance improvement for all renderable series where large da
tasets (100k - 10M points) are drawn and resampling is used
- Added new series types, FastOhlcRenderableSeries and FastLineRenderableSeries
.IsDigitalLine to render a step-line
- Added SciChartGroup.VerticalChartGroupProperty which synchronizes the widths
of Y-Axes
- Added RenderableSeries.DataSeriesIndex property to map renderableSeries to da
taseries. The DataSeriesIndex is defaulted to the index in the parent collection
if you don't enter it
- Added support for Middle Mouse Button Up/Down in ChartModifiers (WPF Only)
- Added ZoomPanModifier.ExecuteOn to allow panning on left or right button drag
and middle button drag (WPF only)
- Added ZoomPanModifier.XyDirection to specify X, Y or XY panning constraint
- Added YAxisDragModifier.ExecuteOn property to allow execution on left, right,
middle (WPF only) mouse drag (default is MouseLeftButton)
- Added YAxisDragmodifier.AxisAlignment property to define which axis to drag (
default is AxisAlignment.Right)
- Added ZoomPanModifier.XyDirection property to limit panning in X or Y directi
- Added ThemeManager to greatly simplify the Xaml to create high fidelity examp
- Use ThemeManager.Theme="ThemeName" attached property on SciChartSurfac
e in Xaml, or
ThemeManager.SetTheme(sciChartSurface, "ThemeName") in C# to set the t
heme of SciChart.
- Available themes include:


NOTE: Default Theme is ExpressionDark

- Added ChartTitle and TitleTextBrush properties to SciChartSurface
- Fixed ModifierSurface UIElements being rendered underneath axis ticks when dr
awing on the axes area
- Fixed DateTimeAxis XAxis ticks out of sync with candlesticks. Use CategoryDat
eTimeAxis now for financial charts
- Fixed a bug where SciChart crashed when used in a multi-top-level UI Thread s
- Fixed RenderableSeries.IsVisible strange behavior
- Fixed a crash bug when continually zooming using RubberBandXyZoomModifier
- Fixed a bug where Axis titles didn't display correctly on X or Y Axes
- Fixed a bug where a chart with no data rendered with axis collapsed on the le
ft and no gridlines
- Fixed a bug where chart crashed when resized to zero

- Multiple new examples. Simplified Xaml and cs of existing examples to better
showcase SciChart capabilities
- Examples suite now displays code snippets per-example, added search functiona
.API Changes
- Property RubberBandZyZoomModifier.FitYAxisOnZoom is now obsolete. This featur
e is always on by default
- ExecuteOn.MouseRightButtonUp has been renamed to MouseRightButton as it is no
w used throughout SciChart modifiers
- SciChartSurface.TranslatePoint, IsPointWithinBounds and GetBoundsRelativeTo a
ll deprecated
- Instead use SciChartSurface.MainGrid.TranslatePoint, SciChartSurface.M
ainGrid.IsPointWithinBounds, ScichartSurface.MainGrid.GetBoundsRelativeTo etc...
- Removed XyLinerenderableSeries (obsolete). Please use FastLineRenderableSerie
s instead as this series now performs true XY (value) measurements
------------------------------------ 9th April 2012: Minor Patch
- Added IDataSeries<Tx,Ty>.Update(x,y) method to mirror IDataSeries<Tx,Ty>.Upda
te(date, open, high, low, close)
- Fixed a bug where examples app crashed if started with European decimal point
- Fixed a bug in BaseRenderableSeries.HitTest() where HitTest.IsHit property in
correctly reported true sometimes
- Fixed a bug where SciChart crashes if only one datapoint is appended
- Fixed a bug where clicking in top-left of SciTrader example with ZoomPanModif
ier enabled
caused the chart to jump
- Fixed a bug where DataSeriesSet.GetWindowedYRange() returned incorrect result
s for OHLC series
------------------------------------- 3rd April 2012: Minor Update
- Sharing of interactivity modifiers across charts
Provides linked chart support for cursors, rollover etc...
Added MouseManager.MouseEventGroup Attached property.
Demonstrated by SciTrader example
- FastLineRenderableSeries now supports StrokeThickness property.
Defaults to 1 for maximum performance, but may be set to any positive in
teger value
- Improved rendering and data append performance
2000% performance improvement on DataSeries/DataSeriesSet append when la

rge amounts of data or large number of series is added

Rendering performance improved for all series types
VisibleRange setting / XAxisDragModifier performance improved
Fixed lag in X-Axis drag when scrolling a very large dataset
- RubberBandXyZoomModifier when zooming in the X-Axis only, fits the data in th
e Y-direction on each zoom.
Set the RubberBandXyZoomModifier.FitYAxisOnZoom Property to True to enab
le this feature
Only applies when when RubberBandXyZoomModifier.IsXAxisOnly=True
- Added RolloverModifier.DrawVerticalLine (default true) and RolloverModifier.V
erticalLineStyle properties
- Silverlight version now targets SL4 and SL5
- Fixed poor rendering quality for WPF 1-pixel wide lines when Antialiasing was
- Fixed a bug where ResamplingMode was ignored on FastLineRenderableSeries if s
et in Xaml
- Fixed a bug where line charts would draw a line to zero at rightmost edge for
large point counts.
- Fixed a bug where DateTimeAxis used with small date intervals (<1s) caused a
- Fixed a bug where DateTimeAxis Major Ticks were calculated incorrectly. Evide
nt when scrolling/panning the SciTrader view
- Fixed a bug where PointMarkers didn't render in Silverlight under certain cir
- Fixed a bug where DateTime Axis tick marks are 1px out of sync with grid line
- Fixed a bug where the first datapoint didn't render in FastLineRenderableSeri
- Fixed a bug "Cannot draw a Point Range of (0,0)" which occurs occasionally on
- Fixed a Xaml designer crash for SciChart WPF
- Added simple Scatter Chart Example
- Bundled new Examples Shell application for WPF and Silverlight with the Insta
All example code now found in the VS2010 Examples Solutions under Exampl
es/IWantTo/<Do Something>
.Changes to API
No breaking changes
-------------------------------------- 16th March 2012: MAJOR UPDATE
- Point Markers:
Added PointMarkerTemplate property to Series, renders a
custom data-point marker defined by control template on Line, Mountain and Scatt
er series

- Scatter Series:
Added XyScatterRenderableSeries, which uses PointMarkerT
emplate to render a scatter plot at true X Y positions
- Xy Line Series:
Added XyLineRenderableSeries, which renders true X Y lin
es and no longer has the limitation of FastLineRenderableSeries which
required that the X-Data interval was constant
- Rollover Markers:
Added RolloverMarkerTemplate property to Series, which i
s used by RolloverModifier to render UI defined by control template on mouse ove
- X-Zoom:
RubberBandXyZoomModifier now has IsXAxisOnly property. W
hen true, zooms in the X direction only
- Styling support:
RenderableSeries can now be styled properly in Xaml as c
reation has been moved out of the code-behind
AxisBase now supports full styling of ticks, tick text,
border and control template
- Extensability:
Improved extensibility via chart modifiers, including ab
ility to overlay annotations and hit-test axis as well as series
- API Documentation: Included control library documentation (CHM) file and XM
l documentation to provide documentation in VS2010 intellisense for public SciCh
art types
- New Modifiers:
MouseWheelZoomModifier, ZoomExtentsModifier
.Changes to API
- MVVM Support:
Improved MVVM support for SciChartSurface binding to a I
DataSeriesSet in the ViewModel
- The 'This' Property on SciChartSurface has been depr
ecated and removed.
- Instead bind SciChartSurface.DataSet (in Xaml) to a
IDataSeriesSet instance in your ViewModel
- SciChartSurface.ZoomExtentsCommand exposed for bindi
ng a button to zoom extents
- SciChartSurface.ChartModifier can now databind to an
exposed IChartModifier in your viewmodel
- IDataSeries.RenderAs has been depreciated. Instead p
opulate the SciChartSurface.RenderableSeries property in Xaml
- IApiDataSeries<Tx,TY> has been deprecated. Please us
e IDataSeries<Tx,TY> instead (provides the same interface)
- AxisBase:
New dependency properties include DrawMajorGridLines, Dr
awMinorGridLines, DrawMajorTicks, DrawMinorTicks,
AutoAlignVisibleRange, MajorGridLineStyle, MinorGridLine
Style, MajorTickStyle, MinorTickStyle, AutoRange
- MajorLineStroke, MinorLineStroke are marked as obsol
- HitTest, GetCoordinate methods added to convert X,Y
pixel coordinate to data value and back
- ModifierGroup:

Now supports creation in Xaml as well as code-behind

- EventAggregator:
Internal eventing supported via TinyMessenger event aggr
egator to perform certain operations, such as zooming to extents, redrawing etc.
For full details of services and events see the document
ation tag on ServiceContainer
.Bug Fixes
- Fixed innaccuracy in RenderableSeries.HitTest, which is used by RolloverModif

ier to inspect values

- Fixed stuck X-Axis drag and pan when zoomed in on the SciTrader example
- Fixed AxisBase.AutoRange property which was not listened to in some circumsta
nces. Now AutoRange defaults to False. You must set it on each axis
if you want the axis to scale to fit new data
- Fixed VisibleRange being ignored when set on startup
- Fixed a crash in ZoomPanmodifier when applied to charts with FIFO series
- Fixed clipping for series rendering when the chart goes out of bounds.
- Added Point Markers example, uses custom ControlTemplate for point markers an
d shows how to inspect datapoint values with the RolloverModifier
- Added MultiAxisFinancial example, which demonstrates multiple axis simulation
by overlaying SciChartSurfaces
- Added TradeOverlays example, which demonstrates UIElement annotations onto a
live chart via a custom modifier
- Added LinearRegression example, which uses the XyScatterRenderableSeries and
FastLineRenderableSeries to draw a regression fitted curve
- SciTrader, Oscilloscope and EEG Examples show how to use the updated MVVM Sup
- Several examples now use the RubberBandXyZoomModifier.IsXAxisOnly property fo
r zooming
----------------------------------1.1.0 18th February 2012
----------------------------------- Added hit testing to series.
- Added Rollover Modifier, uses hit testing to display mouse-over values on the
chart (SciTrader, Oscilloscope examples)
- Styling for examples to support Rollover Modifier
- Added end-user licensing support to remove watermark and trial limitations
----------------------------------1.0.1 Beta 31st January 2012
----------------------------------- Fixed a bug in EEG Sample where hitting reset caused a crash under some circu
mstances (Related to examples only)
- Fixed a DateTime parsing issue when SciChart was run under a non GB-en cultur
e (Related to examples only)
- Fixed a bug where System.Timers.Timer was not garbage collected in performanc
e and EEG examples (Related to examples only)
----------------------------------1.0.0 Beta 26th January 2012
----------------------------------First version released. Supports
- Line, Mountain, Candlestick, Column chart types
- Generic typed thread-safe dataset
- High performance rendering
- Rubber-band Zoom, Pan, Axis drag, Mousewheel zoom, Cursor
- Static, real-time and custom styled examples