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Listening Section
In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken
English. There are 3 parts to this section, with special directions for each part.

Questions 1 to 5
Directions :
In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or questions spoken in English.
The dialogues or questions will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test
books, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.
After your hear a dialogue and the question about it, read the four possible answers
and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now
listen to a sample question.

You will hear :


: How about exercising tomorrow morning?

: Alright. Pick me up at six

You will also hear :


: What will the man do?

Youll read in your test book:

a. Do exercise at 6
d. Leave the woman alone
b. Go with six woman
e. Come to the womans house
c. Take exercise alone
The best answer to the question is Come to the womans house. Therefore, you should choose
answer (E)
1. a. Get the money sooner
4. a. He was a car driver
b. Pay the loan next week
b. He heard the woman wore sealt-belt
c. Pay the loan next month
c. He agreed the woman sits beside him
d. Get the money back from the woman
d. He agreed the passenggers wear seatbelats, too
2. a. In a save
b. On the mans desk
5. a. He was satisfied with the course
c. On the womans desk
b. He had not completed the course
d. Near the womans desk
c. He wanted to take an English course
d. His English course has been completed
3. a. A doctor
c. A bar tender
b. A secretary
d. A receptionis

Question: 6 10
Directions :
In this part of the test, you will hear several question or statements spoken in English.
The questions and responses will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your
test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. You have to
choose the best response to each question or statement
Now listen to a sample question:

You will hear :


: Good morning, John. How are you?

: .

You will also hear:

a. I am fine, thank you.
b. I am in the living room
c. Let me introduce myself
d. My name is John Travolta
The best answer to the question How are you? is choice (a), I am fine, thank you.. Therefore, you
should choose answer (a)
Mark your answer on your
Mark your answer on your
answer sheet.
answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your
Mark your answer on your
answer sheet.
answer sheet
Mark your answer on your
answer sheet.

Questions: 11 - 15
Directions :
In this part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be
spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to
understand what the speakers say.
After you hear a monologue and the questions about it, read the four possible
answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the questions you have
Text 1, the following text is for question 11
and 12
11. a. By meowing
c. By sleeping
b. By growing
d. By crying
12. a. Taking a nap cat
b. Taking a cat nap
c. Taking a sleeping cat
d. Taking a period
Text 2, the following text is for question 13
to 15
13. a. Into a hole
b. Into a ditch

c. Out of bounds
d. In the middle of a large red ant bed
14. a. Because the golfer took a big swing
b. Because the ants wanted to save
c. Because the golfer tried again and
missed the ball
d. Because the golfer missed the ball but
the ant bed
15. a. He took a big swing but missed the ball
b. The ball came to rest in the middle of a
large red ant bed


He tried again and the same as before,

missed the ball and ants flew in all

d. After the third gigantic swing and

missed, one ant said to another, If we
are going to save ourselves, wed
better get on the ball

Text 1 is for questions no. 16 to 20
A map is a drawing of land as it is seen from above as a bird or a pilot in an aeroplane would see it. A
traveler who needs to find his way looks at a map. It may be a map of a town, a country, or the whole world.
A motorists going on journey by car will use a general map showing the roads he must take. It tells him the
distance between each town and village.
A map of town will show where to find the streets, schools, churches and parks. A map of the country
shows the towns, mountains and rivers as well as the shape of the country.
People who makes maps are called cartographers. They must draw the map much smaller than the
land. It shows so they draw it to scale. For example, one centimeter on a map may match one kilometer of
the land.
At first men thought the earth was flat. When they realized it was round, they put their maps on to
globes. In the sixteenth century, Gerard Mercator, a Flemish cartographer, made a book of his maps which
he called an atlas.
Maps of the sea are called charts. They show coastlines and islands. When a sailor looks at a chart, he
can see whether the water is deep or shallow and where there are wrecks, or rocks and fast-flowing
currents. The people aboard ships or aeroplanes whose job it is to find the way are called navigators. Five
hundred years ago, the Portuguese navigators sailed across the oceans without charts. They navigated by
looking at the sun and the stars.
Todays sailors and air-pilots navigate with the help of many different scientific instruments. Some show
the direction we should travel. Others tell how deep the sea is beneath the ship or the height of the plane
above the ground.
Radio and radar are used to keep the ships on the right course at sea and to guide aeroplanes on the
correct airway routes through the sky.
(My Own World Encyclopaedia)

16. It is drawing of land as it is seen from

above. (paragraph 1). The sentence is...
a. The collection of a map
b. The definition of a map
c. The comparison of a map
d. The clarification of a map
e. The explanation of a map
17. The following people might need a map,
a. A pilot
d. A motorist
b. A sailor
e. A food seller
c. A traveller
18. Someone who visits a friend in another
town for the first time might need a/an....
a. Atlas
b. Chart
c. Map of land

Text 2 is for questions no. 21 to 25

d. Map of a town
e. Map of the country
19. Which of the following places is not shown
in the map of the country?
a. Towns
d. Valleys
b. Rivers
e. Mountains
c. Parks
20. How does a cartographer measures the
distance in the map for the distances of
a. He measures it to scale
b. He uses a measurement
c. He sees it from above to measure
d. He draws the map much smaller
e. He matches one cm on the map to one
km on the island

Technology plays an increasingly important part in our daily lives. While many technological
developments may be beneficial-in the field of medicine, for distance-there are many others whose
effects are less positive. We many find examples of these in the world of work, in the home and the
whole area of freedom and privacy.
In the world of work, technological advances have had various negative effects. The development
of robotics has meant that in industries, such as car-manufacturing, robots are replacing people. They
work faster and more accurately and they dont need breaks. As a result, industrial workers see job
opportunities decreasing further and unemployment levels rising. In addition, more and more people
are working from home using personal computers, which means that they lose the stimulus that comes
from working in direct contact with other people and may feel isolated.
Finally, there are the implications of information technology for freedom and privacy. More facts
about individuals are being stored in data banks, which may be accessed through networks of
computers. This creates an ever increasing risk of accidental or deliberate leaking of private details.
Every day more information is collected by banks, credit cards companies, consumer organization and
so on-and who is there to keep an eye on what happens to it? It is certainly convenient to store
information in this way, but I fell it could a thinking computer start to use the data against us?
To sum up, I believe that we must be very careful with technology. While it has clear advantages,
there is also the danger that it could turn on us and we could find ourselves the victims of our success.
21. Which is true abaut the tecnological
modernization in factories?
a. It increases the number of unemployed
b. It opens more job opportunities for the
c. It solves the problem of a companys
lack of human resources
d. It always use robots to manage the
activities in factories
e. It enables the company to multiply the
sales of its products
22. The text mainly discusses....
a. The important of modern technology

The bad effect of technological advances


The benefit of technological developments

d. The influence of modern technology on
our life
e. The advantage and disadvantage of
23. The technological advances in business
also result in...
a. The use of more personal computers
in offices
b. Peoples preference to stay away from
office work
c. The decrease of socialization among
working people

d. Decreasing
working people
e. .

24. From the text we may conclude that

a. Advanced technology has greater
negative effects than positive ones
b. Technology can only be entirely beneficial in the field of medicine
c. Freedom and privacy in information
technology should be eliminated
d. Advanced technology is believed to
create great problems to all computers
e. Information technology can both give
benefit and cause trouble to human
25. Information technology for freedom and
privacy may hurt computer users because..
a. Their personal data can be subject to
b. More facts about individuals are stored
in banks
c. Strict control is performed on the
access of private data
d. Freedom allows people to use other
peoples data
e. Individuals leak their private details to
computer hacker

Text 3 is for questions no. 26 to 30




26. Where is the warning most likely found?

a. On a public place
b. On a package of fireworks
c. On a package of explosive
d. On the notice-board at school
e. On a package of childrens toy
27. Which of the following statements is not
suitable with the warning?
a. It should be operated outdoor
b. Get away after lighting the fuse
c. Adults should supervise the operation
d. Put the firecrackers on the ground to
e. It is better to light the firecrackers in a
28. What does one



operate a

a. A long stick
b. A flashlight
c. A lighter

d. A blade
e. A glass of water


FUSE why?
a. Because it has failed to work
b. Because it is impossible to work
c. because it does not work properly
d. because it is for outdoor use only
e. because is still has chance to explode

30. The text is in form of...

a. Notice
b. Advertisement
c. .
d. memorandum
e. Letter to consumers

Text 4 is for questions no. 30 to 35

Dear Lucy,
You said it yourself, its a shame! So forget him. Thats the best thing you can do. By the way, dont attach
too much to a smile. In business, the customer is king and should be treated accordingly. A restaurant
manager, for example, should smile to welcome his guests and to make them come again and again. You
may have been charmed by his courtesy and friendliness. Just consider his smile a professional assets.
What you can try to do now is to find another eating place where you can enjoy your meal without being
distracted by a charismatic smile. There is a proverb which says, Variety is the spice of life. Eating in
various places can be an exciting experince. After all, restaurant is a place to eat and not to have romance
with the attending staff. OK, hopefully youll soon discover another address where the food is just as
palatable. Keep searching and tell me about it after you find one. Who knows, I may go there, too.

31. What is the content of the letter about?

a. Giving advice
b. Giving a notice
c. Giving argument
d. Giving information
e. Giving caution
32. The writer of the letter suggests that....
a. Lucy should forget him
b. Customer is king in business
c. His courtesy may have charmed her

A restaurant manager should be frendly

e. A restaurant manager should welcome

his guest
33. Which of the following statements is not
a. Lucy not should not remember him
b. Thats the best thing Lucy can do
c. Lucy should find another restaurant
d. Lucy should consider his smile a
professional smile

e. A restaurant manager
courteous and friendly



34. What is main idea of the second paragraph?

a. Lucy should find another restaurant


Lucy should find an exciting experience


Lucy should not forget the restaurant

d. Lucy should enjoy meal without being
e. Lucy should have a roamce with the
attending staff
35. Who knows, I may go there, too. (The last
What does the word there refer to?
a. Place
b. Somewhere
c. Lucys house
d. The same restaurant
e. Another restaurant

Text 5 is for questions no. 36 to 40

BIO 2000 is inocula powder that degrades organic waste,
contains starting backing and natural materials that can produce
bifidobacteria (that has a lot of benefit for accelerating degradation process of organic waste.
BIO 2000 is an effective, efficient and safe formula as a toilet
care. So we can make our toilet clean and fresh
BIO 2000 1 kg + 3 liters of water 2 m3 the volume of toilet.
BIO 2000 2 kg + 6 liters of water 4 m3 the volume of the toilet.
Use BIO 2000 as much as you need
Put BIO 2000 into a pail of water and mix it. Put that mixture into
the toilet through the closet then flush thoroughly with water. Its
better if you do it at night.
Use your toilet like usual. If in three days your closet still stopped
up, check through the air-pipe, piping and the penetration of the
BIO 2000 does not consist of any chemical ingredients or any
other elements which are dangerous for human and the
environment. Dont wait until waste in the septic tank become
crystal, which causes the septic tank getting full faster
36. What is the state of BIO 2000?
a. It is gas
d. It is tablet
b. It is solid
e. It is powder
c. It is liquid
37. Where is BIO 2000 likely used for?
a. At school
d. In a toilet
b. In a market
e. In the kitchen
c. In a hospital
38. BIO 2000 contains.bacteria
a. Fresh
d. Harmless
b. Useless
e. Dangerous
c. Harmful

39. What is the benefit of bifidobacteria?

a. A lot of benefit
b. Producing bifidobacteria
c. Inocula powder that degrades organic
d. Accelerating the degradation process
of organic waste
e. An affective efficent and safe formula
as a toilet
40. When is BIO 2000 better applied?
a. At noon
d. In the morning
b. At night
e. Any time
c. In the evening

Text 6 is for questions no. 41 to 45

Nowadays, there are many mystical shows on TV stations, each of which offers different kinds of ghost
stories and images. Having successfully attracted viewers, more and more of this kind of show have been
produced. Audiences might be bored with always the same type of TV programs like sinetrons, quizzes,

news programs, imported films that are mostly out of date, etc. but do we really have to watch these
mystical programs?
Well, I think the sort of TV programs that we need now are educational ones. Some programs with good
moral messages would be more beneficial for us, especially teenagers. Instead of mystical shows, amusing
programs that impart useful information and knowledge are, I believe, much better to watch. We can see
that mystical shows dont contain any moral messages, useful information, or knowledge whatsoever. Then
what is actually is the point of these shows?
Regrettably, mystical shows potentially have a negative impact on viewers. Quite a lot of viewers are
greatly influenced by the eerie stories and images on the shows and as a result they become fearful all the
time. One of my friends told me that before she watched such shows, she was never afraid to go alone
anywhere. But after she watched them she became frightened most of the time, especially when she had to
go alone to a deserted place. Well, if people feel scared every time, every where, they will surely not be able
to do their activities well because they wont feel comfortable.
Mystical shows can also result in the psychological deterioration of society. About ten years ago, we
could watch Indonesian horror movies like Ratu Pantai Selatan, Ratu Buaya Putih, Janda Kembang,
etc. At the time, people who live in rural areas still believe in ghost, evil spirits, mystical powers and stuff
like that. Afterwards, science and technology developed rapidly and Indonesia started to feel the impacts of
globalization Information from any part of the world could easily be accessed. Consequently, traditional
ways of thinking and old fashioned beliefs were gradually swept away. But now, a large number of mystical
shws are being produced and broadcasted all over Indonesia. This phenomenon will possibly revive the old
belifs about evil spirits, mystical power adan so on. I supposed the mystical shows have effectively brought
some fres air to TV audiences who are bored with the monotouns TV programs. On the other hand, these
mystical shows can have many negative impacts, not only on the viewers but also on our whole society.
However, its completely out of question to eliminate those programs since they are popular among a lot of
TV viewers. I belive, then that we have to be selective in choosing the shows we want to watch. Also, its
better to consider first wheter or not a particular program will have a bad influence on us
(C n S Volume 3 no 22)

41. Waht do mystical shows program present?

a. News
d. Entertainment
b. Quiz
e. Ghost stories
c. Drama
42. Why do television produce more and more
mystical programs?
a. Beacuse many imported films are out
of date
b. Because viewers are bored with
c. Because viewers have to watch
mystical shows
d. Because mystical shows are educational program
e. Because mystical shows have succesfully attracted viewers
43. What does the writer think about mystical

They are educational ones

b. They should be more produced

c. They are not amusing programs

d. They are attractive programs

e. They contains no moral messages
44. Which of the following statements is true
according to the text?
a. Mystical shows are boring programs
b. Most of imported flims are new release

What we need are educational programs

d. Mystical shows contain moral message

e. Viewers are not attracted with mystical
45. Which of the following sentences is not in
line with the writers opinion?
a. Mystical shows deteriorate psyche
b. Ghost and evil spirits are easily
c. Mystical shows have many negative
d. Its difficult to eliminate mystical show
e. A lot of viewers become fearful after
watching mystical shows

Text 7 is for questions no. 46 to 50

Vitamin B1
50 mg

Vitamin B2
25 mg
Vitamin B6
10 mg
Vitamin B12
5 mg
50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate.......................................................................................... 20 mg
Vitamin C
500 mg
Enervon-C is a therapeutic vitamin formula that provides Vitamin B-complex plus Vitamin C in
highly concentration amounts and in enough ONE-A-DAY tablet form, for comprehensive metabolic
build-up and vitamin deficiency replenishment particularly :
During periods of illnesses, as in : cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders;
acute and chronic infections; febrile conditions; toxic states; hyperthyroidism; traumatic
injuries, burns, fractures; pregnancy and lactation; periods of growth and development;
and before or after surgical intervention
Where body requirements for these vitamins are difficult to meet due to poor eating habits
or deficient intake of food, as in : adolescents, elderly individuals, alcoholics, individuals on
weight-reducing or restricted diets, diabetics, convalescents and those with gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, peptic ulcer and colitis
In nutritional deficiency states of water-soluble vitamins, as in anemias, tropical and nontropical sprue, beri-beri, scurvy or pellagra, during and after radiation therapy and for
prolonged treatment with antibiotics
46. What is not included in each tablet?
a. Aspirin
b. Vitamin C
c. Niacinamide
d. Vitamin B-complex
e. Calcium Pantothenate
47. What is the highest content in each tablet?
a. Aspirin
b. Vitamin C

Vitamin B-complex

Calcium Pantothenate

48. How many tablets does one need to

consume a day?
a. 1
d. 4
b. 2
e. 5
c. 3
49. The word replenishment means...
a. Statements
d. Phenomenon
b. Condition
e. Fulfilmnt again
c. Starvation
50. What does the word deficiency mean?
a. Lack
d. Irritation
b. Load
e. Manifestation
c. Role

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