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The 'MASTERY' of

Words and Phrases

Learn the skill of HOW to talk to people


Learning new Skills...

To be successful with your Melaleuca

Treat it as a business

Learn NEW skills

Apply your job description

Understand how the mind works

Master some words and phrases' that move people

into agreement with you
Do not use Business Opportunity / MLM language

What is your job description

To get prospects to make a
decision to either join you in the
Melaleuca business or to be a


If That is the Job Description

Then why doesn't everyone you talk at least
open up a customer account?

Finding more people to talk to is not always the answer

*** Maybe we have not learned the skills necessary to :

~ Turn off the filters
~ Articulate 'Why' Melaleuca

The goal is to find out who believes the same way we /

Melaleuca believe It is finding those who resonate with the

But first...
We must understand a little about how this


'It's a 'Feeling'
Two different parts of your brain are 'in action;
with all interactions, our Neocortex & our
Neocortex: Rational & analytical thought &
Limbic: Feeling, all decision making, no
capacity for language

Our minds...

Conscious (Neocortex) vs
Subconscious (Limbic)

In his book The Biology of Belief, cell biologist Bruce Lipton

reported, the subconscious mindprocesses some
20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second vs 40 environmental
stimuli interpreted by the conscious mind in the same second
Ap Dijkersterhuis and Loran Nordgren of the University of
Amsterdam demonstrated the power of subconscious thinking in
their research, Conscious thought is constrained by the low
capacity of consciousness. Subconscious thought does not
have this constraint because the subconscious has a much
higher capacity. It follows that conscious thought by necessity
often only takes into account a subset of the information it
should take into account.

If this is true...

The conscious mind (Neocortex) can only think about one thing
at a time while...
The subconscious mind (Limbic) cannot think at all but works
on 'automatic programs' via physical science, beliefs,
convictions, programming, conditioning, etc.
Scientists say that all decisions are made by the subconscious
mind in less than 30 seconds (actually it's 7 seconds).

Report: We find no evidence of free will and there's nothing we

can do about it.


Then We Must Question

How do we approach someone, invite someone to look at what we
are doing or give a good Delivering Wellness Presentation if the
persons decision is already made within the first 30 seconds?
Good question!
( Have you ever wondered about those times when you have
given a great presentation and at the end the person barely
heard any of it, their eyes are glazed over and they had to go
'think about it'? )
Now you know why!

'It's a Feeling'
Articulate right away Melaleuca's 'Why':
* The Champion of the Environment & Overall
Health & Wellness
* The Champion of the average person / family
trying to get ahead
* Part of the 'new' economy, the new way of
The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have, the
goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe Simon



Our minds...
Conscious vs Subconscious
Target the largest subconscious program
(Limbic) through words and phrases:
Survival mode (early on...Stay safe, don't get in harms way,
find enough food, i.e stay alive)
has morphed into...
Social proof (now...Stay safe, be with the crowd, do what
others are doing, group mentality, i.e. only do what
everybody else is doing or staying away from)



So, what can we do?

PHRASES that the subconscious mind will

We should script our approach, invite and

presentation to the subconscious mind, especially in
the first few minutes of communication

Do not use words and phases that subconsciously via

'social proof' elicits bad response, i.e. Business


Change the Language

Instead of...

Replace With...

Business Opportunity

Business Model

Join / Sign Up / Get In

Open Your Shopping Account

Place an Order Each


If You Are Interested

Monthly Shopping / Switch

Stores /Try Our Unique Brand
If You See What I See



Change the Language

Instead of...

Replace With...


Make Wellness

Take Market Share
from P&G / J&J / C-P

5 x 7 Matrix


Business Report

My Book of Business

We Revenue Share

Compensation Plan


Change the Lanquage

Instead of...

Replace With...



Break a Director

Show the Plan


Support Team
Business Partners /
Develop a Director /
Present the
Concept / Model

Master These Words and Phrases

There is an old saying...

Well, you know how...

Would it be okay if...

Everybody knows...

Everybody says...

Most people...
The subconscious mind accepts these statements
(and more like them) in a nanosecond...It's a 'feeling'


What Do You Do?

Well, you know how you are seeing so many people working
from home these days and everybody says how wonderful it is?
And you know how most people are looking for more income as
well as better overall health and wellness? Well, that's what I
There's an old saying that there are two types of people in the
world, those with residual income and those who wish they had
residual income.
I am one of the people with residual income and I show others
how to do the same.


An Approach
Hi ________, ______ here. You know how so many people are
starting their own business, right?
I've just started a new business venture myself needed to find a
Plan B so to speakand I'm excited about the possibilities.
Everybody says it's the way to go these days.
Would it be okay if I have you take a look at what I'm doing? It
may or may not be for you, but if nothing else, maybe you can
think of someone that I could team up with for my business.
Most people are amazed at what I have found here.
Would you be available _____ night at _____ or ______ at _____?


To Start a Presentation
Thanks for taking the time to look at what the Global Wealth and
Wellness Group has to offer.
There is an old saying that rich people do not turn down a good
Business Model. Most people that see this Model are really
surprised that they haven't heard about it before.
You know how we would all like to earn more money? Would it be
okay if I spend the next 30-45 minutes showing you exactly how to
do that, with money you and everyone you know are already
Great! Here's what we are going to cover...


To Start a Presentation
There are many trends today which fit perfectly with
Melaleuca...we are going to show you how Melaleuca is:
The Champion of the Environment & Overall Health &
* The Champion of the average person / family trying to get
* Part of the 'new' economy, the new way of business
If any of those things resonate with you, well, you are
going to LOVE what I share with you today....


A close
So what is going to be easier for you?
To get started today/tonight with a pacesetter pack and then
put a plan together for you to start earning residual
To set up an account to go natural and improve your overall
health & wellness?



1. Your job description is to get prospects to make a decision to either join you in
the business or to be a customer.
2. In order for you to fulfill that job description you must learn the skills necessary
to get the job done which is no different than any other career or job.
3. One of the most important skills is understanding that the subconscious mind
makes ALL the decisions and does it almost immediately (within 7 seconds), i.e.
'It's a feeling'.
4. Mastering the words and phrases you use when speaking to a prospect will
make them listen and agree (Social Proof) or go into flight mode.
5. The better you get at utilizing the words which the subconscious understands
to be 'Social Proof' (remember, it cannot think), the more customers and business
builders you will have.
6. This one skill alone will be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you if
implemented consistently.