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Social Expressions

Subject : English Language

Year : 6
Time : 60 minutes
Genre : Descriptive
Area of Interest : Social Expressions
Method : Letter
Skill : 3.10, 3.11, 4.3, 4.8, 4.4
Specifications 3.10.1, 3.11.1, 4.3.1, 4.8.1, 4.4.2
Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson, in the time frame given, pupils will be
able to:
a. respond to the letter verbally about the sender and the
b. answer 5 comprehension questions based on the letter

c. discriminate 20 small words in big words in groups of 4.

d. write 6 simple sentences based on the information given.
e. form a paragraph by expanding the notes given based on
the link picture.
Activities : Teacher reads aloud a letter from Hamka to Yakashiro twice.
Teacher and pupils talk about the letter (J 9).
Pupils answer 5 comprehension questions (J 10).
In groups of 4 pupils discriminate small words in big words (J
In pairs pupils write simple sentences based on the information
given to them (J 12).
Pupils do the exercise based on the UPSR format Section C,
Question 22 (notes expansion).
Vocabulary : New member, family, brother, chubby, baby, grandmother,
handsome, intelligent, graceful, apartment
Sentence Patterns : i. There is a new member in my family.
ii. I have a new baby brother.
Grammar Item : i. Adjectives
ii. Nouns
Multiple Intelligences : i. Interpersonal
ii. Verbal-linguistic
iii. Intrapersonal
Thinking Skill : Making associations or connections
Teaching Materials : Worksheet
Moral Values : i. Friendship
ii. Caring
iii. Loving
Step/Duration Content Teacher’s Activities Pupils’/Students’ Instructional Generic Skill
(Instructional Activities Media

Set Induction Ability to listen 1. Teacher reads 1. Pupils listen carefully (J 9) Listening Skill
attentively aloud a letter from and attentively.
5 minutes Hamka to Yakashiro Multiple
twice. 2. Pupils respond to intelligences
(Gaining Attention) discussion. Verbal
2. Teacher and pupils Interpersonal
talk about the letter

Step 1 Ability to 1. Teacher asks 1. Pupils extract (J 10) CCTS

extract pupils to extract information from the Brainstorming
15 minutes information information from the letter read on a piece of Extracting
letter read. paper. information
(Provide Stimulus) Giving opinion
2. Teacher discusses 2. Pupils listen and
about the sender and respond. Multiple
the receiver. intelligences
3. Pupils give opinions Verbal
3. Teacher asks (open discussion). Interpersonal
opinions. Intrapersonal
4. Pupils answer the
4. Teacher distributes comprehension
worksheet - questions.
Step 2 Discriminate 1. Teacher distributes In groups of four, pupils (J 11) CCTS
words second worksheet. do the exercise. Reading Skill
20 minutes Discriminating
2. Teacher gives a
(Provide few examples of Multiple
Guidance) discriminating small intelligences
words in big words. Verbal

Step 3 Towards 1. Teacher distributes 1. Pupils listen and (J 12 ) CCTS

UPSR Section third worksheet. respond. Expanding
20 minutes C, Question notes
22 2. Teacher guides 2. Pupils do the Writing Skills
(Elicit the pupils on technique of exercise by expanding
Performance) answering the the notes given based Multiple
questions. on the picture intelligences
series/link pictures. Verbal
3. Teacher asks Interpersonal
pupils to do the Intrapersonal