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Creative Play

1. Proposal

a. A transportable space in which college students can

express themselves freely between classes, through
various creative activities

2. Purpose

a. A freedom to express yourself through means of the arts

and writing, in a non-restrictive environment.

3. Things to Do

a. A wide variety of art such as painting, drawing, and writing

in numerous mediums

b. Anonymous thoughts

c. Video installations

4. Eco-Friendly

a. An eco-friendly space with recyclable art walls to draw and

write on and LED and fluorescent lighting

5. Video Installations

a. Creative Play is also a curatorial space in which students

can exhibit their videos and photography

b. In order to exhibit work, students must upload it to the

Creative Play website and pay a $2 fee

6. Art Walls

a. The recycled paper walls of the truck are a way for

students to express themselves with any means they
would like, which can include drawing, painting, and

b. There are no limitations and restrictions to what can be

produced on the art walls, which gives students absolute
freedom to illustrate something that is not attached to the
rules and parameters of their daily classes.

c. The art walls are removed after every trip and

photographed to be displayed on the website

7. Art Supplies
a. Art supplies are provided to students, but due to monetary
considerations, Creative Play highly encourages students
bringing their own supplies as well. Whether it is a pencil or
oil paints, the medium is not restricted

8. Anonymous Thoughts

a. Anonymous Thoughts is a circular wall in which students

can anonymously post writings of whatever they want

b. The purpose of the wall is to let students feel free to

express their thoughts in a non-threatening nor judgmental
manner, and release their views into the wall

9. Feedback Box
a. This box is used for the betterment of the Creative Play
truck to get responses, criticisms, or just general thoughts
on students’ experiences while at Creative Play.

10. Blog

a. The Creative Play website/blog is used for students to

locate where the truck will be next. The website address is
also listed on the outside of the truck.

11. Open hours

a. During school hours

b. Gives students a chance to go during their break

12. Supervision

a. Supervised by us and other people involved in the Creative

Play project

13. Student Council

a. Because Creative Play is such a therapeutic, positive

experience for students, we propose to become affiliated
with the student counseling of each college

14. Finances

a. Student Counseling: helps to fund

b. Donation: donations from students in order to pay for the

art supplies and other amenities which are apparent in
Creative Play
c. Show your videos and art: videos and art of students can
be shown for a fee of $2.


Problems with last project

Too broad of an audience

Not enough activities

Too clubby and druggie with possibilities of misbehaving parties

1. Who will drive the truck?

2. How can students find the truck?

3. How long will it be stationed in a particular college?

4. What does the truck include?

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