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1 Background study
Over the past two to three decades, the increasing number of students who combine study
at school with part-time employment has been widely observed, While the trend has been
well recognized, its implications have frequently been overlooked.
According to Becky Barrow,, 'Parents should urge children to get a parttime job rather than doing well in exams'
According to Nor Aishah Buang, Noorazman Hasan (2011) Do part time jobs affect
Students Academic Performance? A Malaysia Case. Based on this journal, in the past
phenomenon of student working part time to earn income was quite common in Malaysia. In
the 2000 population census more than 560,000 persons reported to be working in small
1.2 Problem Statement
1.2.1 Student with working part time job, does it has negative or positive impact.
1.2.2 To what extent do the working part time job affect student academic performance.
1.2.3 How has working part time helps student more multi tasking and exposed to working

1.3 Purpose of study

Working part time for student can Teaches Important Skills. However it also can effect on
Academic Achievement. For example, a study conducted by the Ministry of Education found
that in early 2000, students tending to work part time after school. This situation has cause
some other problems such as declining academic performance and rising of disciplinary

The purposed of this report will identify the numbers of students in Malaysia doing part
time job. Data from the 2011 U.S. Census shows that about 28 percent of high school
students work part time for about 20 hours a week or less, and 1 percent work full time. The
result of the study will be used for Ministry of Education, Vice Chancellor, Dean, School
Principle and parent for their information and further action.
1.4 Objective and research question
1.4.1 Objective : Identify the numbers of students who working part-time job
Question : Do you involved in part time job?
1.4.2 Objective : Determine whether part time job give negative impact to their academic
Question : Does part time job interfere your study?
1.4.3 Objective : To identify the reason of student working part time job
Question : What is the main reason you get involved in part time job?
1.4.4 Objective : To find out if part time job helps to improve their ability or skills.
Question : What is the difference to yourself after you do part time job?
1.4 Objective and research question (Contd)
1.4.5 Objective : To investigate whether parents support their part time job.
Question : How about your parent first impression about your part time job?

1.5 Significance of the study

If the research not conducted, we will not know the current numbers of student taking
part time job. The research also give awareness and motivation to student and increase their
performance in the academic.
To give some ideas to parents in monitoring their children while working part time and
improve their ability in the real working environment.
1.6 Scope of study
1.6.1 Focus on correspondent in Malaysia, 23 samples . Age group 20 - 40 years old

1.6.2 Equipment used such as questionnaire form, online survey and related software.
1.6.3 Expected duration taken for the whole study is 1 day.