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Janice Wolk Greandier

15 W. Spring Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22301
August 4, 2015
Judge Thomas Fortkort
Judge J. Howe Brown
Judge James McGrath
Judge Nolan Dawkins
Judge James Clark
Judge Richard Bowen Potter
City o f Alexandria Court
510 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Judge Mary Grace OBrien
Judge Carroll Am. Weimer
Prince William County Circuit Court
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas, Virginia 20110
Re: Notice of Emergency Writ of Prohibition Due to the actions of Jewish Divorce Lawyer Ilona Ely
Freedman Grenadier Heckman whom the above with others have covered up her criminal actions to
support the LOVE that Judge Donald Haddock has for her. That Ilona is in the process of trying to
foreclose on my home for legal fees that were illegally given to Ilona and David Grenader by the
above parties for the continuing illegal acts of hearing the case while you did not have Jurisdiction
due to Bias and the Retaliation and Retribution towards Janice Wolk Grenadier for fighting for the
now known $20 + million owed by Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman to Janice Wolk Grenadier
by right and by Virginia law. That the criminal acts and actions of Ilona Ely Freedman Grenadier
started on around November 30, 1983 with her involvement in the forgery of Sonia Grenadiers name
to give her control of the elderly womens estate. Which she stole from through on or around April 14,
2014 with the last property known as Bristow Road was sold for pennies on the dollar by her force.

Re: City of Alexandria Divorce Case # CH 99 1253

Bellefonte Ave Re-Opened September of 2007 Case # CH 01 0654
Grand Jury Case # M01101482 Denied access to the Grand Jury and kidnapped with
witness into another court room.
Divorce Lis Pendens Case # 1400 2193 -

Prince William County

Divorce Lis Pendens Case # 14-2185 and 14-2185 1 I was allowed by the Judge to record
the court hearing. The sheriffs on the end of the tape can be heard saying to erase it.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please take this letter and the Attached Emergency Writ of Prohibition as your notice to right the
knowledgeable willful acts that were and malicious, violent, oppressive, fraudulent, wanton, or grossly
reckless and on going to support the above criminal actions of Divorce Lawyer Ilona Ely Freedman
Grenadier Heckman. That under VA Code 8.01-644 I must give you notice and opportunity to right
your wrong.
You have till Monday morning August to do this. That these are being hand delivered to the court
houses that your criminal actions took place or where you are a residing Judge.
That Virginia Law is very clear on Recusal 17.105 (b) and Fraud on the Court 8.01- 428
That the document attached speaks for it self of your criminal acts and actions of all of the above to
prevent the Truth about Lawyer Ilona Grenadier Heckman from being revealed.
That many more were involved in the collusion, but these Orders for legal fees need to be
immediately addressed and held till a court where the Judge is not Bias reviews all actions.
Janice Wolk Grenadier
cc. Governor Terry McAuliffe
Attorney General Mark Herring
United States Department of Justice
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI cautions residents of public corruption in Va. -
WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Washington Field Office is looking to identify any public corruption occurring in Northern
The FBI says public corruption can occur "when a public official, at any level of government local, state or federal does any official act in exchange for money, or
other free goods or services, for private gain. Public corruption could also include public employees who take something of value for their own personal gain, thereby
violating the public's trust."
The FBI says many of their investigations into public corruption start once they receive a tip from someone. If you want to help identify potential criminal activity, the
Washington Field Office has set up a Northern Virginia Public Corruption Hotline at 703-686-6225 and you can also e-mail them at
Some of the examples of corruption include:

Government officials such as DMV employees, city inspectors, taxing or zoning assessors or other regulatory agency employees, or even town councils or

Contracting officials at all levels, including those who manage government contracts or regulatory permits; or, school resource officers who manage school

Local officials colluding with real estate investors to rig the bidding process at foreclosure auctions;
A person representing the judicial branch - a judge, member of the jury or court personnel; or,

A person representing law enforcement, who steals drugs from criminals, embezzles government funds, falsifies records or smuggles contraband