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Ac H PANU cai Ks aM CHT ae AUR Llaht JN Pie eee Writing fener Contents “The ator and series fore vi Inacio ss Secon One Explaston 1 Why reac wong? 3 1.4 tnweenion 3 12 Whar to wack? 5 13 Dil tds terns ede 7 14 Cando 5 2 Theroles of wing ° 2.1 Dilleeces eeween wring 20d peaking 9 2.2 Dufaeces erween wring aed ean n 23 Wiig aed omer 2 3 Speaking and wring 1s 54 Dingo ets of spoken a writen guage 15 52 Leal dent v 53 Slnic choxe 1 34 Coda 2 4 The oraz of writen texts a 44 acct B 42 Layout 2 463 Soil fonction 2 44 Che elaine 2s 465 Dice eons 3 45 Conan 3s 5 Anproshes 0 he waching of wing: proces 37 S51 Itoduion » 56 Mode ofthe writing poet a 52 Protcale 0 5A Problems of he proces pprosch a 55 What witers na ow % 56 Condasoe “ Approacis tthe ecing f writg: eae Commune evens sd comminictive pares Reader exec and cheat sre Deng pial od le ipa exal cammanirve purpose (Gear and cial rch Secon Two: Demoetton ‘Weng ngage ching, ensiying pepe Concha Wing in busines and profesional einge ‘Webig i sends and sey tinge Indi ‘The inlcuaetaalapproach ‘The salir approach Simerre at oan Anpumention soe Cech, Teaching wig sila Indio Prewting Comping nd dean ° 2 a 8 31 103 a7 n ns 16 2 oto Responing 0 de wring Indion Fem but ole Anne Enltor namie Section Thee: Exploration ploig wing in the sone. lomey ae eg Baiganhy Index Acknowledgements 18 18 16 m ‘The author and series editors CCrsopher Tbe has an MA. in Applied Ling, fom the ‘niet af Londo leet of Edo a ow opting Pa sce i ingame Rar 219, ici iy Col sen a Sos Hee Christopher N Candin is Profesor of Ling in the Scho! of Eng nga ch, nd an Dr be Nata Cine for Bais! Lange "Teching ted Reach at Moca Utes, year, nw prevousy fon Profesor of Appi Lng an Dacor othe Cote for Language Sia Le User of Lanes. He so funded sed reed te Ite forEngth Langage Econ Lancy were be ered on sues te nny Be pn tryin en re bert tne ethers ih Sige it ater teres SSL Gg i seen eae Ten ot ge et Th iho Serbo srt rset Tee ae ae Sec amen esheets ssa td Introduction Writing, “This bookie te oters in the seein died it he cis. ‘ttn One des with anportuat sac he derelpmct of te forthe thing of iin Emphases apa ‘Su coneeatay apron oe sociated wh the roca fe Iie and the thet fe eel poe soa wie the dere Sch cos wl ne Dn mare Tie hs Bsn oie of et, tts Bee tren opens Troe poncho the ser Fh bok argues for peop hat Ea one soar ce of Both ews of wei st “The cand ton ofthe book look a cacy valle eaching et the igi ofthe demon a Seton One ad ropes 2 {Sones whth er cn teen ey ae erating he pores (Eh eues fpused ster forte owe acing states. {The emacs freon bg 4 pve ameverk for even tae than on providing a sey reve Tha wo ky ari in Wi [ip instwchog fuses Commoncaon and” Foe Lanpuge ‘hang adn Sey Ratna kn eo tos ‘roth import sie of racing wing responding set ‘thie tbo conse re sneshing tas tot seal cored Indes nina trib aly of ge inc for caer. cin Ts of Wong oer renders an opportunity to wt in hei ‘em clascon on ofthe ss hat hve been ese Mich of ‘pte iS ume me ella wap wh ee ‘Biking on ters of ngrescr'a langage ech eset 0 Ieneng: acts n nc ht eager ipo In ‘Setpeie comin oft dancona, Seton Tht fete, Fines mune of pact eer aces mc sh! make fs Sie for wane teachers or expeened poesia vo etd the Tnerung ts npr ngage Sa. “This ook epi wi the question “Why tech writing and pesca tags wy anne il he mere a0 ew sod fom Jt of ep ngeae ols hopes th book wl ea ad ef tat the whole po of ming aston Ye worl Ittion td evarig ceri hk although wing book sot ‘rtng ha en exper in whch I hav en ind to ake my ‘pt csc wen # ase oe proceso ng 1 wld et expe my rate, therefor to San Mangay [te the empive mann varor fn eae ina aenot ene at tke se tot fe tn andy Feo ales Can Camel Kren ya Bas Mage Bak Cone ELT Combat te Eton La, and Liana ‘specie hc ines to many he rane hat are ict een the bck daring des hoogh th Bac our (Ger I would abo ie thank the ised Pree Che ‘Gini Hey Weidman ur pts an pra ap pt An's diane, Che Candin has prove temo td oe se shch hve ghey agus ny Ears haw conaned to ging inf Pa of he ‘ermal wing ts bak fs becn he open of cnt th i in which we beg ia 1984. He san eeponal teicher Simi, nd seraty eon epee wre As may inte foo ny a tk de ay infltes ot falas a ths book ee mine sad mine sone “Hower the boo works ir thanks oe ees whoa ae ‘ened 0 may ns eee ent pee Language Teaching: ‘A Scheme for Teacher Education The pup of thi adheme of boks ito nga ngage teach ia 1 psc of conta peo dersapent We hedged 2 ‘so ie teacher toward the eel appends sod he inkl applaono tse a in ther own carom The chee rover th ma or aces take the ative thes np ‘ee mig The cou on eal eng os ba or ‘We Btn thar adanrs in langage techn tm fromthe indepen tn of enthroned for rage ako by inponing xe es an promoting arse Feros ay ony ect wie tee nde alte, Clore pis sad experi wh hg Ow pp 6 ‘lle atnct on how the mg esc Introduction xt “The scene cons ofthe subaees of books contig oe of sr np ie as i i ittery Satan fas on ef Lae olde, ‘ci lt conven nc of Ite dec: Po incon, ves mma, ad dsc Subsci £(fwich {Sweet ome es pu se on er ned of ee fers rae Eon ced ih he es [ois cl pening bai rong: ad weg Suen) eee ‘na eat of mer of ton wi are eld its Knowle and Shanti to be aged i orton of lange tending. The (ods isaac eet do rk chon abs desi, ‘Secs olga coe and pea mel sd ea “Thi sb-ivin of he el i ot eee o sagst t dieeat op ‘San be da whi dam the cory, he cone of ‘Shc pis aking eoberen aks eee al thee if areas ‘lenguiy ta cvs We mus omens bw th nteraton r- ‘ule he congeners any ach poco, Each oak, {Brn gies rca fi bao decomp wit cee ‘So tense eat ea nee Bons he see lay {hsmgeiy ito 1 mode of behsvow He sped for example Slo ler osc of anguate now wh i az I st “ho ion wes sono nc an be Seed ot evel ie ithsnourin eames Arcemen ofthe whoterheme efor, boos ‘Sow reebuth within a cathe ieee so see “Thi pil of coef which nthe elements of he ee Fa apd tenet deg ofthe dle ie ested bos ‘ihn 2c ok contin the sens, why yc avon of eat id tals engape the reer na pce ene no [area pe, The fn scon af each book make exp hae "hover whizh Kear om the ope gesion. poe ial remenot fr te tons hich alow: Hert he ex bn 2 trun explant fn, adhe ta mre to ai aed coal line the pins ted Te cond sow sits he fae of teat tot te tes rom Seton Oe rele to aces nth soe. Fie the wot i convened th donation andthe tsk ae tiger ender vals for exci i ee Sete ein en oc ab ter gn acinar Fete sto tks, modeled om tones Scion Two. are deg tobeeanied ot by the ede rt comnaon of aching tna. {edsston rsa the acta aoe Tis eto at es {ES ado cumat ith ely he tes expel in Sexton One Une io pelagope uci In Soon Two me now tobe stn ‘aly tad late Proce of aioom each i Inaction 1 lnguge teaching ist be 4 genio profesonl nee, i eit Coal fpetomnnn snd elation he pr Sf pa [Sm wiry sng tobe more ect hepa ty ‘or these nea soley the on sotng ‘Eon. es ours fo thi meme to pee dal pure Chviopber N Candin eny Widdowson SECTION ONE Explanation 1 Why teach writing? Introduction 1 sili speak wef, pei, appropen—i ve ‘Bg tot mot of ov wld op ache aoa ae gue ee {hon eb lor many kanes fog ang ees one ‘ho with odo busines iran, ort yo rae a Eaghsh “ping counties An ay to uit apogee aad cia ec thing wi dry fu th is rs yc lange ne ay wi ler a an sa the ‘any yar mht eqn dete othe develope a te il ‘The srs for ths icy wl fe conser in deta oe se ‘nso th ban where el touch a ses Ssh che aa, Hered mare of he il of wing el abd way a which weit te lang bt dereoped ia wan, techlogal feed sis Fan to den wah comple ean and sal at. For the Inst we cn ace tha wring langage ll wich fic (Dsus theese oo in which tse few’ people ae ‘ue ob exe So why sac > TASK 1 Gives flow ve he fl of thee dent, ll of ha bave fel langue propa lone to ante On te ‘sro nfrmaton gen ee decide stretcher 1 gin mht hae feat Wig In each of tes thor cone 1 Lait Shpishns, Lait isin an works in de esomel Deptt of St eeraars nk She ie foranintenstoonly eoged Engl ngiige xminaon {Sone opt bel ob wks make! og 2 Naat Bap, Nusa twelve gl who isn ‘Toon, Carada Shear scent ted fp Canad om Inn (sft fngege Psy aod wl ake atonal ‘hol examiason now ea te 2 Charl Nelong. Chas, wo shies in Seth ‘cand wok ne sie eh Depa of Cape pation “ows City Cops. Hi lotion hs ben nro base of dai soe ing ee an i, For Larisa, ing has a ow priory a he moment She come om, {hea tre lr guys wld {apc to wrt he sof exe ht steel by ber preset ee Efe tat apotce tng er post S20 A fea ees Toba roe the phone oe vitor nd wader wher ‘he hashing fn Engl Tie wl be paral ipo che to eece nnn in Eola ber ney ae What se my nt ee the great da ofthe work she wl be ding wl sk degen on ‘ren acmene—memon repr eter facta hat Se Jer eapa of ring th ent of humeral {lanl et pale Eg wil nse ily othe we ‘mode Then of wing in her couse fy might se feted for language arin ey he pow atl lp Kee oes on acaracy and remember hing ht are nc, Sh ‘il sone wt her examination. Condes estan pes Swng api te poping of acl por wal of te 1 Lana ber ener devop Aa a won ia ses ‘monty where he angel a pedomsaely mae wil be ‘hval t Laon se ore oly. Lvming dvesea ar wel nse xe Sith sl mgt wel per» ian a tap athe popes eee Nant i Begining of er edation in Canada Along er ites can ren a wit te png de a ot et [ng nd can blp Noster doa ce In spit of het ‘en prtlene with he guage, hey el tong tat som Feith aad th develope of ehey silt tery npr or thir dane tecase they ee hse sl a ey to emeing ro Fs ts yich bev thems Neat’ pcen ai el at ‘Scho crc up wiser Enh sealing str de ey ‘te maton examinations four yas shad nese, he aching. wing wil ot bean tenets pei he aie bl. ‘Nusa ee ino coal od eg oe one ih else {nthe aly swine of erg The develope of tea td wre {np tie omer ond bce yo te gene {0 nlp Net conta fe lagu enn ae Che, deroping analy 0 wie Sietly and consent in ep igh te mc ow oy cy “msn inthe ge South Aan Repo, Chats ba boskeep. ine eaprence snd mow mato compe hr poesia ing 3 ‘Becht can pe wor oe toed eal ce Pots, devel ep wn ts He Enos at he he ok 12 Wy tach wrtgt 5 tpteaem metic le ing ain i im Ase {sping scum for Chaar wl ve mmedate ptf he pra ‘Salwing le which wl pe fm acon of coset the Po. {Sonal opportunites e sos ‘What to teach? “Te cae sui in Tak 1 ge an intone of he ies hat Urea ak ores he queso Why teh ting?” They aio Slow hy ts quon oo yt roses snp aver The ‘Nc tuny ses wating and say tees fr lang to write OF Set one kd py 0h Paci ange {Piya Sond Languge SL) lnm thre may nt be 8 nef Jon for tang nn flop ngage sey ae ely {ond thle ed in the sol ler hat reg hs Sl. Bo Fecothrs, wring wl bean escal componente ering to [foume AL enccy we bate fd waye of png oor students fo Ace on te pore and thn aceon wht Se ca eee {np rrogrnmne il ete cote feng wen. his nae ‘te guetoge hy sed How? als votes the qosion "what > TASK 2 “Which of the lowing Kinds of sexe do you fel i woul be pert forse mjry of pre to be ae ween hee Fie angage Wha Kind of we ar Hed to be eleva for ‘Sood ngs eee? erionent sowed Fan Itrpaper rile Filing i 0 form Pr ibe eure oc Lbortoryrpore apo rc (ert ant manor based (ete ro Stoning lett thes mother or father ry teat tpne mesage ele manual 1 oe th ol of hw are impr gto fist agua rs fy at prape nmin le ih Mos of could oot Sruldnt nt tet ecey ars bond range of pes tg Mos ool ont heap hes yer eect wa Sh lio wit fe oe ans opr ates mesa nd eer posal fal oes ich 8 acme x fers fur gh ae to wie repr ver fw a vend {o'er any sma novel, or ewopaer ale Explor or aga eres thst of exsist o be moc shore: eters sla tenn ay wien eg ge eter {ie shoppe ist teeove nm a poems The eg hat se ‘Ens ny ed owen» fore ange ae mone oat ng to besa poy ov een PRD thes By the se fy tm to ely to fae ze 8 bus pros t' fngoge than hey tot anc manage. The feof writen Egle Iv of mon cond and beg ange aoe ey diferent shconei cps athe ef people wh se El tr mosh ‘ong Tha poring ha ne wl ar oa nin tay con ‘Sleuson of te taching of wing ‘cial commento ei ia ao worth thinking sot wha Sten aan wien oped he hey hae ow, ak fr tie ths gusto, we ma ed tht pens, arse ad eps came step. What wil mae sds my ‘Ter rt or th ing hath ae aged od > TASK 3 Al ef acy bow an be erie ‘wing. Which of the ig be coed ns weg cure br les oe tein in nage! nek ping om pn a an in rece tol! ming Se Sse ing ten tp ‘rac mown he model aaa 2 A medal doctors tanning a of ierview notes tn 4. wonlponecor ad ag commen 3 Ama siting under us. He wing 0 pe of tee ‘he words Cape 1 4A sue tng a 4 dei an exinaton som. She ‘ia This questo can be anrwered in see way 5 man i siting in hel one He i wing pars 1 ‘Senden aot county. ‘The examples above ees ery dir so of acy, reaing ‘er feet shh. Soment” and for example Yee at tecesy. prepeatinn for he complex sl kr gin 2 sad 3 Hwee Fhe pring ht tee ee els todo in fore langge aod cold repro the en Pn it Dslr des cater to twat langage: omy oat elo an inte ‘amples ding Says sent whos et lngege es he ona sate warmed goth the reeprty fase Feng ‘drake by the im ramp when eo te beget i Why teach wring 7 Langage like Eolsh, Anthro that we ave to del with theo Wek spt ofthe cy ale "wang we bed 0 art in irene Inguge baring looms 1.3 Different students: different needs > TASK4 Atop of apn mach of EF ene ge ae foe eding wing nhc teaching programmes Tha teens aft aut lw Would you pe sme re? ‘Wy you tik the e acer fl eiged to dee hit Tetons ata he in ape one Sing wh adem he ‘Shot stm, the ote ening wh sl nes! Schoo andes Adsl lars Tonge ice Govew ngage racic femmes td vosblay) gamma sweats) teallow techre focus ono alow sud and weaiacy ‘esheets 08 ‘Searcy, and af allow ‘Sudo to eed te ioiig of te langage ‘pend ie wil be of fue profeional beaten ave te ines Ela) fofesionl ned to wie (Bie or scaenic Iwcause sans hae to feat aden ve 20 (Tien EFL taminnons tein EFL oxmiasons ‘envefEtapaatve language ee it has genera ‘nated raion ep tng foam Bees writes ‘n'a he enue 1h ae of omnes inh hd cl pres Eni to Sone TEAS Sein beso ne hl enero, sera ede soy of cing ot dee” ander ‘ae wren mo we ‘pul nescoupana ean the opis Bt eet fr ane: ste Gone pm ad vecab? Sa 2 RE Tanna Hwee oes 14 Bxplnion ren a poe by hinges pun ‘ie lng are ion cs devdapweting Wa obliga, ‘Sout may iad ot wien wing el ene ‘theo fe ny. The ae conments ze fits thy gv amen of he way ah wos bho socety nadia the nal te a te pa site leaig parece The ccna pcseona ‘seer gi he a th sao Egle 2 edi fot settle w te ee re tds ore beyond school: Whee we me lays lesbo Wits mest by ues wring anther aceon The cman tote exits hh th tf caclary tat cn hae ‘when sent gts up wah spline: “We each bau Sena igh stn of wa a of wn oop be es ach secon daily, age othe poles face bys kwh ae raster rm pe ye othe ye ‘Sewing compones in ngage cng Popes for senda ‘lst br leno nage the compte xcs ‘rig ee Taming co he commas ie t july te tengo wing ile ‘oa sale, apts hatte ae oe soy dre by the ering ses nd purposes of cle then the xe wth lee ide chal pe Wher he aches nthe td ald shou a acy apace’ hey eee to the way in wih wg et ‘ene “oc an aca)’ eecowrger inepenent ngage ‘elope Whe hy alked abou he profesional pero et te wrt hy lz cue fate ten ft Aloo eal fy tems the tain bjt for ows ange arc, pacientes as oes or bet er many ‘dann pally or thw whe wen acne mene hee ‘toa atin, dma, or mae Cm. Conclusion Ie stl noe deat dat nguage weachrs sed tobe ame af & Trou ange fee te they et aes acne a oe ching wring Thee nude the maa of wing ol sock, nd how i mat ected nthe lowing stone we wl Werle some of thee ace 2A ‘The roles of writing Differences between writing and speaking ‘clon easing ou mother tongue, we deep hough «poses 1 sal and econ a undrotandig of te vrs ok tht seaking lows ws toss: We ao arn shoot he santos that an ted si awe ae ao words ad we dear the fears tat we {Sn ga fom pening we’ 1 uly ol noma edueston dat tre come toa teeing ofthe Wry ferent scl roles that we ‘take on if we have sce to the write lngunge_for exp, ‘Soe of hot, sue an tor of he aos of ‘ines, Curent Jocrpons of fee by ngs wih an ites Sl pr en ate pi potas {ag things on completing ace ron developing iets and amen ‘The nes its eng tho en. Lt wy conde fs some of he ‘Tfernces feeweun he ob hat witen and spoken Inga do. > TASKS Consider hs pice of wing Saye in Se ea oe fim Geral Pxpmation 1 you dpsed » che in prion and ned dey to «ba alc thea ou i two he eee te ‘Se aig om rth tel ns ae? Wa bow mod inept te enh nl Sec Mabe erat he Sl ee ee eee Te Gl ona Sec Eetonros seen! fake Sa EEE aoe LEST, fogs sa a ny ees Aug ibe writen and poke exe have ceri things in eon — {pon who wants sorting done snd ues ngage done ‘he ps of anetape tht the sear sod the wrt oe eee tecat the sol peti aes font te wate te te afar bet cone tang we has eee met ad wil roa ces mete pon as btn hac Testo oe ey oem 2g xe el formas Ievrytang poor wlth wl Sore gfe nk ered eats wl eave nd sh ene nay ened pe nd prsnal incctin, ad» dlrne ype of ngage behave 8 ‘tel to mainte range Se ‘emg che ring own st roe agg pial toa formal a ave pes deg woe ont cat onto ampli ve bane ei mina ‘Supra oak neon ee pope ieee edi tn ngage il be eves pales tec iow aye ye at ae te fae ‘i he lc ig wm a cu Soyo aenng s meng inns een es an fe ‘il fe: Wha hy my on Eno, hover ou he ‘oon! peter of ane wh se pale diese a ‘neers naga Nor wl hyve Rew ‘he roles of tng 11 rake appropri ches ftom the grammatical pd exe ystems on ‘Gf fm wc they bg eo ope tents fort engage, Widdowson ‘ih or lene howee,itmay be that ft he ental probe ‘emi ental rate than dicta the foegn lear have ‘leady ent be wt in ths ow lenge he they wal bane {cuit he cunt intective sty uring dco enc ‘Dems he sty fo ror in eae. The pele sow cx ‘ln atu a feet ang. {Widdowson 196465) Differences between writing and reading ety ered lean sea one npg hey, ut toy eal sey shal bet One Powers beat ting marly requis soe fo erocon snot at esly phe py poe fe trope of coe eran ough hua ee ey ‘ice > TASK 6 Think about he things you do ere, sy, the our of 7:00 inl 2.00 ni for stapling sp, bang esha ‘efiming nue ke ea ean the ho. How many of Tie ngs you do woul orally vole rag and bow mao) oa area commuter, whe ting pn Tokyo oe New Yer ed Ingo a pervs seem kin tans lock to hc the tite ganang ne he newspaper ck the departs four 0 Yonglon ei arti. he lod tou wi rend Tete sng ding tsps » fight Ina nds ‘en eling ss sural ll which enables you to et oa an ‘act duns. Wang nents aes nec ilu Oe ‘tlh on lea 0 more proc ae ataaecber i emecr ee eo ree crieebaetomaracters aren pee gare Seen SS rin mn aotins =e ‘enor bang der sd wer, my the ee inked poeta eee a 23 splontion 4 pile sce. Leming 0 wee not jist quton of dee Sig st nal hh ii reg ea opt snd vc cats. A vsion of ths view spt ‘herby Kea ‘Command of wing pets fo etic ‘on ci nd pltieal sane. The person who coms ba ‘he fone of wing and of pc serene conse an esl dies nay fom the pron who cman he fens (pen tone heer DD) (ote exlodel fom ane rang of wl ae, sang we wae Sernsjeny of once niin ces ace i ee ‘si pg MOG ibe! eeely wre cre ‘eet mtg, oe nage snl ot ve es es ‘SF wollte eee tc recap tee as Sy ds Ligne BY oes char pot Writing and power bea, wing i apdamencaly a al activity which is ied ihn scl eh hat cnn the le > TASK 7 How many ofthese oil aves would you be hapy to we Le wath ding one wing? Why ot why nt Invi hee people to mer apa your ed's sence schol ayn bone Drawing pte als of po cab Inn 200 pope 4 welling serpin Sgt ye ro es ns ue did Intmupelt a he dione of comine menting ‘Congatig eno 4 bois ace Nang a 1 of hw acini cn vale wing, Howe, sme often ‘End ce ono esi be seat Fr nan sre ing iw and een he cay pel nme ‘omen sem et be fy ec dow ta they fen be morte on by loge cuter lenge Se oe Sinan” tong won be sto sen wx lavas fr 2 ert fr hee hse end Yo mol wel ated ‘rete rons ¢weing et ponand io Sele oso che Tis teen antl and who hs sed oe! Pic eves whch ane The roles of ering 13, sete nn ht te e Fee ete peri 2 eres “This ip tht for vv of pail cerns ix rough he Ins fwting hth nda come toe fly ete ne iat npn, na oly nthe argent teeny af, [aloe eon feos an agen The mere ee ha Somating i wits szonys own cag, or ermgle of perma ‘ce aod sho. Cet people wren crcin mgs ee {esas 1987.) rie for math ass hat ing res bbe “sued wih sas an poet yong you a ve el > Dome eo shin about bow wing is sed in ganizations. [Ei ae at of elo) Wich woul ne be om ed ently byte wrt whch would mom ily be pre fee er 2 int ow sone manag [pany the Managing ectr(D} con marge the Frokton Deparment (SM) and» machine operator (MO) Bese which the fllming tet are mat Hk Yo hve es tre, ed i, by wh pen Tent ‘Original txt Wh rier nfo oe il Saf aoe Bp mony ep Compan satel poe tea af dan eu for ume fst for detaed predation Matin beskdewn pore Maintenance cron, requ for tine of, ad machine breakdown ‘Nps ly 0b pcre fons whch ve oe led. The (her docunen re wali pal tx Te eon fo thi son {ir very mh’ fnaon of the se 0 wih the documents re pat ue aubeey of thon who we thems The sted ons ae wed “ spate ts commit apwarls fom thew i ler potion in a berry ‘stb wh managers reponse. 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Tice wat oft mont eerste Rens aa cenrption ‘ni babe tha yom ad neil aig Text & a he wri te Ea ofthe atu and Tex C the sper nd Texts and [pen mre ler tnd you might hepa them ns he co Sebo he mo rates gn ‘iat of pole slag th ce eerste to eel ‘Sri Given our abit pon sme texts wh a gh dee of splnton ones sn of he soni eon ate 9 ae Alge eagles ae mare db wo ines, What cer de > TASK 10 ‘Ae thee fetus of rma of voce in ou ft ner hyo wold nd oly in win po et? Canenpocy ew fh diteres vee ten on seen epee hy So oe ae ata at aTeael Late ngs cnn en ees aly ete ‘nor peyote On rec fa eng ae ‘itu edt oe aul res bt leaning hp {cha wines team co ite ey we mute pdt ce Cerda wr st nh tac es aie ot Ses vey ge en weg or eng eps Stem bet ise ps npg te oe aed tc at wien ee 90 ot pe ee wm > TASK 11 1 pone, rear lee tem onde of poten on \eron ae make a ato ook ate tase lo Yaseen scken et do You el ave bce Inti he procs of wasn ‘Ae Hows Pred ering wih hk pacer in i ea? 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Of she 18 re ena tems ets pad et owt have ee counted ‘i ea te) a 49 ae amides se and ‘Trell coue atta grasa moe than or an {puma woes a ecl words, This an be expel ead ‘ity of 26 per conto 036" Tee Bt st more or ‘eves hs 65 word 37 of wich ae lee hem and 35 pam ‘tac dese of 9 per ent or 258 Tappa [St pil conta eten spoken ud mre language ln pel ‘he mre "writer the ange eg tgs lb de po on of eel werd the oa um fein won he Sar aie 195564, Speating ond wring 18 ‘Thi simple analy of lesa deity de oe, howe sve com Fl pute ofthe itn ween pee a wen angge We ‘ko nl coder weer the eal He wich ae cote ae ‘Shen hgh eqn) or asl fw fegueny > TASK 14 ‘Which he the statements ow sams be the mea char ei of eon langage? 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A teineneot of th analy ‘ren iene thet equced o enable wk wih ly ‘paste sampes of langage t more cos! anase we sa ‘hinge weiten serene a nt fo comparson, lst wee the ‘ls as orm wi this ay, weave alo make me forall comprions beeen spoke an writ txt aed os ve as ne sae scout of eal denny > TASK 16 Ting ofthe exams we work wih in Task 14, how sun eal wom eth or een a Bee ands ae shown yo ert frst) Tata IM Brown ic une wang fo th decent confnation of hi puch of sare ine fl! owning company [is Brown i now waking fo he papas Bwhich il say bat elas bout hsb af te amy ae own he Fel lnTest A de oe cae wih 1 ese ems A has ste {dna of Tn eat Bere a four cance icon ists Beows ow waite! pts he second contin opted anne ought 1 / Corp dhe fourth 2 low eb ie ha gress ry af (Soe = 275s eae el deny, oid we an cae Senay lable ene for ssasing he ween of spoken orien tex Specing and wnting 21 3.3 Stylistic choice “The abn dics might supe hat we have wre accor 0 ‘Viel dni rc ur ten re ob sul taco ‘ean tn the bet wting was hely nominal ay ost {ae apa fr vere dete ssi: his puro of sare te Pell ning company rather ha the hs owt Is bf the ecpary tat own oe col wold of one be tet nth ete ese The thera ode we hve (tr king at hr deal wh pol extreme neal dens or ‘Sls es mae pone ge prominence ocean eer ‘Telcnutn ad cot ins lpn rash th the ‘ender Convento! ye of win wich oe ste ren ml Se ie a da eis Woe TR Uncen peti and wing sand we ol be ny [sired ty ssvume that eon te writen fos sage mr ep {nore odo putea oor wre ave tobe able et» sch es ut coment projected edb, Ar we sa The diet aes of poe ep aria sti cies Bae [Edo tbe dream of ting or» dstntne node, the xr ‘ceo ting he made Cort waco ketal atts post [it trer teerBve a to develop ange of eons sta ‘cas Som ofthe inlet at of xy noaaied so ‘sue that crater‘ ky inrmation ae ven maximo ‘romance Oey sometime a x retin to the very tei ad jciyo cvsy male yey tnd oars amare converts > TASK 17 eal de along peso ming a ik shat wh he ‘es fave hon oe ming ss that are more es ‘inert ou protec By the Conner Guaraie, Ear Elecronics eaanes this oduct ee of das atta sad ena athe uct cs ye onsme om th te forthe eid Fone yee Deae Me Bao, Now tn all ot miandetanding ve been, eared up fe thar up some towne an aolgy 1 aploge o ou and Ms rca nt fom fy Bae onl hope dat yo our sere 34 Espleaion Tas € _Nconguence of hears pose rm robles whch realy {he prblene~proene ich me acy ba, nd ha gr plea fr sol fn coe wil existential comand xine al bem wl not only bean lec Inter on redo vevemet the merino aman aed (itge 97348) “he coisa she wns hae made athe ame ne hat wall fae nen we ote somching They ile qe abt who the Peal eae of the ext might nha lc the wer wants cher ire omer tltompe ex beeen the loser amd the fees ofthe wt an so fot For one et You mips de tnt Pon wot eee ewe of eas oma end ea eoteryou mewn engage er iat» contac pole wh Conclusion ‘A awareness of che dienes Keowee the ply wien andthe ‘pip mse cnet wre An ably vo wae a at tals“ the foray contests» preoral Ibe se demlynoatna! apron insane yer of cae ‘i olga wet. o somethin betwee tense ers Utesrenss when comer to aGkesang irre anes Cain nablranding ofthe ings ftrences bets ype in ‘Se pil sake angange an eset pr of wie locaton. Sours ofthe extrac in Tn 9 Tex B pra commanication Text C~Bygnte 1987316 “ext D = Gaon Wooly, Vo. 151 m0 19 4 The organization of written texts 4.1 Introduction 1 3 we saw how tial writes Inguge can ke distinguished om ‘Goi soon langage a tom of let and grammar Here we wil Bik out ce od rie etre of write ngage tht opie ov the elf these. In Sing thi mew oc ae re nf wen es the amp ie rhe ‘jar or yal npn on be pope of onentonal wee The hn snr i oy tated ‘Crono te sei onion hy Ta The tid conde elton ‘Rip teers cestode complexe win write tox ie ‘piv o the parpone for whey ee wen. Whe ano ‘Som compete veo contour aware of thse the lngeage many aden eran to ween» sco fis ‘Engng have ao pone Sean wi thm an ca ent oe ‘exp underanding of Bv hey oke 4.2 Layout > TASK 18. Given flow siple example of writen Enh which ip ropranlyarangel fr tr partclar scl upsell the ‘our hat ve be ela somey et te Jono colts {o'a Brisk render expectations Toe ths te of te. What tere woul oo te oct nga te tet make ‘appropri os psp? xplnation Anyone who fai wih ri er woking convention il Dense ae he ares hn ee nappropt nase Tee UR, fel pace he such forms prs it id ib ant» hil of ve way tom the top of he xrelpe ast "wo ines om the eit hand ed. The essere come foley tte pstion in hogan i heya tent in an offal apc and en the campuny, umber, to, post coe a mcemary oun This pte pci o Beh ade and would not be aca in nay suns whee, for example ses cnmentons ree the ‘om Ere the oct td the ano he tt Efe the mon of In Lava elope mh beads > TASK 19 ‘Wha ote eneope adren conventions do you know? Ca you ‘plinth fees tween tem I fot geton of (Sitar te hy coment lend by they velo tee oh seal ato? 43 ‘The oaniaton of writer texts 25 os al ind eerie wit) ny er oe of ‘Sogn: What impotent fo note ere tha a owlege of hw this Sele i rel ous fe guage may ot a tare Teoghone dca, sal nde caalogen ond elope ‘Sica ae et creat santa, een though the fn ‘hone hey fis may be ame ntl terest ears ‘Soar, we have done ao ore han lok be ao of ene ed isl nd by nm ps od loge or ‘rape the stupor inte op ried cer ofa eneope ‘eae ener mnt ving chins expect fd a ‘leave plod pe lesson on elope he US for fo lar how sate Ate uot i or comer, woe whee the re ter pic play cl help to rae he ene thn te Social function (One sch tof pencils has sve considraleaetion in recent ‘eiching at Ths at cated the eonep of gee. Ts te ‘often wt odes dil tpes of trate, for sxamplee, ‘aga, novel oc diferent typeof i for exam lm ro spe ‘een mal comedy dao oh Eatonaianding oe ‘cm ten up the cance and aed tt refer to lange st ‘pei acl cones In conte we ea tay that gee ees ‘Treat types of voi ary enced hough dieters, ex Spoken x witcha are aucined wi them: For example es ‘Scie ay dei to sn «promotional te to toe pot bus ‘cet Ifthe exci unread the eae consrai800- $e wi thi sre of wt a prue catralconet i she tel nor oni know aot the yout of tbe gente “promotor, atl a be ae to make appropie ls rman nd co ‘er chokes to give the leer te Bot char of cee wath tf ‘trea. The ecutive the ees, ante poeta cents ral pa ‘pans nthe gn cich hang ae to play. I the exci has ‘lpebisor er arch corres enough estan fhe ore forue flay and nthe ngs sil 0 word be er Per ‘Sey tego ance tht wl do the desed job and ses ‘rl be made > TASK 20 “The ths ent ow a all pica of para ere in bs 1 ing Wt Wht Hague pel you en Tir de ged hoe lene a 26 Explants Be ese 8 “Te egoiantion of tren teste 27 etter © ‘Ech fs esis in se se easing te eet. We can = East tein ky ley fr sual the expesion a SEE star ll es leer and ao om he way wich ch te ily schnowdgs the reno « pon with aed nd = ep ie se renson forse rection TSMR tn» my ret wih ee etd eo. 4a pation Such ene pc of he einer writen by alr and rant ‘arg orn, to form's i pee esbald be aw ear Bat a wor, we nel 0 hxow = what amma and lel colts nl 40 be made der to eshte wn rp ow to ergs txts appopatly o do pata je ow te een the ene wh we a wig 1.6 we wil ener in more a soe he way in which gare proc to wating can be sell or acing Clause relations ‘Their apc of ex onaization wich we wll conser now deems Guo expe of ho lngang ger ad Engh i pre theopete: He, we sl at be so anced ws area pe 1 ol tne scel cao wich he ew lon 0 et te fvled Rather we wb aking ines geal ee at how [tngge 5 wed make eoonectone within writen tts faking. > TASK 21 Sealy he folloing tres and ewe the psp in wht yOu feof the mnt oe order. The sree ve hen Sed foe nem ‘AN comparion of wo ans approaches tthe pole fey Aen rote of iy 1) End, bonees te tngeenspped spies would eae he he tama crf ou ens pe am he oe the yr af stow o eel 2} Read mime cme Teds the dango ing by materng sd upon the Fat {chen (3 We tlre te sole forthe etal ed ince a able he mnt to comer why where mesial tyes wou be disso, (hs ma Sear ee ne frak snow he whole rset ht he eps, an if oe ‘ie oti bs nny ein ig ‘tk af gi foe se (6) These ys pee ot hal Slaw ec te Crum: meni olla pa {onde we mguldy eared of lw snow [Sicha mete {pov aden fo ur ey bet wl) Whenne tae ‘row aE sme ofthe ney rad ay hae ck [pfs Novy we tse aye oo al ce fe een et ‘te eh a eg tht aca ted wh pea ‘ere (10) Mere comeng suey apo ster of ata my find thence ng fed, [Winter 197, que Hoey 1985), Temi faites In anv 9 ston od pclae probe (he egal eat i tage 4, you wil hae aoe vty feat sre of ee eo weed a Tn 1 an 28. hyo wee tion you knee the cal ayout and eanzaton fe cs tate (She re on your Knowledge ow ete raced eral {fe eat erga here nts peal cated ith pat lars conext a are ie fers of he ers ecto, Sinks sf eal eal pars wich eamptnt aes cn ps tc hey are sigaledby specs mls or ea SE fe en and bw pet Be the problem ico oe er hind cae tend a amine with i wo ages F Svloent a4 wie range of dle x Pe “Teas wich ace ky he Kinde f lesa markers mentioned ako ‘Tobe stb st sfetoe, One way fing how wes Wo ‘Ge ae entra mo arse me ete text 10 ploy ‘eons semsquencey which i bed 0 the pany ame "ecm nhac te players ae eto wt ence tne f pager ne ten de oer nd posed on the ex flyer soar he ort canor ee what ae Ben ten A ese fe ph evan Sm coe Jour slow’ ete renee which mmediy pees oe Jou have to nr, When is our tm to wee, you mas avo bg Tra al old ta make wha you met fellow ont Fe tly tnd geal pouble fom wn our ined ees > TASK 22, 1 youre working i. rou e lping ‘Serio come ‘Gen ilow resample waig sence en fo exon ‘Srompuer propia 17 wong ts hs seme “The nt wat era thik an ete in wtaton a re pnb ‘An expe of «text wich red om hs games en bow 1 The bcs oii thik pd were ina neaton ar abit spose 2 TER Seal ee i flloned, the progr that are reduce ae they Ske smal and eo ache er ue that You hope fen ero he pein to an oe you ean walk 4 Seon sale dame foe fon sot 5 On ioe her hoe apt of expetsion shuld never be ely asd 30 Expos 6 tot woud re sired ef hig whi eer aye a Ue Vc he pe Fasc Matt $6 Rms me nw a cd ‘heen ae inked oer it a ee we bv ex which ‘ihe Caen chev tht ie of posites ‘tc wordy lea eto, and te lag re. 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They can be combined in ‘eco aiflrene may Wc do you ea the mot pa Se eqre? prt ie he sk [tthe enemy appronchig (Hoey 1983835) (0 te tmeny-four combination the one which is acted by most people who aenpr the tok es aw he ety aponching 1 oper Tero the ack 1s this vein th cole desi a the seta unmarked ve on The geeion avo att ay Hehe oder which gee Flkgel On explanation wich canbe ted raed onthe nin Schone pal hema wc canbe decribed at general, ‘etl af coming ne which pois bss fo esa Explain ‘2pecatons of how set wil dene Cook: Dour ag FA, a eof tngang au oly So we te expecting ‘the atone whi wore have win etn td hh ‘ces have seme, ba we so hve towed af bv ter ‘on organic nr word wk peu uve poles He that posed by she wat To 2 Inte eof tat Camp Hot ne tos i of he pl “etnias ote canting en ‘cto ao oo me ‘Se tcl eh Sas the following, way: = “The stain ht Lay om sey data proton ara: a ‘reno soci amt ‘ote an make the dows lation of text—that way tee Ailes te one ater ce ee xp a at ‘tytn ae abo cond the eount of spot thay ge ead {rinse css ay kt tex ype tel sd ad fe semac imoledy of dcosre ep them nist Hey thrown stuns where thew mk hat the eae al ot Intepe te extn the way the wiser wan ipo oi thi istepreson by vane of ap el ile “The maf ofan understanding of disuse laos can bat be seo whe ings go mon Comte the flog exam of prod ‘em nth nt aren wir fade to gel ue ops ‘ih cficntexcine ‘A trenthalne inca th acne of sleso in pons bx, ‘he tan ha econ fo sD Dall Ser oe (evs drt winners he ween c's ars soe [rence roi tt a ig [he rca [se do does he ne nd pro seh (New Stat March 170) 1 iste we ar face wth the problen of an opening snes whi ‘isso som ob conmsed wh the tant wh fan ie ‘pl dlogae Sewer writs a render the ft sentence tp ‘he gustan: HOW fo beaters a ts? Ber the flowing ma ‘ene doer noe anne hr ques nt con of hi page iy ‘tid Wier (986) donate thatthe ener etree pen om he oc athe wie mated enabashs 20 u=tocvrtow pte, bt tld to dso, They pope ete tc othe signal ned problem’ a in The problem ws he rater nd ony mene te smoun."a y fe Inti ts dey 46 ie opmnon fries The schematic pate of, strUATION—enopien—sousrion! {isronte-EvALUATION/AnSULT Sg of serra a of duce ‘aon wach ca ented, proiding an epee me Stor er ade of text ad prod fneork. for Wes Trample of ober ica teason=ntsts, and oaNER4L™ran "us Ba how do schemas ate tothe pete pts a xa teen ete ds eater) ‘This conation can be mide clear if we think feo broad eof ‘ehemat ashe in play the enone‘ see ee. The Eve's anced th the Wd of or peso elas ‘che ode how 9 fle oye! Sach second pesos shat ‘Ete wen weet of ay of ph en terrae bw drop on apnea A flare fo make eppopete oe ‘ike Sema ot retin communion bento an ap opr lee af omy make he pen need fel ptronond ‘Rind rife ede confued because heb he aot make ‘Sno an arama in the ee sb “Te other st of schemata can be thug of 8 hid peso schemata, i ther ward ow "reise oH. Thre Bel 0 {Erlop pyre td censpalsatiosip wh te word aed {ev eanpl thor schemata awe npn a malang the onesie ‘ween ward eae aker, ond eeophyslog the ‘ame above ‘What happens inte formation of omnia genre ic thatthe ae ‘ond oe id pron schema eee mare es el, {otha for exp, expnened en of gh eae abe ‘Sonne orf roecon or leer aig ob within the st ‘Suro sf ho schematic outs ave ot Enon ear, ‘nemo y's wre a tat anne matched wah 4 sei oe ands ach tr pices laa hows the ede Conclusion In we hae cise «rage of comenons whch carci the ivy of writing comet which ae fo do wh the ell sie "ar lyr, bao ah scr way of rnin whe a Tenuta, Were as oid ho te ce “eovenion at ienexpessna i the proc of enacing 1 son ‘ET werd ser Length on ne ang tae conetiene lan by np th nt ace final et or Tak 21 compo of atin approaches the problen of ey roads (8) Wccver there now in gland, sme of the county ou ay Astetlic ee {10 sre coming ldo opon seer of back Esplntion mu dh igo ed (2) Rod ain ‘Seas tyt sefoc the dng of dng by string und wpe te ‘onl ce) Sch me eer aque fon ery ‘orf (3) sin dens hf thee se ea sow te wale pes bat to be repeats, and Ife sow ori ecmes inesng) ities in pain ome kind of pip fore (ln Norway were tere may be snow adie fo ea Seve ony the yn law reser a lene be ed wa opel a ‘pie re 16) Tees preven mente a ete ‘Trex wether condo ona the rade artery ered tf bee mow. ()-Tnar Sen gip ts ky slices eb he Seta ai the mettle wo Sass, {iV Eagan howeve he gered Spey would teach ‘arma suas of ou ost ce eno the rte ge cf ‘om ke mek, [3) We Deetce he to see for the od {Ealitedtore ten af ool sa 52 Approaches to the teaching of writing: process Introduction ‘The teaching of wring has long, be a cel element in al eds ‘onal ayes a there ase many, ofen colicin, views ofthe best sways of going about We might ideify thee pinpal ways of {pprochag the tsk focus on for, focus on the wie, ad fosts 09 {ender ne Raines, 1998; 237-60. These three perspectives nam ‘ree major movements in the wachng of wating. The est i = ea ‘Sal text based approach whi sll sed in any matras—e me ‘wile in Seton To ofthis bok. Teachers who foes on form oem ca ae a do Ahoend wine crenata ey he 3 potion ‘ion to comet and where posible lminate, In sich « context, one ‘Of the teachers mah oes wil be to isl ons of cores ‘anf The second approach, which me will explore i theres of She erelped nat etn bhi don und es ‘hh wat san dependent proce of ents rays particle srs ‘as eycl of weting acts which ove lemer frm the generation ‘Tides andthe cllzion of data deg to the ‘pean’ of a Sn ibe text Benue ofthis emphasis this ney exergng poroah bas ‘en bee called the proces approach eo teaching writing sil The thd approach is ote socially oriented and foots onthe ways ‘nich wes and text eed to each readers Tn hi apreach, ‘teting i seen s a ese socil acy in which ext ae wie {en todo dings, the ssumption Being that Hf dhe veader cant reg: ‘sue the purpone of text, communication wll ot be sce. Thi fects onthe reer sco to be asc with what ar often called _gome approche to wetings which we wal explores 6 Models of the writing process Tac wh Sr en rs of he erp of cine pops hosing whch coe te ‘envy ual unpedcabiny of wing, They have Bsn dd by 8 Site fay fecha Samed whe haps ie Sete Ti ta eS ety some coreg of te ine 198i) att nf be orien some etal > TASK 26 ‘in tot he inf edd wing you i i yor at guage = frig gun eet th ceo four pan or ak witht cllegu sd fod at abet sone, ‘tie they hare ren Cone he varios sae hed ‘oe gor rh nro et the em a prope re ‘ote inade ple oceanfront on tite, anded nase operon, ot jl fer pbleaton| “Te spe olin in Figure ae song the tot commen epee ‘Sec eprint etng es ai ts) 1 1 {oper /shtrg encase ama emanate = 1 (Gocieg seme arta aes, ange pete, ‘Sting ro aula overone ‘Smle nar model ofthe wring proces hve however, bene ‘ed by 2 nunber of ache and each no rn.» fal {We of win suet ters acy doe Zan 1983; Raines 19s) They hee deeb th proce f wring tect sad cou ple oer wordy, abou Sere rene sage the on own of man extend exc pal ws eva we of ‘ie sts ny er fre 2 ot compe, > TASK 27 “Think again abou the proes of composing a8 extend piss at wing Dain» Wow char? or apt whch spe oar ‘en uneranding othe rons yo fd youre nll Aros te tactins of ins > ‘hen wtng. Wee ay been nti of «nee popes ‘Woe jou ead on 24,00 ord ay be mote dis vali wha happens procs of wating he sae p= een eis pb shat you found that he diferent stags apeared mare than ces dn tro eqns cl tat he ea sep [atid in Fg thst ie may meting more ot ied mor comple can ted y Figure wich shows the le pot scored mguenee but aie an ap cea ge 2 ‘This proces ae en die 4 lows ‘Conuay what many ebooks vit, writers a flow ana nc amine engaging sd then reve Fr we ‘Tiers park nied ny stor ones peed fn ite the roc dat poss ew nt Ter al (tamer 1985229) reas Raimes nen sat ot ny pol in the eprtion of ete an ao kr sonnet [eStore ton cponton heya eT en ‘cok’ wes ty lt sk hey may ee swe ts Hey ct ay he ed for hh wa ‘Slap he pling age The ye gy hen med ee CE Sy dr coe wt ange abe Serpe ‘Ee Sitn o may na 9 se hp of eres Ber ieee ae pe tat sy comet appre how REIS dice 4 Explosion 5.3 Protocols ‘Sich a mde of what hapens when sus wre we at ben ‘ahaha hough dt hone ne what wee sce ewe pig sig provocneaui estgs of ws wh vane cote no be te mene ores ile thy a Wt) te fren npg Stings have eal sconce evel Svea 3 to wht they el riod nthe rodcon of ‘eel pce of wring This search har aoe the cal Semin shthon hia tea, lh sa oe anaes You an get aca the st of its tac ane wrkel ah by dg a abt > TASK 28 [ter xd your owe thoughts ak one a wo collegues or selena ewe ed ‘fen ‘boughs ithe fling wig tk, Compre the item sage a actives tha rw es Writing tnt You wae a at hose tht you ve ved in Mt ht Spi mor an bal a 1 lnguae 3 Fr language tat You know we You coal pet pope who ee nterce baygi Yo Kea mati of en mites Inaction: Record your the wt hog An example po- tone ghen bon he weds ils ce epee of ‘bevwrer ning lg the words olde sta ext {hice wee "im honking atu owe ed nn Noncy what of ‘hig il people om Tsai ie howe tif the gwd? Yo Tak so, a ue set ar ote ene af Nay oe" ora? Te ‘Pena aar I ae 0 ma a ofthe be gs ab Tan se th hrs ta al help ll The fons on the writer inherent in the depen of proses ‘phates hae browghts range of ens to takes od sens “ending td ing materia which make we of these appt ‘gly arp match writing fo he a of nua coe cy ey acl tp A te wag with Sn sl he peti of en oc lngane bebo wh eed ‘yt vy hs Be own expr. These psi cn trib owing pedagoy, uh apch fas bln a ‘Aotroces othe eching of wtings it 5.4 Problems of the process approach (One prem for techs who waste some frm of pot ah to tig he Wo ke lane erent ye ‘'Eapmast for he Sevlopmee ofS ats wits al te rin coutndsory lnc ofthe thing ttre hy te, eto Wonk ws Fe xan» fosts othe nun creo tice ein men ways opposed the bkaiowrst mode ng Ii Sing etodetg evento te Pesan, Pres, Fedcon Ft ol nay ap abn mate The png fl on ached sppeiches to ago ing nee peri deveopd to helper he pen haga, "oh omphsae per peice, dling, ed the techig a spect i {ise Toews fos fat ton a over to mech tel fx the ‘ego noting lancet sul fo aches who wat ‘Ste fc of th wing css. > TASK 29 Find io othe language aching ebooks tha ou hae Worked wil. How mony of testes whic fous 0 tad Ine pve sen an oppo tobe crest and in rom ie otc snd how many bog wi sm example et ste a ices of ngage i psn oi one poe ee teaches who want 6 lope procs approach {hha of tebol nrer dicey ow ose whee $Trgeow pre aple al ig whre iig {Sox inn ene where the Process town whith wer os {otorteand pfs denne tthe mont sgn componente they bog 19035) hoe proved pl foe many hs and Stem ncle enon USA occa conte ‘ge pt ft tat vars prs apocisY wing cme ie eset ape fom peep cg specs 3c Aes ing: Ar wg cer repos ke so many of my siden, wat epodicing acpi tt, ttn ests coh snk, to ing ae ‘lowe sau nny eyo tring he ue ge {Simei T a vrened my nate to Someone ce, fo tse ‘ther aber oe (Sone 199228, re, Sommers ving her eat experec ofthe ft Langue tring ison Se eed colle tendon wing clase and ethng for oe epost! es “splnon ila int pc hai cb i stom of sens aot ly at age eet of poe [iPr bt sutcorawaree he ow pre 0 Saw one aerate chair they ed be te wed tie pe crown cenve pac” (ower 1965 370. quod So ‘fire 1980 These showy she carmen ofthe elle wade ‘dens at he beni ft ers quoted sow: “A he ining sme een mid at ne Ano “Td home fw ging cme out Enon hat ie stam oy bt dent Rao ely Wha Pn pin 72 “ls oe we ot someting ou a id ext nyo ame! 19853176) “Tee ates appeae to ee hee dlp a wes cme of ‘Ber ubelopment'sthkrs. For thr ning to wee, awe Eve ‘cen in arler vos hs bok, saat with ming ie ‘Shvayr a elng with te word, Hower tha no neces 2 ‘eeutve of te Sannin wad al wg stant Hd ems, ‘Sly swe ning to wate ina eso o foe gape > TASK 30 Mack pocetaprosch dry bas bon devsoed in ere 10 ‘Mle he oof maine peer and ESL cll cnpotion Suds inthe USA What dren ae there ley vo be twee oe soe? wring paren and thos ft oar Disa sng tome not lanpag for profs] apo Mary ais anes come vo the force ange coo wih aly Ele! oper ue ee ngage The mow Spon rege of oy foc mck ames wl erry ieee ef wit sure ely eyed adres ‘to may nt ye tve ere owe ec even i Bt Sup any prin cons and tains ened bes ery ns lari seep du te compro at ‘rnin a rap npg: wig potters! Isr words Sates er tow too he ewe a wih "hey waa wit What 8 mor ey walneal api aes 0 sk inonteae Agproaces wo the teaching of writings process 43 5.5 What writers need to know “The range of knowledge that» wre rues when uneraig TRE ch be umnnaed te flowing way Content krone Knowle of the concept irda the sbi ae Contest brows ‘oui of te conte in which te fexrnl be read Lege sytem velge Kao thon es fe ye cay forthe cmp onal he mak one he mos appropiate way ring Proce browse Prag fora eae eng a > TASK 31 Lon ashe wring signet Helo, What Kind of knowl els wire reo aes ache ice? WIRE howe Ciepo of knowledge pea above eximate he Inte popes f che of Howlett igh be ‘er eno ch mene 9% 1 rear an internal company report eating em ito fed ee aomason sre. 2. Wate av exansnaton ey wth she ie ‘Capita pest IE Si tne de pb of ilen eine | Wie roc desernion brochure fora new rng of cc hoochie pt : «4 Wear an Nex deri naivety eaten ow eKta cgeeig whe Engh the meio of te Tow aad see ‘What flows ran example response for sige Te run whe jr th dtm rake weal ee pp an eectve repre. They as fe ia i would ety pura he wc tobe ae of ror! toe TE Me Gece they would med content dowd Ea pantie wer mold od npg ptr Kade ot pare cin eso ely bot alo Knowl of be Teal lores a the ase thatthe report wuld be ren aa et wuld mach te expectations O18 rade Fram operon nhs ance wan wntng proces bode “Peep ek wie yar ead important te ober eens vere ily be more sigan, 56 Comen knowedee ass om owls Wiking proces knwege 1% 0 athe her apnea were consend signee 2th ext tton ey queso wa lobe teow ceded mos wi ine proce knowl. Ths a resign ths tk tht be most doy sors with langage ering scons and ‘nay ways ‘emp abtopi The weer ake for opine hes no lets damon of chal pte, Anos “ihe proc despon rot] was ain os igh cone ‘en an cntest novia Te poop that sper 4 he MSC serio) woul etx had fo woe wold md ery ak lee omen bre, very rod uncstning of “ie roc sy fh rn ane rer mon reaches an writes fel da ch wide range of knowlege and ‘pence tees to be Brought 0 Inada te sehre a Ss ‘ory compton of hse wens sme es qusions os ‘itn to whch anyone apprch to wing Ssrsion gy 0 tne the meds of ce Ths ae wil eed Conclusion In we have oked at ow esearch ito what people do when thy ‘it ed he devopmen ofa approach cies 0 rove ive in wing at an the mere tol eos {ibe we of writen prs mode, x psc common nay “dastanal yen aed angage leg erin aco he aloe ‘prone wen has date Eom nigorting ito sleseocen ‘rting pats ad fom ception othe portance of fe ee Spe hacen ig wh te dcr, weet {lmitioe an cat be erat anwering te neds fol peso le ag 6 Approaches to the teaching of writing: genre Introduction In swe come egress to the waching of wing wih foe {atacand pepsin eee ae a par fous on the wre can aly es i aera Ent esa eye ering 9 wes ino od eeu ee ey Pe a bal ie va they are oc ware of what he ea Soper ind thse ete i Veep of he sect f problem which an ase when writes do m0 Bee Sab feat er rae espe rom 3 ext explore these > TASK 32 : ef Toh a th ens erode low wee writen by merit eh Sot tala (Cabs Fe Cente cand Ahoy sie aioe me pal ont eh eer do you pee and wi? Later A yan eck for reply abt the leben of es ‘ews ey 62 spate eer 8 a ty sayy he eames earn (cena hve ent arse pron toi hte Seam deh aw ed ar et ok rm earings Yar Lee Ais wal fo be move acepablethan Lat B owe fre tal for ws wae to expla thie dsn, Bah eto ‘ead our aepmily and anlar exgetd peng wd og ‘Wcnendons ‘oth lets conan vestry, splint stn Intakes ded he ae mae of hve nf han Bs Yt Caer A Side be brain spe oh ton Understning wy ti ‘hoa be toy and veang ma the impctons mgt be fr wetng ‘merci ao ye whe not al ah nea Heesortted approach, br have fn elf thse poate ‘tik ken th ang pot ow oe eee ‘Communicative events and communicative purposes In ge, specs which ons on te reader cng the en: ‘en a rm al conn the fe pl a» er Stent ta tet toa cal urea ane et er ‘Ste wit tenon gore Oa a lo oo ae tlenandng how hs eon cen ed “These ravi dons of pee John Sas (190) bags an ‘ceed dno th ‘ i Sato 1 ‘A em compris a ds of commute eens the members of wae ae arsomaeae pape {Sone 199058) Sle dion of ye rei of contenporyinbpetaiom oth em ne slyly 198K 18, ate 199) {de contael o'moe eet eeepment in he Ba of erre sre eB 193) poe rw yong ae wich erin any espero ane pts teenie, bre an component Howere neeig Approaches othe tabingof wii: geme 47 the notion of gare mayb, tegueon remins w ch an apa (2) comple sonny ca Bp teacher he ae pac of Inthe allowing as we wl wor hough lof the eens wich nae up Smal comple dts of pee In gts soul te Fos mae are the common fee he aro he reset Final of hr Hino apron and be meds of eres he ‘Wea ach tk lea oa explanation a the ec Eom at Sac ae The tse shuld aby make poset ro tie» expen of hyo Tac 3, leter A reo ieee In what 1 bve called ‘ttn 1 Sales nadcs evo key tems om ave coat ves commana pr {lve A commune vet pies nat aly cedure and (earsipant tls tht Score snd te enone 1 pode a epost and clu ae ‘Stone Swale 1950 40 ne wordy pone sing antag a0 Spent wy pe meting re Tis ya sine ‘ls afte "poo gives canting samp aie: ‘sing ded ero" quests to cnel ow much information ho tor fenly wats lb lowed ee > TASK 33 ch ofthe commasican events ew cues 4 ween text Ie ve to snared nyu vo luge cl tee wha willbe te sat ers of ech of eee? Fi ti hoetol and ctl seats mene by Sale deen he wy thy ae wre? = company want oni the point of ew men fer of a ~ Neompany wants to ane ese ying thi oda hat {eae oped on epee al = A prt wth to fom cs ech ld wil teens oun schoo the owing dy. ack ofthe estos ha din sl pape As we ive seen ieee ae mw mn ede ew ny ‘hosel we are gad he roti are al "rtp SE Zemanta ee of pane may te eos ‘Sic Toreplyecs so pov wether or a0 thy rel ave ft ‘Ts company seer lis pen tb apo and ‘rl al apc the rng death apinment hy ao “ine hones a vie and the oly Toe eer il eens ‘iin pisses stam plese to norm you = and th splnatior pointes wl commence wth eff, ano il be tet teconpny eta and ped ty a un mae ear eet racers ‘The net eve, by coma, asa pean ith pl quaiatons, : company, a an used prchasr ad the eed ext Wl he ‘dfn’ carats, Ava eal dcamen, ht be ten by ‘Sanne wth ayer? enalnon and eat, Pte or tun ethically sei osbaay and tr of preset ou wld os exe oi meer types of decent ome cones hy ‘ls eu a companys over hegre et st reel, “he hn communeave eet the Iter fom pa 0 das ace me tlt gt gle by meas Fee ips i pe fer same io 2 ot, ting ch ate amp el pce we ey re te cb ter prs ra ny ache Evening ‘inte dando te mr te ease wll spat eee Beier fsemaon to be proved nd the rite wal are oe ‘Sons fer maining empl of esos Yee ‘alee me hol uc nd cn “ke em ‘communave pron? hs ho bec wd by in Main iM 99) men tess he cas ened so SLES te! be nee fy bean we Ma ss ‘evo car of wg dnt in hol ample werent Srl out oes nseasrion pet eed o coal rr an pian i ergy ancl ii an arse oe ‘Rectobne [obec sea f pcos ly pa nthe dd around the writer which generalize experience) mes > TASK 34 ‘Marin (1989 quotes ap example of Yet 5 Asari hal es wig ex sd cosa wth emo eat [yw he megs har ane crete Faroe, Tae 4 Bie ve op ia ee hyd a ty de eid fll ny coed bir Das bid ht bik, ‘Some at smal na the ae be, Ta dived pina ee. estes wold de. was Mack Wt and it war sal (moa 198827) 63 Approabes to he teaching of wring gre 49 hat arth den communi purposes expt he? ‘Towhch ofthe Tow euper mestoned above might hese (aoe elon? ain agus ht Tet A ies spi fri rate — shwengront Ti eri malig ol omer ee cos en tng br hase The mgr are ‘Trepor tht thy ean be queooed and then derloped hough dhe Chou cae eel ety oh ero he en ‘Sal hw eB gue seenre Fay de wettest he peso hin i expert ae th en gi, powtng he ar wa cen an ore alt pel once ew ofthe worl ey iis igorat to ie cen the operat otk oat eden onl Sane egesene Home et bea {St nce othe nd expres, ian ids of wring ‘ed be mop te cha ecm Bre sb ce Silica on efecto sEscurrna adtengny ecu al cen tte ond nach gore, 198971 1 uch inacon Somes desing or tte by ein hem {2 ely to expec yr om ofthe we Tice hos how woes bl he gna mises ngage hog ceding he aed ‘peel stesso web ase of an explih reap fois TRE faye in wht conning socal demands ene eet ores How genres change “hex tne in Sale ein ove fark specicon tiara ee Sueno 2 . ‘pee conto oma cs th men SSRI RE Sag common pp Te per $oohee ap te par monies of peters ‘Sn ery ote aa ore oe {Seater 99058 Saale use ofthe rms ep andpateat scours community ees {tu peed cng xa whch ey ean ‘adeno Tis san b's problem for totes who want to foe ‘tay atngy om nd water a rig fe end nes, ‘bet he soem of the shory on whith conventions ae ‘Sale Who Should have he gh fo determine ce perpen and 50" Esplonation ets ofa douse commanity? Can tat power be sere or Sigs fh toning le ok tae an oe > TASK 35 Rend the wo ta execs tle. What the gee of which thar fo tet re exp? What the commun Pa. ove ta hey sare mambo th ee? (ie COmULD Eh Din 98) On Ame rs ary ‘Thc cum a ce gene‘. es lar aged prone baa a whic he word a slung se ie upbeat st ncaring oe anata ‘mother npunge-Cins COMUILD El Donny" oc hat ‘es he woe of lapgage i ahaa rer and glint ‘ann, be elas tem ne ani gun —Osfor Adve Sur: Dior sd on ain ch pert ey gh ‘kg of sie donation fom the words of ose er wren fares mi throgh th xen we onvrsons sachs tony elo, aed pea pels Tee comes ae dered Ipaler pop o expert is thee words the daca cman Fico 1 we sce tt cin have an ares conmunive pu ‘he shy aimed ne for wht ey are by ges oad (ce! wr sd ta the mc sue of sates ep S50 fo meets of a dscose communi of looper eee fae gueriosto be anowered for the pepo ofthe dns, The oe iow dor an edad read Cuter become exc ‘tea tet dcoune commana whch wees ona? The ‘ond eHow do changes in he we acy a doney aking {a chags tothe geal ake pase?” This second quion Approaches 0 the tubing of wring: gme 51 ‘mpotant bcs iis fe the asta a dil fel a wed 0 ‘lng he etry of th eter ad per and sept train once they hoe ane 3 mae os paren dicowse com ‘mony In aver othe et aeion,the main way ia whic people ome lecopaper sty eng eee cna and bfowng or ee Pre hove capt they Bd wee i the work eer he fiony maker. Along the major disonary pars hve rboe teaming pone fo heer say ren thi ot ina fs avery recy depended on examples of ter dca 22pm tue by al ee ve re cp hey mci of Cn ado te ar gene “The peat sk wil poi some posite answers to he second que > TASK 36 ead the eal in Tek 35 once mar. la seve yay he COBUILD cme legs the tere of the gore ‘Disonary inthe Orford Adee Lamers Diconay ca ‘ie What the direc torr tare wo examples of he {vet Wy do'you snk he romepsaon of gene at ‘ronan oth cal a member of «spi agente of ‘Dictionary’ Le ‘Caner tansy wick prover ane of nfoemton com ‘holy fund in tina or hae sens example rama ‘plata, fematon on prancat) Hoth of ho dna ie fren wten by expt fens of Be pret ecoarse camme iy bate fat empl les markedly om the second The [visas om seo rene he latneip Bement \eopaper (be tony wer and he ene he ion we. [Retitedhr of the COBUILD eitanny saps dost we {en in onlinay, eeyy gh (onc ta 1987. The ‘Conti dona br ben wey aan foe today I ‘ine dln an forthe way im wlach et eaped to make oe ‘Snes acnce eo vender, This act fe the diflerence ‘eonrn COBUILD' mre informal ding ye and he med ‘ona yl of he Oxford avon Lewes Doar. “This pio sinpoant ac deste how gr i ot gid trl foctest oration scl esc, a snp ot whith ish pani accep asd ‘ge inte cf te gene Leaer onary expert ene ‘fi comma hae eer ion std deed toca Age vome oft fandom renin snd pcos. As oy he 52 planation ori has change Such gnc changes happen lth sng, and SES me by ere Spence tig ul ey va petigo, Thecocepe of eee yumi no sate nd he Stole and tether nnd be aware of he iy of Soca races {ude tench mike hve pate pone Ths swore a {Hepa co rece very eee pe of ening aed i rom thane nce with specu whch foc on orm 6A Reader expectation and schematic structure Sten 3 Apo omc ce of comma ete ni Uhre Sone tof smears pane Phe pp Teiatip ic caper nen ftp dace ey {hey const bere for sr ge, Th tonal, ‘Rope oma scant of he dcr dence ‘cts he foment nde ‘See 9058 ‘This stot has Bang on Task 32. We have led sen how the suc purpns o's commons ovat mare the een ‘Soe thas wre ake In sleigh poem pe Tete of ‘Soya tow pole (9 ake we of he sof ene ad ‘Solow forsake tater A mae apy ord ‘Fan Ueno They seme le ate opening of ech ee eter A ‘Ne wing for wo weks for a ely aout the eet of complain Ted oy shag was acy for met wre you Mast [nee 0K you Enow bow sapped a {ey egy wh ave rand fs rere aes Saud in eon bt at hee the bahrom homer doe work sid mare ve sect ee in wha te ei «ni ih he athe wnt baer th tee edt expan hy fi i way ul a he oe complaint nl ae thse a elationsi-balig at ‘es me thas der ar Let By coer ges irecy ie ‘Medea of te complain aks no stemge focus a hot wh the eder Enc hah the wer nae esti “endo mpeove he eat, toler uo make een he sight ‘at comrson fo he eer al seem hat mort reef et GF compi 9 Exlsh expect hte tobe is sot of cnc ‘long ene of som ne» ih cial gene, Ses ‘Avproahes to he aching of iting: geome Sb pea ope contin on writers who wish co ue eleiey ‘cue enon howe wh ty conform oe psec om ‘tins nen vss do ne hae al coma of be pags ten, Sovlong at hey snp to nna heels to make {hip wk he peony te complanng worn ue words owe rin the peter Wes hws tetera of scene The ‘nica fw a ugha oar on omy canning ccc of ‘prcton wl ale pov vr th esos of ke et ‘Soe ple forthe to common cays en tex. “Tice of ede exetaton lates the seem rac’ whic Sais enone Semen Swale promts a account the way tc nde ne tr npn fh wo to cet ea th herd on wher maining eng Wing. Ts be ‘Rents edgar sown parca, Swale dese he alae {oral sch’ wehmke posible ora wits to pofur propia woed nd rnc fee fo spac Soi pupae ‘Was combnaton of fecal prc and comen hema Wh Ines pre for us eay example of esc ewes 2 oes hl das of propa een och sn xe Sis beng ell pal sy sa Sake gram shows how ir Eaowge sl expe he word aod of ex comb rece of sate eenne bod the content ad os [Efthe tes which ave lowate’ ms paresiar gre he ge “Teer of explain es whch do ot ep to a esti ‘nih fe ade es co be ella tanto whch dha {he ihe gamma! poems ne ex whom LOX \ 7 eos conten (swat 1990386) ——————— xplation 65 Defining typical and less typical examples: ‘communicative purpose Stene 4 tt ics «dys of imine een he members of ete sof commie pups. Ths arose va ee epee mame offen eu come eo set he vtnleferhe gee. Th ana Sam rece sacar of te Obese and aces and ee ctor fone ane. Conant pas bo Sree and one tat operates 10 Ke? the oe of Sea el nae fos om compere trl se aloo Pros seopls of «kore exhibit aie Teed fin rs of etre scott and ered ‘enc (ie 199058 Stone 4 addees «prblem cnimon 10 any apy atc Secon steely tears have ei over eb Wh eto amin fener, foe eal es eoeanhy, 2nd TE eee the cma pepe oa ae which ma aan tl fen A mle ame ve 0 ‘sown > TASK 37 Deed on tame fo he nti whi he lowing teas it ev ttc prose do they sare ad bow Prac? | Tat ese ors he ome wh iced moon ome (hme Se ed wh fhm pre, ay soe rund ok ‘eon eto ound wh tea of Sochened BY (Soda 116) Fi srancse—Shl enough young gd esol wo Flue The younger an pee the te seu, oe low fae, 2 chopped les 1 chee onion, Sse ino er orate 9 ins 2 Rie ps lng th geneous bch of Puy thyme a oo i of od mk ae ae Sa te sig oapimooady ntl he Kad Sneed and the ea ae cok -Tagl pve sin el dh or Sve role, Out Pa NL pee to forge fr ime In th ai 1350 SRST am Henke she eared ding be was Approaches 1 he aching of wring gare SS ‘ony sian for ping tin cleo fala pes Stee enum 0 rept in ht par of the wos Du your tan steaks jo at lv le bowen yom exch 5.7 Romone ad pu side ae war ew pa ate eae ‘ii ol sll opps 2 carry ses 2 ek of ers ‘Bey hoped snl 4 mas sined and chopped. Ald cg fey te ek for 1 mont Now pa yout ny weak ek the bag pa, al wie to caver them. Po be Bee eats and cok fr 1 hour m = slow oven [170°C SF ga 3 (dase 1976377) ede dear tha these tent ae all embers oo get eae "ec ‘Tas cammaneine pure it prove therener wth are Tse frelon des ey Sete, Tas ees ce we to poet rer wth th nt te following nine asl fly press roponion) TEES ine nd sempre (he elvan) iia a ha hy i or et ef in te ctiente yuan wich prov vs th he ee of alo a nar games ache working wih ude Seer ee repent wold no be esl oie the ‘il taton What exe eae do rove, bowers, eur SR Ae ad for sing sen eens the poset as ‘TEP Norligs of th en th ln fo partner By work itn mesa way sre cn beg to daw sme coco 20 happen npr tps ar ruc fed ich ewe See erm sen common, how sue fais nd {Sia Me Aied and can hes bento experiencia ME is a oven work can component pssst ‘Sfoache sowing er powesal Stone § forse de of commanaie et eet of TERESI cpr of th pte done conanity SSPEARS cote be taal forthe pee, Ths atonal Fe ea secre ofthe dicoune a nieces ad TSE eof comma and aml: Coamoneatveparones ath ‘Shine coeton and one whch peas co hep ce ware of & eatin come aren pel enema eae aon to pops exempts of ene exit araut tionary item ol streets beer Pe i ati pebaisyexpections reread, the = % splot xenple il be viawed os protpial by the parent discoase Siete ge nome beled and roduc by discourse “Snumnitesandbpora yates omit abl einopphic ‘Smeaton nd ply mcd fr ouation. (Svat 199058) “et mo semen of Sak ion oof hy ‘td ey of wig ce if thy sh to daw on tees ‘Sree nlp nga ging, he st ‘ea am eet apes fue ciber wor cx ‘amet mele of gene tos rote or ker ete al igh ec eects ae reed the cxeaplar Is pretonpicl = ‘lef ese exemplary ec probate oman’ and > TASK 38 ing wid te gee “Rep, deie how Hl def Fomine sere 0b umber af he ae: What rte would ou ue fr thi aceon cr ecaion? Tat A ‘Thrice of she oighouring eon of Ea Romagna it ‘ery even inthe pata des of Toca, which ally shoud [etna tom horace pss Hower when come 0 the ener preceded psa mae fo dra what, he ‘Fira emo oe sagh vera eer Shapes thik thsi somehing edo wth ei nae eof arc or — thes tching ying tea pte of seaing ast (tas 199251 PRESSURE COOKING {he 15h per cute ch prose and cook te pues fo boat {thd ofthe ue em A ihe ime ale he fo cok cn {een indy Laos tat 4 pba bet eo a {fee hefore you tk hey shold be dae co ake mae ‘Sle ofthe pls, prety he pt re en dips ‘Sea un hey ne the od and ea lg the ve ol the pcmure conker To vd this, ut 2s cool Fadler fot te onking was (ee 197954) Drs mass you cn fd then, Fanghi Poi te the Sw ad fem expense Et ou san a find xs. It ean fe metal om Cental Europe, Sak fetter ae or alk a hes tim the ‘tye hen (cary they na be vey Sea ‘Mevling hid nl one cn sd conser ror 66 67 Anproaches to he acing of ring: gene SP psc an sop per Shr an xen wy tn fc nae of he examples ie above ful the conditions necesry sok opel me he pc Rp Tey eb he ‘pei purpos of eabing te reader fo pepe a Frculr do the precede eat of ele Nea sel ln back ‘round ‘oat forthe reader Tes 8 pes narctont aout + ck Foe roc and baw one of the chau of trap, fa on neh to lnd render el tht pone Aad nea Tex Cw Set lst ofthe conditions, fs ost ifrnaton mia [Ep for dng sonesng in room bt oma en What dko'you do wa te mhtooms once yor hve prepared th oe ‘etd i or a ened ker igen ore seed? Genre and social structures ‘The Gl see of Sw defn dcr that themes of he se ch en fs moe of ey ‘ete tauce ofall toga foton, a pl ned [ther suet. Te de washer of weing wh tpl to ‘ng in ty of ge el wll denn yf he ‘oe srctrr mic redo hte feral ext toting mote ‘han poda of thr Capone fal eran ha ar eed Uae Perish atom of wting rion neds wo ie Wa 10 an eloctonal paradigm shih i ive nega na nena Process and genre ‘We began in 6 with a racic problem: what makes ane pe of wie. ig owe ace fan ate? wos sm Ua he natn fcr my pide kare pd ache wth way of king a Fbin: Hower, wie we have dcaeel pec some ae Feu ye coral win «gre approach the enclng of "ap might ok ik and how # wuld Ee rom the roses apo ‘ened Wie + roc approach to wri oston has many postive ‘pss ofr laos that decent neces athe sire rrr rd ks on oe {Sposa for eae wh apse eens of whats text Sood (Pike acces ele I we sxe es np for aw ‘in mote ound ond ngage wring clos to Serene iaty wes th nda ent hr ting edt be eto woses bond tng of coal one teens we, {oon wha wayemghe apne approach o wing clone seldhean pci Bn fen devopd gh poco spoon > TASK 39 Consider guint ster’ eter of cman wich we ud Jen Ta 32. How mic a wacher del withthe ies sich te seen ere hang wath wing fr parila eae ‘ne wa of responding to thie gunn ne by Hed (1983). 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We sg dace sone of (oe lien appoacher tnt fencers and vextbook sor ake ‘Moped Tn Sean Toye lok anus pact stn ht en prope or he acing wing 107 we wil sew, wth fence to Scion One, what ste ed {0 ken In vdeo be ale So mete suscep ngage in sn a os hn ston we Wl na ae ‘tare te pela prepared wo tach wing We wl look at {fe woyn which coma and cost cee» lene for wring 1S and hen conse the teaching 9 pie wrstng as (10) nly stew hve ieee spposches by dco as Of Bag Ithack on de wing (1H iz ‘Writing in language teaching Identifying purpose ‘Woking nae oa leet a ge ching co, Socket tl sometmer en dod nate pao ‘gsc > TASK 40 Two wtng sks ae vn on pgs 66 and 67. 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Altough th tncton betes icing te teen wring fo nitro ene Beck wel wine espe as for thinking abu ming ange eh ingen > TASK 41 Given flow and once ar foe avis from cotemparaey ‘oa language teching ati i of which vere wang, {ie the fever the we have jt ctw eft ‘ho ou fel thaw en Mey to npg ess Wo ‘lo tee’ campetne awit (eso te wel Exanple 1 Chin page of brochce intededfr one of thse wo ne ther ily wel ours oe bassoon expe fr peas salen o ard alee In group produce a page of soar ochre ant he ist speci sus ry rn oon St eof fos pcs ioe text fr she sadn Yow Shove: Plane ge desig oe that wil ck tet your sade Decide ray whet rcores you weald wart, thn writ {SSerptn a ach nto tata ar nll de oo at $s ne ol Bs pgp de pte (Wi and Wie 198882) angle? Sear, (Sos nd Sor 198786) 2 ook a the pice foro miter Then clove book. a pariner, and make sr many ent itr some. Examples: “There. or, seme heates,.on the fables, There's some.ce, outside, he ssindons, (Ser and Water 199034) Wiig ngage ching 71 ample 4 [> Cra en we ee aes Ines aa» proposed ay incase for pal fre pe one aa epee he sxneration, The following ver mah hep, pliant ree poontoy ta (hee nd he sand cot ett hte warm cis, Heat ated UL] (Soe ad Soars 190781) ESE Te ting in a ay i ran he yore tater te preparation oft afr aya ste rerche to work rom I the tank ere wotked theca ‘GAY wth he ech tthe ny adr the we hen pe ‘lsh the would de deelopmen fan aware ec ‘conta, ana Sem, owing reese, Howes he tak is considerate porn for bing etn loro sss cia soa te or wing ye ana bel wet ‘nds pr eer af pom supe ek ok tues eu fot manne forthe pera wes ee, rl rnc ta he "ati? amt Lind of coment oe ‘nee wre’ an werk mal rug we ping tice ds sho tober deveoping thle aware the wry. rene inven setng ce, enambigeos langage sad onic eit the mo ree cy ay. I the ches avs te lamer an eparaiy 40 workin te tan ‘pe oe ska cbse ween tnd ‘rate pe eearchs ‘ho wil so have the epenencs of werkog with te deeper eat fave Ben prpued by other poopy techy ping beer eof hows in oder to produc = wfl pte of wring, wir ha 1 Be ‘it aterand hen of Ely er Sar ee know ‘ren soncrd the nd any wil pone emer wh Be portunity deep coorl ofthe srt of pave hat Narn di ‘len hsconm on te dite bres rear and dip tho ee 2 uampl 2 cleat egies sent to wit, Du 0 wha od? AB 2 escalates om llth they may ave aad deve (peiay ih tu doesnot stomp och» wing il owe, ute ta ao regu nme compare nos with one tot pe then to ence hw ay ety ae ier ‘in in Heo et and to son the ta na wey ht (Sn be csp understate pe Whe cena the ‘Siesecmpong 2 mig, herr, undonally not be conse {NM tur ede be th by 4 eacher of wri, i psp ne Sj hg hm en dm at wing dea be, Tal pewtiag sh In th sense ean be tough of kl el (essing andthe i esfre an rpm for contr mete ning cs a help rae ering Yo rite. Tis Spec the ene ber allway aces, a Beagle 2, cor SE ens compere than th hoo foe ens, ‘SELISIIp, where hese noe een sed i ise wing tls ‘ihth ened thes undending of ere and he nagunge soem ti jcc tr tan the elope tng delet Soe ‘een of ret guphsopal semen swe preaaton fr ceiicay maiuiar camera ccanyetieemancadraere Pookie samara ioes erecta enrta speichern a a Sober eaes ae igbsaciieemmteeeeromrce a Stem usieiatea tae rion engage eching 73 7.3 Conclusion etry legen iv mt ‘cade he ways ink ern cot beige ome el Speer apedmenr seme em tadie Serpent neenan Srektsisachaantraa tnssoes 8 Writing in business and professional settings 8.1. Writing in different contexts 17 eed ha lwo el Be la ah ne “eestor ts ee yt wing ak 2) ome Secon wes bg es noi sol he gs ssn tht te lat othe wr or rita pene for example paaing 1 Shwe rene wa oes for came laine tein, Wes nw hate ier communist pro ‘Tocag te wil ermine arg cette Hy Sc ‘Shoes wierl we iene ‘ask 42 a {In 1.1 we considered why three stadents might need ro learn how ‘to wre ina foregn or second language. Comsies rwo of these Se alee Se to car Sure ae Rata SRT par 1 Spa ite ts taeda eae ig cnt Sabon Sea ola eee 2 Snes hn ie eater, ora pe Bd eee ita {Tea fe ice ag no cue ertmensnrtana rte at ier wnte a god buses pln 0 that be cao gt Bani support NOMS Efe yo omer tse FD 8.2 Writing in bins: and profesional stings 7 aia who is scbng eee so mee he reuitemene of Gambge Past Crete Each dent oss to wi oe Wie ‘Kad ol reads and-neds cope ctf Linde oe Although impo or hem te dev genes ‘nd compose wren ex, sch penal ning ts on ol Dgate them ofc th onan Jeane ap emt a 1 ting Eagle in the chosen Bede Inf sad we wl ok ay i which tachi matric help lee al ies ‘eds We wl corier hese mtr ft he posto Set Ek (oso of lees ~ sn who want to Became me ftv wit in business 0 frofonoal tng ~ Mules who nerd Become nr eve wes in omer t be he snd ante abject, et ke age cement ‘orci mpeg This wile suas ofthe ng of cot wich seat wrtets ay wish 10 pear. wl Rewer a ie ‘on se oth ways wc ching nts a lp eens {inte Kind of knowledge th he me te me ae Business and professional contexts ‘Ther ate oo main stereo dt who wish develop fogs Iagange wit sil foe bie and rte sein ses epring to enter the busoear wold (peepee, tod sees heny mocking In buns serpent The cnn eae thse cobra cna ror se karin ee Taking Enlh a an example nd hat beh os of ‘lon west’ edicts Peas pee ei ‘ntenatonalEagheapeaang baer crm, sare i coe {uti deslp ther command ote Lingg aa mest sex; Woeking fo i pene, sath of tes English ates {endo te the ehvionr, concep at and concer a the er ‘onl bones word ars contort development of seg ‘han th cds wet ls fs thse ss tenga te inporanes of tual factors poeta omen nee EES sen owt df he amr Beco we ‘oe ayn whch peaking al wing seca hate sey ‘ons ces th pose aay oi a Wil he ‘sare aproch dca ‘Giver hs emphasis onthe come of bins and pokes em sna commen hig mei el wi ae as wring to pest 4 tng of logge alle to aes of ‘teen acy sucha oe intel the ling cate Dats tom some cant ater ots Basie Fae ce 6 Donomsrtion = 8 Se ae Tae snes crane ie © Sr aga fe ugh peas 4 Simm, note sa eal ss seni br” 9 Ta tee ok alm pl, naras * Sr nde el ori ana nd male SE a pr on non cee 7 Mt Sach eg, en it OR ea tent tie 2 Te ty le and ting ce bent, ‘on le og Ee rte me sch os 11 ASU naa mcg otto ane 18 Pettitt lta, gen au ERE mate prt coin in 146 Slee ant nogotaon we ‘Sg dane pts sing ces ao ie few Heer AS ay ote andes inike | Stowesgerent one and Aan 19963) Writing bias and prifeonal tinge 7 ‘One of hemi ppronches adopt in hie of mel td Isa ate and es conser he nae sis and Knog > TASK 43 lathe cele gen Blom, which of he thee hans stiie ene fy one ab concn te Soe SITUATION esuasersmenmatenrcs ete Sees (CHARACTERS Senge Hy Fk Pe . None” oan tase Yr Dr ane wrt oman Bra (Owen 199257) (ft actites, Owen exits octets for te devsop- teat of wing alse coeel nw fo spor ace > TASK 48 4s de section on eet cool ‘Docent Sly” ait esse low. sin te try oar Tha doy sik ene wl nda by he inion ‘Nace oa vs ~ How pt do yo el hs activity wl be nein emer, {0 deo an afpon sor oun bate wg? (Owen 19259) not in pen th iy et nga aod eur faeces ao at poral odd for ‘ewe, Sens pr ne we apa ip em ttnknaned why fhe ke he been western ts partir way BP SEroTA Eater ot paced he fee Serco ce seen of [ch cress nd fe pnd pee oe ie Seckin ef tivopered ame cae od ative apd na aie speaker model can be wf to eer, ‘ony ey are ed in boiton ith etal emework which ‘nlm ste wha anes part tet eed fad hi ‘ination wich il te hepa stents wo wth o develop ‘her own wring myc fra para cen. Wh is ni ‘onl ep exe tha roid inthe ext Ose ‘ites ee def act thar ean bel a te ose ‘Weng snes and profesional etngs mich conte aes aodentand hw sacl contest iene ‘oy ehh wees ake eta rant std xl Goes ‘Soe rey of model tent sons wld wae af esi i {age oe wih they ca daw on when doing thee wm ng Spl ame of sch she es be These ‘tod veton the mayrin with lngroge ww Ces co ‘ipondence voted io ets formal eons, wo tine epi soppmene wo te acy Task Ih pac ithane, ood hat hve high Heqoenc ns area tp fo I busines comepondnce have heen sted unfuy a > TASK 45 ha the emo alow we wie yl rent ier te tare ofc non prensa Soe Conner the fone qos erg the ee ‘setter to dc pe of sa Inches vette win hea xa wa = ha ee fpr regi de weer ke for eli af wh yng? Dr hi iter ‘Scorlg whe pepo ne ged «$i de wd re rege Iie) sony etna and pn ee tea Wy be ena ond pan en wisn aout data given hr nt fil om ‘ide at he pony of ore extacr come om tens elated ie (perce Ofer eur andj eer The data av eels bow ‘Site bre ee dane ec fom pensar ‘She sing we athe panne bj o fad new see fete pu emete ie spout cas are god es ing pen for expe wing us Hes a pled to ‘Wis isso of ata ales can bint vege he ayn wh pole dus senate eel a wes Eg, the plese of ciferen epecs of dtce fe the render el tiship a she ays sone avn, nager jt mod they. 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One may rund the poten dw eo Ute beta lnpege et snd ute pels inthe dee ‘omen of wie eres 92 Dennsrtion cont lege and language sate kool ae om the ther ‘Siar hr langage ace hae an experi, We il etEang Sth in ie vt of 9and comsierng wo in wich pb Fike exci mens camp eer to gin aller dest Ing of wig a aad ome. ‘The intellectual/thetorical approach > TASK 48 In you eis of ing Hw we or wae Pst your Sar scond agin what wool ou Eryface yor ona acho strang passe Di thy bo = Ty Serko wih compte ts rw eerie 0 help Sette lifer pe of terial device De hy tak on We aiceer ings ca re ure vo we Sete kinds hist mc tren ope? ea ekg ther ate cng vw of at aks pe ono of wadenie writing ad bow this content and be Langage we Soitigescaa ba cid lmpssning rion tee eg and cond ngs tomes nb Ei en ty aay tae csc, apes» non FEST anetenoro eae coum te orgs com arr nha tan te mer nl ee, ‘cca ed rg taken tn enemas ya sme a oe Sin pi any fe a mer fy sar fim Soap it i hv cs. The WG. plaster on edad oe of ~ Exon Een” Gapparion ad const ey sete [Sd cr Band icon = Repumentaton alps tags 1 tn aching mater sat ae bil rand thee cep tec ovr se hrc nds to Be oper beading Peo of rete wring ener a vdeo help sents 0 pre ‘Eek Speen ngage Once lamers on conta th exponen 93 Writing nade nd sty eis 85 a seotence lvl hey move ont argraph length and sen ll eat ie eres Ths an spac oan ane se ot ‘Sigeto const knwiege whch eta call tcf err ‘The social/genre approach -Acrtesng ppronch nes si ering pin the concep fhe di ‘Sars crmmnty sd eis nt fst oe bt an of pose (Roden cmioro, Gea debe scarce for Hein ¢ (Bovp of wit tl adr sta cnsoune communi bre mut be ‘mmsn gol urscptey mehanem norman ncn, cnr sty spear, gly aed terminology tel = hh ew (Gal elo exert” Goa 150129 Hee “cn gale 0 {Se opts fhe scholra any communi there an inde ‘Scour of relate capcimenal pce the feporing fe inowip he examsntn of mate sd 2 oth i he ete af ‘rig th ptptey mechan a he aha are ced ‘ith space dicptine Examples inlde see orale Took Sn the sxaminions hae tae have tote ne eo al tragh a eum a “Teachers who wok with his saci vew of the contest of aac ‘ring wl the wins donee hw their ow pee ‘uncut fan and how fers the way ih th Wen fh commaney we Ia hs oss of very ees Itc atte atone tha ce eee feet ees nd tread an ing yt pry Ss wl thet male ‘hes cn be snail eda ears Leconte fo ‘Be, ay we ecg a trpsormed We should moe sec pra el ene + mien of ‘ting ta ides sould esa Thy wl fl 4p ‘he rn tore bt wl tbe te pine rina etre for teshng meri Wecan cl! speach to wing so! gore ‘Tae impor apes of this apps wo acalese wring exit Comte sod ping ssem iow Toe se “The wo approaches to ening academic wg have mension — ‘ncaa ad oll gore el whee pecs in 9.4 Structure and organization > ‘TASK 49 sat lot carom a wily ed wing cursor ESS'Mih deo rofesonal eds Etat B comes os oreo weting abretaey repit,hat dere an 0 ‘iy the way athe store ese infoation boa the ‘acre sn onpemanon of Wee ex? baat A Set er cn sal epi geet ‘ou eh seamiagisikone ce “Thc cs ae ge on sealer Tire tee arcane te sou” hex he Que'scbe reg arene us paren lig ra ei tien, 1) RRL el tee Re ite abe Tw gad te slo” tesa pm ye (tonp- Lyon and Hee 187100) Wing academic and tay tings 7 1 Model Report gg eae a apg eo we sieht ae SELES Se Sneek = ae Ret enon on colle and STE nt sm etn ih Questions Seem OTD samy attenoaia (9 se eo oe epee mabccaniog (Dates 1855-8) Those entact reqs wo tren diferente ins of thought on ed sto gap ofthe mow high geetizable scot text Craton ten beens her rooney to plete ‘cera set one us ny advange Get ahng wich ‘ahs the petal te bee ath def wet om the coat, they wil be able to cope wih a road range of awed ‘ring pre sand when thease The eunebok an eed ‘sd kind of alee he othe develope the ly to dee i new ext robles asad whe they ae Tus Hamp-Lyoet hd ens bok dvs not temp oe specie ooo aext * how sy, strange sta, o ea cetis opatze thi ‘hkl ptr thn a be ound t may text GENERAL FAR ‘vios/nisut and so forth Whe ths shod hve the bee that ‘Emeril del an nearing of ow ee work thee cb ens Oe ofthe most porate that stents ay fel i the Eliepe of tans peered cc mening wi ie res ‘hn thy ae asked to cry st ar so dan fen tee dso eer tht Sey ar sing fo sspend dt! forthe ppoe of the sk an The second crc sfc scl ere approche prove a fs wih edly pcan so he om of ere By Si ine bee afb pnt. Ts way wry tas Stra attanys sod darren ser mourn san BE Nig ar sada warn ers Cn sn tm ar ot ‘hie. Als the fst of gratia ood lel ee Inthe reopen os et xa be dermal are oy iy mating ox he elas ween nage ry ewig, nd ‘Eee upkeep ‘ny rca Rens snd dicoson of emt ad ‘Compton fre. The min dorama of ham appre th iind St oak vil oty appa oss rage Isnee Maree, ‘ce oat oan ty ik fee 0p te mn he gh and i wing brary pre owen Stern oft “Thi le set of nero! mater can abo be edie, ab we favor dann fica o iOey Propet smpeng» modelos learns mang te once Feria evi Sich challenge an be countered yt ap ‘en: Ht safe se econo aloe etal he sl ty ‘eg dain wih ex palo ne fee an be ante ‘ahr ee econ, knees nie elo ues have well ed canucay to pc and those rm he range fier ‘hm ol de hat mist be on ofr fe Ss 195028-31). ee {ens lower he fete nen yl kponed pon i thy refed wih hs soe fig sctred ering eal Tis donors the sponse tht ach ve when sein et me nthe example above, learners have basalt ie an nana thn parr by sing amc texts we te per ‘mi Intra fol eacang asters ake hse ates snow eit Wiig in academic nd study aetings > TASK so The ext omnes nen bow ae pl of the de elzen ‘ators fn wen ich ears ed al = Henly he eerie ~ nae ns, wt fay wel ar cle ein snp onan ara 1 5 ieeonea 4 tht igre uae vein |S Tere eee sion | HEBEEESE ~ | See oman | 5 Sema onde 197285 owes hg 23 nts 5 no cpr? cme (srs and Baker 19903), 50 Damoretrain sat 1 Patem: fete a ptm Hm wl Sane) oct pci fat (White nd McGovern 199451) seascape ive ee ra Sep crater mee pe eee eis rsd connote tar ei koe seat gen wb eset Saati Tora, coat pon «pial arc fr ae csc Se 2 nee a tee pare fe een a ul twee df ae sears ml rte iy wal clo bre 8 and da ls of ams een rc Wile wah tot co cherie atom (esis pon eet Eas wi seo ge amis To cee eH al kp! wh se eh eg ee i eo ma SS, EERE Tey ee drag es er etag eee Wing academic and sul stings 91 rac 3s the mas pref the ogee pater gen bee ota oul hve bce deed om am api eo ac {im of argent eng Ids on ie inl ace et inode in 43, struAtion-somtan-roruTion/tEsronst pvauuariow/uasiat, «pater well to broad erection 0 "thter tbh edcnton cota ot pep oes Ke Sip guage examination, enters oy bowen wnt ety ths aterm na ange oa ace profien oreo yp of wrt lng or example newpaper ates and lan tome seam a ‘pang lend then large ae They wl a ted oppo. io dt rpc fd enh a al By whaeer means eden ave a an uodercadag of the way in ‘hich as te oan nh dors commun re emit The problem fw they cam devel cpacy fo eke wih cn ‘Ecein pee pare nal the chs we hae ome 9 a, We'bave toed that salen ll noc to apo thr mors geal ‘Tse of ew moe pee ing Tig tee patie eve of tenaton 9.5 Argumentation > TASK st The ro est dw deal wit te ean ay he ‘kempliiy coasting spproscies to ring nscton Spine dcr sch ect Task 1 Adenia gue al nom ein wa ‘etme Se enon psn ors SS et apni creme rat beakers ‘The White and MeGoner materi wosk ia top-down way, ing Ear an one of pel again pases forts pe ‘Eetipian fo thn roving them mi 0 Sporty fo werk ‘Smt and eon efor they work in the gen hss We an {Sy fh rach an apgroch over owt “at 10 “wing at Blah eg de oe ee Refers mater ecm of agiage ws orate ‘rs cmpan snd cota are reppin am append An ava ope acy tay at as pot the if work he ene 0 tot scott Ta a hen ‘pert rien ngage tint poop & prea ete ‘yf Toten mtr ng per den hte ae ‘ecm grave ond prose spronces tothe tecing of wen, 20d ‘Heo cer we cst ac are ew of rig The Jordan mates approach the poem fom a deen sang rie and stone anche Here mers ate en dt © Sroka ce wd pe xc face gh wie iy moe and more open rare: The materi ep LPF hea acca apps a wtngiracon, Tey ‘Sef "Pesaro, Pace, oduct’ le i oder to bp eter [coco he ile nel Inthe tage guage. The move ‘Soh rn wring seo ee > TASK 52. Lock athe extn Tin Spi, Do 90 fel hat here re ty edanagso sdanapn ther appenc? 1 pone dat with earner who have lined convo of Semen ‘al amma lime thre ae adnage im song the bo ‘map appeared by Jorn. Sent a aches) ae ve ‘Titan an geen eas of conoling tof etna ed, Sd kos Can wrk wh the sutra dependent eae ere {lpr a he ce Tannoy fring ao se i opin sls in which dct eto ifomaton da Cebit yt ana of pas Feet emp maybe pn to compte exe an nee do tae The opprtenty to dep thei ay wo ei and rng tr wih ttew i inproving commit quay nae nord work mht ie my or matter gh vl et option. Sack tmsler may be more realy ackined i the White and Moen maser sours opzcon a ely [ems mah ange to crm pp This des, of une, pesos lately igh dee of Spit oo the Ismet no an nearest fae ‘Shestnt ng Th raining tka hs ape i oo ae 96 Wiig academic nd tay setings 95 ona ih i hip, es ein, ison on Sooemrraileorpn hens te Sy a el ay ‘Seam of ahr resi ero ea eg hey wil even have nea ‘ein dcop e ith ekg Sirf npn been el fuente ‘evel of text organization, oes Style Stes edt now abou the pl suctere and ogaiaon ss sce ihe en a Whi hyn ya {0 ain oer oe fer mes af arpentaton, Ti sofa to be alto exes thems the nua laren apogee fr the contest a wo ey ae ng > TASK 53) “The following et execs wee pee to 1,580 enti ad ‘Sos as cine whch ips we en lensing, Responders wees oy wach they ‘ele, and to scat the guy of tick af te sees Wh do ou pee? Why Brow’ terion Inthe fis expernent ofthe eri ing ice twas decreed at tle the eal gn ec ecto gente ts and hat sarees scaled se ere {© the ve ec me by uence wh cron: Thee ‘pont the ier ofthe aka or he lenges ‘Set ogreion Neh Se alacant oy ‘ines be dane of leech hoon (NCTA, ‘duce ACT a been reported Bin 1972) to Sceae the Sees of nat mies ae of iStomy en asenvene aetna reed [eves a ACHE [107 wdc ores Sits erson “The fet experiment in or sie with mie showed tht vt ‘enor ofthe aed! nds eda agpesvemes Moree, Wen eed wih contort, nce that had haw deals skeen gi rn mal su Ths ‘ere ht os emo al sow ‘Bet semoral of the aoa te lee of adenocot- ‘coc bomoe ACTH nd ain fon hat ACTH loss a Demonszaton cesinees oct mie Tho the edo of ae haar Sperone due Ge hes eo Rt A Stay (8s wads conte for ante 82 (tink ond Kirkman 1987-18) son's eso war the one peared by she sai of eden (Os, Reese oe eld mae Se eee ponent fn this xpi ow 1 Ar ma eee Brom th vere ge Be no, weer Feat net OE arth spe ote Sy chen wont “ect than cach pened exalt em i oe te iene een he Pe Ta ad Kika te rnc ngage, Sms ers See eat ee tie wae i racnetdchbsce “a srg tt ne pe is Pa Sih sme ued tore om tons 2 eo oa oct a oe te ne Yo mak Yat eae ygn or pater, es of Com ec se he ry wes il hl sary ge va ee et thar whe et ot nose cman in fre aur come ede in 22 and 28 i ren otf er tied ei fe examples in Tsk 33, Brows mg Writing aco and ata etings 97 ‘sid rack she wong vel of femal, which why ders ee eto ot oman ey hyo ean inti nd ey og a ommene n ee ‘Siomen ighseal psig nad oced nip oe tibwrny farm King sce Teed, or mks demande tm putipat abe ged tend thse of tat douse, be {if done et omy Se these penne se stng those Who st eee Dy Ka ‘Sed by " itt! (Palongh 198045) Iw auch conten, ii perhaps no apg tn lary, and acy ‘perience a appre dees of f= ‘ite. Wher sme athe ony dee the wees fo he om ‘eta petal headers, yng snd more coment ‘rape than you fl ma enough hing > TASK 54 “The lowing adic gen in coe book or ats who eign tes fe app hr ny so te inthe nt ony wg mg lp ened he Sci ott 3 sy won oe ‘tent plead tne “heey we comp curser he fore gama Tat pls ed epopine ety lown e de ade» rl ‘Stil wore expres site (Sey leew a se, Back a tne Saleh ort sh cantons (to nd He 19:72 Apert working in ler ht seo foreign langue ‘Bnd Hit and Hyders aduces lle cto follow. For ‘imple lear suey have probs in ing whet exch ‘Sque words an pre Se We mig note to, that es aly Donoeation stechaceat meg ates theta Ere cathe teeter tae Sieton i rcs tone feelers dette inc Bae fe Secor Seer ces Reiger ete fase Epa cemmyneidest yeaa Sega awarn toca: iparectrnhe tien sen Siata > TASK 5s The ait Uo pests acter apron 9 he eatin icealy rng Wine commas sould you ped Snr wl ak se be ea? Wie speach wns Eat gen to hve aed Peeing hi SSNS oa! IND Th example go ers aw nt ane of hep of 1s mone i sf ads Ge sea opps oul dso pi of ny ch ot Sout ifs Hen tn ech pt fe Yo sila onasine es od cle iter hc by henge “he nd pour bt go in he Hg owns ‘wher poole Busing The er pie ll take You there Tie lta wh te cod rede amextct {roms portion. ane : eo sk or ony yo wl athe cn Talim’ os teatn e eSe many pom ey he como “he Hanns Walla x “The ex diy we ot fom Deg Cesk tough paty ‘oping ra of tar, den seb, wh al oa comps [The mre an tks nly abe pi so We ad to ‘Ga our way trough fors of wath Bushes ey shins Iki the wok of Jacaos Polk, Once though here, we ‘coed we ware he Won place ad ede 0 80 more Wiig in acdc nd end igs + bite pega uuou m ihtapeatiemasgae fh va args meett Be eiaiie Wea Seat aeons sorta ceed ats Staite oar Ei avaigte amare hae Sabai siies Gime Iklow Kaniog Wall he Gingirang Mit sires Noo {sand sine by eel eek ihding Des eh oh {oath and Moko Cet tote nar The of of de ea ‘moysenary material Bot expe ol wens hon, only suport sclerophg vestaton and ses Pt same vgn exes te io Roi Tp ae iat, Me Sergiy ‘The precipitous ls of Me Songhey ise 600 mers above the King Ce. Te po or eee othe moet th Kangra Gog, andre Kangen ek mesa {nie an ses newaed couse te Cox Re Ta scp dec of Keangra Cand othe omer ees Aw of wate nth Co's river Ica trent ha lg fa wn sear, which swt scree Ens te tet td masta cone (Petes od) 198927, 29) ese aoe gna rit Ect Ke Cn ca Rives Mt Srongleg aad ae Eee eT a ane Stoel fee cae A ag on et ee: RES aheeTi um ee heen vice ata siren Na ES cm pt ae ACESS ts Sete 100, Demoraon Ate yoo what he wales exper slong the way. B ies 908 sega cts ond tase = Spe every de ages uc “wae igh, ash 2c’, Sapp ots essed” cone ecicl wordy ‘eden’, "cop "vege = Ae'prose je oeneran the reader. pps is expan te teow ofthe ae re rer 198830) ‘ican aay can be bell co Ines vrons ways rey Fcc hin cont the spstcane of the soil tio Ioornps Sp conacsisng te mls hs way he shor Fama yom an noone a oral whi makes the comes. thw eee cot in mpage we nd the ding commana fem ene erm a rar en sw soon pon pa om ‘ine prace dence oe ‘The above ds dey demonstrates the ned that leer bane Telangana Inomicdge od eonest know, ad ec ti ty to ake te elope he, Leama ht Bae ‘Ng gusts pete bat tbe tle to implemen sap cir prc conte ey mn haven char ndeeing of ELS Meee evel of aay bu ct Bove ses ing ‘Eng waive th fl they denen te case of entry who ‘riberbare nga genoa wares af conte, se ome reach moment they pt fe Pr > TASK 56 The acinty in Task $5 wa deg for stents who pak FRSA, fi lengua ow might you wa 0 extend tat ‘planation foe frag inggs een? “Te tg pole frei ngage ears sy ha of inn ten Eno. woud foe example be pol fore passer ce nme to scons ner he cite of uote ext Aa tet By nd bo 2 ey ‘Tite tthe ste foun pres weal nso be fin eerie wit the example or wa colecion of hae fx 1 ‘SpSe ie menion ha poe re more common i foal woe Heine RSE mae component of al in wring i acdemic eins i ‘Aesop or eg ada fer othe oy which we, ‘Ger the Sey wich fo she wer be tesonble either for thecncy othe eas bng pt forward frees ene Writing nade and sy stings 16 ‘acon ways of hl ste unersand i Yes wa of ping ens deed hap agg > TASK 57, “Two ys of dealing with comming ate as ofl at thy ee sa ferent’ eye ee Ronow weld pou die i feed 7 = ee ‘testi st str deans dane etme eee ee ‘ecg ape oan ‘stn The se vara of poet sees cocoon Shamita ase oa amas na ai they nay Sob Sep amc Uondan 199260 ietgiening a Te Fa ine eS tee ni cay eer ae ‘Sorat use beet tec (hse and Move 8904 ove 199463), Jordin hielo maar component of commitment, and inh an ter eect cen so Beasts eg ae St ero tine tem oly se words i expen thc seal entity oe sos. Whe aed coven Soe on the inpoc of galing xa Hamers, fey sos ee thi ene atoten fhe way nick wt os eh et pes pesaeoincen deaset e ‘Somer Foren poi cy pe ‘ormehng hat weer a be We eens te ena nehement ‘the we On the oer hand, whet sems foes cgay (crate wea he personal pronoun ips that we sme depie at est commid the eaten 9.7 Conclusion In we have coded the zation of cote, cnt, al com icine pup rom the poi of wo ito see nd ‘Sy purpose Asian pat of or daca has fue tthe ‘ray in whch diferee aio In wang nscton cng ating nih into he mare of wie ge seeing nd roid anes with arate way of aden the prblm oa {0 become wer inte tet of Sey We hal eto thee ‘esto Ty when we sal ne how dees approaches pack ‘Me wtng ance sr of dc ta enc piet ses 10 10.1 10.2 Teaching writing skills Introduction In Secon One we consider sme ofthe far eh tha ow ‘ge the mucho wg and coman of he pags ay wl ean ea to socal wing We sw that two of i moto ‘Ess vcd ih pea acy 1 ease ~ he eta 1 which wits ae a 0 # rang f eprops (8: fro when be or she i engaged in the eto of wren = tect of wre’ aco the way in which comet and oni info the goer of wing that ave pel of pra In 8 and 9 we have conser acl t context, cont, nd nmin purer nthe thing of wring a 10 we lone Sith fe wee ning ne nd wh ‘We saw In Sion One tht, while dhe have been many diene i fw ac orci ine, We ‘ed Ain 191; Hares 1993) chia ger onset on he a ‘lone These ae srl in Pe? oo page 9, Ae Sve aa eed ep wig nt ee sn. Dag each pe fh pcan wre ay {Xero oss sta pe fr fe eng ey ‘etn to develop Tn ti Ses pals simply marks sp ‘the the weer die tap ring, The tt tel neve ely “ited tessa 10 we wl code he pas int uses, Pre-writing ‘When Hee abs about pec acne se sys hat tefre ating pent pete lid wrt ae icone two apr Seo a a Pay i oe itn Who awn fr? dpe ERED} The ‘ucts rae coely to te duction in ap 9 whee we ema Sic ran nig ft end oa {fee lg so says hat ne pc wing ties pe dea reponse te ca Boorse aspen 104 Demonartion > TASK 58 ‘that sort of remeng cvydo you tik experience wee {Sr wong tthe St langange woul eed 0 do fete Sm lng et the long cones Wael they nee ay earch bare stating 0 ete, oe would ey be alee thang wih a anon of rearaon, for aml jo ti down af pon ey mared to oe? 1 Camplin at appbsion frm for cous of dy a wie 2 Wing ae nn coy in nr Hk fut when woud be pol ovat hem 5 Wing he mints of a commie eing 44 Wing testo eat fora new miromave oven, eis rbaiehatcontet 4 wil ez the most pre-wsting sci ToS iether il have to kt the egies esos ‘iS delpe the mowave oven dws fol reparation ech ‘wes with ood scent heck fy tes ad Baw best beep ‘hen een ann fr One lh norman has ee se Ted" wate wil veto eae 08 an appre egiatona Feed othe tr chuck oy ec es wh have be ‘Sind the tele and desde wh anes wil be need. ‘Bea ot new th es co wl ve ch Epo th ueraing of the consaswoih the ew ‘Sve on hte Forearm an tron lear for a ann ses wil fe saa deen om the intraction Feale fe {TSNtRe ie sing edge of hee dlc, ped sn (tes an provide te ight woe he eg formation ‘Sana yf oe we dos mee pec the ate te fears iwi bd oat e eh so of gusta nce te fips of atiration ann nr pear a wea st of srs Av eppeced wrter wool no engage it ess prewring activity Weenie he oer ose Se bchground bow ofr an hie dato ons an thts equenetswl be Soa coment te nling efoenaion wl have 10 be ‘ela unl foam elrence ook, The te SRE pel acts wo papaatom 2 tle the writer dees to mike ar of yun eo lel he oly hing a xe ‘hal iter might doo check a eo she Knows how ‘Sec oe pone who snd he mein He she wil. Fat aety have ele of th pops fom in wc he ‘ter shold be peste ‘Teaching seri tie 16 > TASK 59) 5 flowing nity sor asked po ‘nba adhe Sta ne toa Hae Se ‘ng ts fp ts Sevclop wig A Wa Tacks en ie cay Predne ldo mating t decd ont coment of our hee Daring the mcg you man dee "tha infra cae Vel cso, be resacant ~ he late our andes aps, pnp = who wil do wh who wl earch he leet seco epg ‘ ‘Me pti of ine you he wil ge ou han ee tnt aka te ierason you hve wet tel gard ens er ny heck tearm 8d Be Eli ic ecare = ik only wee yo wince = proce your boar “ten you te fed you shoul ply your work fo sterner of iecan” Non So hel Wand sl dic ech st, (elen 97231, ace aor ir la ve hw slash Se ec cate eater et eeanpeccos cerme rie Stee oee eects ea cin on NEO my are ng seep et ae ee Geet airs See eee pate rene co aes ery nae ontributon tothe overall success othe weting actiy. As Hedge sgt ‘Glabrae ming hos gents doses a okt a eae See soe Le ean oft ee cme te ls Sean at 106. 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The authors have promed epe = 110 Demontaon ‘ue for his type of wartiv anh ares arash owe hse ‘St inn tha eo deo the fest sues fer he erate Toes Tak axel aad wcking shat ey ‘neal ee They woul! sa in the delopee appa w- ‘Belo hat whey ene come o compen nd nin hey Be ‘eal he peu ar sce or sO a > TASK 62 Ia what wring conte igh the fllovicg sty be pul? {Wilco wo eo he Land ‘wht terol yon epee comer ch ak? [valuation Exercise 9 (Doty, Koay and Sei 1987152) Teaching sein okie 101 Te xi one oss ded 1 lp eer ne ber asiness porta cry comet ot eee ses ihc al wit ch Se feign. recs becom of eter ig eee on eae ipo whet fling ec we ene por {aio fee hl nes son, mre re i nd ‘Stentor th ep al ean aw pe ‘Sie nes eli teen idee compen hap {Ee peg fino ti se ang re cier e SG Sr yaa spponces Wo Oe fesnsion of rm Sepapory snes he pata crt tere foe trough hdr advo Ty spe ogo ‘ae ote asd ble of hing tes nerd SOP Sel pn Sone by cong dg ewe 2 {Se we (and coeur "Ran om he oy, you wk tow te cass an ‘ies e ccomene Pity int Teo erie th the cin we ‘actin Bt ge of pr are ot es, Tanta te aes fe per ny ok he meay Sy paces nay et the net, ‘SSE lommace eer pe fw Tomar of he noon Titeing fe TEESE of cnn Ti ney of ems. a dan pe hae etn int hr ll ifr Miksa deco neg etme (Doser, Kase and Sef 1987130) Inet, Doty ea te oteasing view of et peice pb Tie ooghponcel such thos Gace 33. They ten [ents of wg pce olmstead ‘no cao apm bn forth wn wring prc ech i appouch repaing for weting ees he empl on he cal onmuon, tesing ther the fmprtance of oad. preparation, It Srna ar scar of acon bse ona nit nested (Tikes of he ext hy ae ong to mre ad on the peat th tey hae care sot nthe castexc of fr ondentandng compo {don tea cs cen ob dependent an vena alone sod eae Inch mare a pox of spemtc aman In thi review of weking proces, me have pow more fo keg ‘Saton, clon nga fan rough pla ened {Sum torpor hse pt pen o paper ot Figen to Lebo. 2 Domentaton 10.3 Composing and drafting Aviad in Fe 2 (page 32) sees eer a single ut of point. ‘cyan e-ing sa Spicer aby emaos eae ‘hing eeng fewest eo anc Hower te dos ned {0 feiome pat atc te wt bint tat ln dies {no geval ex (ar 19555) and eves em king abot ‘ine de lel vary onpie ee 23) “ang (Wha sad Arde 1991) 0 crening ed Seve (as 1993) Butogcomponn, wet tnove ord tea ha mat oly smc they want to cone} 1 thet rear. ‘wn and Hood (1989) ve he following exerci np bring Ate the pont of cpg taper rupee are en {1Rdine tans oie pntaton oa lng wth et fac ‘nego cnmealy zed by outs? whe? when? what) ie way they ae pnd wt auitance erating es os {tee and surg Stage 2 sds wor aay 4 pea ‘Moewepaper antes wah daw oni ml ase Suge 1 Suge (arm and Hood 1989128) ‘nce they hve onecome the peolem of geting stares ate Sera mig opt eet eet (Spl oe sry Te sun flow quis canbe aed Wo pete Teaching iting eile 113 mt ea theta which lows one thi oping The tk Spe ete ol rw > TASK 63 athe conte of «longer say, how could you adapt such a ‘ppeac i rd plese tro anpuey eck hey might met wile sompong” What cr Seeion ‘tori be al forex or whee nye agit ‘eiterstenp eeate a algae’ wis pone der ‘At gene evel he ey wo sc ob ok your ifthe adie ‘Shetek unesonbl jsp ral he ge ‘whe you are saying ther wor are you suing our ‘ear can follow thea faut ht yom fave ben ing wh nit fox eme n,bt whch renal ew them? Moe ily Whi (1957) pees a city which yn some ees sa. fit tha ppinl yBow nd Heo Ts civ deseo pa wet mae the aifon fm as geen Sepa fore panel sen an tester oe set Poa ier can evel be imcorporatl it competion Associate the hone with smehing ce B Dime ie 4 Rope ike Deube Gimp eho 1N Rm the voy oar of ‘You cn we thi mnemonic to ell ie presi proces when ou are uyeg to proce teas for + weg spas hie 19875) bmi his cig, White goes on presen thane freer, {0 work weil" Wl o aad then aes staan ough ‘Selvafccnicr winch ead ote king of Bt tal Praca eae roti es Developing theme Tig tatlne tee ame existed Deoontaton Gen he smb of saps which White bd te autor recommend (San Sec gene ely to components Which ‘ase scr ump immed eo compostin are coun & (Spr iolre Th fing ad ie woth beac id ht ‘Whe may’ be fon spsoover melon propane tht srt ‘Mtn Wit be many diesen dapat conte sph ni rhee tat avaye coz that te wil be many was a ‘eg a's sce sof tng some of whch wl be deo ‘ay omc > TASK 64 “eal wei al te stud tea on cm iam io ober pear, Doyo tik ny ee er nary wo empl ts tan Ws, nat? ‘Weng Tsk 1 Wet ample ctning he ots of eusoms ffxr.You NELLEECRE SRM Me is eto aml ‘Mavs el ty and sca pone be work fre of Be toe and see Deparment (Armd and Hamer 197848) In he igh of on eater dasion, its probable that we woud a en crake ang of repuatary ates oder ‘Sight ess lly and arse pps sore See to wit na ex, We wold lo tot up aap ‘Sher than am ving seach forthe text hy roc “i pit adele Dee hat ci obey ot ew eat Tea oan led cots WA may bes net woge ‘ieee proses mpotin aly one par of ey andthe ‘earth pn fous pape for he Bese ie nay, Do Bett ween Compticn tegen mot css seal on ‘aby tly pes ale a wiver ba a op an extsive epee Peo eas develop aang of atlas se, al then {in won nse epson forthe text hand. Both ome Se itwalne pepo suppor wren Js competion ‘Boke pos for hn to mtmor a evaleat w fey te wi ‘rest aclnomen of redton, Comper ths eis of manent inte wen en dja nero he argue they are eying to deelap oF the pescetion sey ae ‘oe share = Wretumlemnding ofthe execs of hei probe eer RSE Myriad aber sr exe hr cde te oe they acumen composing Teaching wring sis 1 10.4 Revising and editing Compo nd deing do not wmaly mark she ed po of he wr {ag proce A he ery es ies te coon eng tg ‘a they he een aod mang corn ere fh at texesne an ata ad gamit eer. In yf at Istaes of eel iting is commen mor een om ee ¢ ‘ev and eng fake placebos sa peo mtg poe ‘tcl Ths bok wil ave gone though Hv orb ee ede (1988231 er a opinion which i shared by ot com tren on te aig of rag whee se oad rs ap ‘eames on wting the cot ight Bt ond lee dete Be ‘Sueting ping fantuaton snd patina al ie Genig ent e's anne nnn of woe souldtapendac ‘ott. The eee nth evo er orp ‘edo the wring pot and trey irom what fh feo the Sor dite of rent wing Ta of te ce Wie {rc id in itd they me Bebe exe a the Ae ar" fer hs wy coming mistakes Sens ea 1 chek of pudciocr whch wi mate pra or hate thi wor, They abo oc eid revi ad eign tal pr of he proce of wren and nor omega ens Bas Sravan opal es ‘Thre age see examples of eng checkin plied maveie Fp foram tat wer shld a tems te Towing gots bk dering a afer cmon: igi are tar a je ee eee ee a, Seaueckraitacare eee ae oe Aree any sree ich dat sy ch 8 Gh He tc ee Teter ae through the writing? eh caiidcl Hopkin and Tle provide te following checklist for cemetary 16. Dewotrai Fisch tk makes Feit organo he pape) I the information pre in» ees, logical ode? ‘Have you panel tifa yr fad ad? Hive yu prim annecaary norton? ‘Aaaptd fom Hops ad Tbe 198010) > TASK 65 Comer the rape of more advo writers who nel to wre rls of tees fer eal besarte ‘eprm chemi nd arc Chore ne mc rou ad ce wha shold be caer by ses ca fo en “The shot approach lo etl when comes he lat pe of 2 ering ely eli ero heeding tage, bower fal “nln he sumed Ar Hae (1993 oe here aay 2 eed Ier'aog lnc ovr the ext ofr decop—whebe tha oni [pcos Sa ofl raft to cour a be et mate [now clrenee Poor irs arly eve os tek teh ‘akon deft 5 ished Haves 199862, > TASK 66 Ie eiingsbckie coes ates sch ae apropeiteogani- ‘ln cry of exretan aa th slic aod flvce of Inacio, wt woul you comer impo olde 8 ‘Sec fort fin dng of ee tng chk ny wll ary ow ion 0 siti, making it ome fon denne ecto ange sue oe. You ‘ay want beavers om cert langige Bachan poy Fart ‘lefouenige towel nen pollens n fremmar™prposiot oa ee eco i neg oa arene {Tore Boer tof rotons sch stow oseted by Nols tlh ote ing and eng “The proce you ave when you read falda very personal, tue iprtn obe sonae We ned 9 cece the ore in which te infomation sete ear legal Su eco ‘below the sng ‘voce inc vend ode ‘Sox of word puma peste fom and choice of ees) (Note 19751) Toaching rig eke 1 > TASK 67 Gans groupe of raed eres you have gh think about your own needs as a wre. What types of ee Sich mh be ho hans, EEE 10.5 Conclusion It sone ie oe wa vege ifort tte renee maga eaceatermenaecet ats iidientncncs Ronen oe u wa Responding to student writing, Introduction “Wehae ses how diferent proaches to the ahi of wig can ‘jure lon types oposite vit we soe SES eer a leo oe ge ise agg ccs wish meat them, Dug a dco we GLE ae tcret i tilt rarer at eto! ve for {gad ie cere ol that cy can ek when ay repo ‘then tac aos hve we > TASK 68 Hendy nego noel thee fa abubotdlrnce teen the way acer ‘pends to ter tnt Bae bn wren With Chee tw ssn purposes? In 7 we wed anes from the Naw Cambridge Exglah Course 38 Shp wring olor tk ce Beample 3 Task “Acyl way of making wring done i sponte sch «ak would te 1. Theefmediteindewen, 2. thacalpeonten, 7 low, muntipnns In ring 0 are sii eres ally wat . elfen th aan tn hve why want knw i bye ‘ica wong so hat yc aro te mil Tica pF ‘ly osenceleel ka ch the ne above ac eo que xe ‘Sefer of wisn whore he rhe adler have aged ht he 12 Responding 1 stdet wving 1 Iie prone of the ek ew rate he tre language nc wold ay oa nln 1 ert ac, howewe this aproach o marking halt be apron. Thiet cusp hee nes est ‘compl, mul ened acy tn aches ke aren ay ed ying en vcr of ero spi et a ‘whether sees igh or on > TASK 69) Think about the diferent specs of ex tha ces esa vb marking sen wring, and the dren pits 0 Se they im aka mdr wo mate evans: What sf ‘pial tk on when thy are readers san wing? 1s now ok 2 four base rok whch weave for tech ‘eae We will than ues, st, cat, sed as ‘teacher cn tak onthe oe ert ogee ange Four basic roles ‘ssc, teaches have the sme srs of esposbies and cor ers any render. For wane theft ning! To apf Undead? Docs te sabe he wir sade ws veo es Tis someting that we cn fre at web ouses ot ‘euch freak o nels, wih he ht sar ‘et ht we have eit ve f what hey hare ota: se, ‘esprit ear ten i thereon rapt ee, el tn or peepon the they Be ted cout gh Sa i ey wr ih ome a ate at leper ite he ter cr eae Sgt tn Sechelt eae {ie ene eae spe scalars each ate no longer eying So ipeove «par tex Rate hey ee commenting othe lear’ err pete sad ‘Aras tad weaknenes wi the ti of hig ten eae ‘rd at fre Brain ene oct a es of we Woo seed be ted bough ima Gedo the El ‘our in rer to gue leas towatepopranmes we Sap them conn to develop as wrt Phen can tha le ‘a e's eae elses wre hh ake ech ‘he when he era aon ew cus, 10 Demonstration ees taken et nae oe They hve to provide ASST a Sitsmen a pose a well a seen exh wt Era acs Snot os areal a we ato preloof work tat bs fren accumulated ove Thien resent ys eed esp 22Salbe jae by atc waned enna The wade ht ‘Set fen i ened to help ape edo any ot ‘Pectin cle, andra what he ate an al ie weter a eee ce ud a response to the text, serra lon op le Rimes acmr ined eae yar as eh ea cles aS See thameg aet eee ett aie meres te tecpinGennen y forum no nr Sona got nn ny ihe i ef Tren nia ei ener shag a tn some to yuo an gl hn ear my me ma tg ipl tt samen po nyo A good! > Resp co sdenwiing 12 “Bis way of marking wring i soaching htwilbe anil 6 mos fy "Think shoot ng aks You hae dane a eno for fio lngage Awe mtn Tak 6 chs aay eames ‘opie a way of esgoning o's tng fo ar exc ie appeoprine nts tan, owen cee wil reer lm a ie a {ie abel by te ext for expe paragraph ogiesion othe ‘Sivich the er sang enol Sst tea Mi cst ‘mets cha tether ret at heen th et ree eed "What dos "A od er’ mean? Does cet he me 8 Is ade ht of he rt, he reac oe ‘What he each ses to be ing ining thi sponse yt ae ein inh inde ny of then. By devoting inet tig lens th ers eel ofthe gg stem he enh fed sna he es {emake inproveens inthe ten Howere, he comets anti isch Ae ec teach fate commen the teacher might be waking encuge te tere and opine hem nthe ih ection for foe web sk Smo om ey Sig «peo Boe ‘sumer ay weak gre) th ache i ng toate the ol ‘rome and niting athe tet hf shee ence, "oy the eater bs edt gies ndeaton of whee mt they eoyed ead th x on und gave a ihe ee st Sears experienc ofthe worl ter wd they hve sre th sole of anton, Marking sen wring in his way has ee suet eich ti ech response och Bite prod, The teacher can “yg and reo ace ee of wang Repdng {0 pope nly ate dls wre dng the Fallin 1 giving the paper apa (A 8 Co 7,8, 90 2 Wong comment ery pod ess ipo cares, ‘we sometins othe finyof his eter, et ws a umes inthe pot of» sen fas mere in a amor, Ieoking op words he dinar, Nocaig sd nsking Whe ete hi paper ck ok ike Ws ‘What ithe seule! 0 do pow? What he don of cos ute ‘nt roe po the pape ay ope Re ome et Teer ed mark ex ne (Raines 1988130-41) 122 Dawotraion ‘oe way ot of hi df wos sem wo bento wat nl xe ‘ited nk coments mt Once etext has en banded Ir mos wo np the ede Snore anes poids so cat which smart const etree 190 Sitar pero fedhcs edad yuan ie one et hough ‘eed and comments mh ae made on tex daring th Pons ng The a chars yee fy dees wt Ramen ale peal cssoua wen ccein whe he eachert a espns Uudj tose ope and eno sss theres fhe ade (eee ge aca ee omer tes a ree (Ramer 19852139) Sach a pore tends wo produce feedback ite the cramp in Task Sivek aye bet arty paid and ese det na (Cicer rea eno why the wang bi de, hs tf Int can be dereingy me onsoing forthe eather ad emo- ‘ng for be ne ‘Be mand ae CyB gee sos ant ein raves wc nes cones t have lester petal for po Boehner with sonic fodbace th model here any sop or ang of illest pen af ammenteach of wich ‘STE, Spey orn puidr tomes ithe derlopment of Be (eee te major of eae bag rovied wel bore text {PiGnded infor any fom fot seen Ted, i this mel the Fates er to progres om dae Io dea racer tah er gece on he ci product Ft ig poses “The in poten wih he coments a the tet wt given ey ‘hrf, th thy wre made fo te, What we nel te ate th nae palo ge conan coment on dats of sen ‘Sea et hoe wang wt the ee dered ob tid hi “in bf done eltetoey byte tne a etn for a lea ‘ono te polenta the writer ght hve had bold ave ‘ncn Sch seer lao pu separate he fle ree thence ede rom cach oe, coring tht when ‘Teepe une wing our ulents undead he paper of (Se Sens aac gee wil tom cer ways of responding (Diner wing ta ar appropiate iret res (aes 19831404) 126 Denontaine 11.3 Audience ‘White and Ari ire the flowing iene For responding to student Iris Rpt genuine anne rade eather ta 5 Joie and lac’ (Whe and Are 19912125) They den eam ‘ap ofthe sort of capone which ey el gmt effi (0 8 ‘exe with the ie My mont unonptble haacer 1. Lally appreciate your suring hia experience with i. oond yur say co be oching po wr. 2. Th nfo pasgraphe cul Be made me iteestg for the 3, Tey sangig the order ferns an paragraphs (hit and Arde 1990128) > TASK 71 purl sjemay alr athe many Ta omulrie por tcpnae. Rater he flowing ‘leo shuren he le ef oe hs nd Fe wl you mate a a My tuna a aay, having ene ete se ‘ets et set way to bye en ao {Sty yg cn St ie me mah. er example yy ner ove cise mai ‘ger me er mew ye a i ae Tbe se Rept md ei the ae ‘Sune nc ave top wae sere wi Behe owe any ic geo ia the moran with a dee music ‘Toney make me rary. That whole ay Ist ave bad ei “hat hy urge bor rl 39 (ans 1983400) umes forte er ow eons te flowin mae You ave tld about wo mendes of yous fry. Now Lam ode wha ie ts do lat Bo thy Hee mato? Traine 1985-182) this intace the ste fn no dou eat be ache as ben Ieee te et fey have ben red and hw nds te Sunt of ht beng id Her comment aot gestions ive th ESE cea en and bd opm wba ben writen ead. Responding to dew wring 125 114 Assistant ‘We hae seen ht he po of weingopsialy of wing mor Exel tae gpaitcompie eto popu, compe ‘er td lightens ine eae a ch pone they, or make nie tht samen er xa ow ae ‘rk pnt fo were whe wes ake ety ‘Sect ene neyo Te icon npn yin sn oe ‘er sar combos tt fac ak he wing ‘Levon cee a commun of reds wal coma toners: hs doe sone a eng, nh IRE wot in en bey rece ker > TASK 72 ‘Tye ofthe aps involv ia writing » tent ate gen lo. ‘What rata can eae ke 1 To opr othe wing tt sds ding dng eis 2 Toke se shat someone hae rad and responded to hit sing Sibson des Four pei elnigues whch can incre teachers opparanes (0 el ear of dene ig se Js bow 4 Catcensng ‘each can be mor lived inthe preparation see of wit inf es tine oe for ti One nay of ahcng te aed Ferecng. 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What ‘Esactages i ay, do You ea such» proce Tho es can be worked aha many dfleret ways, depending on ‘heads of te goup A edge say “The adage of elomelton ae see 1 enables sens to ‘she ow tr eenourge dnt i es om ‘nag rpanzaton the develope fem the wt’ ese a Side and apeptate ale Those important ies ef ‘le in oon svi (Wade 198815940) 1s Responting 0 sus writing torn nln amer wk opts deep a eer sn hem ey lt cap he a har ye ‘Seng et tfc nl ‘Stic ig and np i al ape” ce ‘ery en they aT we Sabena Secs qu wrap ht ans oki ‘Sst yt ey an ee Wha Re tone tao sce rer aa Mtn Sede on da ee Moore 1 Hae dns ek ith» pe, oo fe wate er St ded a yt twee pn Se re i Tha her pny edo = tee fry Bd oa ne = they oud = nh wal ape thed wo knw moc a {aly ysl sai ree a ce 2 They sow cu pp to ach cr ad fae sonny ae he point wth god fot td po tty taeda oping he ‘hey sold tet jal Inpro ha thy 1 (he and Arm 1991130) ‘Ths aplation of pe ding fae on the mesa tht thew Is dvloping. 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We hav sey how tener inthe ce the fis the tle sgdeocan be auc sa, esa, ‘amine ed hw hve scan be taken a afer sagen ‘wing rte. We have ao sen how consi spn o¢ Tcing of wens wil ance he Kind fd at ee ‘gh ws ov and how the ou typ fro sa ‘es in nro wrt zee“ of Cnet, conta tees and he wing pear an pve emer mets that teacher maton dra nd comple tenes (al extn tea i eer ‘nih i py da the wate SECTION THREE iB. 'o ap ening tee pine Weave aw sen sme othe aye "Si tach help eames ave at wht they el ath ‘cn fal vrion oth tex The nest nk mf ep a ose ‘el and ins may which maken» grt commen wah te se ‘oom soe of he eer ways ip which acer a eres an ‘ane nnd we the en ta ne brn pred a Ston One sd Exploration 12 Exploring writing in the classroom amo ins ne ino ‘tno tens Se sey whch espns toe caso ‘ewe can ao be product inthe se eens hh st fre prec. ir scot we all ely Bad ule vest ‘ity bt ee epee “he tks in his zon have ben signe 0 pode ou wi oppur rm io eat met ‘apes, ad to lpm the deelopent of pec sac tt SES char you can cay out chr sew ot wile geo soleus ‘Many ate ate peed reins ches a stadt we {neopterin the carom The aca be woke ony ont In they ae prot nat sequen mc ms te elope ‘he argues i cos One an Tw > TASK 80 ‘To fo ot shot the of nner ot he begin of # wing Resouces ‘he dicwsion on Tks 2a 4 ‘Maki cope of «te rare #quelonaie for we athe begining of «wring coun in to sane yo tac: Rn esa bet ec pen bw bt th arm f you uence wl ped oe pres Sa ou haven underingyortneiton 138 Esporte (yas Wig Param "rane gnome aie oe | Seaian Slee 5 Serre _| [seer] [Teeter Tasman [ae ee [ome [oor ov wnt see thie into in lamin cor ang peomen| ‘Te guebani can gent sadens whe hey sie for th fore acing gn can be ome 5 part of he st Sow fs wring cone nln Ean lene gop cam have ery feet interests and ne. {iene ae ei i cane cane 7 Intato ha il Tp you tat you acu pogamme ofa Yours Is he oe of the qemu ge ore he oer eRe i ba em up een {en plana ani grr ephan on wringfor xamiatns than STL2 Eigty ine Se oon thar tho epee wre Inga cay ba ths ms lly Bcrse hey lacked onoce n SER Sein lee inn of he tc, SELES Seedthar oul be pnd nan om wah fa splering ering the casroom 33 TASK 81 “TDs eames to undestand the aie of saring pins tht inthe ame powp ay ve and help the Se how pe ‘t-ssedlnguge lls con be leva ins Fen lng ites The doin oo Tats 2 and 6 Examples of wring provided by eres seme: An opine ‘ton set Procebe 1k stadt being a example oft on wing hat sy fo ened wi cant apa sat a's pe of pons ‘ig or someing tha they have doe for preesoal r sea Purpose yu reaching + mong git tan be ip en fist lpn ye ne ech + fn med ‘tage backround eld be ween te re pune 2 Sig yt in ao gs of le, Wr ly tna ext ere writes aod hy and hy they a cal i em o 4 Sales read ach ther’ text and comment on he npc the wet lag har on them ean te afl to haven spot ses ach 3 ‘lowing encourage pete commen’ Enleion "te etporane or azar to ges sense of how 9 evant the a Iyefs pce of wring Devon eration sea et [nthe programm eats he eal pt in parse td Confers cies they a oda the cae 2 What ses ofa text might you wan internet ens ofses sr eee Ey em te ara youn a M0 Esplin > ‘TASK 82, ‘in Toby leer ove the det clr of writen guage ia hia angange conan onan “Te dco on Tasks 7 an 8 Mae ce wall poets Or OHP anpaencie rede 1 ind oe om dhe member fc fai, oF ey aout ‘espns on hh ey bee owe wen Aa co ea bat ‘Siow andor ural cone ala the more obvious 2 Learns repr ack in rope of oar nw Each soap produces ‘val poser or OHP tengureney which smart dope 4 Th ct reals he pera then works withthe ace eo Ine foematon i a ecpin of th tos wit {gen th coun (or counties fs rungs! Cl 4 hn scout of thereof his vey cas be gen a ie wit Ing sme fe te gra ares can bent rom having 9 clea udestandig of ow wing, ‘ted he Inngage cere ad the een 0 Wh ita, ‘hs its fom te we the ore langage atte Sch an under ‘Sanding pe eto denna see fhe eat ewer wee {ecient tose how the purpose of et determines the Wa ‘Per chet manson pes, grammars, 20d abla. ‘TASK 83, ‘Topo nner: wth exis in apg the wy of «tex 20 To haqe sew perp To arcs dw on the per that {ry hv roped he conta tes convesatona ngge "snd oe foal wien tet Resouces “The cin in 3 Example of tence at. Tangs of aig meals can fone ean sx source ftom of materia The ea Flow comes fem Hamer 1985). ‘Well hk he good it abut London i that Landa il» ‘ey tla ad ey le place, ad mos peopl YoY Exploring ering the case 144 sey 15 tla very Bisel you po to Americ, you fod ad move ped scat in vr face re Yon lane ‘idles bcs and miiec whit peo whee ft oc ye do ave dari thn dsr of shea (2) ete in Hexton, wich espmad fobs you hens back {8 in Lendon you fd et of mile csr ot pool an ack ‘eopl lving side by seis lls mach more wed sal ht fcous sty thn ha Arr "And le ay eye ndae-“n open an stolen se (Carma: ieing Fle 1988) Prcelre {To ou of tee o oe, ares ct the conten which the en text mas polo ae rl ere) ad ‘Wey the st f mesa tha the et porn fet tun cnt ad the erp! meg at ae sale 2 Bach oup ares a sumnary af he facta! ofthe text and wi is op as of nae 2 Te gp hn son a er radi) f= te Yeni of th tt fot tame he et above gh be aa too an exact em «Sought Landon 4 Insdualy aers dea a ew et eving othe vigil fatal ‘con tm ting an apreprie ye forthe now Gna. 5 hci gro, lees eve ech er dis and ent ch tex i apeoprine the new entre 6 eames exchange es wih ter gone. Ther tut now ie the tw coments at the other rouge have cele fre, nly th eins by ecig fo esal evene, Briton ar ofthe plasureof lasing wrt a moe advance evel i the scorer hata wr an he ange of vss y working cla ‘rave and athng et purposes cn pu cone ‘ing with oe ange TASK 84 “Tole lamers an oppor become mote ae of he way in ie al wii rl rtp le, nd wo mae sare dat enn share nc lequage for elk aes itnpge ‘The dacson on Task 12,13, 14,15, and 16 “Yu wil ed trie extrac fo lively formal writen exis bo ‘hon ans of eons the frsgn Tamang, o eae 12 span mati in he eames’ tlngags. A thts only ned to be ‘hoe predate oor om ak of se ate ale Used conenations rm he BAC World Serene we Ve ‘Amc ca be fl oreo ts ut of dt for anes of Eghsh {Metal sped news bondany ecumetatiy or tees Foca 1 Dvd you ss ito hess fous of fort sx de, nd he thm ll copier ofthe ime te 2 Ak oe sof grops to fa o snp pamelor ke ‘eto oun and to sa sae sence 2 Ak anoe se of rps wo fees on voablay ad nase which tex we mot ore ammen vecabuly 4 As he thd eof groups ofc om cae Kngh abd copes. (fer sens of Eni, well sous of formato abou ‘ptcy and on soken and "weit a the Longman Dict [Contemporary Eng ad Cains CODUILD Bray 5 Qs nemo ele nce ce Snpocmn foomant sh coma at thi stage the at he ups ren tr Sings the cam Ths ifomaton in be ab Sine tn weds he one foe re corpartone wi ae that Cheleener mi rlton ‘This setty works apc wall whe language amare een 2 sn inporae ptf the overall language arin programe. Whether ‘ees re wring foo lngage tx oS ae hee {Se ungage, hey tan aly fol and amet por ‘at conn lnage en and devel once desing th ‘Seay which hy tems we langage a weer > TASK 85 ‘Tolowene ayes’ aware of the wasn wich oe can be wt ‘eh in wily fering ss, no bei sn vegan fhe pact. sl ibe syle her 90 ener, ‘The decom on Tk 17, ‘A cloion of writen tts o tent extrac of paragraph lng ken {roma vary of ures Newspaper act (abled and Gli Je {ap hte memory can bet wel sore of mater You tay ‘wore tole the muir of cls abt wie texts cone ft ‘Ty raping thm or enpins our Se peaps by hand That ‘inal te doe debt or OH wih the teacher proaing cn (hing tots and merking ith adeno the difecce heer at poring writing the casroom 143 Procare {Drie des to group of theo fora nd nt opis of 2 Eagan ht tei tk iso dee on the sour oh extras oe ‘xamplegualy ewspeer ss mato) They sal oo ‘mien on the Hey purpose sd ener f cach et 23 Groups pot tack to the lm I thre ip dgreeen between ‘us hen ths Bes mn oppor fr s daca of he dees ‘Tar each rou hs ted comings cotlsios, alation ‘te ming of wig se, py oe evn ae raced bl portant foe eras pec te ey ie ‘aage of pou ses hat we aeate wo prt wer sa be ‘lar aot he contexte which Sach irene may ke eppop TASK 86 Tele hw horton of i i dee or ae FES on Tas 1 an A snl nd lpr cir ne rin uso tein aca ete i a en a Efren i eee gl ‘Socom tee se Ry ese Pete Tine aen eect eae eee Sees Mia tee ag ar et eet oy peerrety foe eerren pe pane eee, ae ogee ee ii 2 Geter hs compe ole cer ht kitten ety ooh ews ef ferme meainceeg monies SiS eee fear re coer ae es ae cea es iti rnin have co he ay