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17396 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

63 / Tuesday, April 1, 2008 / Notices

documents from Lauren Prosnik of the Dated: March 10, 2008. International Telecommunication
Office of Visa Services, U.S. Department Robert S. Kovac, Union’s Telecom Africa 2008 to be held
of State, 2401 E Street, NW., L–603, Executive Secretary, Defense Trade Advisory in Cairo in May. And there will also be
Washington, DC 20520, who may be Group, Department of State. discussion further to the last meeting of
reached at (202) 663–2951. [FR Doc. E8–6676 Filed 3–31–08; 8:45 am] the ACICIP on a conference that will be
BILLING CODE 4710–25–P led by the President’s Digital Freedom
Initiative (a public-private partnership)
soliciting public comments to permit
that is expected to be held in July 2008
the Department to:
DEPARTMENT OF STATE and will focus on promoting broadband
• Evaluate whether the proposed access in West Africa.
information collection is necessary to [Public Notice 6164]
Members of the public may submit
properly perform our functions. suggestions and comments to the
Meeting of Advisory Committee on
• Evaluate the accuracy of our International Communications and ACICIP. Submissions regarding an
estimate of the burden of the proposed Information Policy event, consultation, meeting, etc. listed
collection, including the validity of the in the agenda above should be received
methodology and assumptions used. The Department of State’s Advisory by the ACICIP Executive Secretary
Committee on International (contact information below) at least ten
• Enhance the quality, utility, and Communications and Information
clarity of the information to be working days prior to the date of that
Policy (ACICIP) will hold a public listed event. All comments must be
collected. meeting on April 17, 2008, from 10 a.m. submitted in written form and should
• Minimize the reporting burden on to 11:30 a.m., in the Loy Henderson not exceed one page for each country
those who are to respond, Auditorium of the Harry S. Truman (for comments on consultations) or for
Abstract of proposed collection: Building of the U.S. Department of each subject area (for other comments).
Form DS–3035 is used to determine State. The Truman Building is located at Resource limitations preclude
the eligibility of a J–1 visa holder for a 2201 C Street, NW., Washington, DC acknowledging or replying to
waiver of the two-year foreign residence 20520. submissions.
The committee provides a formal While the meeting is open to the
channel for regular consultation and public, admittance to the Department of
Methodology: coordination on major economic, social State building is only by means of a pre-
Form DS–3035 will be mailed to the and legal issues and problems in clearance. For placement on the pre-
Waiver Review Division of the State international communications and
clearance list, please submit the
Department. information policy, especially as these
following information no later than 5
Dated: February 29, 2008. issues and problems involve users of
p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2008 (Please
information and communications
Stephen A. Edson, note that this information is not retained
services, providers of such services,
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of by the ACICIP Executive Secretary and
technology research and development,
Consular Affairs, Department of State. must therefore be re-submitted for each
foreign industrial and regulatory policy,
[FR Doc. E8–6673 Filed 3–31–08; 8:45 am] ACICIP meeting):
the activities of international
BILLING CODE 4710–06–P I. State that you are requesting pre-
organizations with regard to
clearance to a meeting.
communications and information, and II. Provide the following information:
developing country issues. 1. Name of meeting and its date and
DEPARTMENT OF STATE The meeting will be led by ACICIP
Chair Mr. Richard E. Wiley of Wiley 2. Visitor’s full name.
[Public Notice 6077] Rein LLP and Ambassador David A. 3. Company/Agency/Organization.
Gross, Deputy Assistant Secretary of 4. Title at Company/Agency/
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: State and U.S. Coordinator for
Directorate of Defense Trade Controls: Organization.
International Communications and 5. Date of birth.
Renewal of Defense Trade Advisory Information Policy.
Group Charter 6. Citizenship.
The meeting’s agenda will include 7. Acceptable forms of identification
discussions pertaining to various for entry into the U.S. Department of
SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that
upcoming international State include:
the Charter of the Defense Trade telecommunications meetings and
Advisory Group (DTAG) has been • U.S. driver’s license with photo.
renewed for a two-year period. The
conferences. In particular, there will be • Passport.
membership of this advisory committee
a report on preparations by the U.S. • U.S. government agency ID.
Delegation for the APEC Ministerial 8. ID number on the ID visitor will
consists of private sector defense trade Meeting on Telecommunications and show upon entry.
specialists appointed by the Assistant Information Industry to be held in Send the above information to Emily
Secretary of State for Political-Military Bangkok from April 23–25, 2008. Yee by fax (202) 647–5957 or e-mail
Affairs. The DTAG advises the Additionally, there will be reports and
Department on policies, regulations, and discussion concerning recent meetings Privacy Act Statement: The above
technical issues affecting defense trade. between the U.S. and various information is sought pursuant to 5
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: government and industry during the U.S.C. 301 and 22 U.S.C. 2651a, 4802(a).
Alexandra Frantz, PM/DDTC, SA–1, recent GSMA Mobile World Congress in The principal purpose for collecting the
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

12th Floor, Directorate of Defense Trade Barcelona as well as CTIA Wireless information is to assure protection of
Controls, Bureau of Political-Military 2008 in Las Vegas. There will also be U.S. Department of State facilities. The
Affairs, U.S. Department of State, discussion about additional upcoming information provided also may be
Washington, DC 20522–0112; telephone events, including the OECD Ministerial released to federal, state or local
(202) 736–9220; FAX (202) 261–8199; or on the Future of the Internet Economy agencies for law enforcement, counter-
e-mail to be held in Seoul in June and the terrorism or homeland security

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