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Issue 16 July and August, 2015

From Dezan Shira & Associates

The Cost of Doing Business in ASEAN

Compared with China

Doing Business in China & ASEAN

Land, Labor, GDP Per Capita and
Welfare Comparisons


Executive Summary - Choosing an

Investment Location in ASEAN

As China continues along its development path,

analysis to determine just how competitive your

costs are rising in the country. This fact has both

China operation is needs to be conducted by non-

negative and positive consequences for foreign

Chinese managers.

companies: while it will add to the production

costs of locally-based

In this issue of Asia Briefing

manufacturers, it is also

magazine, we provide a

indicative of an increasingly

comprehensive overview of

affluent Chinese consumer

the cost of doing business

class. Our research indicates

in China compared with the

that, if manufacturing

Association of Southeast

capacity elsewhere in

Asian Nations (ASEAN). We

Asia can reach 70 percent

analyze some of the key

of Chinese capabilities,

Chris Devonshire-Ellis
Dezan Shira & Associates

lower ASEAN operating

costs means it is a viable

considerations that will

impact upon the profits
of an Asia-based business,

proposition to relocate.

including labor costs, social

This is a generalization of

welfare, and industrial land

course, and variants will

prices. In addition, we take a

affect individual business models, but this holds

look at how ASEANs export volume and GDP per

true as a general rule of thumb.

capita currently compares with China.

It is worth pointing out that, when broaching this

Recent EU and U.S. surveys have both concluded

subject with a Chinese production manager, there

that it is becoming harder to maintain profitability

will inevitably be resistance against uprooting or

levels in China. For certain businesses, now is the

even relocating part of any Chinese production

right time to be evaluating options.

facility. This means that the economic cost data

Kind regards,

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Table of Contents


Doing Business in China & ASEAN

Land, Labor, GDP Per Capita and
Welfare Comparisons


Executive Summary - Choosing an

Investment Location in ASEAN

This Issues Topic

The Cost of Doing Business in

ASEAN Compared with China

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