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DECSRIPTIVE ESSAY ( ideal school )

Thesis statement

Parents would be more willing to send their younger

children to school if the school meet the needs of
being an ideal school for their children.

Topic sentences (P1)

School needs to provide a conducive environment

for learning and the climate in school should be one
that encourages learning.

Topic sentences (P2)

School needs dedicated teacher who puts in effort

in making learning an enjoyable yet thoughtprovoking experience and the gap between
teachers and students , allowing the teachers to
acts as counsellors when problem arise.

Topic sentences (P3)

Curriculum taught in ideal school would focus on

pupils learning rather than the teaching of the

Topic sentences (P4)

Opportunities would be given for individualised

learning. Students would be tested in their
organisational skills and problem-solving abilities as
they learn in the process.

Topic sentences (P5)

School should allow students to discover their

strengths and minimize their weakness by ensuring
the condusiveness, teachers and lessons are all well


Thesis statement

people doing little things can totally irritate you

which is really strange.

Topic sentences (P1)

Even telling lies are about significant matters, it is

something difficult to tolerate.

Topic sentences (P2)

Unhygienic habits that some people insist to display

in publics is very annoying.

Topic sentences (P3)

People being rough or ill-mannered are also

annoying. They are signs of inconsideration when
people behave such.

Topic sentences (P4)

Telling of tales especially when it is done out of spite

is irksome as people discredit other people for their

own selfishness.
Topic sentences (P5)

This annoying characters causes discomfort and in

extreme cases harm towards others but if such
behaviours could be corrected surely it would make
the world a happier place to live on.

Narrative essay ( occasion- frightened )

Thesis statement

The author can still feel the pressure in his

head that occasion that has frightened him.

Topic sentences (P1)

The author woke up late and he had to rush to

school but he was caught by the prefect for not
being punctual.

Topic sentences (P2)

The author remembered that his last

assignment that the teacher gave is still at
home untouched and the author is getting
scared as will be caught by the teacher.

Topic sentences (P3)

The author heard the teachers voice loud and

clear which feared him more but he told that he
have already submitted the assignments.
The author feels guilty of telling the lie and felt
shame in having deceived a teacher who had
faith on him.

Topic sentences (P4)

Topic sentences (P5)

The truth has not been found till today but the
assumed relief that the author feel has been
displaced by the delibitating fear that one day it
would surface.

Narrative essay ( the river )

Thesis statement

This particular trip would be quite


Topic sentences (P1)

The writers plan to go tubing the following day

itself was disturbed when they awoke the next
morning to the sudden and spontaneous flashes
of lightning.

Topic sentences (P2)

The writer spend most of the day in that

familiar cabin.

Topic sentences (P3)

The writer who was about to try and get out of

this was reassured by all the others as to the
condition of the river and her ability to tame it.

Topic sentences (P4)

The writer and the friend drove up the river

until they came to they spot where they were to
put the tubes into the water.

Topic sentences (P5)

Topic sentences ( P6 )

The writer was thrown into the water and

helpless because the tube had gotten hung on
the rock
The writer later found out that at the time the
event was happening a tornado was tearing
down everything in its part less then a mile


Thesis statement

Youths go through adolescence thinking that

the world is in their shoulders.

Topic sentences (P1)

Youth faces an increasing competitive academic

world that cannot be denied as they have
endless pressure in facing education level.

Topic sentences (P2)

Adults can be in pink of health if they would

follow the footsteps of youth and make time to
exercise because a persons health does not
deteriorate with age.

Topic sentences (P3)

Youths are considered as a childish adults

because it is reasoned that adult life is more
problematic as youths take onto their
challenges of life.
Youth lifestyle is tougher than the adults as life
shows no remorse for insecure and financially
challenged youths who have to prepare for their

Topic sentences (P4)

ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ( books are not more valuable than other

art )
Thesis statement

Generations lack of reading but instead wasting

more time infront of television or computer

Topic sentences (P1)

Generation reads very little as the author is

curious why books are held in high regard over
other media and so much controversy exists.

Topic sentences (P2)

Technology is ever advancing and books being

part of old establishment.
Same goals depending on how skilful the author
is at expressing his vision to be attracted to
books and film.
Imagination can be stimulated by various media
in equally fulfilling way but accomplishing this
are still different.

Topic sentences (P3)

Topic sentences (P4)

COMPARISON AND CONTRAST ( life after death )

Thesis statement

Mrs. Carusos character underwent dramatic

change for the worse after the death of her

Topic sentences (P1)

They are a sweet old couple who live next door

whom a shy and quiet man who was George
Caruso and the wife was full of life where all the
neighbourhood children and grandsons live

Topic sentences (P2)

When George died suddenly,Mrs Caruso was a

different woman.

Topic sentences (P3)

Mrs Caruso was very self-sufficient as she

behaves that the kids are like a poison who use
to help her to clean the backyard to her and not
allowing the grandsons to help her.

Topic sentences (P4)

Mrs Caruso had grown bitter and old where she

just wanted to be alone.

Topic sentences (P5)

In the end, Mrs Caruso died all alone and finally

the grand daughter finds her.

COMPARISON AND CONTRAST ( birds of a feather? )

Thesis statement

My two friends Laurie and Tammy have sharply

different dispositions

Topic sentences (P1)

They are similar in which these friends prefers

farms than the buzy street and interest in

Topic sentences (P2)

Difference between the two friends are much

more understanding than the likenesses where
Laurie is carefree and easygoing with a

cheerfulness and her anger passes quickly.

Topic sentences (P3)

In contrast, Tammy is much less even-tempered

Topic sentences (P4)

The personalities have convinced the author

that being birds of feather is not essential in a

CAUSE AND EFFECT ( starting out right )

Thesis statement

The author learned few values while his first job

in a Italian restaurant.
Topic sentences (P1)

It has taught the author how to be responsibility

to handle a job and his duties.

Topic sentences (P2)

The job helped the author to learn the value of

money as he worked hardly and he is thinking
about how to spend it but in the end in
shopping mall, they just bought orange Juliuses.

Topic sentences (P3)

The author learned relationship with others

from this job as Frank, the cook in the
restaurant that the author works in has helped
the author to get back the bike when it was

CAUSE AND EFFECT (on splitting )

Thesis statement

Topic sentences (P1)

Topic sentences (P2)

Marriages hadnt meet it as guys leaves wife for

another woman and woman leaving husband.
The author felt helpless and angry seeing the
joy that he had a year back as the feeling they
gave was a constructive union.
The author didnt feel angry at his friends
personally as he thought it made sense but his
anger was when the author saw abandoned

Topic sentences (P3)

When grandparents married there were no

divorced as they learn to live each other and
they were stucked than being embarrassed in

Topic sentences (P4)

Some divorces say that divorce is beneficial,

educational and they feel remarrying is no

Topic sentences (P5)

Freedom seen as a social progress as modern

couples see marriage as nightmares.

Topic sentences (P6)

Rapid rise of divorce rate and declining

marriage rate represent a loss as marriage
people living with another person may change
attitudes and patterns.

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