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### Signal Center Fort Gordon GA 30905

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Signal Captains Career Course Student
Signal Captains Career Course
Fort Gordon, Georgia

11/2012 Present
Supervisor: CPT America
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Telephone: (###)-###-####

This course provides Signal Leaders the knowledge and skills required to become technically and tactically proficient in
Unified Land Operations (ULO), while operating within a Joint Interagency Intergovernmental Multinational (JIIM)
environment. Graduates will be prepared to command and/or lead company sized units and serve as staff officers at the
Battalion or Brigade level; and to utilize some of the applications available to plan and manage the Warfighter Information
Network-Tactical (WIN-T) networks. Graduates will be empowered with the necessary tools to successfully serve as
branch experts on Signal operations as a Battalion S6 to include implementing telecommunications network security and
physical security and culminates in a capstone project that evaluates these skills on a live network.
Telecommunications Systems Engineer Course Student
Functional Area 24 Telecommunication Systems Engineer Course

03/2012 10/2012

C Company, 442nd Signal Battalion

Fort Gordon, Georgia
"CPT Doe has successfully completed the academic and professional standards for the Information Systems
Operations Leveler Course (ISOL) and the FA 24 Telecommunications Systems Engineer Course (TSEC). He has
been educated about Cisco Networking Essentials, Engineering Math, Project Management, Risk Management,
Telecommunications Systems, Data Communications, Satellite and Wireless Communications, Fiber Optics and
Switching Networks, Network Management, Network Design and Information Assurance. He has shown proficiency
and understanding of all relevant training and education through a three-day digital live fire exercise and group
research design project. Through his practical and written evaluations, he has shown that he is capable of performing
in any telecommunications systems engineering position within the Army's infrastructure."
~Major Hooah, Chief, Network Management Division, Fort Gordon, GA
Awarded the Army Achievement Medal for work on a capstone project providing a solution to a real-world network
problem in an overseas Army operational network. Provided a secure means of establishing the data rate of Point-to-Point
high bandwidth line of sight radios to a directly connected router to support Radio-Aware Routing. This solution provided
ease of network management and automatic redundancy of network paths. This project provided telecommunications and
network security by establishing secure communications between the data wireless radios and routers. The project also
increased the physical security posture by reducing the amount of physical cabling to protect while operating encrypted
wireless links.
Battalion Communications Officer/S6
2nd Battalion, 601st Airborne Infantry Regiment
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 83rd Airborne Division
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

08/2010 03/2012

CPT Jon Doe is the best staff Captain in the battalion and performed magnificently as the Battalion S6. During a
training deployment to the Joint Readiness Training Center, CPT Doe facilitated validation of full-spectrum training
lanes by running more than 3,000 feet of communications cable and connecting the battalion headquarters and six
company command posts to the Local Area Network and the World-Wide Web.
~ Major Hooah, Executive Officer, 2-601 Airborne Infantry Regiment


CPT John Doe is the best Battalion Signal Officer I have served with. During Operation New Dawn Johns
team supported voice and data requirements for the largest battlespace for a Battalion sized element in Al
Anbar, Iraq, and successfully relocated the Battalion Command and Control element on five separate
occasions in support of mission requirements..
~ Major Hooah, Executive Officer, 2-601 Airborne Infantry Regiment
Battalion communications and electronics officer for an 844 man airborne infantry battalion capable of nonotice, worldwide deployment within 18 hours of notification. Leads a section of 14 Soldiers who install and
maintain all battalion communications equipment. Serves as the resident expert on all communications and
electronic equipment. Plans, manages, and employs a communications architecture that supports the battalion
for any given tactical operation. Manages all operational COMSEC matters concerning security, development,
and accountability of the battalion COMSEC account. As the automations officer, advises the commander, staff,
and companies on automation policy and technical matters. Responsible for the telecommunications and
network security by establishing secure communications with the use of IP in-line encryptors. Ensures the
physical security of critical communications and COMSEC equipment.
Platoon Leader
Assault Command Post
Lima Company, 83rd Division Special Troops Battalion, 83rd Airborne Division
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

01/2008 07/2010

1LT John Doe is absolutely the best lieutenant I have worked with in over 16 years of service. Bright, highly
motivated and always looking to provide better support to the Warfighter, 1LT Doe single-handedly
engineered a communications architecture utilizing commercial technologies and PRC-117G radios to
improve the C2 capabilities of the Divisions Assault Command Post and provided unsurpassed situational
awareness during forced entry operations.
~ Captain America, Detachment Commander, Lima Company, 83rd DSTB, 83rd ABN DIV
Platoon Leader for the 83rd Airborne Divisions Assault Command Post platoon with a mission of worldwide
strategic deployment by parachute assault within 18 hours of notification to provide communications networks
and information system support while en route to the objective and during forced entry operations. Responsible
for assuring the platoons readiness to provide en route communications and RTO support for the Division
Commander and his staff. Leads, trains, and ensures the safety, health, moral and welfare of over 20
Paratroopers. Entrusted to maintain accountability and combat readiness of 10 Secure En Route Communication
Package-Improved (SECOMP-I) systems, nine tactical vehicles, 10 power generation units, 52 ASIP radios, 43
TACSAT radios and the associated equipment valued in excess of $10 million. Responsible for the
telecommunications and network security by establishing secure communications with the use of IP in-line
encryptors. Ensures the physical security of critical communications and COMSEC equipment.
Major Field of study:
Type and year of degree received:
Major Qualifying Project:

South Hudson Institute of Technology, Cornwall, New York

Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science, 2007
The Iron Man Suit

Doe, John S. "Configuring Radio-Aware Routing." Some Military Journal, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 42-43, Fall 2012.
Career Related Training/Qualifications:
Functional Area 24 Telecommunications Systems Engineer Course, 2012


Airborne School, 2008

Signal Officer Basic Course, 2007
Air Assault School, 2006
Military Awards:
Bronze Star Medal (x2)
Army Commendation Medal (x2)
Army Achievement Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Overseas Service Ribbon

Meritorious Unit Citation (x2)

NATO Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Iraq Campaign Medal
Army Service Ribbon

Academic Awards:
The Stephen and Barbara Spiva Foundation Award for Professional Development, May 2007
USMA Awards Day Best Overall Project for Sleeper Cell, May 2007
USMA Awards Day Best Solution to a Military Problem for Sleeper Cell, May 2007
MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies - Soldier Design Competition
L-3 Communications Award of $4,000 for Sleeper Cell, April 2007
General Dynamics Award of $2,000 for Battle Beacon, March 2006
Professional Societies:
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Communications Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Antennas and Propagation Society
Amateur Radio Relay League, Member
Signal Corps Regimental Association, Life Member
Captain America
Small Group Leader, Signal Captains Career Course, Fort Signal, Georgia
Contact Number: ###-###-####
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Major Hooah
Chief, Network Management Division, Fort Signal, GA
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Lieutenant Colonel James T. Hooah
Executive Officer, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 83rd Airborne Division, Fort Hooah, NC
Contact Number: ###-###-####
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Major Hooah
Brigade Mission Command Officer, Joint Readiness Training Center, Fort Oh Yea, LA
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Major Hooah
Current Operations Officer, Fort Hooah, NC
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Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) But Still Hooah

Vice President of Engineering
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