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Devoted to the power and right that we all have within us to find
the woman we want and be happy. To the people that are
beginning to discover that life is too short to pass up submission
to conformity of common existence.

Table of content

Foreword by Nick Rogue....6


The first impression.10

The initial status of a Gringo......11
Making a difference....16
How to answer the questions made
unconsciously by Latin women..18

Picking up Latin women at

day and night....23
Learning Spanish - Portuguese to Pick Up Latinas?.............................24
During the night.................26
Identifying her interest....28
Projecting high value in Latin night clubs...29
Kick ass strategies to meet Latin women in
night clubs......32
Strategy #1.........32
Strategy #2...33
Strategy #3......35
Strategy #4....35

How to pick up Latin women in night clubs

being with just guys........36

How to approach a Latina at night if shes with

other guys?........37
Indirect ways to start conversations with Latin women.39
During the day.............................................................41
Meeting Latin women in the gym.....42

How to get her

The phone situation.46
Inviting her out...46
The first date...49
Where to take her if your Spanish level
In case your Spanish level is good.....50
The proper mind set..52
Great conversation topics to use.............................................56
The way to treat them...............................................57
Great Spanish phrases to know, and
when to use them..58
How to obtain a kiss with a Latin woman..............................61

Latin Culture.66
Who pays the bill?...66

Is Latin culture chauvinistic?....67

Origins of Latin culture....68
How the culture is romantically involved.69
How sexually open minded is the culture...70
Is it worth to have a relationship with a Latina?................................71
Where to find the cute ones depending by

Latin women online....74

Have you heard about the mail order bride?.......................................74
The pictures.75
Description lines..76

How to deal with Latinas...80

Latin psychological tests......81
What a man needs to know if he gets
into a serious relationship with a Latina....83
What to expect of a Latina according to her age........85
Differences between Latin women and
US women..86
The gravitational law of attraction..88
How to get them around you..88
Constructive Compliments......89
Make her qualify herself.90

Attracting Latin women.91

How does attraction work inside Latinas minds?......91

Why you should learn dancing and what to learn....94

Sex with Latin women95

The place for sex..96
Real story (Seduction in the apartment)....98
How they behave sexually......100
How to make sex happen.......100
Sexual performance..101
About the author.103
About the company.105
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Foreword by Nick Rogue

"If you want a proper margarita, don't go to an Irish pub"
This bit of bar wisdom has applications that extend far beyond the
It even extends into the realm of seduction.
Listen, if you want to know what it takes to seduce a Latina, sure
you could come to me and I could give you the principles that are
cross-cultural when it comes to getting sexy women into
bedand you'll get results.
-BUTWouldn't it be so much better to go straight to the source and
learn from Esteban Lara, a guy who has been seducing Latin
women for his entire adult life!?
Wouldn't you much rather know the exact things you should do to
seduce a Latina that might not be as effective on the typical
American (or wherever you're from) girl?
And more importantly, isn't it time you understand the cultural
differences so that you can stop doing the things that repel
Latinas (even if those same things get girls from your culture fired
up and ready to go to bed with you)!?
That is exactly what Esteban Lara reveals in this guide. You are
going to know exactly how to seduce Latin women straight from a
guy who KNOWS Latin women.
So if you're ready to seduce that sexy girl, let's call her
"Margarita", it's time you get out of that proverbial "Irish Pub" and
put your confidence in the words of Esteban Lara. Read on...

Every man dies, not every man really lives.
-William Wallace

A wise quote, indeed. So many men these days are unhappily

married to a woman they chose by mistake. Worse yet, some of
these men settle for a sub-par marriage because they believe that
being with a woman they dont love is a normal thing. They trick
themselves into thinking that having a curvy, spicy girl in their
arms is unattainable, only to realize their folly all too late.
So where can a man find the woman of his dreams? The need
look no further than Latin America, a group of nations with an
unusually high concentration of attractive women. The only
problem is that, stereotypically, the sensual vivacity and
tenderness of Latin women is difficult to harness because of their
equally stereotypical flakiness. Because of the high learning
curve with Latin American women, getting to know them can be
difficult for most men.
Im Latin, and I was born and raised in Colombia, a country with
the sexiest women in the world. I know the Latina mind set. So
trust me, my advice on Latinas is spot on.
Im here to reveal my secrets, so you can also get the Latin
woman of your dreams.
Over the past years Ive refined my technique, and made all of the
mistakes you wont have to make (if you follow my advice
carefully). Ive been where you are, and I am where youre going
to be.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey to mastering the art of
seducing Latin women.

first impression
Latin women have some things in common with women from the
US and Europe. So, all you have to do is know which are the
things in common and what the differences are. This way youll
calibrate your game and be successful. And, as you read this
book, youll find a lot of things that will work also with women from
any other place in the world.
The good news is that this course will give you the power to reach
a higher level in seduction skills, because when you manage to
seduce Latin women, youll think that seducing other types of
women is a piece of cake.
I will start with several basic points that I want you to consider
before you try to seduce Latin women.
When a Latin woman of value meets a man from another country,
the first things that she wonders are:

1. Can I trust him or is he a stranger that I need to get rid of?

2. Is he someone important or is he just another needy guy
trying to impress me?

Your chance of success depends on how you get her mind to

answer these questions about you.
This is not something that is done overtly; its about acting in ways
that will get her perception of you to be such that she will answer
those questions about you in your favor.
Im about to teach you precisely how to do this.
Im sure youve heard about the amount of beautiful Latin women
who are waiting for you.
But be prepared! You should know that the women of this region
do not think like the American or European women.
Before answering the above questions, we will discuss the status
that you have the first time a Latina meets you.

The initial status of a Gringo

OK if you are blond or white skinned with green or blue eyes or an
American/English accent, everybody from Latin America will
badge you as a Gringo. Thats the word Latin people will use to
describe you if you are from the US, England, Scotland or
And before deciding you want a Latin girl, you must understand
that millions of Gringos have been trying to seduce them with few
positive results with the women who are 8s, 9s, and 10s. Although
Gringos will usually achieve some success with some 5s, 6s, and
7s, I'm sure that what youre after are the women with high value,
and you dont want to settle with someone who is not so cute.
There are some options you have when trying to find Latinas:

1. Finding them in your country by going to a Latin club.

2. Meeting them in some English classes in your country.
3. Being lucky and running into a Latin woman
4. Traveling to Latin America.
In all cases youre going to have to be prepared to take your
game to a different level, and thats what you are about to learn.
Latin women are, according to many people, the most difficult kind
of attractive women to seduce. Well, of course, if you go to Iraq
youll find more difficult women since they arent allowed to go out
of their houses, but Im talking about the available women of the
Latinas identify the intentions of the Gringos by recognizing
behavioral patterns shown by the majority of Gringos who have
come before you. It means they have an image already in their
The crucial point is that the image that other Gringos have left
isnt so good and you may be discouraged when you go to some
countries and find out that they dont go crazy in love right after
they see you. Most of the cases they would act very skeptic and
seem defensive. But dont worry, thats exactly why you are
reading this book, to crack their minds and seduce them.
Most of the cases, the first time a Latina meets an American is
when he goes on vacation to Latin America. And the story seems
to be always the same; it gets so evident that the man goes
expecting to bang every Latina he sees. While a Gringo is in a
Latin country on vacation, his eyes moves from side to side while
every Latina passes in front of him, looking very desperate for
So the first step is to make a difference.
Do not look desperate for sex, or at least hide it at the initial
encounter with a Latina. Im not saying you should remain
repressed, but in the initial encounter, yes. There will be a time

later to escalate little by little to heat the environment, after

recognizing the signals that say that the woman is open.
Perhaps you wonder, What's wrong if a Latin girl knows that my
intentions are just having sex while I'm on vacation?
It is true that there is nothing wrong with wanting sex. We humans
think about sex every day, but think for a minute and put yourself
in the place of a Latin girl. With the majority of guys showing that
theyre desperate for sex, do you think that it would be very
appealing to be with a desperate guy?
Thats the perspective of every hot Latina because of what has
happened to her every day of her life. Most of the guys in this
region are so needy.
Its the same that happens when you go to a store and theres a
desperate sales clerk who is too desperate to sell something to
you. It makes you scared, right?
Perhaps you've heard that women subconsciously seek
protection, while men seek to pass their genes. That fact is
mentioned in some books.
Latin women arent necessary looking for protection, and it
wouldnt be right to say they are all looking for the same thing, but
the first thing the majority of them are looking for is for providers.
Yes, it sounds weird, but its a true fact, its something that they
will look in a man consciously, because its what their moms and
dads have taught them to look for. But the good news is that
unconsciously each one of them feels the same attraction any
woman of the world would feel for the different personality types
of men. So a Latina would still feel unconscious attraction either
for the bad boy, the gentleman, the Daddy and the leader.
So, be ready to be asked a lot about what you do and how you do
it, because its a question that they will ask you and dig into it, to
find out that you have the potential to provide abundance in the
future and that you arent a lazy man who will make her live in

The problem is that, consciously they have to find a provider. And

that is because their parents tell them every day honey, you need
to choose a man that gives you the opportunity to live comfortably
so you dont live in scarcity as some women live.
So its a very real fear that Latin women have and thats why it
becomes so important. Im sure it doesnt happen in the US or
some developed countries so much, because they arent afraid of
living in scarcity.
The situation with Latinas is that they are the second most
dependent female specie in the planet (the #1 are the Arabian
girls, who are not allowed to show their faces). They depend a lot
more on men to provide the things for the family. Even when they
make a lot of money they would look for a man that can provide,
so they can spend it in clothes, jewelry and surgeries.
A Latina would not only analyze the behavior of a man, she would
dig to find his achievements, the people that surround him and the
projection the man has in order to succeed in life.
All those facts are important for Latinas because they have not
had all the opportunities that are typically available in countries
that are highly developed. They have had to live a harder life and
have had to work very hard for very little while they were in their
countries. In addition to it, the Latin culture is very chauvinistic,
which means that it educates them to think that the man is the
one who is supposed to work and the woman is supposed to be at
Even though the world is changing fast and women are claiming
to be more independent, starting to work and study, they still have
a strong need to find the kind of guy that their parents taught them
to find.
I know, lately women are starting to become independent, many
of them are making a lot more money than a lot of men, but
Latinas still have not changed their perspective about what they
want in a man, so they still analyze what the man does, what he

earns, who the friends are, what projections he has in life, how
prepared he is to succeed and how smart he is.
Youll notice that, even though a Latina can be making lots of
money, she will always expect for the man to pay the bill on most
of the dates. She wouldnt make the minimum attempt to pay for
anything, unless shes already into the American or European
And Im not saying that women around the world dont look for
those aspects, what Im saying is that Latin women pay much
more attention to it.
This isnt necessary bad news for you; its actually the greatest
news. Because, being a Gringo, a European or an Australian will
project you as a man who wouldnt let her live in scarcity. So
guess what, you have the exact potential to be the kind of guy she
wants, as long as she sees that you arent a lazy man!
All of the difficulties that life has given to Latin women in their
countries have made them more aware and more analytical when
it comes to finding a man who will provide for them; thats why
they analyze so much before deciding to have sex with someone.
Thats why I can tell you that women from Latin America arent as
easy to seduce as women from the United States or other
countries in Europe.
The same way I can assure you that, if you want to feel loved,
they are the perfect option for you. When a Latina allows a man to
keep her, shes great. And if you arent rich, dont worry. Its not
necessary to have a lot of money to get Latin women, as I said
before, Latinas would analyze the projection the man has and the
skills to succeed in life.
One of the thoughts that most guys have is that once they go to
Latin America or go to a Latin club in the US, all of the women are
going to go crazy and are going to jump on them because they
are Gringos, and this idea is completely false, wishful thinking.
These women arent that easy, and the image that they have of
gringos is not as good as you may think it is.

The image they have of gringos is not so good because all they
see every day is guys coming to their countries for a week and
having sex with ugly women. This is not attractive, high value
Ive seen gringos so desperate that they end up with really ugly
girls just because they will have sex with anything that lets them.
Lets discuss about how to make a difference.

Making a difference
There are several basic recommendations that are going to
differentiate you from the other desperate gringos, either if you
are in your country or on vacation in South America:
1. Do not wear sandals on the street. Sandals show no class
and most of the gringos who are on vacation in Latin
America wear them. I recommend you start by wearing
close toed shoes unless it is a Sunday. I dont know why
Latin women complain so much about this, they just hate
how a guy looks in the street with sandals.
2. Wear clean clothes and cologne. For Latinas its very
important that a man smells good. Some time ago I was
talking to a Latin girlfriend and she told me she was on a
date with an interesting man; I was surprised when she told
me that she didnt allow him to kiss her just because he
didnt smell of anything. That was funny; he didnt even
smell badly, he just didnt smell particularly nice! Of course
not all Latin women are so crazy about this, but youll be
likely to meet a lot of cases like this, they really care about
good smell.
3. When you see a very sexy Latina, do not chase her with
your eyes. This is something most of the gringos do
according to Latin women, and it shows desperation for sex

which is not attractive. This is basic, and applies to women

from any part of the world.
4. Forget about saying the typical phrases that all gringos say
in the first date such as: "You are very pretty," You're
beautiful," I want to be with you. Those phrases are easy
to learn in Spanish but they do not show you as a man of
value. It is more important to master body language than
those lines. Ill teach you later some lines that work better.
5. Show yourself very uninterested in her at the beginning. Do
not show any romantic intentions. Latin women feel like
theyre always on a pedestal. They are accustomed to men
doing everything they say, and worst of all, most guys
agree to do so. Latin America is a very chauvinistic place,
which means that men are supposed to provide the things
and women are supposed to take care of domestic things.
Men are very gentlemanly at an extreme level with
courtship, they think that the more they provide chocolates,
flowers and gifts the more Latin women will like them. They
try so hard to be gentlemen that they become wussies and
start doing everything the girls say. Set yourself apart by
not being a sycophant to her every whim.
Be a little disinterested at first and youll see how she
begins to show interest. Wait until she earns your attention.
Also, be prepared for a lot of psychological tests; Latin
women will give you more than any girl of any part of the.
After you consider the recommendations above, well answer the
questions we referred at the beginning.

How to answer the questions made

unconsciously by Latin Women
Can I trust him or is he a stranger that I need to get rid of?
At first you're an unknown, but this is something that can be
solved easily. Lets say you go to a Latin bar where music has a
moderate volume and its possible to speak:

When you approach a woman or her group of friends, talk

to them always in the same way you would talk to your
lifelong friends. It's simple; you can just ask a simple
question or make a joke about something that is happening
in the environment at the time. To meet Latin women I
advise you to ask something you want to know about the
Latin culture; that way youll look natural and playful. Ex:
Hello, I need to know something. Is it true that Latin
women are the most jealous women on the planet when
theyre in love? This is the way to say that in Spanish:
Hola, necesito saber algo es cierto que las mujeres
Latinas son las ms celosas del planeta cuando estn
Say it in Spanish in a fun way. Then you can keep talking
about something related to that. For example: Yes, I was
reading a book that said that Latinas are the most
possessive women in the world, but also the best
girlfriends. This is the way to say it in Spanish: Si, estuve
leyendo un libro que dice que las mujeres Latinas son las
ms posesivas del mundo, adems las mejores novias.

Never say to a Latina Im sorry or Can I ask you a

question? or Could you please help me with something?
or Im sorry to bother you, but. Just be confident and
never apologize for interrupting. Talk the same way you
would if they were your friends you hadnt seen in a while.

When you ask something, you must look natural. If you

dont know Spanish just say it in English, youll still find
some Latinas that speak English.

Before asking the question wait for them to shut up (in case
its a group of Latin girls). Start saying aloud something like
Hey, I want to ask you something, then you pause, look at
them in their eyes and wait for them to pay attention to
what you are saying.
In the following link, you can find a very effective way to
learn Spanish quickly and easily:

Your body language will improve with practice and it is very

important to use it properly to look social. By having good
body language, you will eliminate the pressure that is felt in
the air when speaking to strangers; and you will look more

Do not try to seduce every woman you approach just to

show that you are a seducer. Thats a mistake many men
make. They think they need to show their friends how good
they are with women. That kind of pressure kills the relaxed
attitude that is needed for a man to look cool.
A man of value doesnt chase every woman he sees.
Thats why its so important that when you talk to women
and you dont like any of them, to just move on without
worrying about seducing them.

Know that the question must be in line with the situation

and must be in line with the body language and energy of
the people who are in the group youre approaching. What I
mean by this is that its necessary to have good body
language and ask something that wont make you look
weird in the situation.

Some time ago I saw a PUA (Pick Up Artist) from Spain

approaching a woman on her way to board a bus in the
street with the following phrase: "Can I ask you a question?
How often should I wash my pajamas?" Although the idea
of the opener was to show that he had a sense of humor, it
had the opposite effect: the woman looked scared and left.
The pajamas question was a terrible option for the
situation, and it didnt help that the guy looked nervous and
awkward when he was delivering it.
That's why I say that it is very important to use a statement
that feels natural and not to try something that makes you
look stupid. Do not try being outlandish with strange
questions just to impress a Latina. Its very probable that
she wouldnt understand your sense of humor at the
beginning, which is very different than the US humor.

Is he someone important or is he just another needy guy?

It is useful to develop a look and energy that shows class and
No matter where you are from, I recommend that you pay
attention to this if you want to have the opportunity to meet highclass women and to enter social circles that demand a stricter
protocol than youre used to.
It is very important to pay attention to your looks. The clothes you
wear say a lot about the status you have. If you look well put
together, you will have more luck when you try to attract women.
For some reason Latin girls pay specific attention to the condition
of the mens teeth and shoes to determine their status. That's why
I recommend that you pay attention to the appearance of these
two aspects of your looks. Do not buy clothes that look old and
get your teeth organized. First impressions count a lot in Latin

Although these are basic things, I feel they are noteworthy

because the look is one of the few things that a Latin woman can
use to judge a man in an initial meeting anywhere.
Another thing that a Latina will unconsciously analyze to
determine if you have status is the people you are with. If you're
with people who are badly dressed or ugly looking women, she
will feel you do not have high status, and will lose interest.
There's something youll notice in Latin nightclubs and bars. Guys
still use awful strategies and look needy. It makes women raise
their shields to protect themselves from them. That's why its very
important to use a way to approach that feels natural and shows
Here are some of the things most guys do in Latin night clubs that
you should never do:
Taking a woman to dance when she has shown no
interest in dancing with you. This one is a classic. Its the
#1 strategy of frustrated Latin Guys who dont know about
this book. Youll see, when theres a cute Latina in a club,
approximately 20 different guys ask her to dance even
when shes not showing any interest.
Sending a woman drinks from across the bar.
Sending a note with the waiter.
Complimenting her when she hasnt done anything to
deserve it.
Looking desperate.
Staring at every cute girl that walks to the bathroom.
Looking drunk.
All the behaviors above are made by the majority of guys in Latin
America, and Latin women can smell the desperation off them

from a mile away, and these men make our work more
complicated because women use automatic defenses, shields,
to get rid of them.
Put yourself in a womans situation. Imagine how boring it would
be to be in a club and several women approach to get you to
dance for no reasonokay, that wouldnt be so boring, but for
most women when men do that, it is .

Picking up Latin
women at day
and night

Learning Spanish - Portuguese to Pick Up

One day, I was having a good conversation with my friend from
Florida. He went to Brazil for quite a number of months. Before he
went to Brazil, he took Portuguese lessons because the people
there speak Portuguese. But even if he learned the language, still
he was not really fluent.
When he arrived to Brazil, he was fascinated with the many
beautiful Latinas that are walking almost everywhere. He then
started approaching some women and talking to them in
Portuguese. The first few minutes of attraction were fine but
something interesting happened.
These women were becoming bitchy and so he asked me what
happened. The answer is pretty straightforward. When speaking
in their language, the entire time you give them the power.
Unless you are a fluent speaker of Portuguese or Spanish, you
should not be using more than few sentences of the language.
You probably have talked to someone, perhaps a foreigner and
his English is not straight for fluent. You notice your interaction
becomes uninteresting after few minutes. Thats the same thing
that happens with Latinas. There is nothing wrong in learning
Portuguese or Spanish but when approaching a girl, you should
avoid using more than a few words. Here is what you should do.
Approach them with a very simple question: Do you speak
If the lady knows how to speak English or a little bit, then thats
what you need to keep going. Without any effort, you will lead or
dominate the interaction. If the woman you approached does not
speak English at all, it is best to try your slow Spanish or just look
for another girl. If you decide to try your Spanish or Portuguese
and its not very fluent its better if you go more direct instead of
trying hard to keep your conversation going and flowing smooth.
What I mean by going direct is getting her number fast. Dont be
afraid of showing some interest in this case. Heres an example of
being direct and showing some interest in Spanish:
You: Hey, do you speak English?
Her: No

You: ok, Me pareces bonita y quiero conocerte, me das tu

It means I think you are cute and I want to get to know you,
would you give me your number?
But if the girl knows to speak a little English, make sure to talk to
her as if you are talking to a baby, in a slow manner.
Learning Spanish is difficult but possible. Although you will be
faced with many challenges while learning this, at the end of the
lesson, you will realize the time and effort you spend are well
worth it. One of the most difficult parts in learning the language is
conjugating hundreds of regular and irregular verbs in their
several tenses. Making the conjunctions is even tougher as you
have to understand the subject or reflexive pronounced being
used in the sentence. There are some rules to be used to make
the conjugation process a lot easier and this is something you can
learn if you take Portuguese classes.
There are many ways you can learn the language quickly. You
can always take a lesson or use software designed to enhance
your Spanish accent and vocabulary. You can also start with the
basic Spanish words and conversational Spanish. If you have a
friend who is a Spanish native, you can always ask him or her to
spend a little time each day to teach you how to properly, correctly
and fluently speak Spanish.
Anyway, the conclusion is that you dont need to learn Spanish or
Portuguese to seduce Latin women. And if you learn the
language, dont use it if she speaks at least a little bit of English,
only when you see that she doesnt speak at all.

During the night

There is something I want you to understand - if you are in a club

you wont be able to show the lifestyle you have, the car you
have, the house you have, the travels youve had, or the finances
and money you have in your bank account. In these places you
must learn to demonstrate value with very different strategies.
We know that in a nightclub, it will not matter much what you say
because of the loud music. Latin clubs always use a high volume
of music, which makes it almost impossible to talk. The idea of
these clubs is supposedly to dance. You may have a good phrase
to initiate the conversation, but if you do not project social value,
you wont accomplish anything. The high volume of the music
makes conversations very difficult, so you have to show value in
other ways.
And of course, when I refer to a Latin club, Im talking about the
kind of Latin club youll see in the US or in the Latin countries
located in the north of Latin America, the places where youll be
more likely to meet the kind of Latina with tanned skin and spicy
behavior. Women that love to dance salsa, merengue, vallenato,
bachata, reggaeton, etc.

In fact, the high volume of the music in clubs can be good for you
if you do not speak Spanish very well because you wont have to
talk so much. So dont worry.
For this reason, it is important that in these places you just
approach women when you can identify them showing some
Women only show interest for a reason.
In the midst of a bar or club sometimes youll see some women
with whom you dont need to use indirect methods of
approach. Sometimes the value you're projecting in your looks is
so appropriate that women will begin to show interest all on their
own. They pay a lot of attention to the skills, the personality, the
social value, and the way a man behaves in order to determine if
he has a chance of success in life.
And they look for those things very carefully because Latin
women depend on men so much. Most women are still looking for
the charming prince they see in cartoons when they were little
girls. Thats why you have to play the charming prince if you want
to get the cutest girls. That way youll create a situation where she
will show a high interest in you.
Latin women arent as cold as a woman from Europe may be.
They are very expressive. When a Latina is interested in a man
she would really show her unconscious interest and would never
be able to hide it.
So, before telling you how to become the charming prince they all
want, you must identify some signals that women from any
nationality will show you in a night club. Its basic but noteworthy
because its the easiest way to realize when to approach a Latina.

Identifying her interest

A Latin woman would show interest in a club as follows:
She keeps eye contact for more than a few seconds
(dont look away, keep eye contact until she breaks it).
After she breaks eye contact, do not keep staring at her;
just ignore it and keep doing whatever you were doing.
Later, she will look at you again. This time hold eye contact
again and give her a little smile.
She looks at you and smiles slightly from the beginning.
Smile back and keep talking to your friends while ignoring
her. Later well discuss how to approach her.
Her body language is open to you, and she keeps
brushing her hair.
She walks near your side several times and looks at you.

There are more universal unconscious ways to show interest, but

these ones are the only ones you should look for before
approaching a Latina in a night club.
Now well discuss how to become the charming prince I was
telling you about. To project the value to make women see you as
an important man. What comes next is not a mystery; its
something that will work no matter what kind of club or country
you are. The only things that change in a Latin club are the music,
the people and the way to approach. And the approach must be
done only after women show interest, which would only happen if
they realize you have something they like.
To project a high value in Latin nightclubs to the point where
women begin to show interest, you can do the following:

Projecting high value in Latin night clubs

1. Always go to Latin clubs accompanied by women. If you go
to a nightclub with only guys, I assure you that the value
youll project is low. Some women may be interested, but
they will not be the prettiest women there.
If you go to club with 3 guys and 2 girls, its fine. It is just
important to have women in your group. It doesnt matter if
they are just friends.
Hanging out with friends who have a high social value is
something that projects value, and it makes it far easier to
meet other women.
That's why I want you to worry about cultivating friends. Do
not dedicate yourself to seducing everyone around you.
Girl friends are very valuable; they will help you to meet
other women.
2. Do not keep your hands in your pockets. Its a basic thing,
but so many guys do this that I have to mention this point.
3. Say hello to the bouncers at the entrance and the waiters
once inside. This will give you value because it shows you
as someone who dominates your environment.
4. Smile. A good smile shows that you're enjoying the
moment, which will make women curious about you. They
love men who smile, but remember to do it naturally.
5. Talk to the people around you and involve them in your
interactions. Sometimes simple questions can make people
laugh. You can use a topic you are already talking about in
your circle.
6. If you can dance, dance with the friends you are with. Do
not stay seated or standing in bad mood. Make the women

around you happy. Latin women love to dance. It's good to

tell one of your girl friends to go with you to a nightclub
where there are women you like, so you can dance near
them. This way you will make the girls you like be aware
that you exist before approaching them.
7. Do not hold a glass with your hand up. If you need to have
a drink, keep it low, so it wont be an obstacle between you
and the people you interact with.
8. Do not walk around the club with just guys. Women notice
this instantly; it makes you seem like youre desperately
looking for girls. But if you have a girl with you, its good to
go to other parts of the club to meet other women.
9. Do not ask a Latina to dance until you determine shes
showing some interest. Trust me, if shes cute enough, she
has been asked to dance at least 7 times by desperate
guys before you did (Latin guys dance very good), and its
a very boring situation for her. At the same time, she would
connect you unconsciously with the other non-attractive
guys that asked her to dance, so her answer to it would be
Im tired, or my ankle hurts, or Ill dance later. So, wait
until she notices you and shows some interest, then it will
be the perfect time to ask her to dance

Perhaps you wonder about how to find girls to invite to go to clubs

with you so you wont have to go there just with guys
Well, the best places to get cute Latin girls at first arent
necessarily the clubs. The best places to pick them up at night
time are the bars where you dont have to pay covers at the
entrance and where you can determine if there are enough
women before you spend money to get in. And here you can pick
women up even though you dont have women with you. Later Ill
discuss good places and ways to pick up cute women. That way
youll have friends to invite to clubs so you can project the value
you need to get more women when you go there.

For now, all these fundamentals will give you value and you will
notice how, every time you practice, you will be getting women
show more and more interest.
Something that I can assure you of is that Latin women who are
really attractive think a lot about the social value of a man, and
thats why its so important to project a high value in these places.
You dont necessarily have to do magic tricks or be the best at
telling jokes, even though it could work if you do that properly, but
in Latin countries, you can show value by simply being a social

Kick ass strategies to meet Latin women in night

Strategy #1
Approach her smoothly (with body language that shows you might
leave at any moment) and make a comment about your facts.
Ex: Hey, is it true that Latin women love the way gringos
Make sure to be aware of the way you start. Its more important to
deliver the open smoothly than to have the perfect question.
Remember, your attitude and body language must be playful and
After the question, go back where your friends are and keep
talking with them.
This way youll make her feel like she lost something, and she will
wonder if you are going to give her the opportunity to talk again.
At the same time you can do the same with other women in the
area, always looking relaxed and cool and showing high social
If you're doing it well, the girl you approached is going to start
showing interest pretty soon.
When you manage to collect her interest, go back to her table,
take her hand, and ask her to go to your table. Tell her it's just for
a minute because you want to show her something. This way
youll manage to isolate her from her friends and keep escalating.
This strategy must be accompanied by a conversation that is
natural in the moment.

Strategy #2
Hold eye contact with all the women that make eye contact with
you. Eye contact is a universal indicator of interest. Many Latin
women say its a turn on when a guy approaches with something
direct after keeping eye contact with them.
Im not telling you to stare at every attractive woman you see.
Instead, get used to looking directly into the eyes of people that
are already looking at you: it shows confidence.
Women make eye contact to indicate attraction in almost all of the
countries in the world, but When eye contact is established with
Latina, its best to give her a small smile and make some signs
that call her over to your table. Most likely, she will not come
over, but dont worry, thats all part of the game. She may
however give you signs to approach her.
Do not go immediately. Wait two or three minutes, then approach.
If she does not give signs to approach hereven though she was
the first to make eye contactapproach her anyway with a gentle
but confidant attitude. Try saying something like, Hey, I saw you
from there and decided that I wanted to meet you and see if you
were cool.
Another way to handle this situation is to add a little dancing to
your. Do this only if she holds eye contact for a while. An
attractive woman often gets invited to dance upwards of fifteen
times when she is in a club, and if shes not already on the dance
floor, she has no interest in dancing. After she hears the line,
would you like to dance, enough times, it becomes very easy for
her to say no, usually with excuses like, my ankle hurts, lets
dance another time, or Im tired. That is exactly why I dont
recommend you approach a woman with an invite to dance unless
shes already shown interest in you. By differentiating your
approach you ask her to dance without asking, and if she shows
no interest, you havent been shot down.
Also, I would say its much better to ask for a dance when the
following genres are playing: reggaeton, electronic, and reggae.
This kind of music is simple to dance to, unlike salsa, which

requires a degree of expertise. By comparison, this makes you

look like a better dancer, which makes for a higher success rate.
However, its still a good idea to get good at salsa dancing. Just
as differentiating your approach is important, being an exceptional
dancer sets you apart from the pack.
Its important to handle these situations with self-confidence and
security. Especially in Latin American countries women notice
needy-looking men and distaste is their natural reaction. By acting
needy, you put yourself out of the running from the get-go. Better
yet, treating women with slight disinterest is an indicator of higher
social value, which most women find appetizing. By approaching
a woman, you show clear interest, so acting disinterest seems
paradoxical. Still, if you learn to at least speak to women the way
you would speak to your friends, youll get better results.
Although you probably dont speak Spanish very well, do not rely
on the standard questions of, "Whats your name?", "How old are
you?", or "What do you do for a living?" Once again, these do
nothing to differentiate you from other men, nor do they contribute
much to further interaction. This advice applies not just to Latinas,
but to girls from any part of the world.
A good way to initiate conversations is to ask a question that
prompts an opinion or a stor. "Hello, you look coolI want to ask
you a question. Is it true that Latin women are very possessive
once they choose a man?", is a line that can go both ways: either
they will give you their thoughts on the question, or, more likely
theyll tell you a story to support the claim. Conversations based
on Latin culture are usually sure-fire, and you can continue talking
while you dance. Try to make her do most of the talking, as shell
(again, paradoxically) feel shes getting to know you. The way to
do it in Spanish is this: Hey, te ves divertida quiero preguntarte
algo. Es cierto que las mujeres Latinas son posesivas cuando
sienten que encontraron al hombre ideal?

Strategy #3
Now that weve covered the lazier strategies that most guys will
use, we can do something requiring a little more finesse.
When you see a cute Latina being approached repeatedly by
guys who ask her to dance, get close to her (by asking the
bartender for a fresh drink) and say something about it. For
example: I bet you are so tired of needy guys inviting you to
dance, it must be terrible. Then smile slightly and keep talking
about how funny the situation looked when she was rejecting
those needy guys. If you want to say it in Spanish heres the
translation: Apuesto a que ests cansada de esos hombres
necesitados que te invitan a bailar, debe ser terrible.
Its a great strategy and allows you to enter her mind and get
rapport easily since you are speaking about a shared experience.

Strategy #4
Approach and make a comment about what you think a womans
profession is. When you approach, do not introduce yourself or
say How are you, or Excuse me; courtesy is not effective here.
A good example is: "The way you act makes me think you are a
lawyer / psychologist / designer / singer.
I highly recommend this strategy for meeting Latin women. It
always creates a fun topic of conversation which will help you get
acclimated to their group. You dont have to guess correctly, you
just have to give it a try. This will usually get a laugh from her, and
she will ask "Why?" Make up reasons to support your claim, and
show tranquil body language, without expecting to get anything
from her. Its just a way to start, but youll still have a lot of work to
do to earn her interest. Maybe she will correct you by telling you
her real profession, which can become a topic of conversation.
This strategy has the following alternative that you can use.
Approach with the aforementioned line, and when she asks what
made you think that, say Ill tell you later, and then return to
your table. This creates intrigue, and I can assure you that if you

do it with enough cool and courage, shes going to show some

interest. Later, return to her and give reasons why you made your
earlier statement. This is a powerful strategy with Latin women.
This line can also be used on the entire group. When her friends
start asking you what you think they do, invent a job or even an
entire history for each of them. This shows a quick wit and
spontaneity. And because your target is now the entire group,
rather than one woman, youve cast a wider net: at least one of
them is bound to get caught.
Each of these strategies can be used for the first meeting. You
can even mix them! However, its best not to stay at their group
make your approach, laugh a minute with them, and then return to
your table for a while. After a few minutes, come back and keep
talking. Continue escalating until you get a kiss, or at least a
phone number to make a date for another day.

How to pick up Latin women in clubs being with

just guys
Remember how I talked about leaving the girls to return to your
friends between conversations? Well, its best to have that group
of friends contain a few women. I dont recommend you go to a
Latin night club with a bunch of guys, but still, sometimes the
situation arises. If thats the case, tell one of your buddies to go
with you and stay near the ladies bathroom: it may help a lot,
since it provides many opportunities to speak with women. Just
stay for a few minutes and start talking to some girls on their way
out. Do not stay the whole night, as most people would perceive
that sort of behavior as creepy. Just stay a short while and ask
unthreatening questions, like, Hey girls, I was wondering about
something that Im sure you can help why the hell do women
always go to the bathroom with a friend?, is it true that you go to
talk about guys?. You can just say it in English and see if they
understand the language. If they dont, learn some Spanish or
approach someone else.

This should be obvious, but its important not to approach when

they are heading to the bathroom but when they are out of it going
back to their group.
The main advice is not to stay in the middle of the club drinking
with all the guys. It makes the entire group look desperate. And no
woman wants a desperate guy. Just try to approach the women
who are milling about.

How to approach a Latina when shes with other

Its very common to find Latinas accompanied by Latin guys. This
can be a tough nut to crack, because these men are either
protecting them, or are competing against you for their favour
(sometimes both).
First off, these guys speak the language better and can take
advantage of that language barrier. For example, the guys could
ask you things that you may not understand, making you look like
a chump in the girls eyes. If this is the situation and you
determine that the girl is not dating one of her male companions
(pay attention to body language) you can do the following: wait
until she stands up from the table to go to the bathroom (shell go
with a friend most of the times). From the moment she stands up
and starts walking, count three full minutes and then begin to walk
towards the bathroom; meet them while they are on their way
back to their group.
The moment you come cross them say something that makes
them laugh. For example, Is it true that Latin women use the
bathroom to talk about men? Make sure you are talking to the girl
you are interested in and the friend(s) accompanying her. This
comes across as less threatening, and is more likely to garner a
friendly reaction. Try to keep up conversation and stay in the
moment for the best results. This is the way to do it in Spanish:
Es cierto que las mujeres Latinas usan el bao para hablar de

Another way to approach is to go direct, when she is

unaccompanied by her friends on the way to go to the bathroom.
This time wait for two minutes, she wont take as long as she
would take when going accompanied. Say something like, Hey, I
just wanted to get to know you. You seem cool. Do you speak
English? Do not go away without requesting the phone number of
the girl you like, so you can meet up later. Practice this until you
can do it naturally. This is the way to do it in Spanish: Hey,
simplemente quera conocerte. Te ves divertida. Hablas Ingls?
If a group is composed of two women and one man, I highly
recommend that you approach it. When approaching, make sure
to talk to the man at the table you approach. You must speak to
him and make him participate of the interaction. It is very probable
that he is the fianc of one of the two, and that the other girl is
available. Make sure to determine which is the available one, as
hitting on an engaged Latina is embarrassing at best.
Lets consider this type of scenario from the beginning. There are
several possibilities:

1. The man is the best friend of the two girls. In this case its a
very good idea for you to approach. These women are
open to getting to know people and there will be little
competition, as most guys get discouraged when they see
that theres a man in the group.
2. The man is the fianc of one of the two. In this one case it
is a good idea to analyse which of the two is the fiance. If
the available girl is cute, I highly recommend that you
pursue. The guy at the table is likely to be friendly if you do
things the right way and talk to him too. The available girl
will probably be open to meeting a new guy, because
looking at her friend being with her fianc will make her
jealous. This will generate a certain despair and desire to
know somebody. Because the group is small and not many
people will be approaching, you immediately set yourself

3. The man paid a great amount of money to them so that

they have a night of passion with him. This is very easy to
identify by the behaviour within the group. In this case, its
not a very good idea to approach. Its better to use the
bathroom trick to talk to the girls and avoid confrontation
with the man.
4. The man is in a relationship with both girls. If this is the
case, just approach the table and congratulate him. The
man of that table is on our team. He may have even read
this book!

Indirect ways to start conversations with Latinas

Hey, I wanted to ask you something. What do Latin

women talk about when they are out by themselves? Is
it true that they always talk about men?
Translation to Spanish: Hey, quera preguntarles
algo... De qu hablan las mujeres Latinas cuando
salen solas?, es cierto que siempre hablan acerca de

Hey, I just want to know something about this [Latin]

culture. What do you prefer: a handsome guy who is
also stupid, or an ugly man who is interesting?
Translation to Spanish: Hey, solo quiero saber algo
acerca de esta cultura ustedes qu prefieren, un
hombre apuesto pero tonto o uno menos apuesto pero

I am going to ask you a question that intrigues me a lot.

How do men normally approach women in this country?
Translation to Spanish: Les voy a hacer una pregunta
que me intriga mucho A ustedes cmo se les
aproximan los hombres para conocerlas en este pas?

If a Latin woman feels attraction for somebody and is

totally crazy for him, what would she do to make him
approach her so she can meet him?
Translation to Spanish: Si una mujer Latina siente
atraccin por alguien, y est totalmente loca por l,
qu hara para lograr que el hombre se le acerque y

These types of phrases allow you to enter below the radar.

I recommend that you use these to start, but eventually invent
your own questions to start conversations. Its best if what youre
saying is connected with the situation you and the woman are in.
Again, the more natural-sounding the conversation, the better
your chances are. I can assure you that if you use a question that
you dont really find interesting, it will seem unnatural, and women
are going to notice it. Dont use the questions above if you dont
feel they have anything to do with the situations you find yourself
in. The purpose of an question isnt to direct the conversation, but
to get one started and see where it leads.
In my experience, the best way to uncork a conversation is
through humour. To accuse a girl of something funny and then to
smile is perfect. For example, lets say shes at a restaurant and
shes eating a hamburger, you might say, Im also on a diet, the
sauces in the burger help me to keep me in good shape, but only
if I drink a diet drink. However, humour, as they say, is all in the
delivery. As it applies to picking up women, this means having
dominant is body language. You must communicate that you are
confident in yourself (and in the quality of your jokes). Body
language is not something that Ill talk about much in this book,
but my advice is to do some quick research on the internet
regarding ways to develop good body language.

During the day

During the day things are easier. Women do not have to be as onguard as they are in night clubs, and they are usually dressed
down. And when calling back a woman you met in a bar, she may
not be certain who she gave her phone number to, and it is likely
that youll be confused with other men. Instead, if you approach a
Latin girl in a library, supermarket, university, or fast food
restaurant you seem a bit classier, and women are more likely to
remember you. It makes it easier to obtain the connection needed
to get her phone number (and make calling her back that much
less confusing).
These locations all have their own specific purpose, which you
can spin the conversation towards. In a bookstore, you can make
a comment about the book that she has; in a fast food restaurant
you can make a comment about the food that she orders; in a
bank you can make a comment about how boring it is to be in the
line to the teller, and so on.

Meeting Latin women in the GYM

If you are going to stay in Latin America for more than a month, I
highly recommend you sign up for a gym. In these places you will
find attractive and approachable women. Latin women tend to be
very careful with their bodies, and by showing you also care about
fitness you have displayed a common interest.
I urge you to consider not using that ugly t-shirt or those old shorts
when you go to the gym. Opt for comfortable but good-looking
gym attire and clean shoes. Put on some cologne: even though
youll be sweaty, it helps.
There are many ways to initiate conversation at a gym. You can
begin with something direct like: I see that you are very athletic. I
assume you have been coming here for a long time This is a
phrase that shows a direct interest. I know it seems like a dumb
way to open, but, in conjunction with assertive body language,
youll see that something so flat will work in a gym with a Latina.
You can also use an indirect method. Say youre at the machine
next to her: while doing some exercise, you could try the line,
You look like you are from South America, I want to know
something and use that as a conversation starter. This is just
one of many questions to initiate an interaction. Formulate a few
questions before going to the gym so that when you see a woman
you like you dont hesitate much.

Just remember, a gym isnt just to do exercise, its a place to meet

women too. Get used to it, because it can be a truly fertile ground
for picking up women.

How to get her

Holding a womans interest without seeming needy can be a
difficult balancing act. Some of this advice is universal, while
some only applies to Latina idiosyncrasies:

Dont call her too soon. Once you get her number, wait
two or three days before calling. Only call her even the
same day if she seems very interested.

Send her some funny texts the same day/night you

meet her. If you get her answering shell be more
excited by the prospect of getting a call from you. This
program will help you to master text message flirtation:

The best day to invite her out is Thursday, because

shes more likely to be available. If you call her on
Friday or Saturday its very probable that shell have
plans with her friends.

Do not tell her to meet you, just pick her up: this will
reflect positively on you. Many Latinas, when told to
meet up for a date, simply never show up. By picking
her up, she no longer has the option of ditching you.

Talk to her in the phone for a few minutes to generate

comfort. Show her that you have a sense of humour
and be playful. If she responds well, invite her out. Tell
her you have plans to go somewhere and would be nice
if she goes with you.

Never talk about your personal accomplishments,

material possessions, or travels. She is more than
capable of digging these things up later, if shes
interested. Wait for her to probe the topics, or else it
comes off as braggadocio.

Believe her when she says she has to go home early.

Although western women often use this as an excuse,
many Latinas live with her parents until they are
marriage. As a result, these women often have a

Be humble. Theres a clear difference between

confident and cocky.

If you get a phone number, but she doesnt answer (or answers in
a rude way), keep your value as a man. Do not tolerate this sort of
behaviour, but dont take it personally either. Many Latinas give
their phone numbers and never answer calls. Remember, its a
game. The more you try the better chances you have of finding
the cute Latina you want.

The Phone Situation

Theres a fact we need to cover; Latin women arent as direct as

American or European women are. A Latina wouldnt say I dont
want to go out directly, instead she would say Ok, call me later
and well see. Thats something they do a lot when they dont feel
enough desire to meet the man.
So, when you find out that the Latina says something like that just
tell her youll call her later and start immediately looking for
different options, because this one will probably flake.
The other thing you need to know is that Latin women use pre
paid credit on their phones (if they are in a Latin country). Its very
common in Latin America. They dont have monthly contracts like
in the US or Europe. So dont think shes a drug dealer or
something like that just for using pre paid credit . It means that if
you call her and she doesnt respond it may be because she
doesnt have credit and not because she didnt want to talk with
Some gringos get discouraged when they call and never get a call
back, or when they send a text message and dont get a message
back, that may be the issue. My advice is to find out in some way

is she has a pre pay phone (you can just ask it as a random
question while getting her number in the initial encounter).
Then, if you call her and she doesnt respond and doesnt call
back, we have three options:

She has a pre pay phone and cant call. If you know
that she has a pre pay phone wait for a few hours and
call again. Latinas arent necessarily punctual either, so
it could be that she just takes her time getting back to

She doesnt want to call because shes not

interested enough. If you found out that she has a
plan for her phone or has credit on the pre paid option,
the best choice is to leave the anti-flake message that
youll find in The crazy Flaking Thing bonus. Wait for a
few days to call again.

Shes interested and has credit on her phone but,

shes a chauvinistic girl and thinks that men have to
work hard for her interest and will wait for you to
call her again. Leave the anti-flake message as
mentioned before (found in the bonus section) and
youll see how she calls you back in less than 2 hours.

So the conclusion is that, if she has a pre pay phone, the

best thing to do is wait a few hours and call back. And if
she has a phone plan the best option is leaving the antiflake message of The crazy Flaking Thing bonus thats
included with this book.
Another good option is texting her (only do it if you have
good texting game, you can master it here: But it only works if she has a
plan on her phone or credit so she can text back.

Inviting her out

A Latina is quite comfortable just being in her house, which
means that she wouldnt mind cancelling a date last minute to
watch a movie with her family. When a Latina is in a functioning
relationship, her favourite plan usually involves staying home
watching movies, having sex, and cooking. For westerners, think
about women in the 1950s.
If you want to invite a Latina out for a first date make sure to do it
from early in the afternoon. Even if shes interested, she might
say, Give me a call later before picking me up and well see. Its
a line Latin women use to retain power so she can cancel if she
finds something else to do. The best method is to not back down.
Say something like, I need to be sure you want to go out so I
dont have to make different plans. This way you show
dominance, and make her compromise to the point where,
hopefully, she wont flake. Make agree to a date from the
beginning. Then call her half an hour before the date to tell her
you are leaving your place to pick her up. This way shell be ready
and wont make you wait too much down there. Well, shell still
make you wait, but not for nearly as long.

The first date

Where to take her if your Spanish sucks.
One of the obstacles that you may encounter in Latin America is
that your level of Spanish isnt very good, which means that if you
are with a Latina in a place where the only option is having a
conversation, things could get a little complicated. With girls of
your home country it works different obviously due to the fact that
you speak the same language. There, you can take a woman on
the first date to a place where the conversation allows you to
generate attraction and end up in a seductive location.
If you are with a Latina and you dont speak Spanish so well, you
are going to have to demonstrate your value to her with fewer
words. The unique way to do this is by taking her to a place where
you dont have to talk so much. So there are three options:
1. Taking her to a hotel to have sex.
2. Taking her to your house to have sex.
3. Taking her to a Night club.
I know how weird it sounds to take her to a hotel on a first date
without taking her out first. The same thing happens if you want to
take her home. So the best option is to take her to a night club
first, and if you still like her enough later, end up in one of the first
two locations.
I can assure you that, if you hurry things up, and try taking a hot
Latina home without giving her the time to feel some attraction,
shell get scared. And of course, you can find a woman from your
social circle thats so interested in you already and would be
ready to have sex, but the average cute Latina would make things
a little harder than women from other places.
This is why I recommend you to take Latin women to a night club
If you dont know to dance salsa, merengue, or other latino music,

dont worry. You can always ask her to teach you. Tell her that
you are very curious about it and that you are very interested in
learning about the Latin culture. Most women will love teaching
you how to dance. And if you already know how to dance, even
better! Now you have a way to demonstrate something of value.
Most Latin women find gringos that can dance very intriguing.
Also, by being in a nightclub you can show value by being social,
showing a sense of humor, and projecting a good vibe. I can
assure you that if you dont have a good level of Spanish, you will
be more successful on a first date by taking a girl to a club.
Remember dont stay in the same place all night. This way youll
keep her on her toes and it will add to the excitement of the night.
Just take her to a different club near the one you are already in.
In case your Spanish level is good...
Take her to a lounge bar where theres a couch and the music
volume is low. This way you can escalate until you kiss her and
continue the process. Do not stay in the same bar all night
though. You can visit more than 3 bars which will make you have
a more dynamic date, and this way you are not going to run the
risk of running out of conversation subjects, which is a very
common situation when a couple remains in the same place for
hours. Staying in the same place for too long is a mistake that
Latin guys make a lot.
You are going to notice that when you take her to several sites in
the same night, shell begin to open herself up by being more
friendly and demonstrating more interest in you. Generally, in the
second or third bar if you do things properly and escalate
smoothly in Kino, she will be ready for the kiss.
Dont be surprised if she refuses to give you a kiss on the first
date. Some Latin women think that giving a kiss on a first date is
slutty behavior. They even are proud of themselves for not doing it

Latin guys have tolerated this for so many years, thinking that the
normal thing to do is date the woman for some days and waiting
for whatever it takes for her to decide if she can give a little kiss. I
dont agree with, Ill get the first kiss on the first date most of the
time if I like the woman enough, but still its normal to find some
Latin women with some resistance to it.
In case it happens to you, my advice is to let it be, do not get
pissed, at least give it a try again so she doesnt think youll be
just a friend.
When a Latina likes the man and refuses to kiss him, she will at
least give him some signals to keep him hooked, like holding
hands or a little kiss near the mouth when saying goodbye.

The proper mind set

Right before you go out with her, you need to get your mind ready
to make yourself stay calm.
One of the biggest mistakes the average guy makes is to look
desperate and try too hard to seduce the girl no matter what. They
try to seduce every girl with whom they go out, which is a terrible
mistake. Latin women love challenges. They get really crazy when
they feel that they can lose the man.
At the same time youll have so many dates with Latin girls that
you would need to keep some of them just as friends and not
trying to seducing them.
So the proper mind set is to wait until you really like the girl. What
I mean by that is that, when you are going to date her, you dont
know if you really like her, so you will give her the chance to show
you that shes the one for you. Ok, she can be cute and have a
nice body, but still you dont know what things about her turn you
off or you dont like. So, let her earn your interest too.
Latin women are very tired of men showing their romantic interest
from the beginning. And the more beautiful she is the more it
The situation when they go on a date with a Latin guy is like this:
The man picks her up; he compliments her for how beautiful she
looks. Then he takes her to a dinner. Right in the middle of it he
starts saying that he only likes serious relationships. Then he
starts talking about some serious and interesting stuff:
economics, social problems, investments. So she gets really tired,
Latin guys are really needy and romantic at the same time. The
good news is that the few ones that arent as needy really get
them all.
Thats why I recommend you to get the right mind set: Giving her
the opportunity to demonstrate shes the one for you.

Great conversation topics to use

Latin women always complain about gringos who ask the same
boring questions and make the same boring comments. Flat
questions like: Where do you live? How old are you? Where do
you study? What do you do for a living? etc., are questions that do
not excite any emotion in a woman. In addition, those questions
are so common and are repeated by everyone that women get
bored when theyre asked them again and again. The
recommendation that I give is to ask questions that allow the
waking up of some feelings or memories in her and at the same
time allows the conversation to flow easily.
Questions like the ones listed above could be asked, but dont let
them be the ones that make up your conversation. Here are some
questions adapted for the first date that work great:

Have you ever fallen in love?

Make her go into the moment when she was in love and make her
describe that feeling. This will make her remember good
memories of love, and having you right in front of her will make
her unconscious mind have no other option but to attach that
same sensation of love with you.
If you could go on a trip to anywhere in the world, where
would you go?
This is another good question. Make her describe how itd be to
be in the place of her dreams until she feels like shes there. Her
mind will be in a happy state now. Generally this subject gives a
good theme for your conversation and gives it a good vibe too.
What are the characteristics of the women of this region?
The good thing about this question is that it is going to give you
good information about the woman you are with, and it generates

a subject of conversation which is easy to prolong. Its perfect

because it allows you to tease her for anything she says about the
culture. For example, if she says that women from that culture
tend to be jealous you can tease her saying Oh my god! It
means you are one of those women that are so jealous and
wouldnt allow me to see other women if you were my girlfriend!
We would never get along because Im afraid of jealous women.
Have you ever had a summer love?
Its a silly question if you ask it in the US or in Europe. But Latin
women are still dreaming about the charming prince theyve
always wanted. Its actually a good question with a Latina. It will
cause strong emotions in her mind. A good memory of a special
romance takes her mind to a positive place where it feels happy
and the best part is that you are right in front of her. This way she
has no other option but to connect you with the moment at which
she had this summer of love. They normally attach the summer
love thing with a beach, they usually go there on vacations and
sometimes find a romantic summer love. So make her describe
how it was, the beaches, the stars, the ocean, dont be afraid to
do so, its a good thing to do with a Latin girl.
Have you had jealous boyfriends?
This one is a great question because it is going to give very
valuable information to you about how to act in order to create
attraction. If the majority of her boyfriends have been jealous, it is
because she enjoys this attitude. Women deny it sometimes, but
the truth is that they tend to choose their boyfriends based on this
behavior. So, if you find out that most of her boyfriends have been
jealous, you can act more possessive. Anyway, I can assure you
that most Latin women enjoy this behavior, so pretend to be
jealous sometimes, theyre OK with it.

Who is the actor that you think is the most handsome?

This question puts her in a very convenient mood because it
brings to her mind the image of somebody who is really attractive
to her. Most Latin women love famous actors and artists. Its a
topic of conversation that they enjoy. And, having you in front of
her is really good for you because her mind is going to relate the
attractiveness that she feels at the moment with the image of you.
What are the things you cannot resist?
This could be chocolate, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, etc.
Making her describe these things takes her to a mental state of
desire, which is just what you want.
How would you describe the man of your dreams?
This is a very good question because it brings a positive
emotional state and generates an interesting conversation topic
for the woman. She is going to ask you the same question and
this way you can describe several qualities that you would like to
find in a woman. This way she can begin to qualify herself when
she says she has some of those qualities.
As well as these questions, there are many others that you can
ask. Just remember that the best thing you can do is to wake up
positive emotions in her. Never ask in the initial stage: Are you
bored? Why did you break up with your ex? How did your parents
die? Why did you get fired from that job? Why did your parents
get divorced?
These negative questions cause the process of attraction to stop
and prevent further escalation. Everything has to be done at the
right moment.
When you two are more involved in a relationship, itll be the right
time to talk about negative things and to share her difficult

Funny topics of conversation are great to achieve a good vibe and

facilitate the attraction flow. Humor takes women to a happy state
and thats why it makes it easier to generate attraction.
I know that guys sometimes feel the need to speak about cars
and motorcycles. The V6 motor or the 5,000cc motor of such and
such car, etc. But, to women, these subjects are not fun. Avoid
them when you are with women. Do not talk about computers,
electric home appliances, the powerful stereo in your car,
technology, cell phones, etc. Subjects like: fame, music,
psychology, anecdotes that demonstrate your active lifestyle,
trips, places of the world, love; these are subjects that are going
to help to you to generate a natural connection with her.

The way to treat them

The way to treat Latinas differs from treating women from other
nationalities. In Latin America its well seen to be a gentleman.
I know its a little weird, if you have good manners an American
woman would think you are dump. Its not like that for Latin
women, its a plus.
So the best way to be a gentleman is to be it from a position of
power, having good manners without looking submissive.
It is actually good to open the door for her, move the chair for her
to sit, and offer your hand to cross the street. Its like a fairy tale; it
is part of the Latin culture. So dont be afraid to do it, it will make
you seem like a Gringo that understands the culture and she
would see you as more familiar.
Do not think that you are losing your value for doing so, instead,
do it without looking in love, do it from a position of power. You
can do a lot of things from that position without losing your value.
For example, you can say something like you are pretty using
some gestures and body language that make you look as
someone who isnt so romantically interested in her; thats what I
mean with the position of power.
The same you can do while being a gentleman, remembering
always to touch her smoothly, grabbing her hand, identifying her
interest every time more, growing the sexual tension at the same
Latin women love sex, as all women from any country do, the
difference is that they hide that appetite more during the
courtship. For example, its OK to say some dirty words to an
American girl you just met and she would feel good with it. On the
other hand its not OK to say dirty words to a Latina if you havent
slept with her yet, she would be likely to be offended. Unless you
do it when you are just about to have sex with her and you both
are in the seduction location.

Latin women seem to be more offended when a man grabs their

ass in a place that is not meant for sex, they feel they are going to
get raped. While an American girl would be OK with it if doing it
discretely even in a public place.
So, resuming it; be a gentleman from a position of power.

Great Spanish phrases to know, and when to use

Here are some phrases you should learn in Spanish. Some of
them may sound stupid while translating to English, but in
Spanish they sound really nice and help to reach an objective:

Tienes una sonrisa maliciosa, eso me parece sexy.

Translation: You have a naughty smile, it seems sexy to
How to use it: You can use it at any time to make her feel
sexy, even when you just met her, or during a date.
Objective: Reward her and stimulate her to become sexy
with you.

Me encanta eso que hiciste.

Translation: Im so charmed by what you just did.
How to use it: The word Me encanta is very powerful in
Spanish, it helps to make them realize that they are sexy.
You can use that word in many situations to compensate
her for doing a thing you liked. It could be after she bites
her lips, or after she smiles with a naughty attitude, or after
she licks her finger, or after she tells a good joke. Its also a
good way to make her see you as a potential lover while
you whisper that word at her ear.

Objective: Reward her for being nice and make her want to
charm you.

Eres demasiado sexy

Translation: You are too sexy.
How to use it: The word too in Spanish doesnt have the
same negative connotation it has in English. That word is
sometimes used to describe something that is extremely
great or extremely bad. You can say that phrase to reward
her for something she did fine. For example, if she dresses
the way you told her to dress, or after she gives you a
naughty kiss. Nevertheless you should only use something
like this once you are already dating her, after you have
already at least made out with her, or after you already
have had sex with her.
Objective: Reward her for being awesome with you and
keep her behaving sexually.

Pinta un bosque y pirdete en l.

Translation: Draw a forest and get lost in it.
How to use it: Its a funny phrase and it implies that she
said something stupid. Say it playfully when she tells you a
joke. Its a phrase that little Latin kids say very much to
their moms when they want to stay alone. Be careful with
the way you say it, if you say it playfully enough it will make
her laugh.
Objective: Tease her and make her feel she has to work
hard to make you smile for her jokes.

Multiplcate por 0
Translation: Multiply by 0.
How to use it: As the one of the forest its a playful way to
say that something wasnt funny to you. So, say it only
when she tries to be funny but doesnt succeed.
Objective: Tease her for being such a bad humorist.

Sbete al Titanic y hndete

Translation: Get on the Titanic and sink with it.
How to use it: Its another funny phrase to use after she
says a bad joke.
Objective: Tease her for her bad sense of humor.

Te aprovechas de mi nobleza.
Translation: You take advantage of my nobility.
How to use it: Its a really funny phrase to use only when
shes making fun of you for something. That phrase is
originally from a very popular comedy show from Mexico
called El Chapuln Colorado. That show was the most
popular in all Latin countries for decades. That phrase
makes you seem innocent in a funny way.
Objective: Make her feel she can make fun of you without
upsetting you.

How to kiss with a Latina

Initial attraction is directly related to the confidence, the power and
the status that you seem to have. That attraction must be
maintained at all times.
Theres something you must know now: Latin women care a lot
about kissing. They really love it, and its something that they are
going to care about much more than many girls from other parts
of the world. Thats why youll find out that, for many of them, its
such a big deal!
The status you have so far is going to help to you to generate
enough attraction with Latin women. Surely now you ask yourself
But when shes showing interest, what do I do? Now its time to
escalate in Kino, which is to start touching her every time more.
Its not about touching her ass or breasts; its about touching her
shoulders, knees, hugging her, etc.
Latin women are more used to the physical contacts. Most of
them love to be hugged and grabbed. Escalating in Kino gradually
is going to allow you to make her more comfortable with you and
thus the kiss is going to be easier.
So, the first step to start Kino escalating is to bring her close to
An easy way to bring her closer is by showing her a video you
have on your cell phone or some pictures from your camera. Its
important that you are not the one who makes the move to get
closer. Make her be the one who moves next to you so she can
see what you are about to show her. Then you start Kino
escalating slowly.
Do not ever say to a Latin girl something like Do you want me to
kiss you? or May I kiss you? It will kill the attraction, besides its
something that many Latin guys do, so it wont help to differentiate
you from the others.
Latin women hate it when a guy asks for a kiss instead of going
for it.

Theres something that I highly recommend with Latin women:

start with a kiss in the cheek without explanation. Trust me; this is
going to be really helpful for you. I call it The sudden innocent
Its extremely useful because it will help you do five things at the
same time:
1. Kino escalating.
2. Let her know you wont be just a friend.
3. Make guys around you know that shes with you.
4. Make sure shes interested in you.
5. Notice if shes ready for the first kiss.

The sudden innocent kiss should be made right when her

conscious mind is concentrated on something that you are talking
about. It doesnt have to be a romantic topic. A good way to do it
is by just telling a story. It could be a funny story or just
something that happened to you a few days ago. It could be
anything. The important thing is to give her a kiss without
explanation while you tell the story. It doesnt matter if its the
beginning of it or the end. Just give her one or even a few kisses
on the cheek while you tell the story and then keep telling the
story without stopping.
Giving her this Sudden Innocent kiss will help you determine
how much she likes you. You can analyze her reaction right after
doing this. If she seems uncomfortable, it means shes not ready
yet. Sometimes shes going to give you a psychological test after
you do this, saying something like Why did you do that? and its
a psychological test that you can bypass showing some humor
saying something like You had something on your cheek and I
wanted to get it with my mouth =) Then, keep telling the story as
if nothing happened.

Relax and keep showing value with your style, your humor,
confidence and topics of conversation.
Later, when you identify shes more interested, you repeat the
process. Keep escalating in Kino, touch her hair and give her a
small kiss, this time on the mouth.
When you give her the kiss do not hurry to introduce your tongue
in her mouth. First feel her lips and let it be a natural and short
kiss. One day I was speaking with Nick Rogue, a Master PUA
from the U.S. about his method, which is one of the most
advanced seduction methods that exists in the world. It consists of
seducing women the same night the man meets her.
One of the recommendations that he gives is not to give very
enthusiastic kisses in public to a girl that you have just met. This
recommendation is very valid because taking a woman to a
sexual state in a public place makes her uncomfortable (since she
wont feel free to express her passion to the point of having sex in
public), which is something that blocks attraction and makes it
difficult for her to decide whether or not to go to the seduction
location. You can find his method here:

If a Latin woman doesnt want to give you a kiss, it could be

because, although she was interested in you at the beginning,
there was something you did that she didnt like and therefore she
lost interest in you. Some of the things that could make her lose
the interest are:
1. She didnt like the way you live your life.
2. She didnt like the people that surround you.
3. She felt that you were unconfident and that you lack
4. She found out that what you say isnt true.

5. You were bragging and trying so hard to impress her, and

she got bored.
6. She didnt feel protected by you.
7. She thinks you lack a sense of humor.
8. She doesnt like the fact that you are always trying hard to
please her.
9. She felt you were too predictable.
10. She didnt like the way you dress.
11. Your mouth smelled bad.
12. She was taught by her parents not to kiss a guy on the first
date even though she wants it (on the second date she will).
This one is easy to identify. She will show interest sometimes
accompanied with a little kiss near the mouth when saying
good bye. Youll see some Latin
women that are like this.
They think twice before giving the first kiss.
When you come across a girl like this, dont get discouraged.
Its part of the culture. Girls that behave this way are just too
scared of being labeled as whores and think that you will value
the fact that shes making you wait.
At the same time she will fear the fact that you may not call her
again. Thats why she gives you a small demonstration of
interest by giving you a small kiss near your mouth when
saying goodbye.
Ok, heres another recommendation I want to give you. If you are
on a first date and you try to kiss your date but she moves and
doesnt allow you to do so even though she was showing interest
in you, do not look bothered, act as if nothing happened and when
you see some interest later try again. Trust me, many Latin

women enjoy making the guys work hard, and they give a lot of
psychological tests to see if a guy has enough courage.
If she does not respond to anything and she does not
demonstrate any interest in being with you, let her be. Do not give
her more of your attention. From this moment you are a man with
a high value in Latin America with dreams and great aspirations.
Your positive attitude is going to help you succeed in life and the
woman that doesnt take an opportunity to be with you is not going
to bother you. There are many women who are going to want to
be with you.

Latin culture
Who pays the bill?
In the United States and many countries in Europe, liberallyminded women generally offer to pay for their part of the tab.
Latin America is completely different; women almost never offer to
pay. Sometimes Latin women dont even bring money with them
when they go out with a man. It can be attributed to Latin culture,
which thrives on machismo. While this may have one been
considered chivalrous, Latin women have gotten used to this
arrangement, and so they count on men to pay the bills.
In Latin America you may notice that most of the women look very
attractive, whereas few men invest heavily in their looks. This is
partially because these men have to spend so much of their
income courting women.
Paying for everything while on a date with a western girl can be a
turn-off. In Latin America, nothing could be further from the truth.
Having money demonstrates security and protection, while a

woman may be very put off if you dont have enough dough to pay
the bill. I have made many embarrassing mistakes in this vein,
and trust me, theres no getting around it. Always come with
enough money, and expect to pay for everything. Its a simple
cultural difference, and its worth the extra investment if your aim
is to get with Latin women.

Is Latin culture chauvinistic?

The Latin culture is completely chauvinistic. Because many Latin
countries experience financial hardship, strength and wealth are
valued qualities. Socially, these countries are more conservative,
so women largely depend on men. This dependency causes
women to feel attraction towards (or at least tolerate) typically
manly behaviour, so its a good attitude to adopt if you hope to
attract women from these countries
It was once said, behind every great man, theres a great
woman. Although Latinas do not have the same career
opportunities as men, they are often exceptionally shrewd behindthe-scenes business advisors to men. Knowing that the outside
world belongs to men in Latin countries, these women are very
controlling of what goes on within the home.
As an aside, while chauvinistic humour is usually offensive to
westerners (and western women particularly), many Latinas will
laugh at these sorts of jokes. Some even tell them! Obviously,
decide what limits are acceptable on a case-by-case basis.

Origins of Latin culture

The ancient cultures of Latin America were initially inhabited by
cultures that didnt give much importance to technological
development. Instead, they valued taking care of the environment
and coexisting within the natural order. They were, however, quite
advanced in astronomy and mathematics. Problematically, they
also possessed massive quantities of gold.
When the Spanish entered these territories and discovered how
much gold there was, they took it by force to bring it back to
Spain. The Spaniards who entered the continent robbed these
people of their gold, and also raped and murdered the indigenous
people. They burned most of the books that the natives had
written, effectively erasing all cultural advancements up to that
point. History states that Atahualpa, the last Inca governor during
the 1500s, was imprisoned by the Spaniards. The Inca were
forced to give the Spaniards three rooms full of gold and silver
(and many of the native women, to be kept as slaves) in
exchange for Atahaulpas life. Francisco Pizarro, the conquistador
responsible, received all these things but reneged on his
promises, keeping his riches and murdering Atahualpa anyway.
That was the beginning of the Latin culture; a mixture of native
and Spanish heritage, born in blood.
In the early 1800s, the French Revolution inspired Latin America
to claim its independence. Idealists like Simon Bolvar fought
against the oppression of the Spanish.
Although much of the native culture was destroyed, some of the
things that survived the journey to independence are a good
sense of humour, a love for dancing, and sexual promiscuity.
These cultural qualities carry over into seduction: for a Latin
woman it is very important that a man has grace and makes her
laugh. Being able to carry yourself effortless and bring a smile to a
womans face are practically requirements of Latin life.

How the culture is romantically involved

The rampant chauvinism of Latin America is balanced out by how
romantic the people of these countries are. Its just a cultural facet
ingrained in Latin music. If you analyze the lyrics of salsa music,
youll find out that most of it deal with courtship, asking for
forgiveness, or declaring love for a special woman. And these
subjects are not limited to salsa: the bolero, merengue, bachata,
vallenato, and most other common kinds of Latin music recycle
these romantic tropes.
Strangely, many Latin songs feature men in a very submissive
position, whether theyre begging for forgiveness or dedicating a
song to a woman they love. Heres an example of a very famous
Salsa song that practically every Latin woman knows called
Forgive me by Gilberto Santa Rosa:
I ask forgiveness for this war
I wish I could get back my weapons
Stop with this hostility
That doesnt take me any where
Ill propose you a deal
I give you a call to your consciousness
Because mine is killing me
The one whos talking to you has surrendered
I lost all of my strength
Now I came to supplicate
And ask you for forgiveness
Please forgive me
Ay Forgive me

Do not make me cry

I do not know what to say
Please forgive me
Ay forgive me
What do I have to do?
If you want I can surrender at your feet

Pussy song, huh?

Latin men are so used to serenading women during courtship.
The logic seems to run counter to everything I mentioned about
their male-dominated, chauvinistic society. However, even in
putting these women on pedestals, these men choose to
relinquish power to these women. In effect, women are given the
role of the choosing sex only because, in these songs, the men
allow them to have it.

How sexually open minded is the culture

The Latin culture is much more discrete sexually. Women tend to
repress more their impulses because they feel afraid of leaving a
bad impression. Social circles in Latin America tend to gossip, so
there is an inherent social pressure to keep up appearances.
Remaining discrete reflects positively not just on yourself, but on
you group of friends. The opposite holds true: a Latina may be
angry or offended if your behaviour is inappropriate, because it
makes her look bad for associating with you.
While Latinas may act sexually naive in public, the same social
pressures that force them to act ladylike around friends apply to
the bedroom. Most Latin women are eager to leave a good sexual
impression, and their conservative attitudes belie a sensual

Is it worth to have a relationship with a Latina?

Though the learning curve of seducing Latin American women
can be more difficult, you will find that they are warm, tender,
affectionate, sweet, possessive, fiery, and attentive. Its a
common situation to wake up in the morning and realize that your
Latin girlfriend is already awake and cooking for you.
I can assure you that if you get into a relationship with a Latin girl,
youll have a great experience, and shell make your importance
to her known. Shell invite you to meet her parents and friends,
and will make you a big part of her life. Trust me, they are
awesome and well worth the effort!

Where to find the cute ones depending by

When visiting Latin countries there are always sights to see.
Some of those site are tourist attractions. But if youre reading this
book, chances are high that the sights youre looking for are
beautiful women. Lets consider which countries are the best to
start implementing some our seduction strategies.
Mexico: Mexico D.F has very few cute women, meaning the
worthwhile catches are being constantly hounded by groups of
men. However, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and some cities in the
North seem to be good cities to meet beautiful women. The
further South you go, the lower your chances get.
Colombia: There are many cities in Colombia with stunning
women, but the one city that will take your breath away is
Medelln. Women there have flawless style, nice bodies, and
pretty faces. The weather is comfortable year-round, so they are
always dressed sexy. Good looking women can be found in
Bucaramanga, Manizales, Pereira and, in a pinch, Cali. Bogot,
however, is usually too cold to meet the cute girls.

Panama: Panama City is full of cute women most of whom are of

mixed descent from natives and American soldiers. There are
also a number of protocol models from Colombia living there.
Panama has lots of diversity in the women youll find.
Venezuela: The women of Caracas are very beautiful and quite
tall. Unfortunately, the men are rather handsome too, meaning
you have to be on youre a-game. Venezuela is none too friendly
with America though.
Chile: Via del Mar and La Serena are nice cities to visit, and
women there are beautiful. Avoid Arica at all costs though.
Bolivia: Youll find cute women if you go to Santa Cruz de la
Sierra, its the only city with beautiful girls. La Paz has some
attractive women, but most come from wealthy families.
Peru: Cusco has a lot of cute foreign girls. The natives, however,
are not much too look at. Arequipa is the only city where youll
have a chance to find cute natives. Chiclayo, Trujillo and Lima
have some nice native women, but not many.
Ecuador: In general, Ecuador should be avoided if youre looking
hook-ups. If you find yourself there, Guayaquil is your best bet.
Argentina: The women of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe are very
beautiful. Crdoba is another popular city to find stunning women,
and many of them are students. Argentinean women arent very
tan, so keep that in mind if skin tone is an integral part of the Latin
experience for you. Also, Argentinean women have gained a
reputation of being overly emotional.
Brazil: This country is famous for its women. The city with the
cutest ones is Santa Maria (Ro Grande del Sur), which is full of
students. Cascavel and Blumenau are good options too, as is the
capital of Brasilia. Blonde Latinas can be found in Porto Alegre
and Santa Catarina; brunettes in Rio de Janeiro y Minas Gerais.
Keep in mind that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish, so
make sure to translate any of the pick-up lines you plan on trying.
Uruguay: The best destination for pretty women is Punta Del

Puerto Rico: Across the island you will find typical Latinas:
tanned skin, brown hair, sensual behavior, and a love for dancing.
Im sure youll like them.

Latin Women
Have you heard about mail-order brides?
Its a huge business, and an alternative that many guys from the
US take when they feel lonely and want to get a Latin wife. Most
of these women come from Colombia.
There are a great deal of problems with mail-ordering a wife,
rather than dating. Most of the men who buy these women do not
understand Spanish, and by extension, cannot speak with their
new wives. As well, these women usually enter into scenarios like
mail-order marriage out of financial desperation; the resulting
marriage is loveless and based solely on money.
Obviously, the best way to decide if you want to keep a Latina is
by meeting her in person and giving her the opportunity to
demonstrate that shes the right girl for you. And now that you
have this book you can start being picky and get the girls that you
really like. However, seeking Latinas on the internet can be a
good idea in tandem with meeting them in person. If youre
planning a visit to a Latin country, find a few girls online
beforehand so that theyll be waiting for you when you arrive. A
good website for meeting Latinas is: When
creating on online dating profile, youll want to make yourself

appear as attractive as possible. Here are some tricks to setting

yourself apart, without relying on conversation or body language.
The objective of a profile picture is to make you appear as the
charming prince theyve always dreamed of. For that to work, you
need to avoid first the following mistakes:
-Taking shirtless pictures to show off your muscles.
-Taking pictures of your cars and bikes.
-Taking a picture yourself in the mirror.
-Using your webcam to take a picture of yourself.
-Appearing in a picture alone without anything going on
around you.
-Appearing in the picture with an ugly woman.
-Using a profile picture of you when you were a baby.
Examples of pictures you can use are ones where:
-You have cute female friends.
-You are displaying a skill or hobby.
-Theres great view.
-You have an animal with you.
-You have kids with you.
-Youre engaged in a sport.
-You display a sense of adventure, or a good aspect of
your personality.
Pick five to ten interesting pictures you have and upload them. In
case you dont have interesting pictures, take some and upload
them, but do not upload anything if you dont have the right
onesits about quality not quantity.

Description lines
The description lines must let women know that you have sense
of humor. Likewise, there needs to be something she can use to
tease you. Humor, as I have stressed, is a great way to get
women comfortable around you.
Here are some Spanish lines (with translation) that you can use in
your profiles. Just copy and paste:
Cuando era pequeo, las nias abusaban de mi. Pero no voy
a dejar que eso vuelva a suceder.
When I was a kid, girls abused me. But I wont let that
happen again.

Interesado en amigas solamente, si un hombre me escribe

juro que voy a eliminar el perfil, jaja.
Interested only in women. If a man writes me I swear I will
eliminate my profile, haha.

Yo no me creo la mayor cosa pero por favor no me sigan

confundiendo con Brad Pitt, me molesta mucho.
I dont believe Im so great, but please dont keep
confusing me with Brad Pitt, it bothers me so much.

Este ao me voy a disfrazar de Drcula en Halloween y voy a

conseguir una novia Latina a la que le guste que le chupen la
This year Ill dress up as Dracula on Halloween and Ill
find a Latina that enjoys getting her blood sucked.

Yo me distingo por tener dos cualidades principales: soy

humilde y perfecto!

Im distinguished by my two principal qualities: Im

humble and perfect!

Mi mam me dijo que no saliera de mi casa y por eso decid

que iba a encontrar amigas por internet.
My mom told me not to go out and thats why I decided to
meet some friends on the internet

Hombre sincero, romntico, detallista, relacin seria, bla bla

bla, jaja, lo mejor de todo es que eso no se lo cree nadie.
Sincere man, romantic, serious relationship, bla bla bla,
haha, the best thing is that no one believes such a thing.

Heres an example of my profile picture with some of the

descriptions I listed above:

The best thing is that, after just 8 days, without doing anything I
found that 44 girls wanted to meet me. Just for my pictures and
my description. Some of them where really cute, some not so

much, but all I needed to do was to choose the one I liked the

I also found 9 messages of women that where very interested in

me. Heres a caption of the messages:

This is a great tool because you can use it before you go to any
city, this way youll have some women waiting for you willing to
introduce you to their friends.

How to deal
with Latinas
Alright, now you need to know some behaviours and ways to
interact with Latin women. I got it all covered for you in this

Latin psychological Tests

Latin women dream about finding their charming prince and
having a fairytale life with him. As a result, they (over)analyze
mens behaviour to determine if he lives up to their expectations,
and they do this by givingwhat is colloquially known asshit
The shit test consists of a question (usually with no right answer)
that reveals the weakest points of a mans personality, and then
passing a character judgement based on the answer they receive.
When a man doesnt pass the test, hes loses value in the
womans eyes. If he fails enough times, she loses interest. All
women give these tests, even if they dont know theyre doing it.
But Latin women will give you more of these tests than any other
A common test for a Latina is to accuse a manon the first
dateof being a womanizer. The majority of men respond with,
No, I am not a womanizer. I am a very serious man. While this is
obvious and sometimes truthful answer, it is also a weak one. It
demonstrates that the man was affected by the question and is
trying to impress his date. Treat these tests like a politician by
never answering directly. Instead, sidestep the issue by focusing
the conversation away from yourself, or by distracting with humor.
For example, answer the above question by saying, Womanizer?
Me? But I am very faithful to all seven of my girlfriends!
Here are several examples of common tests that most Latin
women employ, along with a proper answer that will help you
pass the test successfully while showing confidence and
projecting value:
Her: I can see that you are not a gentleman.
You: Yes, I know, butdo you like presents?
Her: Well, Yes!
You: And why havent you given me any? You are not a
gentlewoman either.
Her: Have you been with many women?

You: No, Im a virgin. Im even thinking of saving my lip

virginity until I get married.
Her: I can see that you like all the women.
You: Not all, just the cute ones. And the problem is that
there arent many of them. Ive only seen 5,000 today.
Her: Ill bet you use these lines on all the women.
You: No, almost none. Ive only told them to 78 girls today.
You are number 79.
Her: Are you trying to kiss me?
You: Me? Never! I was just trying to lick your cheek. You
had something in there and I wanted to get it with my

What a man needs to know if he gets into a

serious relationship with a Latina
Most of the guys really get lost once theyre in a relationship. After
a month they start thinking that Latin women are crazy and
impossible to get along with. Well, they are crazy, but there are
still ways to deal with them.
It takes time to understand why they start complaining for no
reason. Im about to explain some things you should know so you
dont get crazy too.
1. For a Latina, its very important that you meet her parents.
If she invites you to a party with her family, do not refuse.
Be polite and accept: it means shes ready to see you as a
boyfriend and wants a serious relationship.
2. Latin women are very warm, and love being hugged and
kissed a lot. If she starts feeling that you are too cold, shell
start often complain about something unrelated.
3. Be a gentleman. Latin women see when the man opens
the door, moves the chair in a restaurant so she seats,
offers a hand to cross the street, etc. Make her feel special
without being submissive.
4. Remember the day you started being her boyfriend, and
celebrate your anniversary every month. A good
celebration could involve taking her to a nice restaurant,
having some wine, and afterwards taking her to a place
you can have sex with her. If she buys you a gift and you
forget that special day, she might feel like youre uncaring.
5. Shell love it when you tell her how sexy and cute she
looks. Make her be proud of herself, and reward her with a
6. Dont wear sandal when you go out. Latin women hate that.

7. If she brings a girlfriend when going out, invite them both

and pay for everything. Do not let her or her friend pay.
Likewise, make sure her friend has a good time. Latin
women talk a lot amongst themselves, so if you impress
your girlfriends group, shell hear about it and feel proud to
be dating you.
8. Advice on first date etiquette still applies: dont tell her to
meet you places. You should still be picking her up most of
the time. If for some reason you cant pick her up, tell her
youll for a cab (and actually do it).
9. Dont get mad if she makes you wait for several minutes
when picking her up. You may find yourself waiting at the
gate for upwards of fifteen minutes. Its simply a fact of life.
10. Call her the next day after having sex, otherwise she will be
disappointed. All you have to do is call her and talk about
any random stuff, but it means a lot.
11. Expect her to cook breakfast for you. It should be noted
that most Latin women are excellent cooks.
12. Dont get mad when she doesnt want to have sex.
13. If you start a relationship with a Latina, consider learning
some dancing. She will like that youre getting to know her
14. Play some games with her; Latin women love challenges.
So learn or invent some games. This is something Scot
McKay does very well with his half-Latin wife, and they
have a great relationship. You can check out his program

What to expect of a Latina according to her age

Latin American women are, by nature, not impulsive. They live in
(and help to promote) a conservative society with strictly-defined
gender roles. However, even within these roles, the behavior of
Latinas varies greatly by what age group they fall into.
18 to 25
The age is the most desirable. They arent desperate about
getting married, so most just want to have fun. But dont be
surprised if the girl has a curfew though: Latin women tend to live
with their parents until they get married.
26 to 32
Women of in around this age are generally looking for marriage.
While this can make them more eager to please, it also means
theyre more attentive to your income, as theyre seeking financial
stability. If you have a relationship with a girl of this age for more
than six months and dont marry her, she may feel as though her
time has been wasted.
33 +
Like young Latinas, these women are usually just looking for a
good time. Most are either no longer worried about marriage, or
have already gone through divorce. Additionally, many older
Latinas are open to the idea of splitting the cost of things with the
men they date.

Differences between Latin women and US

US women

Latin women

Most of
them are more Not worried about gender equality.
independent, and sometimes act Dependant on men.
a little masculine to prove it.

Tend to go to bars with female Usually with me, whether single or

friends when seeking male not.
Its easier to get a one night It isn't so common to get a one
stand since they are more open- night stand, since they tend to be
more reliant on the man.
Oftentimes, they offer to pay their A Latina never pays unless you are
share of the bill.
her boyfriend and have been with
her for a long time. And even then,

Very few of them dance.

They love dancing.

They tend to leave their houses They tend to continue living in their
right after they turn 18.
parents house until they get
married or they find a man to
provide things.
They tend to be free.

They may have a curfew, even

when they are 25 or older.

They only dress up nicely on They worry about their appearance

special occasions.
even to go to a supermarket.

They respond well to sexual They tend to feign naivety, or take

offence to that sort of behavior.
Out well past 3 or 4 a.m.

Less concerned


If you go to a Latin country the only

thing youll find after 3am is
drunken guys.
Latinas care a lot about what
social people think of them. They are
always scared of leaving a bad

Not too clingy.

Very clingy.

Not as affectionate.

Very affectionate.

The gravitational law of Attraction

The Mayan culture was advances enough in astronomy to
understand that the larger a celestial body is, the more objects it
tends to attract into its orbit. In applying this to seduction, its clear
to see that it has less to do with size than looks and poise. The
result: many attractive Latinas becomes the stars of the bar, and
countless men act as their satellites. Being stuck in orbit around a
beautiful woman is comparable to being friend zoned or getting
stuck in a relationship of submission. In order to master seduction,
you must be the one who holds her in your orbit, and heres how.

How to get them around you (satellites)

Satellites were not born around each one of the planets; instead,
they are obtained over time. While the timeframe well be working
with is not the billions of years it takes for a sun to form a solar
system, its good to understand how this attraction functions.
There are several ways to generate satellites. A good way to
make people feel comfortable in your orbit is letting them know
that you notice the qualities that they have. One of them is being a
famous singer, while another one is making everyone around you
to feel comfortable and motivated; Latinas love good
compliments. These remarks dont have to be related to her looks;
Latin women love it when someone can see more than physical
aspects and can notice good things about them. Making
constructive but disinterested compliments is a good way to start
gathering satellites.

Constructive compliments
These are some of the compliments that Latin women love. Say
them often enough to make her feel special, and not only with
your targets but with your Latin friends too.
I can see that you are someone who knows what to expect
from life, I admire that.
You really take care of people. Im sure that someday youll
be a great mother.
Youve got a good energy.
I can see you are the leader of your friends.
Its nice having conversations with you.
I can see you have class, and I like it.
You have a nice personality.
You express yourself very well.
I can see that you dont worry about the future. I like that.
I like the fact that you are a dreamer.
You have a good sense of how to live life.
I can tell that you are going to be successful in life.
You are very analytical; I like it.
I can see that you surround yourself with very interesting
You are a trustworthy person.

Make her qualify herself

This strategy will help you release the bad girl thats inside most
Latin women. It works to generate trust and escalates physical
contact. Basically, tell her what youd like to see in a woman. That
way shell be able to qualify herself to whatever you are saying,
like so:

I find it sexy when a girl behaves naughty. Do you enjoy

being naughty sometimes? (the more details you can
get her to divulge, the better).

Theres nothing more important to me than a woman

that knows how to be evil sometimes. You know, being
with a nice girl is good but, sometimes, its good to feel
something different.

I find women with a sense of humor really attractive.

Do you have sense of humor?

Latin women
How does attraction work inside Latinas minds?
The first thing to do to start the seduction process is to create
intrigue in the woman. That initial intrigue causes attraction.
Generate intrigue through confidence, demonstration of social
value, and projecting power. The first minutes are crucial because
theyre the time when you start to create enough attraction to
carry though onto seduction.
In order to create that intrigue in the initial encounter you can only
depend on things like body language, good conversation topics,
and your look.
According to psychoanalytic studies in Latin America, when a
woman is interested in a man, she assumes that he already
knows all the things required to make her feel happy. This means
that at first shes going to imagine unconsciously that the man is
what she wants. But, when a man begins to make mistakes, it lets

her know that her assumption was incorrect. The woman will lose
interest and its almost impossible to get it back.
Some of the terrible questions that will kill the attraction when you
have sex with a Latin woman are:

Do you prefer me to do it fast or slowly?

Do you want more?
What excites you sexually?

Questions like those in the beginning of a sexual relationship

make a woman feel like the man does not understand her and
doesnt know how to make her enjoy sex.
My recommendation is to become more perceptive and determine
what she enjoys through trial and error. By analyzing her
reactions, you are going to notice what she likes or doesnt like.
As a prince charming, you must possess certain characteristics.
Some of them are:
Be unpredictable: Latin women always analyze a mans actions.
In fact, women are much better than men at reading the subtleties
body language. Women can unconsciously gauge your level of
interest. But when a man is unpredictable and not always making
attempts to seduce a woman, her abilities of pattern recognition
will not function as well. This forces her to consider your actions
more, and show physical interest in order to figure out what the
man may be thinking. For this reason, dont work too hard to
impress her on the first date. Let her try to earn your interest. Its
good to make her wonder Does he really like me or not?
Remember that this doubt must only exist early on in the
courtship. Do not continue this behavior when you have a
romantic relationship because it will be uncomfortable for her.

Project some mystery: Mystery attracts. Human beings feel

naturally compelled towards the unknown. Do not open yourself
completely. If youd like her to leave wanting more, its necessary
to keep some things hidden.

Have a sense of humor: Humor will help you create a more

comfortable atmosphere. Latin women let the attraction flow easily
when a man makes them laugh. It helps them enjoy the moment.
Humor can be learned. If you dont have a good sense of humor,
analyze the behavior of one of your funnier friends, or watch
stand-up comedians.

Be confident: Unconfident men dont cause attraction for obvious

reasons. Latinas seek protection, and confidence implies your
capabilities to do so.

Do not try to impress her all the time: Bragging is unbecoming

to a man. Women can usually tell when a man is doing it to
impress her. It the man seem cocky, but more importantly, its
predictable behavior.

Have goals in life: Latin women think a lot about future. They ask
questions to themselves like, Does he have the potential to make
me happy many years from now? Thats why having goals and
big aspirations becomes an important factor for a man to qualify
early on, even if his is already financially stable.

Be active: Sports, hobbies, and skills will help you build

confidence, and have interesting topics of conversation. Whether
the woman is western or Latina, she will get bored quickly if the
man doesnt do anything different than working every day.

Be dominant: Latin girls really appreciate men that have a strong

confidence and are leaders; men who defend what they want and
know how to give orders. This doesnt mean you should be

Why you should learn dancing and what to learn

Dancing is a very important part of Latin culture. Women dont
even consciously know why they love it so much. The truth is that
it give women an environment to be noticed in, and it
demonstrates a skill. Popular dances are salsa, merengue,
bachata, vallenato, balada, bolero, rock, reggae, reggaeton, and
hip hop.
If you dont know how to dance salsa dont worry, you can move a
bit while dancing to reggae, hip hop, or reggaeton, so dont stay in
your chair. A Latina likes to be grabbed from the waist while
dancing. Its a good way to prelude to sexual contact. Do not grab
her anywhere else though.
Having a Latin girlfriend is a great opportunity to learn how to
dance. Tell her to teach you merengue, vallenato, or bachata first,
because those are somewhat easier. Even if you were born with
two left feet, you can still work your way up to salsa.

Sex with Latin


The place for sex

If you have an apartment it will make things really easy. Simply

propose going back to your apartment for a while to show her
something that you have there: a collection of music, a game, an
itemanything. You can even ask her up for a bit to eat. The
most important thing is to make sure your apartment is clean and
organized. Its such a big deal for Latin women, if your apartment
is a mess she will be likely to be turned off.
But what do you do when you dont have an apartment.
One good option is to take her to a friends apartment. Always ask
him if you can use it ahead of time.
Tell her youd like to introduce her to a good friend of yours. When
you are in the apartment, have him leave (the pretense can be as
simple as buying something at the corner). From there, escalate
If you arent in your native country or dont have any willing friends
in the area, youll have to find a motel. These are small hotels
where couples have sex and then leave. They are generally
cheap and you can stay between four and eight hours. However,
asking her to go to a motel lacks the subtlety of going to an
apartment, so your intentions are known immediately. In fact, you
shouldnt say the words hotel or motel when you propose going

to one. The right way to take a woman to a hotel is by saying that

you want to go someplace quiet .She will assume you two are
going to a hotel, but will act like if she didnt know where you were
The key difference benefit of having an apartment is that you dont
have to arouse a woman before you get to your place. When
trying to convince a woman to go to a motel, you must arouse her
before going there, so that she will accept going with you.
A good way to make her feel horny is by dancing with her. There
are a lot of songs that will make it easy to dance really close to
her. It doesnt have to be salsa or meringue; it can be any of the
easy dances that are meant to be danced closely and sexually.
If you dont have a car and need to take a taxi to a motel, write the
phrase Take us to the nearest hotel on a piece of paper
beforehand. The Spanish translation is Llvanos al motel ms
cercano. Give the paper to the taxi driver as you are getting into
it. Do this without letting her notice it.
When you two get inside the gate of the hotel/motel, she may ask
why you are going there (a standard shit test). Dont let her
intimidate you, and instead rebuff her question with humor. Say
something like, We arent doing anything. I just want to sleep and
watch TV, okay? Im not letting you touch me.
Be calm, turn on the TV, lay on the bed or tell her to give you a
massage. Dont rush. Then start kissing her slowly. Women take
more time than men to get aroused, so give her time: a long kiss
without a lot of touching will give her time the time she needs.
After you can see that her breathing change (or if she starts to
grab your arms and your chest), it will be time to start grabbing
her too and begin to take her clothes off.
Latin women are generally accepting when it comes to using
hotels for sex, so dont be afraid of making a Latina feel like a
whore for inviting her to a hotel. Shell understand if you dont
have an apartment (and if you invite her properly).

The following is a true story of an error that a man made when

trying to seduce a Latin woman. It will help you to understand how
Latinas minds work in heat of sex.

Seduction in the apartment

Dave met a cute Latin woman who was 30 years old.
In the initial encounter, they flirted a lot. He called her later and
invited her to his house. She accepted.
He cooked for her, and they had dinner at his house. Afterwards
he proposed that they go into his room to watch TV. There, in the
bed, he hugged her and watched TV for a while. Then she closed
her eyes. A bit later he began to touch her. First her neck, then
her arms and finally he put his hands on her breasts. When he
began to touch her breasts, she suddenly opened her eyes,
moved away and said, What are you doing? Are you taking
advantage of me because I am sleeping?
Dave, who was surprised by this reaction, said, Im sorry, I didnt
mean to do it. It was a misunderstanding.
She left his apartment, never to be heard from again.
When a Latin woman goes to a mans house, she knows that
anything can happen. This means that she is prepared to have
sex. Obviously, how far things escalate depends on the level of
attraction and how aroused she feels once shes inside.
During dinner things were going well, but when Dave invited her
to watch TV in his bedroom, he forgot something: its necessary to
escalate physical contact before taking a woman back into your
bedroom. By taking her to his bedroom before escalating
physically outside of the bedroom, Daves sudden physical
moves seemed unnatural.

For Latin women, a first kiss is very important. She feigned being
asleep in expectation of this kiss, and when it did not arrive in
became a pretext for not wanting to have sex. When he started to
hug her, he made an even worse mistake: he touched her breasts
without arousing her first.
The perfect seduction must be done step by step. In order to
begin to touch her intimate parts, it is important to manage a kiss
first and escalate from there.
So how can we learn from Daves mistakes?
During dinner he should have kept built attraction through light
physical escalation and engaging conversation. It would have also
helped for them to have drank some wine or other alcoholic
beverages. The escalation should have progressed, and after
some drinks he should have obtained a kiss while still in the living
He could have allowed things to progress in the living room. An
invitation to the bedroom works the same way as an invitation to a
motel: theres no subtly in it. Just let things progress naturally.
Hopefully, youll learn something from Daves mistakes.

How they behave sexually

Latin women hide their sexual appetite much more that Americans
or Europeans. Unlikely American women, Latinas are so worried
about the image they project that fear keeps them from doing
sexy things that women from other cultures would feel
comfortable with. For example, two American women would agree
to kiss each other in front of some guys in order to make men feel
desire. A Latina, concerned that outsiders would assume she was
a lesbian, would probably not take part in this behavior
(homosexuality is still frowned upon in many Latin cultures).
Latin women also criticize other women a lot. These women all
compete to get married to a good man, and they compete not just
by trying to impress men, but by defaming each other. Fear of
social retribution from their friends keeps them from having one
night stands. It doesnt mean that its impossible to get a one night
stand with a Latina, but its definitely more difficult than having it
with an American girl.
Since Latin women tend to live with their parents until marriage,
very few of them consume pornography. They do, however, still
have sexual fantasies which become repressed (which might
explains why theyre so passionate, since they are unable to fulfill
these fantasies until specific relationship criteria are met).
The main conclusion is that they are open-minded once they are
in bed, but outside they just pretend to be saints.

How to make sex happen

One of the mistakes that the majority of guys make is to verbally
request sex from a Latin woman long before obtaining the
sufficient attraction. They might say, I want to be with you in bed,
Do you want to come to my house to sleep with me? or Would
you like to have sex with me tonight? It not only puts the man in a
submissive role, but it generates a tense atmosphere. The perfect
courtship occurs when things seem not to be planned.

For that reason, a good strategy is to take her to a place that is

not specifically related to sex, but where sex can occur anyway.

Sexual Performance
The most important piece of advice is to allow her to do her job,
while you do the same. It is important not to forget foreplaythe
longer it goes on the better. However, it gives her the opportunity
to keep intercourse from happening. If she chooses not to have
sex at the last minute, show disinterest and try again later as if
nothing had happened.
Women sometimes offer certain resistances before the first sexual
encounter. Its a normal reaction from women around the world.
Sometimes, no matter how good you are, youll find Latin women
that will make you wait for the sexual encounter more than any
other girls.
After continuing to escalate sexually, take off her clothes slowly,
while you do the same, beginning with shirts. Do not have sex
with your socks on. Some Latin women would complain if you
keep them on.
Make her wait a little before you penetrate her. This way shell be
more likely to be lubricated. Rub your penis around her vagina
without penetrating, thus making her wait.
After you youre in, stimulate the G spot with your penis. It is
located approximately three centimetres inside of the upper part
of the vagina.
Oral sex is very important to some women: it stimulates a girl
before penetration and allows her to become more aroused. Try
performing oral sex for a long time, using your tongue with circular
movements around her clitoris. Sometimes women dont feel
secure with the smell or the shape of their vagina, and thats why
its very important that you make her feel comfortable by saying
how much you like it and complimenting her smell and shape
when having oral sex. Only say these things if theyre true; if not,
dont do oral sex.

When she sees that you are enjoying performing oral sex on her,
she will feel more connected and itll be easier to make her
achieve orgasm. After doing it for several minutes, her vaginal
muscles will begin to contract, and an orgasm is on the way. So
pay attention, and at that moment, introduce your finger to
stimulate the G spot. You will give her an orgasm that will make
her remember you for the rest of her life.
I wish you luck using the strategies that I shared with you, and I
would appreciate if you shared the progress that you have made
by using them.
For me, theres nothing better than to contribute good things to
the world. Now you have a knowledge that few have about Latin
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Every man dies, not every man really lives

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Esteban Lara

About the author

Esteban Lara was born in Colombia. Founded his own seduction
school in 2008 after training a lot of people personally. He started
training men on how to become interesting for women.
Esteban was born in 1981 in a middle class family. His mother
died when he was 3 years old. That fact made him grow up with
deep shyness and difficulties to interact with people.
While he was growing, his older brothers, who were already
successful entrepreneurs, encouraged him to dream about being
whatever he wanted to be, making him believe in himself and
become more focused on improving in every area of life.
He was not good with women until he started developing his own
methods of seduction while he was studying engineering.
According to him, studying engineering was actually what made
him be so meticulous about developing the method. Since most of
the women with whom he studied werent of his interest, he didnt
have the opportunity to meet the ones he wanted. That made him
start thinking of how to get the stunning women he always
dreamed of outside of his career.
While he was studying he founded a men clothing company and
kept it until 2007, then he closed it since the new chief of the State
created some laws that damaged the commercial opportunities of
the business.
He started developing methods of seduction in 2002 and a few
years later he wrote two mini books that used to give as a bonus
to his customers for buying his shirts.
That fact made him get a lot of followers in South America.
Suddenly he started being invited to many TV shows, newspapers
and magazines to talk about this topic.
The school he founded is called El Juego de la Seduccin. He
ran more than 50 conferences and seminars, including

bootcamps, taking people out at night to show them in real life

how to pick up Latin women.
Hundreds of people have been trained by him. Many of them have
the girlfriend or wife theyve always dreamed of.
His philosophy consists on becoming a man that knows that
anything can be achieved in life and theres no reason to settle
with something that doesnt make you completely happy. Lifes
too short to let destiny do whatever it wants by itself.

About the company

Seducing Latin Women was created with the purpose of helping
men around the world to understand Latinas minds and their
All of the advices of this book have been tested and many people
have taken benefits from it, understanding Latin women more
deeply and becoming more interesting in their eyes.
The best thing about this company is that both men from different
cultures and Latin women are finally getting the chance to be
compatible and share their cultures with each others.
The company has had a vast experience on the theme of
seduction and all of its efforts have been focused on studying the
minds of Latin women, to find out what they truly want in a man.

For more info
Address: Street 20 south # 26c 140 Medelln Colombia
Skype: esteban.lara10