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Partners For Transparency issues the first report for the "Corruption Register Observatory"

71 incidents in July 2015, localities, health and oil departments are taking the lead
Partners For Transparency (PFT) issued its monthly report in the context of the "Corruption Register"
report series covering the period between the 1st and 31st of July 2015, where the Foundation launched
since the beginning of July 2015 an observatory to follow-up the corruption incidents revealed by
media, oversight entities and concerned investigation authorities, as well as observing the state
procedures concerning the corruption fight.
The report comes in light of the PFT's believe that exposing, observing and following-up corruption
practices is a necessary weapon in the fight against corruption, as well as providing help to the decision
making authorities to adopt legislative policies and procedures and executive steps to minimize the
corruption practices and to hold accountant those involved in corruption crimes.
The report presented the governmental procedures taken in July 2015, indicating that it included the
establishment of coordination entities to fight corruption, with the lack of setting definite mechanism
ensuring work efficiency inside those entities nor putting a timeframe for those entities to conclude
their work.
The report also tackled the president's controversial decision authorizing himself to dismiss the
oversight entities heads, where many dealt with the decision as it was targeting the current head of the
Central Auditing Organisation (CAO), when the presidential institution denied that the decision
targeted a specific person, still, the reasons and justifications behind the decision issuance were not
clarified, especially when some believe that the decision contradicts some of the Egyptian constitution
The report highlighted that 71 corruption incidents were witnessed in July 2015, including 11 incidents
in local authorities, 9 in the Ministry of Health, 8 in Petroleum Sector, 6 in the Ministry of Agriculture,
6 in the Ministry of Antiquities, 5 in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 4 in the Ministry of Interior, and
between one to three incidents in other sectors.
The report showed that the corruption cases under investigation came in the first place this month by 24
incidents, the cases that have not been investigated came next by 22 cases, followed by the on trial
cases estimated by 19 cases, and finally came the cases that a sentence was issued in their regards
estimated by 6 cases and ended with issuing different sanctions.

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Partners For Transparency (PFT) is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered according to the

Egyptian law provisions. The Foundation is independent and politically and ideologically neutral. PFT
works to assist communities in consolidating and applying integrity, transparency, and accountability
values in order to achieve inclusive human development and respect for human rights, along with
establishing good governance systems.
The complete report is enclosed.
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