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Bostwick Capital LLC

Bostwick Compound LP

Fund Profile

Bostwick Compound LP is a fund of long/short equity funds that invests with Contact Mr. Will Bunn
managers who are fundamentally driven, employ a rigorous research process, and Address 1350 Avenue of The Americas, Suite 2300
take a long term approach to investing. We seek to achieve superior absolute New York, NY 10019
returns while managing risk through manager selection, diversification, and limited Country United States
net exposure. Phone 212.245.8966

Strategy FOF (Single Strategy)

Minimum Investment 1,000,000
Management Fee 1%
Incentive Fee 10%
Firm AUM $90 Million
Fund AUM $90 Million
Domicile US - 3(c)(1)

Monthly Performance

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD
2010 -0.74% -0.74%
2009 1.07% 0.57% -3.13% -1.83% 2.68% -1.25% 1.95% 1.36% 2.15% -1.04% 2.78% 0.91% 6.19%
2008 -7.05% 2.67% -1.40% 2.90% 3.50% 1.90% -4.16% -2.97% -6.74% -2.19% 0.57% -1.03% -13.78%
2007 1.72% -0.96% 1.57% 1.82% 3.32% 2.62% 2.73% -0.80% 3.96% 8.10% 1.04% 1.03% 29.14%
2006 1.28% 3.67% 2.11% 7.21%

Risk Return Summary

Last Month -0.74% Standard Deviation (Monthly) 2.90%

YTD* -0.74% Standard Deviation (Annualized) 10.05%
Average Monthly 0.62% Downside Deviation (Monthly)** 2.11%
Highest Month 8.10% Downside Deviation (Annualized)** 7.32%
Lowest Month -7.05% Sharpe Ratio (Monthly)** 0.07
% Positive Months 65.00% Sharpe Ratio (Annualized)** 0.25
Maximum Drawdown -18.39% Sortino Ratio (Monthly)** 0.08
Sortino Ratio (Annualized)** 0.26
Longest Winning Streak 5 Alpha (Monthly)*** 0.68%
Longest Losing Streak 4 Alpha (Annualized)*** 8.46%
Compounded Monthly Return 0.58% Beta*** 0.16
Compounded Annual Return 7.14% Correlation Coefficient*** 0.30
Cumulative Return 25.83% R-squared*** 0.09
* YTD Through January 2010 ** Based on 5% RFR *** Calculated against S&P 500

Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Success

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