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Written by an anonymous author, 2004.

First private publication, november 2004.

All 12 copies were given for free.

Second private edition, only one copy for a very good friend.

Third private edition, december 2004, 20 copies.

All copies are hand bound and printed at home.

This small manuscript was made due to several remarks in different groups, working on
Gurdjieffs crumbles on his idea-table.

It is not widley understood that relaxation is a basic start for Gurdjieff exercises. Therefore the
unknown author collected some articles from different sources without mentioning the

This writing is ment as a publication, to study, to grasp, where all these sources are pointing
at, namely the start for Gurdjieff exercises. I would like to suggest to the reader to take this as
a very serious starting point, chew on it, as the unknown author did.

The unknown author has to apologize to the authors, that he did not ask them for permission.
But if they read it, they understand why.

The anonymous author.


EXERCISE BY MR GURDJIEFF From hand-written note 1939

Fifteen minutes relax. Break tempo of ordinary life before doing e xcercise.



NOTE: This preparation comes from: Gurdjieff>Jane Heap >Annie Lou Staveley

There have been several inquiries as to exactly what the phrase "prepare as usual" means
regarding sittings:

General Instructions Regarding Sittings: It is best to do them in the morning, although one
may do them both in the morning and in the evening. 10 a.m. is ideal, but for most people this
is a difficult time to arrange.




Aan de samensteller van deze publicatie werd meerdere malen gewezen op het feit dat voor
dat men begint aan de ontspannings oefening, "the preparation excersise", men moet zoeken
naar het idee achter deze excersise .

Accept to be here. Accept that you are starting to do an excercise. Look for your wish to do
this exercise.

Een andere variant hierop was:

First pray to your parents.

Secondly pray for everybody in this work, not only to people in the Gurdjieff work, but to all
the people on this Earth and in our universe who are looking for transformation.

Thirdly, ask a Higher Ideal, a Higher source, to help you in your exercise,


The actual source of the following is unknown, but included for diversity. Subject: Sittings:

The inner exercises described are intended to be done in the order given, with at least a
month dedicated to each one. Everything eventually wears out, then it is time to go onto the
next exercise. Later, you can return to one which you have done in the past and renew it.

Van de samensteller: Dit geld ook voor de relaxation exercise. Men moet deze van tijd tot tijd


Do not eat for two hours prior to a sitting, as it takes energy to digest food. A cup of tea or
coffee, if needed, is permissible.

Try to choose a time when you will not be disturbed. Unplug your telephone, turn off your
beeper. Do not attempt an exercise with another person present (unless they too are doing
the same exercise), or have a pet wandering about.

Shower, brush your teeth, try to be as fresh as possible. No not just roll out of bed and sit.

Do not have on tight fitting clothing, glasses or a wrist watch. Remove jewellery.

Unless it is very cold or noisy outside, have the window open.

Do not have any furniture within three feet of you, as your "atmosphere" extends out at least
that far.

Try to be seated in a manner that is most comfortable to you. Some people can manage a full
or half lotus position, others have difficulty with this, or sitting directly upon the floor, or even
on a cushion. If you do sit on a chair instead, make sure you do not rest your back against it. Sit
upright. It is very important to maintain a straight spine and neck- energies flow in straight

Rest the palms of your hands on your knees. Do not fold them together in your lap, or place
them opposing each other, as those positions are more appropriate for prayer.

It is best not to close your eyes. Keep the lids half open. Gently focus your eyes on the tip of
your nose. You are not actually trying to focus on the tip of your nose, but are trying to look
inward. Look at the traditional statues of the meditating Buddha.

Leave your everyday cares and worries outside the room, they will be there waiting for you
when you are done.

Find out where the tensions are. They are usually in the neck, the jaw, around the eyes, in the
upper and lower back and in the lower abdomen. Allow your attention to rest in these areas
and "let go" -- You cannot force relaxation.

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