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Assalamualaikum wr.

Honorable Mr. Drs. H. Nur Akhlis, M.Pd., the director of EECC
Honorable all teachers of EECC
- Mr. Johan Siregar, the chief of the Brilliant Class
- Mr. Iing the chief of the Amazing Class
- Mr. Hamzah from Sunlight team as the chief of weekly
meeting program
- Mrs. Ama from Moonlight team
Dear brothers and sisters
First of all, lets pray and thank unto our God Allah SWT who has been
giving us mercies and blessings, so we can attend and gather in this nice
meeting without any troubles and obstacles.
Secondly, may shalawat and salam always be given to our prophet,
Muhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness to the brightness
namely Islam religion.
Thirdly, I dont forget to say thank you very much to Miss Ridi as the MC
who has given me time to speak in front of you all.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Standing in front of you all, I would like to deliver my speech about THE
To begin my speech in this occasion, I am going to recite one ayat from the
Holy Al Quran:

It means: And [mention, Hi Muhammad], when your Lord said to the
angels, "Indeed, I will make khalifah upon the earth." Al Baqarah:
Allah SWT has created us human being as khalifah, as leader, as
successive authority. As khalifah, we have been given all facilities which
we need.
But of course with obligation to keep and save it, because all of our
actions in this world, we must response it in front of our God.
Our prophet Muhammad SAW said:

It means: Each of you all is a leader. And he will be asked about his
Dear brothers and sisters.
One of facilities which Allah SWT has given and we must keep and save it
is our environment.
It is realized or not, our life in this world depends on our environment:
- We drink water from our environment,
- We breath air from our environment, and
- We eat foods which are planted from our environment.

So, our environment has a great influence in our life. Our environment
gives us life. And we can say our environment is our life.

Now let's close our eyes and try to remember!

- Few years ago, there were many green trees around us but now those
green trees are gone and replaced by grey buildings.
- Few years ago, we could fill our lung with fresh air of oxygen but now
that refreshing oxygen was gone and replaced by Carbon Monoxide.
- Few years ago, we still could look at our reflections on the river
because of the clear water but now those reflections was gone and
replaced with pale face of trash.
Of course we still remember one ayat from the Holy Al Quran:

It means: Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea by [reason of]
what the hands of people have earned. Ar Rum: 41
Dear brothers and sisters.
Then, what must we do?
And what will we do to save our environment from destruction?
Just small action, such as:
- Planting some trees,
- Putting trash in the right place,
- Saving electricity,
- And reducing the usage of motor vehicle.
The future condition of our environment depends on us.
Remember, our environment is our life.
Treat it well and it will treat us well.
Save it well and it will save us well.
Dear brothers and sisters.
Now before I close my speech, I give back the time to the MC.
I am only one of seven speakers. So if you found many mistakes from my
speech, I apologize and my friends after me will correct and complete it,
And thats all my speech. I do hope its useful for us. Thanks for your
attention, and the last I say...
Wasalamualaikum Wr. Wb.