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acl show
ael reload
ael set debug {read|tokens|mac
agent logoff
agent show
agent show online
agi dump html
agi exec
agi set debug [on|off]
agi show commands [topic]
aoc set debug
calendar dump sched
calendar show calendar
calendar show calendars
calendar show types
cb mysql status
cc cancel
cc report status
cdr mysql status
cdr show status
cel show status
channel originate
channel redirect
channel request hangup
cli check permissions
cli reload permissions
cli show aliases
cli show permissions
confbridge kick
confbridge list
confbridge lock

Execute a shell command
Show a named ACL or list all named ACLs
Reload AEL configuration
Enable AEL debugging flags
Sets an agent offline
Show status of agents
Show all online agents
Dumps a list of AGI commands in HTML format
Add AGI command to a channel in Async AGI
Enable/Disable AGI debugging
List AGI commands or specific help
enable cli debugging of AOC messages
Dump calendar sched context
Display information about a calendar
Show registered calendars
Show all calendar types loaded
Show connection status of CBMySQL
Kill a CC transaction
Reports CC stats
Show connection status of cdr_mysql
Display the CDR status
Display the CEL status
Originate a call
Redirect a call
Request a hangup on a given channel
Try a permissions config for a user
Reload CLI permissions config
Show CLI command aliases
Show CLI permissions
Kick participants out of conference bridges.
List conference bridges and participants.
Lock a conference.


confbridge mute
confbridge record start
confbridge record stop
confbridge show menu
confbridge show menus
confbridge show profile bridge
confbridge show profile bridge
confbridge show profile user
confbridge show profile users
confbridge unlock
confbridge unmute
config list
config reload
core abort shutdown
core clear profile
core ping taskprocessor
core reload
core restart gracefully
core restart now
core restart when convenient
core set debug channel
core set debug
core set verbose
core show applications [like|d
core show application
core show calls [uptime]
core show channels [concise|ve
core show channel
core show channeltypes
core show channeltype
core show codecs [audio|video|
core show codec
core show config mappings

Mute a participant.
Start recording a conference
Stop recording a conference.
Show a conference menu
Show a list of conference menus
Show a conference bridge profile.
Show a list of conference bridge profiles.
Show a conference user profile.
Show a list of conference user profiles.
Unlock a conference.
Unmute a participant.
Show all files that have loaded a configuration file
Force a reload on modules using a particular configuration file
Cancel a running shutdown
Clear profiling info
Ping a named task processor
Global reload
Restart Asterisk gracefully
Restart Asterisk immediately
Restart Asterisk at empty call volume
Enable/disable debugging on a channel
Set level of debug chattiness
Set level of verbose chattiness
Shows registered dialplan applications
Describe a specific dialplan application
Display information on calls
Display information on channels
Display information on a specific channel
List available channel types
Give more details on that channel type
Displays a list of codecs
Shows a specific codec
Display config mappings (file names to config engines)

core show file formats

core show file version [like]
core show functions [like]
core show function
core show hanguphandlers all
core show hanguphandlers
core show help
core show hints
core show hint
core show image formats
core show license
core show profile
core show settings
core show switches
core show sysinfo
core show taskprocessors
core show threads
core show translation
core show uptime [seconds]
core show version
core show warranty
core stop gracefully
core stop now
core stop when convenient
core waitfullybooted
dahdi destroy channel
dahdi restart
dahdi set dnd
dahdi set hwgain {rx|tx}
dahdi set swgain {rx|tx}
dahdi show cadences
dahdi show channels [group|con
dahdi show channel

Displays file formats

List versions of files used to build Asterisk
Shows registered dialplan functions
Describe a specific dialplan function
Show hangup handlers of all channels
Show hangup handlers of a specified channel
Display help list, or specific help on a command
Show dialplan hints
Show dialplan hint
Displays image formats
Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk
Display profiling info
Show some core settings
Show alternative switches
Show System Information
List instantiated task processors and statistics
Show running threads
Display translation matrix
Show uptime information
Display version info
Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asterisk
Gracefully shut down Asterisk
Shut down Asterisk immediately
Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
Wait for Asterisk to be fully booted
Destroy a channel
Fully restart DAHDI channels
Sets/resets DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on a channel
Set hardware gain on a channel
Set software gain on a channel
List cadences
Show active DAHDI channels
Show information on a channel

dahdi show status

dahdi show version
data get
data show providers
database del
database deltree
database get
database put
database query
database show
database showkey
devstate change
devstate list
dialplan add extension
dialplan add ignorepat
dialplan add include
dialplan debug
dialplan reload
dialplan remove context
dialplan remove extension
dialplan remove ignorepat
dialplan remove include
dialplan save
dialplan set chanvar
dialplan set extenpatternmatch
dialplan set extenpatternmatch
dialplan set global
dialplan show chanvar
dialplan show globals
dialplan show
dnsmgr refresh
dnsmgr reload
dnsmgr status

Show all DAHDI cards status

Show the DAHDI version in use
Data API get
Show data providers
Removes database key/value
Removes database keytree/values
Gets database value
Adds/updates database value
Run a user-specified query on the astdb
Shows database contents
Shows database contents
Change a custom device state
List currently known custom device states
Add new extension into context
Add new ignore pattern
Include context in other context
Show fast extension pattern matching data structures
Reload extensions and *only* extensions
Remove a specified context
Remove a specified extension
Remove ignore pattern from context
Remove a specified include from context
Save current dialplan into a file
Set a channel variable
Use the Old extension pattern matching algorithm.
Use the New extension pattern matching algorithm.
Set global dialplan variable
Show channel variables
Show global dialplan variables
Show dialplan
Performs an immediate refresh
Reloads the DNS manager configuration
Display the DNS manager status

dundi flush [stats]

dundi lookup
dundi precache
dundi query
dundi set debug {on|off}
dundi show cache
dundi show entityid
dundi show hints
dundi show mappings
dundi show peers [registered|i
dundi show peer
dundi show precache
dundi show requests
dundi show trans
dundi store history {on|off}
event dump cache
extra destroy channel
extra restart
extra set dnd
extra set hwgain
extra set swgain
extra show channels [group|con
extra show channel
extra show status
extra show version
fax set debug {on|off}
fax show capabilities
fax show session
fax show sessions
fax show settings odules
fax show stats
fax show version
features reload

Flush DUNDi cache

Lookup a number in DUNDi
Precache a number in DUNDi
Query a DUNDi EID
Enable/Disable DUNDi debugging
Show DUNDi cache
Display Global Entity ID
Show DUNDi hints in the cache
Show DUNDi mappings
Show defined DUNDi peers
Show info on a specific DUNDi peer
Show DUNDi precache
Show DUNDi requests
Show active DUNDi transactions
Enable/Disable DUNDi historic records
Dump the internal event cache (for debugging)
Destroy a channel
Fully restart EXTRA channels
Sets/resets DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on a channel
Set hardware gain on a channel
Set software gain on a channel
Show active EXTRA channels
Show information on a channel
Show all EXTRA cards status
Show the EXTRA version in use
Enable/Disable FAX debugging on new FAX sessions
Show the capabilities of the registered FAX technology modules
Show the status of the named FAX sessions
Show the current FAX sessions
Show the global settings and defaults of both the FAX core and technology m
Summarize FAX session history
Show versions of FAX For Asterisk components
Reloads configured features

features show
file convert
group show channels
gsm check phone stat
gsm debug span
gsm intensive debug span
gsm no debug span
gsm power off
gsm power on
gsm power reset
gsm power stat
gsm reload span
gsm send at
gsm send pdu
gsm send sms
gsm send sync at
gsm send sync csms
gsm send sync sms
gsm send ussd
gsm set debug at
gsm set debug file
gsm set send sms coding
gsm set send sms mode pdu
gsm set send sms mode text
gsm set send sms smsc
gsm show debug
gsm show debug at
gsm show send sms coding
gsm show send sms mode
gsm show send sms smsc
gsm show spans
gsm show span
gsm show statistics outbound

Lists configured features

Convert audio file
Display active channels with group(s)
Check the stat of the phone
Enables GSM debugging on a span
Enables REALLY INTENSE GSM debugging
Disables GSM debugging on a span
Power off gsm module
Power on gsm module
Power reset gsm module
Get gsm module power stat
Reload GSM module configure
Send AT Commmand on a given GSM span
Send PDU on a given GSM span
Send SMS on a given GSM span
Send AT Command and wait finish on a given GSM span
Send Concatenated SMS and wait finish on a given GSM span
Send SMS and wait finish on a given GSM span
Send USSD on a given GSM span
Set at command debug mode on a given GSM span
Sends GSM debug output to the specified file
Setting send sms character coding
Setting send sms mode is pdu
Setting send sms mode is text
Setting send sms Service Message Center number
Displays current GSM debug settings
Show at command debug stat on a given GSM span
Show send sms character coding
Show send sms mode
Show send sms Service Message Center number
Displays GSM Information
Displays GSM Information
Displays statistics of outbound

gsm show version

gsm unset debug file
gtalk show channels
gtalk show settings
hangup request
http show status
iax2 provision
iax2 prune realtime
iax2 reload
iax2 set debug {on|off|peer}
iax2 set debug jb {on|off}
iax2 set debug trunk {on|off}
iax2 set mtu
iax2 show cache
iax2 show callnumber usage
iax2 show channels
iax2 show firmware
iax2 show netstats
iax2 show peer
iax2 show peers
iax2 show provisioning
iax2 show registry
iax2 show stats
iax2 show threads
iax2 show users [like]
iax2 test losspct
iax2 unregister
indication add
indication remove
indication show
jabber create collection
jabber create leaf

Displays libgsmat version

Ends GSM debug output to file
Show GoogleTalk channels
Show GoogleTalk global settings
<no description available>
<no description available>
Display HTTP server status
Provision an IAX device
Prune a cached realtime lookup
Reload IAX configuration
Enable/Disable IAX debugging
Enable/Disable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
Enable/Disable IAX trunk debugging
Set the IAX systemwide trunking MTU
Display IAX cached dialplan
Show current entries in IP call number limit table
List active IAX channels
List available IAX firmware
List active IAX channel netstats
Show details on specific IAX peer
List defined IAX peers
Display iax provisioning
Display IAX registration status
Display IAX statistics
Display IAX helper thread info
List defined IAX users
Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentage
Unregister (force expiration) an IAX2 peer from the registry
Add the given indication to the country
Remove the given indication from the country
Display a list of all countries/indications
Creates a PubSub node collection.
Creates a PubSub leaf node

jabber delete node

jabber list nodes
jabber purge nodes
jabber reload
jabber set debug {on|off}
jabber show buddies
jabber show connections
jingle reload
jingle show channels
keys init
keys show
local show channels
logger mute
logger reload
logger rotate
logger set level {DEBUG|NOTICE
logger show channels
manager reload
manager set debug [on|off]
manager show command
manager show commands
manager show connected
manager show eventq
manager show events
manager show event
manager show settings
manager show users
manager show user
meetme kick
meetme list
meetme {lock|unlock}
meetme {mute|unmute}
mfcr2 call files [on|off]

Deletes a PubSub node

Lists PubSub nodes
Purges PubSub nodes
Reload Jabber configuration
Enable/Disable Jabber debug
Show buddy lists of our clients
Show state of clients and components
Reload Jingle configuration
Show Jingle channels
Initialize RSA key passcodes
Displays RSA key information
List status of local channels
Toggle logging output to a console
Reopens the log files
Rotates and reopens the log files
Enables/Disables a specific logging level for this console
List configured log channels
Reload manager configurations
Show, enable, disable debugging of the manager code
Show a manager interface command
List manager interface commands
List connected manager interface users
List manager interface queued events
List manager interface events
Show a manager interface event
Show manager global settings
List configured manager users
Display information on a specific manager user
Kick a conference or a user in a conference.
List all conferences or a specific conference.
Lock or unlock a conference to new users.
Mute or unmute a conference or a user in a conference.
Enable/Disable MFC/R2 call files

mfcr2 set blocked

mfcr2 set debug
mfcr2 set idle
mfcr2 show channels [group|con
mfcr2 show variants
mfcr2 show version
mgcp audit endpoint
mgcp reload
mgcp set debug {on|off}
mgcp show endpoints
minivm list accounts
minivm list templates
minivm list zones
minivm reload
minivm show settings
minivm show stats
mixmonitor {start|stop|list}
module load
module reload
module show [like]
module unload
moh reload
moh show classes
moh show files
no debug channel
odbc read
odbc show
odbc write
parkedcalls show
phoneprov show routes
pktccops gatedel
pktccops gateset

Reset MFC/R2 channel forcing it to BLOCKED

Set MFC/R2 channel logging level
Reset MFC/R2 channel forcing it to IDLE
Show MFC/R2 channels
Show supported MFC/R2 variants
Show OpenR2 library version
Audit specified MGCP endpoint
Reload MGCP configuration
Enable/Disable MGCP debugging
List defined MGCP endpoints
List defined mini-voicemail boxes
List message templates
List zone message formats
Reload Mini-voicemail configuration
Show mini-voicemail general settings
Show some mini-voicemail statistics
Execute a MixMonitor command
Load a module by name
Reload configuration for a module
List modules and info
Unload a module by name
Reload MusicOnHold
List MusicOnHold classes
List MusicOnHold file-based classes
Disable debugging on channel(s)
Test reading a func_odbc function
List ODBC DSN(s)
Test setting a func_odbc function
<no description available>
List currently parked calls
Show registered phoneprov http routes
Send Gate-Det to cmts
Send Gate-Set to cmts

pktccops set debug {on|off}

pktccops show cmtses
pktccops show gates
pktccops show pools
presencestate change
presencestate list
pri destroy span
pri intense debug span
pri service disable channel
pri service enable channel
pri set debug {on|off|hex|inte
pri set debug file
pri show channels
pri show debug
pri show spans
pri show span
pri show version
queue add member
queue reload {parameters|membe
queue remove member
queue reset stats
queue set penalty
queue set ringinuse
queue show
queue show rules
queue {pause|unpause} member
realtime destroy
realtime load
realtime mysql cache
realtime mysql status
realtime store
realtime update
realtime update2

Enable/Disable COPS debugging

List PacketCable COPS CMTSes
List PacketCable COPS GATEs
List PacketCable MTA pools
Change a custom presence state
List currently know custom presence states
Destroy a PRI span
<no description available>
Remove a channel from service
Return a channel to service
Enables PRI debugging on a span
Sends PRI debug output to the specified file
Displays PRI channel information
Displays current PRI debug settings
Displays PRI span information
Displays PRI span information
Displays libpri version
Add a channel to a specified queue
Reload queues, members, queue rules, or parameters
Removes a channel from a specified queue
Reset statistics for a queue
Set penalty for a channel of a specified queue
Set ringinuse for a channel of a specified queue
Show status of a specified queue
Show the rules defined in queuerules.conf
Pause or unpause a queue member
Delete a row from a RealTime database
Used to print out RealTime variables.
Shows cached tables within the MySQL realtime driver
Shows connection information for the MySQL RealTime driver
Store a new row into a RealTime database
Used to update RealTime variables.
Used to test the RealTime update2 method

rtcp set debug {on|off|ip}
rtcp set stats {on|off}
rtp set debug {on|off|ip}
say load [new|old]
sip notify
sip prune realtime [peer|all]
sip qualify peer
sip reload
sip set debug {on|off|ip|peer}
sip set history {on|off}
sip show {channels|subscriptio
sip show channelstats
sip show channel
sip show domains
sip show history
sip show inuse
sip show mwi
sip show objects
sip show peers
sip show peer
sip show registry
sip show sched
sip show settings
sip show tcp
sip show users
sip show user
sip unregister
sla show stations
sla show trunks
ss7 block cic
ss7 block linkset
ss7 set debug {on|off} linkset

<no description available>

Enable/Disable RTCP debugging
Enable/Disable RTCP stats
Enable/Disable RTP debugging
Set or show the say mode
Send a notify packet to a SIP peer
Prune cached Realtime users/peers
Send an OPTIONS packet to a peer
Reload SIP configuration
Enable/Disable SIP debugging
Enable/Disable SIP history
List active SIP channels or subscriptions
List statistics for active SIP channels
Show detailed SIP channel info
List our local SIP domains
Show SIP dialog history
List all inuse/limits
Show MWI subscriptions
List all SIP object allocations
List defined SIP peers
Show details on specific SIP peer
List SIP registration status
Present a report on the status of the scheduler queue
Show SIP global settings
List TCP Connections
List defined SIP users
Show details on specific SIP user
Unregister (force expiration) a SIP peer from the registry
Show SLA Stations
Show SLA Trunks
Blocks the given CIC
Blocks all CICs on a linkset
Enables SS7 debugging on a linkset

ss7 show channels

ss7 show linkset
ss7 show version
ss7 unblock cic
ss7 unblock linkset
stun set debug {on|off}
stun show status
timing test
transcoder show
udptl set debug {on|off|ip}
udptl show config
unistim reload
unistim send packet
unistim set debug {on|off}
unistim show devices
unistim show info
voicemail reload
voicemail show users
voicemail show zones
wat debug
wat exec
wat send sms
wat show spans
wat show span
wat show version
xmpp create collection
xmpp create leaf
xmpp delete node
xmpp list nodes
xmpp purge nodes
xmpp set debug {on|off}
xmpp show buddies

Displays SS7 channel information

Shows the status of a linkset
Displays libss7 version
Unblocks the given CIC
Unblocks all CICs on a linkset
Enable/Disable STUN debugging
Show STUN servers and statuses
Run a timing test
Display DAHDI transcoder utilization.
Enable/Disable UDPTL debugging
Show UDPTL config options
Set or show process resource limits
Reload UNISTIM configuration
Send packet (for reverse engineering)
Toggle UNITSTIM debugging
Show UNISTIM devices
Show UNISTIM info
Reload voicemail configuration
List defined voicemail boxes
List zone message formats
Enables WAT debugging
Executes an arbitrary AT command
Sends a SMS
Displays WAT span information
Displays WAT span information
Displays libwat version
Creates a PubSub node collection.
Creates a PubSub leaf node
Deletes a PubSub node
Lists PubSub nodes
Purges PubSub nodes
Enable/Disable Jabber debug
Show buddy lists of our clients

xmpp show connections

Show state of clients and components