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(The following are not arranged in any meaningful order.) Obstacle 1: In the United States John Q. Public and every other U.S. Citizen has seen their civil liberties and civil rights erode at an accelerated rate since September 11, 2001 with the passage and continued renewal of the Patriot Act – This dilutes the eluding compassion for our victimizations, abuses, and torturous lives that we live. The Obama Administration has been as relentless as the Bush Administration, if not more in perpetuating this.

Obstacle 2: The preceding has allowed 1960 COINTEL-PRO like tactics to be mainstreamed by local and federal law enforcement agencies, especially important are the abuses of the fusion centers in helping to aggravate our victimizations and our targeting.

Obstacle 3: Advanced aspects and components of Mind Control Technologies and devices are being mainstreamed, legalized and commercialized at an alarming rate in the few years; for example RFID Implants, Computer to Brain and Brain to Computer Technologies, and the development of Mind Controlled Prosthetics. This helps to dilute and blur difference between harmful, malicious, and illegal technologies with helpful and moral technologies.

Obstacle 4: Lack of willing and collaborating Intelligence Officer/Official and/or Military Officer/Official to come forward as an insider as a true whistleblower of the abuses and victimizations/experimentations that we are seeking relief that can document the technologies and/or programs used to harm targets and victims.

Obstacle 5: Social Media and related technologies are making Organized Stalking even more covert and more mainstreamed; even more disturbing is the accelerating trends of its potency and power when used against us in our targeting and victimizations.

Obstacle 6: Computer Hacking is becoming more mainstreamed and synchronized with portable wireless devices as a weapon to harass, isolate, brainwash, sabotage our lives with the ability to create false personas to disguise the perps or discredit and ruin us, the targets.

Obstacle 7: Lack of legal evidence useful in both civil and criminal courts relating to our targeting with specific regards to the source of the many lethal technologies and in regards to the user responsible for its deployment.

Obstacle 8: Lack of a solid court case or cases that can provide legal precedent for our claims in a U.S. Court of Law that has been successfully adjudicated and unsealed that relates to the most common of our targeting and victimizations.

Obstacle 9: Lack of direct correlation and evidence between U.S. Sponsored Mind Control type patents and the actual entities that utilize them; and victims and targets that they harm.

Obstacle 10: The long Gap-In-Time from the outing and public disclosure of the U.S. Sponsored Mind Control Project of the CIA, named MK-ULTRA (which only occurred due to the suicide of Frank Olson) to our present day – It has been some 34 plus years.

Obstacle 11: Advancement of wireless and electromagnetic type weapons that leave no trace of deployment and no trace to its source that are constantly deployed against us.

Obstacle 12: The new breed of Non-Lethal Weapons currently being deployed by Federal and Local Law Enforcement that are developed from similar like technologies that have been deployed against us as targets and victims for decades.

Obstacle 13: The unfortunate ease and ambitious tactic of diagnosing our victimizations and targeting to simulate text-book like symptoms of highly regarded psychiatric disorders and the increased proliferation of psychiatric abuses and misdiagnosis of targets and victims. As important is the ever increasing role and authority of local law enforcement in enforcing this tactic to ruin and discredit targets at will through the use of illegal forced hospitalizations.

Obstacle 14: The lack of any real scientific and/or analytical manner to measure the progress and success of most or all activism projects that will lead the targeted community to a legal or congressional remedy.

Obstacle 15: The ease of sabotaging and discrediting activities, lives, and activism of targets and victims through the use of social media and covert surveillance technologies that are commercially available today to anyone with the time and limited resources that they demand.

Obstacle 16: Lack of any real Legislator/Politician/Official, or any authoritative figure with any kind of respect and prominence to advance our issues and shine the light on our abuses and

victimizations like Church, Kennedy, and Company in the 1970’s as they related to MK-ULTRA Church Commission Hearings.

Obstacle 17: The relentless ambition and ease of falsely criminalizing any target or victim at will by federal or local law enforcement in order to discredit and/or quite them– I site the recent handling of Federal Whistleblowers over the past several years.

Obstacle 18:

The Mass Media is owned by too few corporations.

Obstacle 19: The recent United States Supreme Court decision of the Wal-Mart sex discrimination case has instantaneously diluted the effectiveness of filing a class action lawsuit of our claims as a class action complaint.

Obstacle 20: There just seems to be no good incentive for anyone in a position of authority and integrity to champion our issues in pursuit of a remedy and relief from our targeting and victimizations that offsets the risk of self-destruction or from becoming a target themselves. The Military-Intelligence-Law Enforcement Complex of the United States has become way too powerful; way too cozy; and spends way too much of our taxpayers money – all while acting above the law without proper oversight too many activities.

For all of the above reasons I have remained quiet for the last year, especially considering that I have had enough personal experiences with No’s (13)-(15)-(17) to last a lifetime. I cannot afford any more of those. See the attached signed affidavit regarding my targeting and victimizations.

Stan J. Caterbone June 29, 2011